[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Contemporary Fantasy Interracial Paranormal Romantic Suspense, shape-shifter, M/M, HEA]
Determined not to lose his heart to another powerful man, Jenner is unprepared for the attentions of the sexy assassin Logan. That leaves him hot and bothered yet unsure of how to deal with the assassin who’s been sent to kill not only a good friend of Jenner’s but possibly Jenner himself.
Logan was a man of action. So when he’s thrown together with his mate on a job he knew would end badly, his primary goal is to connect with his mate as unobtrusively as possible. When he learns Jenner is a target, Logan knows he’s about to put a price on his own head because saving his mate was all that mattered.
Jenner wasn’t about to mate the man sent to kill him, but his cat is drawn irrevocably to Logan, and so is he. So, there is only one thing he can do. He has to claim his assassin no matter the danger he’s walking into.
A Siren Erotic Romance
The Cougar's Assassin (MM)
2 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Jenner snarled at him, and Blackmon chuckled. “Asshole.”

Blackmon shook his head and looked at Saxon. “Is it that time of the month?”

Jenner rushed him, and Blackmon gripped his shoulders and swept his leg, putting him on the floor. He came down on one knee, and Jenner sat up, shoving at the massive chest.

“Get off me.”

“He’ll do.” He closed his hand around Jenner’s throat. “You smell nice when you’re all hot and bothered. Maybe I’ll keep you pissed off.” He released him and got to his feet, stepping back a few steps out of Jenner’s foot’s reach. “Come on, babe, we need to get to work. First, Saxon, do you know where I’m staying?”

“Voss assigned you a cabin near Jenner’s for your stay,” Saxon replied. He opened his desk drawer, snagged a set of keys, and tossed them over the desk. “Those are for your truck and cabin. I’ll show you the truck, and you can sign the release.”

Jenner followed along to the parking lot, the other two men talking quietly ahead of him. He was already certain he wasn’t going to get along with Blackmon. The man was arrogant and rude, but, he thought as his gaze drifted lower, he did have a nice butt.

Blackmon was probably good in bed too like most black panthers. They seemed to pride themselves on making sure their partner was well pleased. However, that didn’t matter. He wasn’t having sex with him because he wasn’t in the market to get his heart broken again.

Blackmon checked out the truck, and Jenner noticed Saxon watching him carefully. He seemed a bit relieved after a few minutes when Blackmon pronounced the vehicle fit. The release papers were signed, and Blackmon looked at him.

“Ready to go, or do you need to get your purse first?”

“Quit it, Blackmon,” Saxon muttered.

“Well?” Blackmon asked Jenner, ignoring Saxon.

“Depends where we’re going,” he said haughtily.

“We have a meeting with Alpha Cole, and then I need to grab my things from the hotel I checked into last night.”

“Why didn’t you just call from the airport?” Saxon asked. “I’d have come and gotten you.”

“A few things to take care of in wildcat country.”

“Such as meeting with Cole?”

Blackmon gave him a cryptic smile. “There is some suspicion that Cole’s Circle.”

The Circle of Steel was an infamous group, and they’d taken over part of WW. Voss was concerned about where that would lead, but he was apparently gathering information before making a move.

Jenner suspected the reason for this turtle pace had something to do with Cole being Saxon’s brother-in-law.

“I’ll talk to you later,” Blackmon told him. “And I need a meeting with Voss. You and all of his inner circle should be present. I have a message from Black Ops and The Order’s leader.”

Saxon looked concerned as he shifted his weight from one foot to the other. “What’s it about?”

“Brady Lawry should also be present. Now, we need to go. I hate being late.” He slapped Saxon’s shoulder. “Call Jenner when you set that up. He’ll give you my number. I’m sure he’ll have charmed it out of me by then.”

Jenner rolled his eyes. “Not likely, dickhead.”

“You’ve got a mouth on you, boy. I might have to wash it out with a little soap.” He pulled open the door of the truck. “Later, man.” He climbed in, and Jenner shot Saxon a look.

“He’s trouble,” he told Saxon.

“That’s why I assigned you to work with him.” He turned and headed back inside.

Jenner headed for the truck and climbed in as Blackmon started it. He secured his seatbelt, and the truck shot backward, giving him a jerk.

“Damn. Maybe I should drive.”

Blackmon grunted. “Something tells me you’re used to trying, but I won’t be led around by my dick.”

“You’re assuming I’d even try?” Jenner demanded incredulously.

Blackmon spared him a glance. “Assuming makes an ass out of you and me.”

“Where are we going?” Jenner asked, deciding the previous subject was too tiring for his continued participation.

“To visit an alpha. Have you met Mateo?”

“Briefly,” he retorted.


“And what?” Jenner demanded curiously. Was the man truly asking his opinion?

“Listen, I’m here to do a job, and unlike Saxon and Voss, I’m not interested in getting my ass in a sling with The Order. They’re both under investigation. That’s part of why I’m here. If I decide they fucked up, they’re both going to be prosecuted.”

“What are they being blamed for?”

“Saxon came here to find a killer and did a half-assed job. Our sources say his mate was involved, and The Order’s new leader wants Kian cleared or he wants his and Saxon’s heads. Things just seemed to get a little more interesting when Saxon came down here, and now he and Voss are both under suspicion for collusion, as well as aiding and abetting a murderer.”

“What?” he cried, outraged. Saxon had been up to something where Mateo was concerned, but he had no idea what. He’d never betray him, though he might do everything in his power to get rid of Kian.

After all, there were facts and he had some of them. Saxon couldn’t blame him if his mate was locked up or killed for his crimes.

