[Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Menage, Paranormal, Western, Shape-shifter, MFM, HEA]

Visiting her Aunt Etha in the small town of Hidden Falls, Texas, always made Alexis “Lexy” Davis feel good. So why not move there for a fresh start? Although she has to take a waitress job until a teaching position becomes available, she isn’t prepared for surly waitress supervisor, Ginger.

Werewolf Charlie Crown and his best friend, werefox Sean Donner, own a ranch and hope to share a mate. When Lexy arrives in town, spills a drink on Charlie, they know she’s the one. Convincing Lexy shouldn’t be too big a problem since they share the connection, the invisible bond that draws shifters to their mate. But they don’t count on a sudden twist of fate. Ginger, forever lusting after Charlie, swears he’s the father of her unborn child.

Can Lexy accept a soon-to-be father for a mate? If not, can she accept Sean without Charlie?

Jane Jamison is a Siren-exclusive author.

Claws and Fur (MFM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing



“I’m sorry?” She’d been rude, yes, but hadn’t expected him to say something so harsh. “Look, I’m sorry. I really didn’t mean…” She trailed off as she finally realized he was the one not paying attention now. Instead of looking at her, he was staring straight over her shoulder toward the other side of the diner.

“What’s wrong?” she asked then twisted around to find out why he was staring.

Charlie and Sean strode around the corner of the diner and through the glass doors of the entrance.

“I think we’re about to have visitors.” Ben’s voice was low, but he didn’t appear to be angry.

As soon as she set eyes on them, the wild sensation whipped into her. Her abdomen tightened, her mouth dried up, and her heart made its presence known.

It’s them.

Ben was wonderful, but having Charlie and Sean coming toward her turned up the heat surrounding her. She tried, and failed, to stop a huge smile from taking over her face.

“Hi, Lexy.” Sean’s voice was melodic, worthy of its own sultry ballad. He kept his attention locked on Lexy as though Ben didn’t exist.

“Lexy, you’re looking real good,” added Charlie. “Ben didn’t tell us he was seeing you.”

Not seeing, she thought. The word “seeing” made it sound as though they’d been on previous dates.

“There’s a reason for that,” said Ben.

“What’d you say?” Sean clapped a hand on Ben’s shoulder, finally acknowledging him. “Have a seat? Don’t mind if I do.” He pulled out a chair and sat down.

“Same here,” said Charlie as he took a seat.

Lexy put her hands in her lap. If she didn’t, they might betray her by grabbing both men by their shirts and shoving her mouth against theirs.

“Sure, why not?” Yet Ben’s tone was anything but accepting.

Lexy, however, was more than pleased. It was as though fate had decided to fulfill her early fantasy of being with three men. “The more, the merrier, right?”

“Definitely.” Charlie’s wide smile was all for her.

The intensity of whatever-it-was singing between them ramped up. Yet it felt odd to have the feeling coming from Charlie and Sean, but not Ben. Granted, she was attracted to Ben, but it wasn’t the same as it was for the other two men.

What should I do?

The answer was plain enough.

Sit back and enjoy the attention.

Soon enough, Brenda appeared with more menus. “You didn’t tell me you were meeting two more men.” Her gaze met Lexy’s as she mouthed the words “really lucky.”

Lexy gave a small nod then looked away. But not before she saw Sean and Charlie exchange knowing looks. Ben eased back in his chair, a silent and somewhat unhappy-looking observer.

“Just coffee for me,” added Charlie before turning to Lexy. “But don’t let that stop you. You get whatever you want.”

Emphasis on the whatever part, she mused. I wonder if I told him that I wanted him if he’d give me whatever I wanted.

“Anything for you, Lexy,” added Sean.

Lexy nodded, too overwhelmed at being caught between the men’s oh-so-obvious hunger for her. If they were big bad wolves, she’d have already been devoured.

Oooh, yes, please. Devour me.

“Damn lucky,” whispered Brenda under her breath.

They all ordered coffee. She doubted she could’ve eaten a bite of anything. Her stomach was doing flip-flops of pleasure as she looked from one man to the other. Brenda hurried away, promising to come back with cups and a hot pot.

“So what are you two guys doing here, anyway?” asked Ben.

Charlie’s glare at Ben was nothing short of challenging. “We figured this was a friendly get-together, and since you’re all about being friends, we figured we’d join you.”

“Makes sense, right?” asked Sean. Yet, although the question was for Ben, Sean scooted his chair closer to Lexy’s.

Brenda returned and set the mugs in front of them and the pot in the middle of the table. “Y’all let me know if you need anything else.” Her attention focused on Ben. “Anything, okay?” She paused, obviously hoping for an answer from Ben, then gave up and shuffled away.

They chatted for a while longer, with Charlie and Sean doing most of the talking. Ben sat back, drank his coffee, and managed to catch her eye often. Lexy sipped at her coffee, taking her time, enjoying the stories about their lives and the people of Hidden Falls.

“So tell me, guys. What do you think about all the stories?”

Suddenly, the men grew silent.

She paused, waited for a response, then went on. “You know. The stories about shifters? Werewolves and the like? You have to have heard them.”

The men exchanged glances as though they were in on a secret. At last, Sean answered. “Sure we have. You can’t live in these parts without hearing the stories.”

“Do you believe them?”

Again, silence.

