[Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Menage, Paranormal, Werewolves, Western, MFM, HEA]

Constance McKinnon has always taken care of her younger brother, Timothy. After all, their parents didn’t want the job. But now that he’s a grown man of twenty-five, shouldn’t he be taking care of himself? Instead, he’s still getting into trouble.

Werewolf cowboys, Dodge Randle and Jax Winters, welcome beautiful Constance to their ranch as their housekeeper. The catch? To keep her, they have to take her spoiled brat of a brother under their paws and, hopefully, turn him into a real man. Easier said than done.

Falling for Jax and Dodge is easy. Letting go of her brother isn’t. But when four violent men show up demanding money from Timothy, Constance is ready to kick little brother to the curb. Can she let go? Or will letting go be the end of her brother? And what secret are Jax and Dodge hiding?

Jane Jamison is a Siren-exclusive author.

Needing Her Mates (MFM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


Trying to act cool when he was anything but calm, Dodge strode over to the small table. It was only then that he noticed the man sitting with her.

Shit. Don’t let this be her boyfriend. Or worse. Her husband.

If she was already taken, they’d have to back off. No shifter would ever break up an already formed relationship. He had to find out.

“Hi.” Sensing she was somewhat skittish, he didn’t offer her his hand. “I’m Dodge Randle.” He bit back all the other things he longed to say. Things like “You’re beautiful.” Or even more intimate things like “You’re my woman. I have to have you.”

She blinked, her gaze jumping from him to Jax, who had come to the other side of the table. “Ouch.” She jumped as though surprised.

One look at her male friend told him the guy had nudged her under the table. But why? To get her to answer? Or to warn her not to?

“And I’m Jax Winters.” Jax didn’t wait for her to answer. He took a seat, his attention locked on her.

“Sure, guys, please, have a seat, why don’t you?”

Dodge didn’t like the man’s tone, but he wasn’t about to start any problems. Instead, he sat, deciding to ignore the jerk. “And what is your name?”

Her brown eyes, a darker shade than Jax’s, mesmerized him. The sizzle between them was so strong he was surprised it couldn’t be seen zipping between them.

“Oh. Hi. I’m Constance. Constance McKinnon.”

The name fit her. Connie would be too simple a name for such a beauty as her. “I’m Dodge Randle.”

Shit. I already told her my name.

The man snorted.

Dodge didn’t like the sound. Slowly, he shifted his gaze to the man and spoke, doing his best not to sound confrontational. “And who are you?”

“Not that it’s any of your business”—the man arched an eyebrow—“but I’m Timothy Harding McKinnon.”

“So you’re her…” Dodge paused, almost dreading the answer. But he had to know. “Brother?”

“Again, not any of your business.”

“Timothy…” She smiled, but her tone held a warning.

He relented, staying silent long enough for Holly to put two big platters of food on the table. Bacon and eggs filled one platter, while the other held a more-than-generous stack of fluffy pancakes. She set the plates she had held in the crooks of her arms in front of Constance and Timothy. “I’ll be back with some water and orange juice.”

“Yeah. I’m her brother.”

Relief flooded Dodge as he met Jax’s gaze. He relaxed then snagged a piece of bacon.

“Please, help yourself. Again,” said a snarky Timothy.

“Thanks. Don’t mind if I do.” Jax took a couple of pieces of bacon, crumpled one into his mouth. His attention locked on Constance again.

“So are you two passing through?” He sure hoped not. If they were, they’d have to find a way to keep them in town. The connection would help but didn’t always do the trick.

“We are.” Her voice was melodic, an enticing sound for any man’s ears.

“Where you headed?” asked Jax. Before Timothy could spit out his usual “none of your business,” Jax shot him a hard look.

“We both have new jobs in another town.”

Dodge picked up her plate and loaded it with bacon, eggs, and two pancakes. “We wouldn’t want to keep you from eating.” His gaze met hers. Curiosity and something else—maybe lust?—shone in them. Yet she didn’t touch her plate. Instead, she offered him a small smile.

He was certain he’d do anything to see her smile at him just like that every day of the rest of his life. All he had to do was get her to stay.

“What kind of jobs?” asked Jax. He leaned forward, his face earnest.

“Shit jobs.” Timothy loaded his plate with food and started digging in.

“Shit jobs?” Jax snagged another piece of bacon. “What’s that mean?”

“It means jobs we don’t really want but have to take.”

Dodge frowned at him. So they didn’t have much money? Why else would anyone take a job they didn’t want? Still, it gave him the chance he needed. He smiled at Constance as Holly placed their drinks in front of them.

“Do you boys want anything?”

Dodge shook his head, never taking his attention off Constance as Holly giggled then spun around and headed back to the counter. “If you’re not afraid of hard work, we have a couple of jobs.”

“You do?” Constance still hadn’t touched her food.

“We do?” asked Jax then finally got with the plan. “Oh, yeah. We do.”

“What kind of jobs?” asked Timothy.

Dodge ignored him. “We own a ranch just outside of town and could use the help.”

“Yeah, and it includes room and board,” added Jax.

