Claimed for the Master's Pleasure (MF)

Guilty Pleasures 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 41,265
36 Ratings (4.5)

[Siren Everlasting Classic: Erotic Consensual BDSM Romance, spanking, knife play, sex toys]

When Lia Constantine’s father dies suddenly, she’s shocked to discover he’s left casino debts totaling more than one million dollars. Unless she sells the family home, making herself homeless, she cannot repay the debt.

Under difficult circumstances, self-made billionaire Jake Benetti, owner of the Arabian Nights Casino, meets the incredibly beautiful Lia Constantine for the first time. As soon as he sees her, he knows she holds the key to unlocking his broken heart. He cannot allow this highly alluring woman to slip through his fingers. Caught between the past and the future, he makes her an offer she simply can’t refuse—until Lia repays her father’s gambling debts, he owns her, mind, body, and soul.

Lia is into the BDSM lifestyle as much as Jake is, but with their D/s relationship beginning to blossom, will the money drive a wedge between them? Can they ever find happiness together?

A Siren Erotic Romance


Jan Bowles is a Siren-exclusive author.

Claimed for the Master's Pleasure (MF)
36 Ratings (4.5)

Claimed for the Master's Pleasure (MF)

Guilty Pleasures 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 41,265
36 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
I absolutely loved this book.
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Professional Reviews

4.5 CUPS: "This has some really great BDSM scene that will have you melting. Lia Constantine doesn’t know why casino owner Jake Benetti wants to talk to her. When she’s kidnapped and taken to his casino she soon enters in a nightmare with no positive way out. Jake is intrigued by the daughter of one of his deceased clients. However Lia’s father has mounted up debt within his casino and he needs to get it back. Jake is a pure dominant but with respect for woman and Lia has caught his eye. I love the description of the way he feels for her and how the emotion develops within him. He’s kind and strong and I loved his alpha male that really came through. Lia is a strong woman as well as a submissive. I liked the difference in her character when she’s with Jake in the sexual sense and the everyday routine. This is a wonderful story that is wonderful written and not at all predictable. I would recommend this read for anyone who enjoys the BDSM books with a touching romance that shows a build up. Excellent reading." -- Sam, Coffee Beans and Love Scenes Reviews

4 STARS: "I’ve read Jan Bowles before and I have always loved her books. This one is no different as her writing style is very entertaining. One of the things I really liked throughout this story was the emotional intensity between the two main characters. Lia is strong woman who knows what she likes and doesn’t put up with any crap from anyone. Her hidden vulnerabilities just made me like her even more. Jake is this intensely strong male character that is mysterious and sexy and just as emotionally vulnerable as Lia. For me, being emotionally vulnerable is an important element in a story for me to connect with it. And while Jake is the sexy dominant male, he’s just so likable I felt the need to forgive his dominant tendencies. Lia manages to keep Jake on his toes throughout the whole book but still submits to him. I loved that about this story. Of course, I can’t say how the book ends without spoilers but it’s safe to say that this book is well worth the read!" -- Lori, Romancing the Book

4 STARS: "Jan Bowles is a new author for me, but I knew as soon as I read the first few pages I was going to enjoy the modern ring of the story, the vivid characters and the picture painted for them to exist in. Lia Constantine’s day just doesn’t start out like usual; not only is she bundled against her will into a limousine and driven to one of The Strip's most fantastic casinos, she also comes face to face with the most infuriatingly gorgeous man she has ever met. Why infuriating? Because he has a hold on her, a monetary hold, and Lia’s life is turned upside down as she has to face the debts her father left and battle against the overwhelming attraction she feels for Jake Bennetti. But it seems the attraction is mutual and true to his gambling personality, Jake is prepared to put everything on the line to win Lia, especially when he realizes she enjoys the same D/s fun in the bedroom as him. I liked Lia from the beginning, she’s the sort of girl you could imagine being friends with. She’s got a history that includes grief and heartbreak but she is feisty and strong and re-building her life. She also isn’t the sort to take any nonsense and this made seeing her submissive to the delectable Jake all the more fun as a reader. Jake was a perfect match for her, and I liked how the author used the two lead characters grief as a catalyst to bring them together, it could have been cheesy but it wasn’t, it tugged my heart-strings and gave grounding to their emotions and actions. So on to the sex, yep the sex was there in bucket loads and it was hot, hot, hot with a good sprinkle of BDSM thrown into the mix. I didn’t feel short-changed at all as the characters went from one sweaty scene to the next, it was well placed and each time they were climaxing together, it added new layers to their relationship. One of my favorite parts of the book is when Jake takes Lia for dinner and spots the BDSM jewelry she is wearing, I didn’t see that coming but it made so much sense to the characters. I would just add one word of warning here though, if you are squeamish about clitoral piercings being tugged and tugged then you might want to skip a couple of lines in the middle of one scene, but if that’s your thing, well, you’re onto a winner. Claimed for the Master’s Pleasure was everything I hoped it would be; well-rounded characters, steamy sex within a D/s relationship and a romantic plotline. If you want a book with a masterful hero and a feisty heroine who is willing to hand over everything to her man, then this might just be the book for you." -- Clover, Long and Short Reviews

