Obeying Her Racy Firemen (MFM)

Racy Nights 8

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 47,054
17 Ratings (4.7)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, flogging, sex toys, HEA]

When Fire Inspector Storm Jamison and Fire Chief Cameron Sinclair invite Olivia Kelly to privately tour the local BDSM club, she’s intrigued but gun-shy because of her past. But as her fantasies become reality after a demonstration progresses to play, her whirlwind romance with both Doms heats up quickly.

Storm Jamison is unwilling to give his heart again. Once burned twice bitten. But Olivia challenges everything about love that he’s tried for years to resist, and before long he can’t deny his feelings for her.

Cameron Sinclair has never fallen in love, and he doesn’t want to. His parents’ abuse and sham of a marriage have left him afraid to love, but Olivia melts his resolve.

When Olivia becomes the victim of a criminal bent on vengeance, can her Doms save her in time, or will they lose her before they have a chance to tell her that they love her?

A Siren Erotic Romance


Tara Rose is a Siren-exclusive author.

Obeying Her Racy Firemen (MFM)
17 Ratings (4.7)

Obeying Her Racy Firemen (MFM)

Racy Nights 8

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 47,054
17 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
I love the whole Racy series. Will keep buying them as long as Tara Rose keeps writing them!!!
So glad to see things wrapped up, but I hope she writes more books in this series.
Professional Reviews

5 STARS: "Obeying Her Racy Fireman is the eighth book in the Racy Nights series by Ms. Rose. While this book is part of a series, it can be read and enjoyed as a standalone but it would help to read the prior books. This book contains some characters of past books as well as a storyline that started in a prior book. I absolutely loved this book and I had a hard time putting it down. Olivia seemed to be a very realistic character that I could identify with. She’s a natural sub with self confidence issues, and also shy due to her former boyfriend mocking her lack of experience. Storm works as a fire inspector in town. Cameron is chief of the fire department. Storm and Cameron are hot and sexy men who have their own issues and do not want to fall in love. Olivia is too good to be true for both of them. The chemistry between Olivia, Storm and Cameron is sizzling. I loved how Storm and Cameron talked with each other regarding Olivia and their worry. The sex scenes are blistering hot. I enjoyed how Olivia fit with Storm and Cameron right from the start. Overall, this was a fabulous book and I can’t wait to get started on the prior books in this series!" -- Arianna Bolger, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

5 STARS: "Rose certainly knows how to keep her racy Racy stories coming. The series follows a sort of formula, where two Doms meet a relatively inexperienced woman they think will make a good sub. Along the way, they fall in love and form a ménage, sometimes marrying, but mostly just collaring. Hard to believe a small town could have so many ménage relationships, and Racy could sustain a sex store as well as a BDSM club, but that makes the stories interesting. Each story is different, although the same characters recur in most of them at some point. The stories do stand alone, but are much better when read in context of the others. Olivia is so green, she has no idea about sex, let alone BDSM but she’s a willing learner. Storm and Cam have reasons from their pasts why they have no intention of falling in love with her. When the bad guys who have been starting fires in Racy, target three of the women, including Olivia, what are the guys to do but confess their love for her? The deliciously awful Mayor of Racy finally gets his comeuppance in Obeying Her Racy Firemen, and as all the trios get together at the end, I have to wonder if this is the last of the series. Too bad if it is." -- Alberta, Manic Readers

4.5 COCKTAILS: "Right off the bat, I should tell you that I love Tara Rose, and I love her books. I’ve never been unsatisfied after finishing one of her stories. So, you’ve probably guessed that I was thrilled with “Obeying Her Racy Firemen”. One of the best things about the “Racy Nights” series is that they’re extremely HOT (flaming HOT), but they’re not just one sex scene after another. There are actually plots, and they’re very good ones at that. Of course the love story is the main focus, but Ms. Rose gives us an ongoing mystery that is so interesting it catches you and makes you want more. For instance, “Obeying Her Racy Firemen” tells us of a small town in disarray after a terrible storm. In the midst of trying to rebuild and negotiate local politics, Fire Inspector, Storm, and Fire Chief, Cameron, find Olivia, and the three begin a relationship that’s both romantic and complicated. That’s as much of a spoiler that you’ll get from me,bu I will tell you that you’ll root for them, cheer for them, and lose your heart to them. “Obeying Her Racy Firemen” can be read as a stand alone novel, but because it’s part of a (really great) series, I’d recommend you start at the beginning and follow the, sometimes stubborn, but always unique and loving, residents of Racy, Indiana. They’re smart. They’re sexy, and they’re well worth the time you’ll dedicate to them. I will tell anyone who will listen that they need to read this book. Trust me." -- Kenna, Cocktails and Books

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Olivia Kelly brushed her fingers lightly over the collar around her friend Gina Santori’s neck. It was silver, a bit longer than a choker, and featured a delicate rosebud and heart pattern. She could wear it every day, and it would look like any other piece of jewelry that Gina normally wore. No one but the people in this room and those who frequented Maddox McCree’s exclusive private BDSM club in Racy Indiana, would know what it actually represented.