“But what kind of jobs are they?” he asked again, his voice rising. “I’m not going to do just any job. I have standards.”

Standards? Dodge exchanged a pointed look with Jax. Was hard work below his standards?

“We’ll take them.”

Dodge couldn’t tell who was more surprised by Constance’s answer, Jax, Timothy, or himself. “Great. Once you’ve finished your meal, you can follow us back to the ranch.”

“Constance, what the hell are you doing?” Timothy gripped the end of the table. “We don’t know these guys or even what the fucking jobs pay. Are you nuts?”

Dodge swiveled, along with Jax, toward him, putting his full attention on her brother. “Look, I don’t know what your problem is, but you’d better start talking to your sister with more respect.”

“What the fuck, man? Who the hell do you think you are?” Timothy’s face turned red with anger.

Dodge had no doubt Timothy wouldn’t fight him. He doubted the guy had the balls to try. “I think I’m your new boss.”




Constance made it up the stairs and into the master bedroom just in time. If she hadn’t gotten out of the kitchen soon after hurrying through dinner then shooing the men outside, even though they’d offered to help clean up, she would’ve lost it one way or another. Either she would’ve killed her brother for acting like a complete jerk or she would’ve thrown caution to the wind and gotten spread-eagle on top of the dinner table. After the sizzle searing through her body all through dinner, she was certain they would’ve chosen her to eat instead of the mashed potatoes, meatloaf, and green beans she’d prepared.

Closing the door behind her, she listened to the men talking downstairs. Even though she was on another floor, their voices still sent shockwaves of need rushing through her. Fortunately, her brother had headed upstairs to his room as soon as he could, not offering to help clean up, of course. But if he’d stayed downstairs, he would’ve picked up on the sexual attraction spinning between the three of them. As it was, she was thankful he was so self-absorbed in his own misery to notice much of anything else.

She didn’t need to understand what Jax and Dodge were saying. The deep tones of their voices resonated through her.

What is the matter with me?

Yet, although it was unnerving, she didn’t want the sensation to end. Instead, she wanted more and more of it. And that was the problem. How was she supposed to keep her mind on Timothy and not on the two amazing men who so obviously wanted her as much as she wanted them?

She slumped to the floor, her back against the door.

I’m going crazy. There’s no other way to explain it. All these months of no sex have finally driven me over the edge.

Why hadn’t she had any sex, anyway? It wasn’t as though she was a prude or anything. In fact, before her grandfather’s death, her sex life had been pretty active. She hadn’t slept around but had enjoyed a couple of semi-serious romances. Still, she’d known from the start the relationships wouldn’t last. Something had always seemed to be missing.

Had she been waiting for someone else? Maybe two someones?

Closing her eyes, she let the images of Jax and Dodge fill her mind. She could still envision them as they ate dinner, taking in large bites and devouring more food than she thought humanly possible. She’d have to make sure she cooked bigger portions from now on.

They are so hot.

Yet the word “hot” didn’t really describe them. She doubted she knew a word that would do them justice.

Her hand skimmed underneath her shorts. Had it been her imagination? Or had she caught both of them eyeing her ass whenever she went into the kitchen for more food?

Her fingers parted her folds. What would it be like to have Jax between her legs?

She found her clit and started massaging the already aching bud. She’d seen his tongue enough to know he’d use it masterfully. Rubbing harder, she pictured his head between her legs, his dark eyes lit up with the strange amber flecks as he watched her reaction. She moaned and rubbed harder.

Lick me, Jax. Hard. Now suck.

The imaginary Jax did as she ordered. Spreading her legs, he eased her pussy folds back then flattened his mouth around her clit. His tongue flashed over her throbbing clit. Fingers sank into her pussy, searching for her sensitive spot. A whimper escaped her when, suddenly, an imaginary Dodge was next to her, his hand fondling one breast, his mouth pressed against her other nipple.

She worked harder, faster, knowing they’d more than match her. Her other hand slid under her shirt and bra then pinched her nipple hard.

Yes! Oh, yes! Bite me, Dodge. Make it hurt.

Her hand was wet as her juices leaked from her. Again, she spread her legs and concentrated on the fantasy. One nipple ached, pinched hard, so she moved her hand to the other one.

Rub. Pinch.

If only she had the real thing.

The imaginary Dodge lifted his light blue gaze with bits of amber sparkling in them to hers. Lust filled them.

“Come for me, sugar,” whispered Jax.

The fantasy was so real she almost warned him to be quiet. Instead, she moaned then let herself go. The release washed through her, shaking her to the core. Her clit hurt in an excruciatingly good way and throbbed the climax free.

Spent, she stayed on the floor, certain she wouldn’t be able to trust her legs right then. She smiled and listened.

Then listened again. But she couldn’t hear any voices coming from downstairs.

Where are they? Should I go back downstairs?

Yet if she did, she knew what would happen. She would no longer be able to resist them. A moan of a completely different kind escaped her, filled with frustration.

Fuck. Once my brother earns his inheritance, nothing’s going to stop me.

But where are they?

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