“Can I trust you?”

Only so far. Saxon was—he was an ex and a bad friend of late. He kept things from him, and he didn’t even spend time with him anymore.

“I’m going to do my job,” Jenner told him, tone and heart resolute.

“Good. I know you’re buddies with Saxon, but try not to bounce ideas off him. I won’t have any qualms about sanctioning you. At this stage, imprisonment for a term of five years is the going price for a misstep. So be very careful.”




Jenner studied him curiously, feeling rather than knowing he was in no real danger.

“Not you, sexy little kitten,” Logan murmured and reached out to caress Jenner’s jaw. “I’d never hurt you, nor was that ever part of my agenda.”

“You were just using me to get to Saxon.”

“No. Wanting you has nothing to do with the job.” Logan pushed his fingers into Jenner’s hair and drew him closer. Logan nipped Jenner’s bottom lip before kissing him softly.

Jenner moaned roughly. He craved more than this kiss, was ready to give himself to the man who could well be using him despite what he’d said.

“I want you, need to taste you and feel you naked with me.” Logan whispered, and the heat of his breath fanned Jenner’s lips, stoking the fire inside him.

Jenner trembled. “My cat is—I’m in heat, we could mate.”

“Scared you’ll belong to an assassin? Covert wet work is my specialty.”

“You don’t have to covertly make me come,” Jenner told him, caressing Logan’s arm. “You have my permission to take me however you want.”

Logan’s lips twitched in amusement as their eyes met, and then the humor faded and flames flared in his depths. “I accept the mission.”

Jenner backed away from the chair and headed for the couch in the sparely furnished room. There was an end table next to the couch, with a tub of hand lotion next to a bottle of water and a holstered gun.

Jenner faced him and Logan gripped his hips, and Jenner parted his lips as Logan pulled him into his arms. The intent in his stare was breathtaking, and the kiss was anything but tame. It was wet and hot, their tongues greedily exploring while their hands caressed.

Logan broke the kiss, breathing rough as he nuzzled Jenner’s jaw. He nipped and Jenner groaned, pleasure a rocket through him.

Logan licked a path to the side of Jenner’s neck, and Jenner tilted his head, giving him better access. Sharp teeth sank into his flesh, drawing a purr from him. It was followed by a flick of tongue over the abraded flesh before Logan bit him harder.

Jenner groaned and raked his nails up Logan’s back. The next bite was a sharp sting, and he growled, eyes drifting closed.

Logan trailed kisses to Jenner’s throat, and Jenner threw his head back, savoring the heated contact that had his dick throbbing and pressing urgently against the zipper of his pants.

“Logan,” he cried softly, tugging Logan’s shirt up and pushing his hands beneath. Claws already out, he drew them up the muscular surface of Logan’s back, and Logan growled in approval.

Logan pressed his lips to Jenner’s throat, trailed kisses down to the hollow at the base, and licked before moving to the pulse beating furiously. Logan sucked it as he pushed his fingers into Jenner’s hair.

“God, you feel insanely good,” Logan said.

“I need to taste you,” Jenner whispered and pushed Logan’s shirt up, and Logan held up his arms so the garment could be disposed of. Jenner lowered his head as soon as he’d gotten rid of the shirt, eager to sate himself on the gorgeous man before him.

He licked over the smooth expanse of chocolate-with-cream skin, lips going unerringly to a flat nipple. He flicked the tip of his tongue over the tiny bead, erect. He bit the flesh, dragging a hard growl from Logan before drawing his tongue around the areola.

Logan tightened his fingers in Jenner’s hair, pulling. “Baby, fuck.”

Jenner turned his attention to the other nipple, his temperature heating, and his cat enjoying the game too much to rush. He swiped his tongue over the taut flesh before biting the nipple while he glided his hand down Logan’s hard stomach to the bulge in his pants.

He sucked the taut peak and lightly massaged the stiff cock through the rough pants. Logan purred and tugged his head back.


“I want to suck your dick. Let me make you cream my mouth,” he begged.

“I thought this was my mission, but I’m willing to let you lead for a while,” he murmured.

Jenner smiled and curled his tongue around a nipple while he worked Logan’s belt open. He laved the little point while he worked the button of Logan’s pants free and dragged the zipper down its track.

Jenner grazed the damp flesh as he pushed his hand down Logan’s briefs to wrap around warm cock inside. Logan purred roughly.

“Don’t make me wait for it, Jen,” Logan told him in ragged breath. “I’m a raging fire, ready to spread.”

Jenner chuckled. “I’m going to make you go up in flames, baby.” He pushed Logan onto the cushions and kicked off his own shoes before tearing the snap of his jeans free and ripping the zipper down. He shoved the pants down, taking his briefs along for the ride before getting to his knees before him. Logan handed him a throw pillow from the couch to kneel on.

He wrapped his fingers around the thick cock, lowering his head, deciding to use spit to moisten the dark dick that reminded him of chocolate.

Holding Logan’s gaze, Jenner took his cock in his mouth. He let spittle ease from his mouth to wet the taut skin. Then, Jenner turned his attention to the dark tip.

He swirled his tongue around the crown, flicked the slit, and then sucked as he pumped the shaft.

“Fuck, Jenner,” Logan said roughly. He tangled his hand in Jenner’s hair, and he pulled his head closer.

Logan groaned roughly, but he didn’t close his eyes. Jenner’s head bobbed up and down, his tongue teasing and his hand gliding up and down on the hard flesh not submerged in Jenner’s mouth. 

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