Gina was now officially a submissive to Olivia’s brother Harrison, a Racy police sergeant, and Zach Kincaid, one of Racy’s councilmen. Olivia couldn’t be happier for her friend. Jealous, but very happy. And to have been invited here tonight to The Fit Bod, Racy’s only gym, to witness the ceremony along with others in the lifestyle, made Olivia proud. She wanted so badly to be a part of them.

“I’m thinking with that red hair of yours, something gold would suit you better.”

She whirled around and stared up into the pewter-colored eyes of Racy’s fire investigator, Storm Jamison. Between those eyes and his dark, thick hair, Storm epitomized his name. Olivia never knew how to react to him. She was both wary of and fascinated by him.

She’d had one drink with him and Cameron Sinclair, the fire chief, at Luke’s Bar the other night, and both men had spent a lot of time recently on the phone with her, and had sent her multiple text messages.

Storm had made her laugh out loud with his first text about train whistles, and how you could hear them, especially at night in Racy, but only if you listened very carefully as the closest tracks were several miles away. From that point on, Olivia had found herself listening for them.

Cameron kept her apprised of the reconstruction in downtown Racy by texting her about the architectural details, and what he felt they were and weren’t getting right as they repaired the buildings damaged by the recent EF tornado.

But as much fun as it was to discuss trains and architecture with them, she felt way, way out of her league with each of them. They were Doms in Maddox’s club, larger than life, and had interesting careers. She’d had sex with one man, exactly two times before he’d dumped her for not being hot enough in bed.

“And longer perhaps,” said Storm, his gaze roving over her light summer top. “More delicate, too.”

She now wished that she’d brought along a jacket, although when they’d all sat down on the grass along the river earlier to wait for the July 4 fireworks display, it had still been warm. Right now, he looked as though he wanted to gobble her up. As much as that thought excited her, she was certain it would only end up with her being humiliated when he realized she had no idea what she was doing in bed.

“Are you planning on collaring me, Storm, or just wanting to buy me jewelry?” Olivia laughed at her own question, more from nervousness than anything. Every time she said something off the cuff, she immediately regretted it. To say she’d always been tongue-tied around gorgeous men was an understatement, and Storm qualified as gorgeous with a capital G.

“Maybe both?” His intense stare was both teasing and sexy as hell. It sent her mind racing to dark, forbidden places that existed only in her dreams.

Two weeks ago, at the reopening of Luke’s Bar when she’d first met Storm and Cameron, her flirtations with them had been nothing more than a game. She’d been a bit drunk, and when both men had started talking with her, she’d played along. But these men didn’t play. They were part of a crowd that Olivia didn’t completely understand yet desperately longed to be part of. She simply had no idea how to make that known to anyone.

She’d grown up in a strict Irish Catholic family with three older brothers and an older sister who’d made all the decisions. There had never been any need to voice her own opinion or ask for her heart’s desire. She’d never have received it anyway.

“Is he bothering you, Olivia?” Cameron’s teasing grin and green eyes full of dancing light always reminded her of a character in a story she’d read as a child. A prince trapped in a Leprechaun’s body, who when freed by true love, turned into a man who bore a striking resemblance to Cameron. “Because if he is, I’ll kick his ass.”

Storm snorted. “Sure you will. Right after I hand you your balls.”

Olivia laughed as a fierce blush crept up her neck. Three older brothers and she still got embarrassed when guys talked like that. “No, he’s not bothering me. He’s describing what kind of a collar would look best on me.”

“Really?” Cameron raised his eyebrows and flashed a questioning look at Storm. “Is there something I should know about?”

“Fuck you, Cameron.”

Olivia laughed again. Her brothers did the same thing. When backed into a verbal corner they reverted to swear words and insults.

“No thanks, Storm.” Cameron turned his attention back to Olivia. “It was nice of Gina to invite you tonight. You’re good friends with her, right?”

Olivia nodded. “Yes, I am. With Gina and Cherilyn both.” Cherilyn Barker and Olivia both worked as administrative assistants in City Hall. Cherilyn was here tonight with her Doms, Thayer Denning and Evan Rydell, who co-owned The Fit Bod.

