[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, shape-shifter, werewolves, M/M, HEA]
Ex-con and dominant werebear Bo just got out of prison and wants a new start in life. He moves to a new town and even joins the werebear clan there, only to be caught in a bank robbery while opening a bank account.
Will Wilson is a human banker who’s had tough luck when it comes to love. Will’s life takes a sudden turn when he’s involved in a robbery. What’s more shocking is when a strong and lethal werebear rescues him from a robber who’s about to end his life.
The moment Bo saw the gorgeous human bank clerk, he knew he was smitten. His bear knows Will is his mate, but will the human accept a rough werebear with a criminal record? Will’s always done everything by the book, but after his near brush with death, Will wants to find out if he and Bo have a shot at love.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Bound by Honor (MM)
10 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“Next customer please,” he called out, arranging the papers on his desk then turning to his PC. Not looking up from his computer, he asked, “What can I do for you, sir?”

The air-conditioning seemed to fail at that moment. A large shadow fell across his desk, and he looked up, eyes widening at the enormous behemoth of a man standing in front of him. His breath hitched. This stranger probably stood at six-foot-five or something and filled up the entire space. Muscles and ink bulged from the man’s exposed shirt.

This guy still screamed dangerous in every way, could probably break him into two without blinking an eye.

A pair of intense green eyes met his. The guy ran a huge hand through his brutally short black hair. His arms, Will noticed, were sleeved with ink. One caught his eye, that of a bear standing on its hind legs over his right forearm, the moon in the background.

“Hi, hello, Mr. Wilson,” the big guy said, looking at his nameplate on the desk.

It struck Will that this guy was just as nervous as he was. He relaxed. Who was Will to judge people? Besides, the guy was hot and sexy, in a rough kind of way. Definitely Will’s type, although he never had the courage to approach bad boys. Hell, Will couldn’t even ask the cute barista at the coffee shop he frequented for his number.

Will straightened in his seat. He could do his job at least. God, what must this guy think of him? An uptight human? “Please take a seat, Mr—”

“Bo. Bo Daniels.” Bo flashed him a smile that left him speechless for a few seconds.

Was that a flirty smile?

No, Will was probably imagining things. It had been quite some time for him since he went on an actual date after all. Still, that smile was lethal, made his cock pulse in his sensible trousers. He breathed in and out. Now wasn’t the time for this. What would Bo think of him?

Didn’t Wallis mention shifters had a great sense of smell? He recalled Cody saying, too, that bears had the most developed nose.

“All right then, Bo. What can I do—” Their conversation was cut short once again by the sound of gunfire.

He yelped and clutched at his desk. Was he imagining things?

“Fuck,” Bo muttered under his breath. “You got to be fucking kidding me.”

Frozen in his seat, he watched with wide eyes as four muscled men dressed in all black, wearing masks, came piling inside the bank, all holding shotguns.

This couldn’t be happening, not to a peaceful little town like Clear Water.

“Everyone down on the floor, now!” the first robber who came in yelled.

“Get down,” he hissed to Bo.

The shifter’s response was unexpected. “I’ve had enough of bank robberies in my damn lifetime.”

“What did you just say?”

“Hey, you two assholes. Didn’t you hear what I said? Hands up. I have my eye on you, big guy,” another robber said, pointing the gun at Bo’s head. Will raised his hands. Fear crawled down his spine and he started to tremble.

Damn it, but didn’t robberies only happen in the movies?

“Get down on your knees and keep your hands behind your head,” the robber yelled at Bo, who finally stood up. The robber seemed to hesitate, seeing Bo’s size. The air became hot again, and he swore Bo was giving off some aggressive vibes. Bo did as the robber asked anyway.

“You’re a bear, but not one of Lee’s,” said the robber. “Who the fuck are you?”

Lee Marshall, Will recalled, was the Alpha of the Clear Water bear clan. Murdock, the previous bear Alpha, had been a psychopath hell-bent on causing destruction in town, but Lee was different. Rumor had it the new bear Alpha had been busy, reeling in the bears and repairing their ruined reputation in town. As a result, some of the bears broke away from the clan. It explained a lot of things, if these robbers were some of the rogues.

The bears all had criminal records one way or another.

“Me? I just want to open an account. Just got out of prison, so I want no trouble,” Bo replied.

He couldn’t help it. Will let out a giggle. Of course. He felt momentary attraction to both a dangerous werebear and an ex-con. Momentary, because nothing was definitely going to happen between them.

Was Bo part of this delightful little crew? No, the werebear seemed genuinely confused, then pissed, and the robber didn’t recognize Bo at all. An innocent bystander? Then he found himself looking at the barrel of a shotgun.

He nearly unloaded his bladder.

“You, you look like you know how to open the safe. Stand up.”

He rose shakily to his feet, grunted when the robber nudged the gun at his shoulder.