4 BLUE RIBBONS: "When Lia Constatine’s fiancée died she thought her heart couldn’t hurt any more, and then she suffers another loss with her father’s sudden death. With her father’s death she learns that he was deep in debt to casino owner Jake Benetti. She feared the debts he left behind would rob her of her inheritance and home. Jake felt his life has ended the day he lost his wife three years prior. With her death, he focused his energy managing the Arabian Nights Casino. When Jake meets Lia Constatine, her beauty takes his breath away. For the first time since his wife’s death, he is able to feel an emotion other than sadness. Lia feels that if Jake will hear her dilemma she might convince him to not call in the one million dollar debt her father owned. Jake knows that he must keep Lia in his life until he figures out exactly where she belongs. He makes her a proposition to possess her body in both mind and soul. Will Lia agree to prostitute herself for the amount of the debt? Jan Bowles GUILTY PLEASURE SERIES has been one series that has highly impressed this reviewer. Each story can easily stand on its own merit, but combined together produce one sizzling combustible reaction. CLAIMED FOR THE MASTER’S PLEASURE is yet another wonderful BDSM offering that Jan Bowles’ talented pen makes a strong impression in her readers mind. To say that this reader is in love with her writing style is an understatement." -- Suzie Housley, Romance Junkies Reviews

4 STARS: "I have read other books by Bowles, and although they all follow a similar theme, with a wealthy man falling in love with a poverty stricken woman, and talking her into being with him to pay off some kind of debt, each manages to have a fresh view of the old story. Lia’s father has died, leaving her a sizeable inheritance, but Jake informs her that all her money and more now belongs to him, as payment for her father’s gambling debts. However, he’s drawn to her and wants her in his bed. He offers to pay her debt to his casino if she signs over her house to him when it sells. She is frightened of what she feels for him, and tries to flee to a new job on a cruise ship. When Jake finds her and gives her the choice to stay with him or go, she decides to stay. The love flows from there, and we get the requisite HEA ending in Claimed for the Master’s Pleasure." -- Alberta, Manic Readers

4 STARS: Lia Constantine has had one hurdle after another to overcome in the last few years, her fiancée died, her father died, and now that she is starting to feel as if she is not treading backwards, she finds out she is going to lose her house and inheritance to casino owner Jake Benetti. Jake sheds light on a secret side of her father she never knew, he was a gambler with a sizable debt and she will be forced to cover the sum owed. Jake wishes he could just throw the money issue aside once he meets Lia. For the first time in three years, Jake feels he can breathe again, his wife’s death had immobilized him. After coercing Lia into a dinner, they find they have quite a bit in common, including D/s relationships. Offering one night respite from the business at hand and succumbing to each other’s desires seemed like a perfect plan to satisfy their needs, but both begin to feel unsettled when they walk away. How can Jake bring Lia back into his life without her feeling she is being bought and paid for? Number five in the Guilty Pleasure series. I liked this one, you feel for both characters Lia is vibrant and trying to embrace life and Jake has coated himself in a hard shell not wanting to let anyone back in. There is some fantastic dialog when Lia is giving Jake a piece of her mind while his Dom wants to come out and play. Another wonderful read by Jan Bowles. -- Emily, Sensual Reads

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Story Excerpt


He continued, “Out of respect for you and your father, I’ve waited an appropriate length of time before contacting you. It is only right that you should have an uninterrupted grieving period.”

“What the hell do you know about grieving? I’ve only known you for half an hour, but I can already see you’re nothing more than a cold, soulless man.”

Lia expected him to respond to her caustic remarks, but he didn’t. Instead, he calmly said, “When your father died, he left an unpaid casino marker.”

“Marker?” Her brows drew together.

“Think of it as an unpaid check.”

“Are you saying my father owed you money?”

“Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying, Ms. Constantine.”

It was a shock to discover her father was a gambler, and even worse that he’d left a debt behind. So Jake Benetti wanted it settled. Her father had left her a significant amount of money in his will, along with the family home they’d all shared with her mother until she’d died five years ago. Lia was the only beneficiary, making her legally responsible for any outstanding debts. It might put the plans for growing her personal trainer business on hold for a little while longer, but she’d always been taught by her parents, and especially her father, to pay her way in the world. Lia glanced at her watch. “I need to be going, Mr. Benetti. Unlike you, I have to work for a living. If you can show me legal documentation proving how much my father owed you, then perhaps we can settle this small matter once and for all.”

