[Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Menage, Paranormal, Werewolves, Fantasy, MFM, HEA]

As a fairy, Twyla knows that mixing with humans or shifters of any kind is strictly forbidden. Yet she’s been secretly in love with a human and a werewolf for years. Too bad she’s pledged to mate another fairy.

Sean Sanders, a werewolf cowboy, and his human friend Whit Landon are ready to share a mate. Finding her, however, is proving to be impossible. But when a beautiful stranger shows up on their doorstep claiming to being forced into an arranged marriage, they’re more than ready to ride to her rescue.

Twyla’s ready to fight tradition and her brother. But will her fight cost her everything she’s ever known? Can the men she’s yearned for save her from a marriage she doesn’t want? Can she choose between what she is and what she wants to become? Or will her future fade away before she has a chance to make her dream come true?

Jane Jamison is a Siren-exclusive author.

Choosing Her Mates (MFM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


“Please tell me you’re not married.”

Twyla tossed her hair over her shoulder, taking his attention along with it. Whit envied her hair as it touched the curve of her neck. Then, as though knowing where he really wanted to look, she placed her palm against her chest. His gaze fell to her breasts, full and pushing at her light blue blouse. If he strained hard enough, would he be able to see straight through the material?

“No. I’m not married.”

Stop staring at her boobs!

“Engaged?” His mind was in total control, his mouth unable to stop what his brain was sending it. “Boyfriend?”

“No to both.”

At last, he managed to force his attention back to her mesmerizing face. “How about a girlfriend? Or a significant other of any kind?”

She laughed, once again bringing music to the world. “Do you want me to have a significant other?” Her eyes narrowed, but the suspicious look wasn’t harsh. Instead, it was playful. “Do you like sharing, Whit?”

He sucked in a breath, surprised at how fast the conversation had gone there. “I’m hoping like hell you don’t have a significant other of any kind. As for sharing…” He hesitated, fearing telling her the truth might send her running. “How to share is the first thing they taught me in kindergarten, and I’m pretty damn good at it, even if I say so myself. In fact, I got all gold stars.”

He had to play it cool, yet could he when he was burning for her from the inside out? Still, they’d already gone into uncharted territory. If he told her too much—My werewolf friend and I want to share a mate—then their budding romance could be over before it began. To lose her now would be to end his life.

She laughed again. Yet when she placed her palm against his chest, he thought his heart might pound out of his chest from the sheer joy of her touch. “Is there someone you want me to meet, Whit?”

He let out a sigh. How did she make his name sound so good?

“Is there?” She lifted her eyebrows in question.

Was she reading his mind? He grinned at her, loving her directness. “As a matter of fact, yeah. My friend and partner, Sean Sanders.” He paused, realizing how that might have sounded. “Uh, I mean, he’s a partner in the ranch.” He fumbled again. “I mean he owns the ranch but is always saying he wants me to be his partner. As in running the ranch. Not like a partner kind of partner.” He was making things worse. “I mean we’re not like, you know, romantically involved. And definitely not in like a sexual way. Not that it would be a bad thing if we were, but we’re not. Definitely not.”

Damn, he loved her laugh even when she was laughing at how absurd he sounded.

“I get what you mean, Whit.”

Ah, my name. How sweet the sound. At least, from her lips.

Yet when she took her hand from his chest, he wanted to cry.

Keep it together, man.

“You mean you have a friend you want me to meet. A friend who is a good friend but nothing more than a friend. Do I have it right?”

He dragged in a breath and let out a relieved sigh. “Yes. Exactly.” He swallowed and made sure he didn’t sound like an idiot again. “So? Would you like to have dinner with Sean and me tonight? We could take you to the Steak and Bake Diner. They have the best steaks and the best desserts, too.”

Her long eyelashes fluttered against her pale cheeks. “Sure. Okay. But only on one condition.”

Whatever she asked for, he’d give it to her. Even if he had to sell everything he owned to get it for her. “What’s that?” He almost added the endearment of honey but managed to stop himself in time.

“I always eat my dessert first.”

Was she kidding? He couldn’t tell. “No problem. You can eat anything you want in any order you want.” Did that sound as sexy to her as it did to him?

“Good. Then it’s a”—she paused—“deal.”

“Where are you staying? How about we pick you up around seven?”

Alarm flashed across her face then was gone. “Oh, I’m staying with friends outside of town. But, no. It’ll be easier if I just meet you there.”

Was she being cautious? It wasn’t unusual for a woman to meet a date at a restaurant instead of allowing the man to know where she lived. If she wanted to play it safe, he didn’t want to push her. “Whatever you like. Then I’ll see you at seven, okay?”

She shook her head, nearly stopping his heart with the fear that she’d changed her mind. “Not I’ll… we’ll. Don’t forget to bring Sean along with you.”

Relief flooded him. “Right. Don’t worry. Both of us will be there.” He touched the rim of his cowboy hat. “You can count on it.”

She smiled again—how do her smiles get better and better?—then pivoted around, tossing her hair and her words over her shoulder as she strolled away. “Oh, I am, Whit. I am.”

