[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Erotic Contemporary Menage Paranormal Romance, shape-shifter, M/F/M/M/M, HEA]
Julia Roberts (“no relation”) is ready to have fun at the Shifter Days Festival in Lonesome, Texas with her best friend, TJ Bowen. She’s ready to live the wild life in more than one way even though shifters aren’t real. Or are they?
Samuel Conway and his werelion brothers, Myler and Tonk, are ready to give Julia The Allure, the magical scent a werelion breathes on his intended mate to entrance her. One special breath and she is compelled to be with them. Once they’re ready to claim her, she’ll be more than ready to be their plaything.
But plans are made to be broken. Just when the Conway men are ready to claim Julia, an adversary raises his head, threatening their future with their mate. Will Julia soon be under another’s allure? Or will their love for her keep her theirs and only theirs?
Note: This book contains double penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Jane Jamison is a Siren-exclusive author.


Snarl for Me (MFMMM)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley




Pretty little thing?

Julia had to stop herself from looking around for another woman. Obviously, he was talking about her, but she still found it hard to believe. Now, not only one amazingly stunning man had told her how hot she was, but two.

“This is Julia Roberts. No relation,” answered Samuel. His grip on her tightened, becoming possessive. “And these are my two brothers, Myler and Tonk.”

“It’s Tad, but people like to call me Tonk.”

Should she be afraid of them? Was that why Samuel was gripping her so hard? Or was there another reason? Did he not want to share her with them?

Hmm. Share her with two more men. Three incredible men at one time. Now that’s one hell of an idea.

Suddenly, her mouth went dry in direct contrast to the rest of her. “Hi.”

Myler was almost as tall as Samuel but seemed a little taller with his spikey black hair. His black eyes, so much like Samuel’s, held similar secrets and promises. The hard outline of their jawlines spoke of their blood relationship, just as it did for Tonk. Samuel’s brothers were as buff as he was, full of hard muscles. While Samuel was dressed all in black, Myler and Tonk wore blue jeans and plain T-shirts. She wondered where their cowboy hats were. No doubt Myler’s spikey hair would get mussed under a hat, but she could imagine Tonk brushing his average-length dark hair back into shape.

“Hi yourself, sugar.” His smile lifted higher on one corner. “I’m going to call you Jules.”

“But that’s not my name.” She wasn’t offended, merely curious as to the why of it.

“Maybe not exactly, but you have no right sharing your name with that actress woman.”

She wondered if she should be offended. “And why not?” Didn’t he think she was pretty enough to have the same name? Okay, maybe she wasn’t, but he didn’t have to be rude and say so.

“Because you’re a hell of a sight prettier than her. Jules is going to be my special name for a special woman. For a fuckin’-A gorgeous woman.” He chuckled. “Hell, I’ll never call anyone Jules again, even if it is their name.”

How could she argue with such blatant flattery? Besides, what did it matter? It wasn’t as though she planned on staying in Lonesome.

I wonder what it would be like to live here? Would I really be living in a town filled with shifters? Or would the fun of the fantasy be gone as soon as the festival is over?

Myler bumped against Tonk, moving him over a foot or so. “I’m going to call you darlin’, darlin’. Because that’s what you’re going to be. Our darlin’.”

She couldn’t help herself. She giggled. “Seriously. Do all the men in Lonesome talk like you three?”

“What’s that mean?” asked Samuel, bending over her shoulder. “And just so you know, I’m going to call you baby.”

“I mean you talk like you’re in some sappy romance novel.” She bit her bottom lip the moment the words were spoken.

The men lifted away from her, their eyes narrowing. Tonk recovered the fastest. “I don’t know about that, Jules.” He shrugged, his shoulders moving down like massive boats riding on the waves of the ocean. “I’ve never read one of those books.”

“He’s never read any books,” joked Myler.

Tonk shot him a glare. “Fuck off, bro.” His tone softened as his gaze met hers. “I meant that I say things straight out. I say what I mean, and I mean what I say.”

She didn’t doubt his or his brothers’ sincerity. They were the best-looking men she’d ever seen with bodies any woman would die to caress, but they weren’t players. Not by a long shot. “Okay. I get that.”

The awkwardness of the earlier moment was gone as Samuel leaned over and crossed his arms over her chest. A thrill rushed through her, followed by the almost overwhelming need to skim her palm along the stubble of his beard.

“We were talking about taking you out to the ranch.”

“Oh, yeah,” she whispered then swallowed. She was throwing caution to the wind, but she didn’t care. She firmly believed that sometimes in life a person had to take a risk to reap a great reward. Her gaze jumped from one man to the next. If ever there might be a great reward, it was those three men.

“You two sure moved fast.” Confusion mixed with another emotion on Myler’s face. “From what I heard, you two just met.” His attention centered on Samuel. “Did you do something to her, man?”

She wondered who had spread the word so quickly. Then again, did she really care?

She craned her neck around to look up at Samuel. “What does he mean?” Had he drugged her? Yet she didn’t feel drugged. Turned on like crazy. Needing to be with him more than anything else. But not drugged. If anything, she felt more aware, more invigorated than before meeting him.

