Maya's Masters (MFM)

Viper's Dungeon 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,060
29 Ratings (4.4)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Consensual BDSM Menage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, public exhibition, bondage, spanking, sex toys, HEA]

She didn’t want to ask for their help…

Maya fought hard to win her independence. She isn’t about to give it up to anyone—not to the gang who threatens her, the Dom who wants her, or the ex-SEAL who needs her.

But her friend Viper has other ideas.

Derek has known Maya for a long time, but realizes she has no love for the BDSM lifestyle. Yet when she is threatened by a local street gang, he can’t stay away. Even if she doesn’t want a Dom, he can still be her protector. But when Viper introduces her to Cam, a confident, cocky, naturally dominant ex-SEAL, Derek finds himself fighting old memories and new jealousy.

Cam happily supports Maya as she explores her submissive needs and the scary world of BDSM, but will falling for a woman who seems to love another be harder than he expected?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Abby Blake is a Siren-exclusive author.

Maya's Masters (MFM)
29 Ratings (4.4)

Maya's Masters (MFM)

Viper's Dungeon 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,060
29 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
A great storyline with endearing characters.
Professional Reviews

4 STARS: "This book is an in-depth peek into the world of BDSM. Realistic characters and a compelling plot make it a great read. Readers will enjoy how all of the main characters are flawed in real ways, and Blake is not shy when it comes to heat. With a variety of scenarios and toys, this will make you wonder if it’s time to do a bit of shopping." -- Eve Polak, RT Book Reviews

"Maya has been living with fear since she stopped a break-in at her restaurant, which she lives above. While she stopped the break-in, she hurt the leader of the group that broke-in and he is a known gang member. Maya knows that it’s likely he will be looking for revenge, but she refuses to give in to the fear altogether. Derek is a cop who also works as a dungeon monitor at Viper’s, one of the best BDSM clubs in the area. Derek has known and loved Maya for a long time, but he knows that any relationship he has will be based on the BDSM lifestyle. He also knows that Maya doesn’t care for the lifestyle he loves. Now that she has been threatened, Derek is looking for a way to protect her even if he can never be her Dom. Cam is floundering right now since he was hurt and had to leave his Navy SEAL team. Because a desk job is pretty much out of the question to Cam, he has given up his commission in the Navy and is wondering just what his next step will be. When Cam is asked to help protect Maya by his friend, Viper, he is only too willing to help out. It really helps that Maya is a sexy and beautiful woman. It gets very interesting when Cam realizes that Maya really is a Sub and would be much happier in the BDSM lifestyle. He knows that Derek loves Maya and would love to show her just what that lifestyle really means. Derek is at first more than jealous that Cam is living in the same house as Maya, until he sees that if he and Cam work together it might give all three of them a passion filled future they never dreamed of. Maya thought she understood what the BDSM lifestyle was until she agreed to trust Derek and Cam and explored it a little. The new experiences that open up for all three of them might just be the beginning of a loving future. However there is still that danger to Maya out there and what about Cam’s need for a new job and Derek’s need to keep Maya safe and well loved? The answers to everything come at once when Maya is taken and Cam and Derek work together to get her back and fulfill the future that is just waiting for the three of them to grab it. Danger, love and the BDSM lifestyle bring three people together and show them how the perfect relationship can be for three in Maya’s Masters. I could understand how Maya came to misunderstand the unusual lifestyle that Derek loved. What I really loved was how Derek and Cam helped Maya come to understand and then love that same BDSM lifestyle. Derek was a Dom through and through and while Cam was not, he was strong and proved to be someone that sort of trust could be given to. The baby steps they took to explore the love that was simmering between them all became huge leaps by the end of the book. The last scene happily shocked me with the three of them at the club – it really showed just how far they had come with trust and love. Maya’s Masters is a journey of passion and trust with just enough suspense and danger to keep it sharp and spicy." -- Jo, Joyfully Reviewed

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Story Excerpt


Derek parked his car outside the front of Maya’s restaurant, relieved to see that all of the windows and doors seemed to be intact. Viper had told him that Logan’s buddy from the Navy was looking after her, and as welcome as the help was, Derek couldn’t quite tamp down his jealousy. He knew Maya was “vanilla.” He knew he didn’t want a permanent sub. But somehow he couldn’t quite convince himself to stay away. Of course her current situation gave him a good reason to be here. It didn’t matter in the end why he thought of Maya a million times a day. It only mattered that she be protected from those who would try to hurt her.

It was nearly eleven, and he could already see movement in the downstairs area—Maya most likely getting the restaurant set up for the lunchtime crowd. He considered going in to see for himself that the woman was okay, but squashed the idea. The last time he’d seen Maya had been only two days ago, but despite her polite demeanor, she’d managed to give him very subtle signs that she wouldn’t accept his way of life. Since he wasn’t actually offering, that was fine with him.

He was still pondering whether to go home and get some sleep or not, when Logan’s buddy came out the front door of Maya’s restaurant and headed straight for him. It was probably ridiculous for him to notice, but Derek felt jealousy tug at him again as Cam flashed perfect, straight, white teeth and offered his hand in greeting. Of course the guy also had the lean, muscular build and imposing height that made both Logan and Viper such intimidating physical examples of Navy SEALs.