A growl tickled out from someone’s throat. Bo, he realized, sneaking a glance at the werebear, shocked by the sudden change in Bo’s expression. Gold ringed Bo’s pupils, and he winced as the robber rammed the muzzle of the bun to Bo’s skull.

“Don’t play the hero, big guy,” the robber holding Bo captive warned.

Will found his voice by some miracle. “Don’t do this, fellas. Pretty soon, the local cops, the wolves, or even your former clan mates will arrive on site.”




Some part of Will still couldn’t believe this was all happening, that he was in Bo’s bed, Bo’s apartment, about to have the best sex of his life. He knew it was guaranteed, because Bo was right. The chemistry between them was off the charts. Will couldn’t stop running his hands down the hard planes of Bo’s body but paused when Bo started leaving kisses down his neck.

Being a werebear, Bo left little bites and nips, too. The werebear was marking him, Will realized, but he didn’t mind wearing the souvenirs from tonight’s passionate moment. Bo reached his chest, took one nipple into his mouth, and sucked. He groaned, fisting the sheets. Will needed something to hold on to.

Bo left his teeth mark there, at the same time reaching for his prick and beginning to stroke. He moaned at the contact of Bo’s rough and callused hand on his sensitive dick, tried to squirm, but his bear held him firmly in place.

A thrill crept down his spine. Bo went lower, down his ribs, belly, and released his prick. Will let out a moan of frustration and froze, feeling Bo’s breath on his teased and tormented dick. Then the dominant werebear flicked his tongue over his tip, swiping the pre-cum again. Heat pooled in his insides. Will didn’t know how long he could last.

“Bo,” he began. “If you keep doing that, I won’t be able to hold back.”

Bo palmed his belly, gave his balls a squeeze. He expelled a breath but managed to hold his orgasm back. “Not yet, baby.”


The term of endearment caught him off-guard. He liked it. No one had ever, ever given him a nickname. Bo had two for him. Little human was started to grow on him, too.

“I’ll try,” he promised.

Bo licked his cockhead, ran his tongue down the entire length of his prick, over all the bumps and ridges. His breathing turn ragged. Will clutched the sheets so hard, he was certain he’d rip them to shreds. He didn’t know how much longer he could hold on to his self-control. Bo opened his mouth and started to bob his head up and down. He nearly lost, but held on, watching with amazement as the werebear went down on him.

God. This was the last thing he ever expected. He heard dominant shifter males usually took, but didn’t care much for the giving part. Tonight, however, Bo focused solely on his pleasure. It didn’t matter. The next time, he would return his bear the favor.

He gasped as Bo pulled his mouth away, only to crawl up to crush his mouth. Tasting himself on Bo’s tongue, he became even more aroused. Bo closed his fingers over his prick again. A few pumps and he lost it.

“That’s it, baby, I want to see you come undone.”

He cried out as the pressure building inside him burst. Will’s vision turned hazy as he spilled his seed all over Bo’s waiting fingers.

“Fuck, that was hot.” Bo took his mouth again, the kiss all heat and bite.

Still recovering from post-orgasm bliss, Will wore a lazy, satisfied smile as Bo pulled away. His gaze dipped lower, to the monster between Bo’s legs. “You haven’t fucked me yet.”

“No.” Bo returned the smile. “Ass facing me, baby.”

Bo helped flipped him to his hands and knees, before placing a pillow underneath his belly. The werebear got off the bed and patted his ass. Feeling playful, he thrust his ass at Bo again, only to receive a smart swat that made him jump.

“Behave,” Bo chided.

He looked over his shoulder. Bo opened the door to the bathroom and took towels, a condom, and lube from the drawer under the sink before returning to him. Bo patted the edge of the bed. Will adjusted himself and the pillow, until his ass was directly at Bo’s dick.

“Spread,” Bo ordered. The werebear’s firm voice heightened his excitement and amped up the anticipation.

Will parted his thighs. Cool air brushed against his dick and balls, and he moaned when he felt Bo’s fingers, slick with lube, prodding at his puckered entrance. Bo applied more lubricant into his hole, before pushing a finger in, then a second. His bear began widening him for access, making twisting motions.

Impatient, he pushed his ass at Bo again, only to receive another slap. He jumped, a little turned on by the slight pain.

“You want my cock so badly, little human?”

“Yes.” At his admission, he blushed. Through the mirror right of the bed, he could see his entire face turning crimson.

“Beg me.”

“Fuck me, baby. Please. Make me yours.” The last three words poured out of him without warning, but he refused to take them back, given he meant them.

“Good answer.” Bo took his fingers away. He heard the condom foil being ripped off and felt Bo’s dick at his entrance moments later. The werebear gripped his waist and pushed. He widened his eyes, gasped as Bo pushed the first few inches inside of him. It burned, but the good kind of burn.

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