Sons of Justice 13: Off the Market for Love (MFMMM)

Sons of Justice 12

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,243
12 Ratings (4.6)
[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Erotic Contemporary Menage Romantic Suspense, Reverse Harem, M/F/M/M/M, HEA]
Tiana isn't in the market for love, but when her Sons of Justice soldiers get a hold of her, they take her off the market quickly. As a real estate agent, she deals with her share of flirtatious, wealthy men, and some make a move during house showings. She's never entertained any of their advances until the team of four SOJ soldiers corner her at once.
It's full throttle dominance and apparently she's a submissive woman with the right men as the leaders. The desire is instant, and the need for dominance on their part is accepted by her, especially when their tactics of shock and awe leave her wanting more.
When they put up the walls, Tiana thinks they've had their fun and aren't the commitment types, but soon she learn they have some weaknesses. She's the right person to help them overcome their PTSD and make them feel truly needed and capable of love. When she lands in the middle of a sticky business deal, and the feds question her intentions and threaten to destroy her mens' careers, she does what she thinks is best.
It will take her men's connections and capabilities to save her from danger and make them realize they love her with all their hearts and that they want to be with her for the rest of their lives.
Note: This book contains double and triple penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.


Sons of Justice 13: Off the Market for Love (MFMMM)
12 Ratings (4.6)

Sons of Justice 13: Off the Market for Love (MFMMM)

Sons of Justice 12

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,243
12 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Woo hoo! I loved this one totally! The guys are not sure of themselves due to personal issues, but in the end loves wins!!!! This was a great one so read it!






She didn’t recognize the deep, hard tone of the voice.

“Yes it is, who is this please?” she asked, gathering a few more oranges into her bag.

“Falzone, Tat’s friend.”

She nearly dropped the phone from her ear, and then went to catch it; oranges fell from the pile on the shelf. “Oh, hello, Falzone. How are you?”

“I’m well, thank you. Uhm, I hope you don’t mind that I got your number from Spartan.”

Her heart was racing. Falzone was a big man, very quiet and looked ready to tear people limb from limb. Between his nearly bald head, shaved designs on the sides and his rugged beard, he was a cross between mountain man and MMA fighter. She barely talked to him and the rest of his team, although they stared at her. It unnerved her so she stayed clear. She wondered what the call was about. “So what’s going on?” she asked, fixing the oranges.

“Well, it looks like we’re going to be staying around Repose for a while. We can’t stay in the cottage here, it’s kind of cramped for the four of us, and you came highly recommended.”

“Oh, that’s great news. Thank you for the compliment. So what type of place are you looking for? A house, condo, townhouse? What exactly are your ideas?”

“Well, we haven’t gone over everything, but I did see a place outside of Repose in town.”

“Oh, the Landers place? It’s blue and brown trim?”


“Yeah, it’s a cute place, but honestly it needs a lot of work, not sure how handy you guys are or if you want to be bothered, but it doesn’t have much land either. Only a quarter of an acre.”

“Seriously? What’s all that land behind it?”

“That’s a farm belonging to the McCanster family. They own a hundred and fifty acres. Are you looking for something like that?”

“Uhm, hmm, I guess we need to talk through this a bit more.”

“Don’t worry, I can meet with the four of you and go over a bunch of things to get a better idea of what you’re looking for.”

“That would be great. When are you available, and how soon?”

“Well, I can be a bit flexible today and tomorrow, Friday and Saturday I have plans, but if we get an idea of what interests you guys in the next two days, I could probably make arrangements for some showings for Sunday and Monday, if that works for you.”

“That would be great. Today is good for you?”

“Yes, but around three o’clock. I have a showing in an hour and then some other things to organize, but I can search up some things and have suggestions when I come by.”

“Excellent. So we’ll see you at three.”

“Definitely. Take care.” She ended the call, and couldn’t help but smile. Falzone sounded very cordial and relaxed on the phone. That was the most the man had ever spoken to her.

She was smiling as she finished up her shopping, and was hurrying with her bags after coming out of checkout when she noticed the navy blue pick up truck alongside her car. Two men were getting out and she had to do a double take. Vella and Messina got out.

Messina smiled wide. “Hey, Tiana, right?” he asked, and her bubble burst that she was thinking he knew her and remembered her.

“Yes, Vella and Messina, right?” She fumbled with her keys and lifted her knee to balance a bag, but Messina reached for one to help her.

“Let me,” he said, taking it from her.

She locked gazes with him and her heart sped up. Jesus he was sexy, and looked pumped up, like he just finished working out. She unlocked her door as Vella approached, but stayed on the sidewalk, it was like she had a disease or something. So strange. The man looked pissed about seeing her, or maybe he always looked pissed off.

“Thanks a bunch,” she said, and took the bag from Messina.

“It’s so funny bumping into you guys.”

“Why is that?” he asked.

“I just got off the phone with Falzone. I’m going to stop by the cottage later today to go over some things. He said you’re in the market for your own place. There’s a lot out there, but knowing your desires, your wants and needs as far as requirements in a home are key, too. That way I can be sure to get as close to what you want as I can.”

“He mentioned that he was going to get your number. So we’ll see you later then.”

