[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Contemporary Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romantic Suspense, M/F/M, HEA]
Dr. Colleen Duncan is certain someone at the Lyon’s Den knows where her sister is. Instead of Mercy, what she finds at the private BDSM club are two P.I. Doms willing to trade lessons in submission for their efforts to find her sister.
Daniel Welsh and Rob Conrad know a sub when they meet one, and that look is all over Colleen. A gifted trauma surgeon, the woman is clearly frightened out of her wits at the disappearance of her younger sister, Mercy.
As the men help Colleen reveal her inner submissive, they also bring more than their own expertise to the case. They enlist the aid of two other Doms with investigative backgrounds who met, and were very drawn to, Mercy.
It doesn’t take them long to learn something substantial...and worrying. Someone else is looking for Mercy, too, and that can’t be good. There’s no time to waste. The clock is ticking.
Note: This book contains double penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Cara Covington is a Siren-exclusive author.


 Collaring Colleen (MFM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
I love this series and have been waiting for another one. Miss Covington does a wonderful job with the storyline. The characters keep you interested and the drama will draw you in. Loved it and will be waiting for the next book!




“Dr. Colleen Duncan, I’d like you to meet Daniel Welsh and Rob Conrad. Gentlemen, Dr. Duncan is a trauma surgeon at Houston General. She also has a very pressing problem. Her younger sister, Mercy, has been missing for a week.”

It was all Colleen could do to keep her expression professional. Something about the two men who’d just come into the lounge affected her, and for a moment she felt like she’d taken a ride on the scariest roller coaster ever. The darker haired man, Daniel, appeared big and buff and she wouldn’t be surprised to discover he ate nails for breakfast. His eyes were a deep chocolate brown, and his face a mask of polite interest that gave nothing away. He’s wearing the same kind of public face I often do. She wondered if that mask, on his part, was motivated for the same reason as her own, but she doubted it. Any sign of emotion on the part of a woman who also happened to be a professional was often read as weakness. To be emotionally transparent, for a woman, was to risk male collogues not taking her seriously.

She doubted anyone failed to take this man anyway but dead serious all the time.

Rob, on the other hand, with his blond hair and very light blue eyes, had the look of a charmer. The sensation of both men’s naked palms against hers as they shook hands shocked her right down to her toes. Since when did she ever feel that kind of electric attraction to any man, let alone two? Before she could martial any words, Mr. Lyons continued speaking.

“Apparently the officers she’s been dealing with at the HPD think—based on no particular facts whatsoever—that Mercy Duncan is on some sort of a wild bender, and will turn up eventually.”

She heard real anger in Mr. Lyon’s words. She looked at him, and realized the emotions she’d sensed hadn’t been any annoyance with her, but his very real annoyance at the way she’d been treated by the HPD.

For the first time since she’d arrived at this club, Colleen allowed herself a small measure of hope.

“Has your sister ever done anything like that in the past?” Daniel Welsh watched her face as she registered his words. She didn’t mind the close scrutiny even if it did make her uncomfortable.

“No, never. We lost our parents when she was ten and I was twenty-five. She knows I’d worry. Mercy has never gone more than a day between contacting either me or our housekeeper, Ellie.”

“The HPD are idiots.” Daniel turned to the owner of the Lyon’s Den. “Chris, did you call Detective Carter?”

Mr. Lyons nodded. “Yes. He’s who’s on his way. I was about to explain to Dr. Duncan that Chance Carter doesn’t work missing persons, but he should be able to light a fire under the asses of those who do.”

“Good.” Daniel turned his attention back to her. “Sit down, Colleen. You’re too stressed. You need to relax.”

She’d felt only slightly compelled to sit down when she’d first accompanied Mr. Lyons into this room and he’d invited her to do so. But that mild sensation wasn’t anything compared to the urge washing through her now. She told herself that it was just that she simply couldn’t keep up the tough act she usually generated any longer. She really didn’t just give in to the need to obey Daniel Welsh. Her sitting was simply a matter of timing.

Colleen gave a slight nod, and turned toward the furniture set about. A comfortable looking love seat beckoned, and she sat at one end of it. None of the three men in the room seemed surprised by her capitulation. She took a moment to surreptitiously look at them as they remained standing. Those nuances must be in my head. Here I am in a BDSM club and my mind is playing tricks on me. Sometimes sitting down was just sitting down. She’d be better off to focus on reality.

Daniel sat down beside her, not on the love seat, but in the arm chair to her left. “Can you tell me why it is you thought your sister was being kept here?”

When he phrased it just that way, her reasons for coming here sounded odd. “I’m sorry, I suppose I was acting…desperate. I’m grasping at straws at the moment. But this was one of the last places I know Mercy had gone, and it was someplace she’d never been before.”

“So, her coming here was out of character for her?”