“So how come Cameron and I never see you at Maddox’s club with them?”

“I’ve never been invited.” 




When Storm’s tongue began to tease her nipples and Cameron crawled between her legs to lick her pussy, Olivia cried out loudly. Sensations she’d never experienced rocked her body. Their tongues were so soft, and each pass sent shivers up and down her spine and shock waves straight to her throbbing clit. She didn’t know how to process all of it.

Cameron lifted his head and moved off the bed. “Yeah. Gotta do something about all that movement.”

“What did I do wrong?”

Storm smiled at her. “Nothing at all. But here’s your last chance to say ‘no’ to the wrist and ankle cuffs.”

“Oh…no, it’s okay. I want to know what it feels like.”

“In that case, your safeword is ‘red.’ Use it if something frightens you, if you’re uncomfortable, or you simply need a break. Do you understand?”

Olivia nodded.

Cameron fastened one set of cuffs around her ankles, and Storm did the same to her wrists. She watched in fascination as they took chains from attachments on the bed and threaded them through the rings in the cuffs. They adjusted her arms and legs, pulling up slack on the chains, until by the time they were finished, she was lying spread-eagled on the bed.

Olivia stared at each of them in turn. This wasn’t what she’d imagined at all. This was erotic and a bit scary, but so damn exciting she wasn’t sure how much more she could handle. And both men were still dressed. Was that usual? Would she see them naked at all?

“Now,” said Cameron, crawling back between her legs. “Where was I?” He dipped his head and began to lick her pussy in long, slow strokes. Olivia moaned loudly and tried to move, but she was bound tightly in place. Being forced to submit was just as exciting as what Cameron was doing with his tongue, and now his hands as well.

He parted her curls and brushed a finger up and down her wet slit, from the opening to her anus all the way up to her clit, back and forth. He followed that with his tongue, and Olivia couldn’t stop making noises and tossing her head back and forth. She’d never had this done to her before, and it was exquisite. Storm sucked her nipples and played with her breasts, and the competing sensations were so erotic that she actually became dizzy.

When Cameron gently inserted a finger into Olivia’s pussy and sucked her clit hard at the same time, the most intense orgasm of her life washed over her, and she screamed. Tears ran down her face, and the contractions went on forever. Nothing she’d done to herself had felt like this.

When Cameron finally moved from between her legs, she watched in disbelief as Storm took his place. Olivia’s entire body was shaking. She wasn’t sure she could handle that again. As Storm started to lick her soaking-wet pussy, she groaned softly and rolled her head to the side. Cameron held her gaze as he began to remove his clothes.

She watched, unable to look away, even though she was dizzy again from what Storm was doing to her pussy. Cameron revealed a muscled chest and torso, and she’d never seen anyone so fit. He was absolutely beautiful.

Her gaze roamed over the decorative tats on his chest and forearms, and she realized they were all images of flames and buildings. It was both morbid and beautiful at the same time, and she wanted to ask him about the tats, but stayed silent as he continued undressing.

When he removed his shoes, shorts and boxers, she gasped out loud at the size of his dick. It was red and slick, and instinctively she licked her lips.

Storm slid what felt like two fingers into her swollen pussy, and Olivia moaned, momentarily distracted away from Cameron’s body. Storm’s fingers inside her felt so damn good that she never wanted him to stop. Cameron moved closer to her face, holding his cock with one hand, and a question in his eyes. Olivia desperately wanted to know what that dick felt like inside her mouth, but she was too shy to ask.

She didn’t have to. Cameron watched her face carefully then moved closer still and teased her lips with the head of his cock. Storm slid his fingers in and out of her pussy slowly, but he was now sitting back on his heels, watching Cameron.

“Open your mouth, Olivia. I’ll be careful.”

She did, and he slid his cock in a couple of inches.

“Good girl. Now wrap your lips around it, and be careful not to bite.”

Olivia did as he asked, and then he began to move it in and out. With each thrust, he slid a bit more inside, watching her face carefully. Olivia loved the feeling of fullness his dick inside her mouth gave, and she enjoyed the salty, musky taste. It was so sexy to realize she was finally doing this. And, after what he’d done for her a few moments ago, it was the least she could do for him.

“That feels incredible,” he whispered. “Olivia, you’re doing great.”

His words and the look of pure delight in his beautiful eyes spurred her on and made her feel sexy and wanton. Storm pulled his fingers out of her pussy and moved off the bed. When he returned a few seconds later, he was naked.

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