“Charlie?” she urged.

“Yeah. We do.”

Although she’d steeled herself for the answer, she found she wasn’t ready for it. “Seriously? So you believe in shifters?” Was the couple at the next table suddenly listening in, their heads tilted to the sides?

“Yeah, I do.” Charlie met her gaze dead-on.

“We all do, sugar,” added Sean.

She tried Ben. “You, too?”

He hesitated then said, “Yep. Hidden Falls is a shifter town. Not just werewolves, but werefoxes, werecats, and just about everything shifter when you get down to it.”

Were they all crazy? They were sitting in a diner talking about the existence of shifters. Could it get any crazier? And yet, part of her, a part growing bigger, believed the idea wasn’t crazy at all.




Was she ready? And yet, her mind may have wondered, but her body didn’t. The time was now, or she’d die from the want of them.

She nearly groaned in frustration when he kept his hand away from between her legs, sliding his palm around her back to lift and bend her leg. He kept his attention locked to hers as he fumbled with his jeans.

If she wanted to stop him, now would be the time. But she couldn’t. Wouldn’t. Not when her only desire in the world was to have these men be hers.

Charlie’s cock pressed against her leg as he shifted to the side while Sean moved to her other side. She inhaled, taking in their unique aroma as her gaze lowered to Sean. Sean’s shaft was as ready as his friend’s.

Taking their time, they each took hold of her dress and slinked it up her legs. The material flowed over her skin, soft and cool against the burning of her skin. Placing one hand on each man’s shoulder, she dug her fingernails into them, uncaring if it hurt them or not. They didn’t seem to notice.

“We’ve waited long enough for this, sugar.” Sean took hold of her chin, turning her to look at him. Concern mixed with lust in his dark eyes. “If you don’t want this, right here, right now, you’d better say so.”

A groan, something low and almost animalistic, came from Charlie, but he said nothing. He waited as the three of them remained still, ready for her to decide their fate.

“I want you.” Her whisper was filled with need. “Both of you.” Separately, together, the how of it no longer mattered.

Their hands remained at her waist, the dress flowing over their arms. She longed to grab Charlie’s hand and push it between her legs. She didn’t wear panties. Hadn’t worn any since meeting them. Hadn’t that been on purpose? Hadn’t she sensed needing to be as free, as open for them as she could?

Finally, at last, Charlie eased his palm over to her mons. “Smooth as silk.”

She blushed. Had waxing been another preparation she hadn’t fully been aware of?

“Let me feel.” Sean slid his hand there, too, and for a moment, she thought their fingers might meet. Instead, Charlie brought his hand back then around the curve of her hip to grab her butt cheek.

Heat swirled inside her, and even the air around them felt thicker, like they were standing in a sauna. “Sean?”

“Shh. Don’t talk. We can talk later.”

He pressed his mouth against the curve of her neck, his lips hot against her skin, stilling her. Why did these two men have such control over her? And yet, she would’ve given them even more control, willingly, gratefully.

She jumped as Sean quickly pushed a finger between her folds. Swallowing, she tried to stand still, tried to take it in stride, and failed miserably. Need rolled through her, a sexual tornado plowing down any resistance she might have wanted to make. As though she’d ever resist.

He made a sound similar to what Charlie had made. A groan-growl that was primal and sent a call to her wild side. Moaning, she thrust against him, silently urging him to do more.

His finger found her clit and started it throbbing along with the rest of her body. She was wet, knowing it spread over his finger. Her breathing quickened, and she reached out, seeking his cock. Now it was his turn to jump.

She turned her focus to Sean and him alone and began stroking. Two could play at the teasing game. Yet who was teasing who the most?

Charlie’s hand cupped her breast, his fingers capturing her nipple between them. “That’s good, darlin’. We’ve wanted you from the first second we saw you. Hell, I planned on having you from the first second you spilled beer on me.”

She could no longer answer. Unless another moan was answer enough.

Sean sped his movements up. She matched his rhythm, giving him tit for tat. Gritting her teeth against the pounding need for him, she pumped her hand harder.

“Let’s get this thing out of the way.” Charlie took hold of both sides of her dress and tugged it over her head, making her turn Sean’s cock loose for a moment. Whimpering at the interruption, she took Sean’s cock again but didn’t count on Charlie edging behind her. The combination of both men’s hands and mouths on her ratcheted up the already wild sensations taking her over. The night’s warm air cocooned her body.

Leaning her against him, Charlie squeezed her butt cheeks and snaked his tongue along her shoulder. She reached behind her, trying to take hold of his cock breaking past the flaps of his jeans, but he was too close as he pushed it against the crease of her ass. Groaning, she brought her hand up and grabbed for his hair instead.

Sean’s rubbing on her clit made her pants louder, heavier. Her legs shook, threatening to drop her to the ground. If she didn’t have them inside her soon, she’d break apart. Groaning, she jerked Sean’s hand away and turned Charlie loose.

“What’s wrong? I thought you liked what I was doing, sugar.”

She caught her breath, taking several breaths before she could manage to speak. “I did. But don’t you think”—she lifted his hand and brought his finger to her mouth—“you’d like to get a taste of me?” Meeting his gaze, she brazenly sucked her juices off then pulled his finger out with a satisfying pop.

Fuck me, damn it. Fuck me now.

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