Derek plastered on a smile and tried not to hate the guy.

“Maya told me to come drag your ass in so that she can make you breakfast.”

Great. Breakfast with Maya sounded exactly like something he wanted. Breakfast with Maya while the big guy sat beside her was not.

“Thanks, but I really should get going.”

Cam shrugged as if he didn’t care either way, but then flashed that cocky grin and added, “I don’t think it was a request.”

Derek tried not to grind his back teeth together too loudly. It was obvious that Cam knew Derek was a Dom and not used to taking orders from the women in his life, but to react to the man’s teasing by leaving him alone with Maya seemed self-defeating. He plastered a false grin onto his own face.

“Well, in that case,” Derek said as he pulled the keys from the ignition and opened the car door, “I better get my ass in there.”

Cam gave him an assessing look, stepped out of the way, and turned back to the restaurant. “Oh,” he said casually over his shoulder, “just so you know, we slept together last night.”

Jealousy flashed through every cell in Derek’s body, and he had Cam by the shirtfront and against the car before he could even think about his reaction. Surprised at himself, Derek dragged in a ragged breath. Hell, he was on the verge of assaulting the guy, and he’d technically done nothing wrong. It wasn’t as if Derek was anyone special in Maya’s life.

It took a moment to realize that Cam was letting himself be manhandled. Any SEAL, even injured like Cam was, would not only be able to break Derek’s hold but probably wipe the floor with him without raising a sweat. Cop training or not, Derek knew when he was at a disadvantage.

Cam grinned again. “I thought so,” he said with a soft chuckle. “So why aren’t you inside already?”

“Because she doesn’t want me.” He let go of Cam’s shirt, really annoyed at himself for his out-of-control reaction and uncensored words. Hell, lack of sleep was making him sloppy.

“Uh-huh,” Cam said in a noncommittal tone. “I’m going to hang around for a week or three. At least until we know she’s safe from the gang that tried to break in.”

Derek really wanted to tell the guy to fuck off, but he was sensible enough to realize he needed help to protect Maya. He’d applied for holiday leave, but with the precinct short staffed, it wasn’t going to happen anytime soon. Having Viper and some of the other Doms from the club checking in on her when they could wasn’t the same as having a full-time bodyguard beside her. Derek nodded his thanks to Cam and started walking toward the restaurant. The other man fell in beside him, the limp that he’d sported last night barely noticeable today.

“Oh, and just for the record, I slept above the covers.”


Adult Excerpt


“Widen your stance, lean forward, and present your pussy to Master Cameron.” She hesitated just a moment—she didn’t really seem to be an exhibitionist, so he was probably pushing a few of her personal boundaries—but she leaned over and did as she was told.

He walked over to the dresser, tossed a condom to Cam, and smiled as the ex-SEAL sheathed his cock, and then held Maya’s hips as he pushed slowly into her pussy. Derek watched them together, smiling when Cam easily controlled the pace despite Maya’s bratty attempts to make him go faster. Cam leaned over her, pushing her further forward and threading his hand in her hair, just like the Dom they’d seen last night had done.

Derek moved to stand in front of Maya. Cam immediately pushed her head lower, his grip ensuring that Maya had no control. She was their sub, theirs to do with as they pleased, and it pleased them to take her this way. Judging by Maya’s moan, it pleased her, too.

“Don’t come until we give you permission, sub.” She sighed, and then opened her mouth to engulf his cock. Derek stifled the groan, trying to stay in control, trying not to let Maya realize how much power she had over him. He took a deep breath, fortifying his resolve before signaling for Cam to push her head lower.


* * * *


Maya concentrated on Derek’s cock, unable to acknowledge Cam’s cock slowly plowing her pussy or the fingers pressed against her clit or the jewels swinging from her aching breasts and conspiring to send her into a flat spin. She was already on the verge of orgasm, but she refused to disappoint her masters by coming before she had permission. So she concentrated on the cock in her mouth and tried to ignore the tingling heat threatening to overtake all reason.

She braced her hands against Derek’s hard thighs but didn’t even try to work against either of her men. In some ways she sensed that this was a test to make certain that she was willing to live this lifestyle. Considering how many mind-shattering orgasms they’d already given her, the answer to that unasked question was hell, yeah!

Swallowing around the thick length of Derek’s cock, Maya realized he hadn’t specifically told her not to touch him. Tentatively she moved a hand to his balls, gently rolling them inside the wrinkled sac before squeezing slightly. Derek groaned but didn’t stop her, seeming to enjoy her attentions. 

And then as if by mutual agreement, both men started thrusting into her harder. Cam released her hair as Derek gripped the sides of her head and took over, holding her still as he pumped into her mouth. Her jaw ached, her lips felt swollen, and she was almost dribbling, but she couldn’t imagine being anywhere else right at that moment.

The jewels swung harder, bouncing against her breasts as they pulled at her nipples. Cam pushed his fingers more firmly against her, trapping her clit between two fingers, the unyielding grip making her tremble even more violently.

“Come for us, sub,” Derek ordered.

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