But then why wasn’t Samuel answering?

“Not a damn thing.” His voice held a hint of a threat as though daring Myler to challenge him.

“Uh-huh.” Tonk took hold of her hand. “How about we go enjoy some of the fun before we take you anywhere else?”

Didn’t he want her at their ranch? Or was that letting her get too close to home? “Sure. Okay. I’m ready for a little fun.”




He tore at his shirt, ripping it from his body. Hard steel-like flesh, so solid, yet so inviting filled her eyes. She couldn’t think, couldn’t respond as his gaze met hers. Should she watch his hands as they worked his belt buckle free then shoved his jeans to the ground? Or skim his body to catch every movement? He shifted from side to side, shucking his boots away. Yet as much as she wanted to see all the rest happen, she couldn’t bring herself to pull her gaze from his.

She licked her lips and heard him groan. As she crossed her arms to tug her T-shirt above her head, Samuel and Myler moved closer yet stayed behind their brother. She lost sight of them as she lifted her shirt.

Surprise hit her as Tonk took her jeans and yanked them down her legs. She grabbed hold of the dashboard and the back of the seat to steady herself? With her shirt off, she gaped at him as her shoes went flying along with her jeans. The warmth emanating from his muscled torso hit her nakedness, only the narrow strip of her panties covering her skin.

“You’re ours, Jules. Ours to do with as we want.”

Her first impulse was to disagree, to tell Tonks he couldn’t order her around. Then, from somewhere deep inside her, she felt the true answer rise to the surface. “Yes,” she whispered.

His grin was wickedly evil. Yet she didn’t have long to think about it. He shoved her legs apart and put his face to her pussy.

Stunned, she sucked in a hard breath and gripped the leather seat. His tongue lashed at her. His teeth nipped at her clit. She cried out, her attention focused on his brothers as they watched Tonk drink her wetness, slicking his tongue along her pussy, diving in for a moment, only to re-emerge and flick his tongue along her clit. Quickly, they shed their clothing never once taking their attention off her. Tremors raked through her as an orgasm tore her apart. She fell back, her gaze now on the ceiling of the truck, her body no longer under control.

When Tonk turned her loose, she thought she’d die from embarrassment. Yet when she sat up, the desire she saw on all three of the men’s faces thrust any idea of embarrassment away. They wanted her, yet she saw another emotion in their lidded eyes.

Part of her recognized it and declared what it was.

The other part of her, the rational part of her, wouldn’t accept it.

How could they love her? They’d just met.

She didn’t have long to contemplate the answer before Samuel shoved Tonk away and grabbed her by the legs. A squeal broke from her as he brought her against his naked body. When had he gotten undressed? But it didn’t matter. She locked her legs around his waist and gripped his shoulders, but it was he who kept her upright.

The breath she’d sucked in was forced out of her when he shoved his cock inside her. He was so huge, so thick, she was sure he’d tear her apart. And yet, she wouldn’t have told him to stop.

She did her best to ride him, to hang on, but every thrust forced her body backward. He shoved her back against the side of the pickup. The steel, still warm from the setting sun and the engine, was no match for the heat burning her. She cried out again and again as Samuel pummeled her. His black hair brushed over his shoulders then tickled her breasts as he bent to take a nipple in his mouth.

Was this what she’d hoped for? Had she dared to dream that they’d take her?

She let her hands slide lower, her fingers delighting in the feel of his broad shoulders. She searched farther, discovering the hard yet smooth skin of his ribs. She only wished she could’ve gotten her hands lower to fondle his butt cheeks as he rammed his cock inside her.

Another climax, promising to be greater than the last one, swelled. She cried out, this time as much in rejoicing as in need, and tightened her legs around her. Samuel paused then clutched a hunk of her hair, forcing her to look at him.

“Ours. Say it, damn it. Say you’re ours.”

She knew it had to be pretend, a white lie to make their union sweeter, yet when she said the word, sincerity was in her voice. “I’m yours.”

He groaned, and as though her acknowledgement had been the impetus to his release, he shoved his cock into her again, stilled, then groaned again. Hot seed filled her, and uncaring of what it might mean, she tightened the walls of her pussy to capture it.

The world had changed, explained only by the closeness of the men. She inhaled, taking in their scents. It was as though the entire world was filled with their essence. She clung to Samuel, never wanting to let him go.

When he abruptly set her on the ground, it stunned her. She didn’t have time to drag in another breath, though, when Myler grabbed her by the arm and twisted her around. With her palms against the side of the truck, her cheek pressed to the metal, she felt more like a prisoner than a woman desired.

At least until Myler put his mouth to her ear. The strange aroma of his breath, a fragrance that was all addicting, wafted over her skin.



He turned her free. She hesitated before pushing away from the pickup.


“I don’t understand,” she whispered.

“Run now.” He jerked his head to the side, toward their house. A sly smile broadened his mouth. “Let’s play a little cat and mouse.

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