Colleen shook her head. “No. My sister is the most curious person I know. It’s totally in keeping with her personality to satisfy that curiosity.”

“I’ve checked our membership records,” Mr. Lyons said. He sat down across from her on an ottoman. Rob took the open seat beside her, but sat facing her. She didn’t feel crowded. I don’t feel cocooned, either. That’s my imagination again.

“We have no member named Mercy Duncan.” Mr. Lyons said. “You mentioned your sister was a reporter. Would she have been working undercover? Was she, perhaps, writing a story about my club?”

That thought had never occurred to Colleen. The question was easy enough, though, for her to answer, because she’d seen journalistic zeal in her sister, and what Mercy had displayed as she’d talked about coming here to this club had not been that.




Daniel used his mouth to claim her pussy as commandingly as he’d claimed her mouth. The cry he tore from her overflowed with need, a need she’d barely acknowledged her entire life but that now threatened to undo her completely. She felt the roughness of his tongue as he lapped at her pussy, as he used it to gather her juice. The brush of it against her clit shot her hips off the bed, or would have, had she not been held down with such strength.

Rob bent over her and ran his tongue over her left nipple. Then he closed his lips over it, gave it a small nip, and sucked her deep into his mouth.

Daniel stopped his oral stimulation. “Don’t come, pet.”

Colleen whimpered. She couldn’t have heard right! Rob’s laughter vibrating against the wet flesh of her nipple told her she had, indeed.

“You may only come when we say so. Let’s see how high you can reach, first.” Rob returned to her nipple while Daniel took long, slow licks of her pussy.

Heat and arousal shivered through her, a titanic force she doubted she could ever control. Her only recourse was to try and distract her mind. Don’t think about how badly you want to come. Think about something else. Colleen closed her eyes and focused on dissecting the human heart, beginning on the right side. Brachiocephalic artery, superior vena cava, right pulmonary artery, right pulmonary veins…her thoughts shattered as horniness bubbled through her like liquid lava, destroying the ability of her mind to focus, to think. Fingers traced the opening of her pussy then gently penetrated her body. Daniel’s fingers…. Again, her thoughts sizzled away, an electrical circuit blown as more pulsing, surging thrills shot from nipples to clit to whatever it was inside her Daniel began to stroke. She bore down, as if she could by pure will stop the erotic swell of Eros’ magic. It grew and grew, and Colleen whimpered, not even realizing she was begging until her words rose in volume.

Oh, please, please, please, please, please……”

“Come for us, baby.”

Thank God. Those two words were a mere shadow of a thought, overwhelmed by the eruption of her climax, a volcanic explosion so fierce, so wild, she screamed. Heart pounding, pussy pulsing, breath heaving, she didn’t for one moment know if she was having a heart attack along with the best orgasm, ever.

Pleasure so profound filled her. Wave after wave of the most extraordinary thrills lifted her, changed her, so that she didn’t know anything, except a sudden and keen craving for more.

Aftershocks washed through her as she returned to earth. Rob eased back from her, and then Daniel moved up her body, a predator about to claim his prey, moving on hands and knees, his gaze fixed on hers.

She felt the brush of his condom-covered cock against her drenched folds, and could smell the perfume of her climax on his glistening face.

Then he moved, pressing into her, his thrusts short and gentle, but relentless. She hadn’t realized how large his cock was, but welcomed the sting, a sting that seemed to reignite her arousal. Then, finally, she held all of him in the cradle of her body. Colleen had never felt so full, had never loved the feeling of having a man’s cock inside her. She loved this feeling, a lot.

“Wrap yourself around me, give me your mouth, and hold on.”

She didn’t think, she simply obeyed. The flavor of them both in that kiss, darkly carnal, fueled her arousal. His tongue plundered her mouth as completely as his cock plundered her pussy, and Colleen surrendered to the moment, and to the man. Daniel thrust into her, hard and fast and deep and she wanted more and more and more.

The orgasm came suddenly, a full, heaving, throbbing erotic thrill that took her apart down to her last cell, then threw her back together again. On her, in her, Daniel stiffened, then groaned. She felt the pulsing of his cock inside her body, reveled in the heat filling the condom, and cherished the press of his cum filled condom on the edge of her cervix. For a heartbeat she wondered what it would be like if he’d been naked within her. Then the question passed as he allowed himself to rest on her. She held him, this her lover, and she felt new, changed, sated.

He raised himself on his arms, removing most of his weight, but not his presence. His gaze met hers, and the sense he could read her thoughts, though not logical, was real.

“Tell me, pet.”

“It was more than I knew there could be, Sir.” The title tumbled from her lips without thought.

His smile, slow and very smug, somehow tickled her inner woman. She might be destroyed, thanks to him. But he was sated and smug, and that had been all her doing.

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