“Yes, you will. Have fun shopping,” she said, and then gave a wave to Vella, but he just stared at her, then looked at her in the outfit. Well, she looked good, and was dressed professionally as usual. The business dress was tight and short, accentuating her bust, and her narrow waist, but not inappropriately short. Add in the high heels and she looked good. Although she did realize even with the heels she was still very short compared to the large men. She got into her car and started the engine. Glancing at the men as they headed to the front entrance of the store, she saw the young women smiling at them and one even said hello. Messina nodded with a small smile, but Vella ignored them and headed inside. He was definitely a complicated, maybe even angry man. Oh well, business was business.




“You’re all so big,” she said to them after she stepped from her heels.

Messina gripped her hips and kissed her bare shoulder. “You’re shaking. Don’t ever be afraid of our sizes, or our capabilities,” he told her, and then kissed her neck again. She smelled so good, and she was petite and sexy, and protectiveness consumed him in that moment.

“Arms up,” Falzone said as Vella and Biani walked into the room. Both men pulled off their shirts and kicked off their shoes. She raised her arms up, and Falzone lifted her camisole up over her head. Messina unzipped her skirt and let it fall.

“My God, look at her,” Biani said, and they did just that. Looked at her sexy body in the thin, tan colored panties and matching lace bra that barely covered both abundant breasts. There wasn’t a mark on her. Not a tattoo, or a scar, a blemish, just a pierced belly ring.

“You’re incredible, sweetie. I don’t know where to begin. Every bit of you calls to me,” Falzone said to her, and then cupped her cheeks and kissed her tenderly on the mouth.

She lowered her hands to his shoulders and kissed him back. Messina slid her panties down her thighs as he kissed along her shoulder, and down her back as he lowered her panties to her ankles. Her thighs were tone and thin, her arms very thin, and she reminded him of a porcelain doll, so precious and feminine. They would need to be careful with her, but boy did he hope she could handle all of them together. She moaned into Falzone’s mouth as Messina slid his thumb along the crack of her ass.

“Open your legs, feet apart,” Biani ordered, and she did, as Messina pressed his thumb down the crack and over her asshole. She pulled from Falzone’s lips and reached back, but Biani gripped her wrist and Vella took her other one.

“No resisting. By becoming our woman, our lover, you, this sexy, delectable body, becomes ours fully, too,” Falzone said to her.

She was breathing quicker, and shaking even more. “What will you do to me?”

“Anything we desire,” Biani said, and brought her wrist to his lips and kissed it.

She gasped, and Messina saw that Vella brought her hand into his unzipped pants and over his cock. “You do this to me. It isn’t only you who feels overwhelmed and needy. Understand? You give and you receive, same for us,” he said to her.

Messina slid his finger into her pussy from behind.

“Oh.” She moaned.

“Let’s begin,” Falzone said, and undid his pants, stepped from them and removed his shirt. He eased his palm up under her hair as they all undressed, except for Messina. Messina continued to stroke her, felt her juices pour from her cunt, and he got even more aroused.

“Look at my cock, baby.” Her eyes lowered down, and she bent forward. “I need you,” he said to her and caressed her hair. She lowered more and surprised them as she licked at his cock. “Don’t tease me. You accept us?”


“Good. Biani, grab the lube and the condoms,” he said, and she brought more of Falzone’s cock into her mouth. She stepped wide with Messina’s assistance as he used his foot to spread her feet. She moaned and bobbed her head up and down.

“Such a warm, sexy mouth,” he said to her, gripping her hair tighter. Messina stroked her cunt and then Biani approached as Vella lowered down and began to suck on her breast.

“Such a tight little bud. I don’t think our woman has ever had a cock in her ass,” Messina said.

“Then it needs work,” Biani added, and squeezed some lube onto his finger and slid it into her asshole.

She started to pull her mouth from Falzone’s cock, but he stopped her. “No, no, no, you keep sucking, and they’ll get your pussy and ass ready for cock. Ready to be claimed.”

She grunted.

“She’s coming. Holy fuck she’s coming,” Messina said.

“To the bed then,” Falzone said, and pulled his cock from her mouth as Biani slid his fingers out of her ass, and Messina pulled his from her pussy and brought her to the bed. He lifted her up. Cupped her cheeks then kissed her tenderly. Biani undid her bra, and when Messina pulled back, it fell from her breasts and he was pleasantly surprised by her full breasts. For a petite thing, she had major curves.

He lifted her onto the bed, and then eased up.

“Arms above your head, thighs open, don’t put them down unless I say so,” he ordered.

Her eyes zeroed in on Falzone’s cock as he pulled a condom into place, but then lowered down to lick her cunt. Her legs shook, and he gripped them. He then slid his palms to her ankles and pulled her to the edge of the bed. She gasped, lifted her arms to move them. “Arms up.”

“But…” she replied.

Falzone flipped her to her belly. “Rules, Tiana, you must abide by the rules.”


He spanked her ass and she gasped, gripped the comforter and then he slid his finger into her cunt from behind. “Oh…oh God how, how do you do this to me?” she said.

He stepped between her legs and lifted her hips.

He was over her body, her smaller frame lost underneath Falzone’s much larger frame. “Because you’re meant for us, that’s why,” he said, and slid his cock into her pussy from behind.

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