Jake Benetti shuffled the papers on his desk and cleared his throat. He lifted his gaze to hers. His ice-cold eyes drilled into her. “The amount owed is significant.”

“Mr. Benetti, quit the small talk. Are we talking hundreds, or even a few thousand dollars?”

His eyes fixed on hers, like cold chips of ice. “When your father died, he left an unpaid casino marker of almost 1.3 million dollars.” He flicked through the paperwork on his desk once more. “One million, two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. To be precise.”

Like a fish lying on a riverbank, her mouth opened and closed several times as she gasped for air. Had she heard correctly? More to the point, had her father lost his mind? What on earth had possessed him to lose more than a million dollars in a place like this? Like a bolt from the blue, the answer came to her. The therapy course her father had paid for when she couldn’t cope after the death of her fiancé, Joe. The bill for that would have run into thousands, possibly even tens of thousands. But the thought of almost 1.3 million bucks left her speechless. He’d left her a little over two hundred thousand dollars in his will. What the hell had happened to the rest?

She looked across the desk. Jake Benetti sat there as calm as anything. “You must take some of the responsibility. Why didn’t you stop him?”

“Everyone who enters a casino is an adult, Ms. Constantine. People make choices, some good, some bad.”

“What are you going to do?”




With her back still to him, she heard the unmistakable metal-on-metal sound of a zipper. “Brace your hands on the marble pillar.” The black stone felt cool to the touch as she held out her arms in a locked position. Using his legs, she felt her own legs being pushed wide apart. Her heart beat into overdrive as he smoothed his hands down her naked flesh. “Fuck, you have the most beautiful body I’ve ever seen.” She felt him authoritatively grab hold of her hips as though he owned her. It was wonderful feeling his cock press against her from behind.

Lia provocatively wiggled her bare butt, desperate to consummate their union, but Jake stood his ground. One hand cupped her breast, torturing her aroused nipple. The other slipped around her waist, gently fingering her clitoral piercing.

“Christ, you feel good, Lia.” She felt his hot breath on her neck as he massaged her nipple between his finger and thumb, the exact same way he massaged her engorged clit.

A tight moan of frustration left her lips. She wanted him inside her, filling her with his prick, but she knew better than to tell a Dom what to do. She knew he wanted her to beg. It was in his blood. Like a drug, he needed her complete submission.

“Jake, I need you.” A gasp left her lips as he gently bit her neck, a sign of his dominance over her, making her arch back against him. His skin felt warm and incredibly hard, and it made her want him even more.

“I can’t hear you, princess.” His rich, deep voice controlled her. “What did you say?” he teased.

“Please, Jake, please, fuck me. I know you want to.” Knowing exactly what a Dom demanded from his sub, she raised the stakes. “I’m begging you, Jake, please.”

“That’s better. That’s what I like to hear.”

He pushed her harder against the cool marble pillar and slid inside her pussy. The breath was forced from her lungs. Christ, he was big. With her back to him, she hadn’t realized just how big he was, but he felt huge as he relentlessly filled her, stretching her to breaking point.

Lia closed her eyes and savored the feeling of him deep inside her. Long-established submissive tendencies came to the fore as he dominated her body with his own. Whimpers of pure pleasure left her lips as he thrust deeper and faster.

He squeezed her nipples and clit harder, until the exquisite pain and pleasure became an intoxicating mix. This was what she missed more than anything.The sheer beauty of submitting to the demands of a dominant man. A man who would take exactly what he needed, without asking. Jake was that man. He wanted to fuck her fast and hard, and he didn’t hold back.

A tight coil spasmed deep inside her, making her mew with pleasure. “Oh, Jake.”

“That’s it, princess. Come for me. I want to hear your body respond to mine.”

His cock felt huge as her pussy clamped deliciously around it. Ten years of professional aerobics had made her body supremely flexible, and she arched back in complete submission. Her stomach thrust forward, and Jake smoothed a hand up to her neck, drawing her shoulders tighter against his chest. His other hand reached between her legs, and she felt him finger-fucking her clit as he pulled her even tighter against him. She felt her body heat mixing with his as his cock repeatedly impaled her. His strength and power amazed her as he almost lifted her from the floor. At that moment he owned her, and he knew it.

 “You want it harder.” His breathy words whispered against her neck were a statement of fact and not a question.

“You know I do, stop teasing me,” she breathlessly whimpered, biting down on her lower lip. “Take me. Make me come.”

“Oh, you’ll come all right, princess. I insist that you do. I demand it. I’m gonna fill you so hard, you won’t be able to stop fucking coming,” he assured her, forcing his cock into her wetness once more.

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