He watched her as she moved down the sidewalk. She moved gracefully, almost as though her feet never touched the pavement. Just before she turned the corner, she looked back at him, another wonderful smile lighting her face, then wiggled her fingers at him in a coquettish wave.

He smiled back and wiggled his fingers, too, even though he was certain he looked ridiculous doing it. He was happier than he’d ever felt in his entire life. His happiness, however, was dampened a little by his next thought.

Shit! I really am a fucking idiot. Why didn’t I ask her for her phone number?




“Come to us, sugar.” Sean’s voice was guttural, filled with need.

Whit didn’t blink, almost as though he feared she’d disappear if he did.

Feeling the connection whip through her, Twyla swayed over to them, doing her best to take her time and make them hunger for her even more.

When she finally stepped under the spray of water, they enveloped her between them. Thankfully, the water wasn’t as cold as she’d expected. She leaned against Sean, her back against his hard stomach, his cock pressing against the small of her back. His strong arms wrapped around her, his huge hands closing over both her breasts.

“I want you,” she whispered.

“And we want you,” answered Whit as he skimmed his palms down her hips, along her legs. He dropped to the rough-hewn boards of the shower floor, going to his knees. “I’ve got to taste you, honey.”

She shivered, a thrill rushing through her as he eased her pussy folds apart and pressed his face against her. Clutching his hair, she tugged at him, keeping him to her. “Yes, please, yes. Taste me.”

His tongue slicked through her pussy folds to find her already throbbing clit. Her body tensed, the wild sensation storming around inside her, burning her from the need for them. Water trailed over her skin, warming under her heat. He licked her clit, over and around, then circled his mouth around it and sucked hard. His tongue, his teeth nearly buckled her knees. She let out a cry that soon changed into a whimper.

“Sean,” she urged.

He tortured her nipples, pinching, pulling, as he kissed and nibbled along her shoulder. His cock pushed harder against her, demanding an entrance. Reaching behind with one hand, she cupped his neck and turned her face to his, seeking a kiss.

“Damn, but you’re so hot.” He kissed her then, hungrily taking her mouth. He tugged at her lower lip, capturing it then releasing it, only to tug at it again. As his hands fondled her breasts, his tongue lashed at hers.

They were her men. Of that, she was certain. Yes, they would have their differences, but they would overcome every obstacle to become all to each other.

Her body hummed with a primal urge. She felt powerful, invincible, ready to take whatever they gave and give it back to them. “Take me,” she ordered like a queen commanding soldiers in her army.

And like the soldiers they were, they obeyed.

“I’m going to take your sweet ass,” whispered Sean.

She heard the wolf inside him in the growl of his voice. She could feel the beast inside him in the tightness of his muscles. She could sense the need of his animal with every bite to her soft flesh. What would it be like to have sex wolf-to-wolf? She hoped one day she’d find out.

But the thought was gone when Whit added a finger to her pussy. He slid another finger in and began a slow, rhythmic pumping. Her pussy tightened around his fingers, giving him a good idea of what his cock would feel like.

Fuck me, my men. Fuck me hard.

Sean eased his fingers between her butt cheeks. “This will only hurt for a moment.”

She nodded, having heard rumors of how it was with shifters.

And then, with her butt cheeks spread, Sean eased his large cock against her tight dark hole. She arched her back, pushing his hands against her breasts and her ass toward his crotch.

“Now,” he whispered.

The slice of quick pain came and went as he thrust his cock into her anus. She opened her mouth, watering skimming over her face and into her mouth to muffle her cry.

Whit stood and pulled her legs around his waist. Gripping her thighs to hold her, he plunged his cock into her pussy. A groan escaped him at the same moment she let out a cry of joy.

They moved together, the three of them, as though they’d always been meant to be. Hands slid over her wet body as she in return did her best to touch them, to stroke them. They moved like the crest of waves over the ocean as the water streamed over their bodies.

She was gone to the world around her, lost in the lovemaking. Closing her eyes, she let her orgasm drive higher and higher, threatening to shatter her. Her body was filled as though possessed by someone, something else. She willingly gave herself over to it.

Her climax burst free, plummeting her over the rise of the wave then driving her back down, losing herself inside the roll of the ocean. She cried out as her release swamped her, her body trembling, her mind reeling.

Whit thrust into her again then tensed. A moment later, he shouted, heralding his climax. His body shuddered as his orgasm tore at him.

Warmth filled her from both sides as Sean groaned and turned his cum free. As the stream of water slowed, so did their bodies, each of them breathing heavily, doing their best to ease through their releases. They clutched each other until all three of them had finished. Gently, they eased her to her feet.

“I think the tank’s running out,” said Sean as the stream grew slower and slower, soon becoming a dribble. Hurriedly, he washed his body, his still mostly erect cock.

“No shit.” Whit brushed his hair away from his face then did the same for hers.

She was filled, joyous for finally being with the men of her dreams. “I hope you have some towels inside.” Cupping first Whit’s face then Sean’s, she gave them each a sweet kiss on the mouth then eased out of the shower.

After only a few feet away, she turned back to her men. Amber flecks sparkled in Sean’s eyes, while Whit’s held an unmistakable gleam. “You’re kidding.” Yet she wasn’t mistaken. “Again? Already?”

“Again,” answered Whit.

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