Schooling Their Racy Teacher (MFM)

Racy Nights 10

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 55,989
12 Ratings (4.7)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, paddling, cropping, flogging, knife play, forced-seduction role-play, sex toys, HEA]
When submissive cellist Ava Harmony escapes her abusive ex-Dom, she opens a music shop in Racy. She’s not prepared for opposition from Dom Jake Malloy, or for the kindred spirit she finds in Dom Gary Reed. As she indulges in a hot ménage romance with both men, Ava is lulled into a false sense of security.
Jake Malloy misjudges Ava when she arrives in town, thinking she’s there to take money away from sports in the schools and funnel it into music programs. But when a school board decision affects her dreams of teaching in the schools as well, Jake realizes his love for Ava is above all that. Will Jake’s romance with Ava be cut short when her ex-Dom surfaces in nearby Indianapolis?
Gary Reed finds a like-minded musician in Ava, and doesn’t mind sharing her with Jake. But when Ava’s ex-Dom shows up too close to home, will Gary lose the woman he loves to her past?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Tara Rose is a Siren-exclusive author.
Schooling Their Racy Teacher (MFM)
12 Ratings (4.7)

Schooling Their Racy Teacher (MFM)

Racy Nights 10

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 55,989
12 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
What can I say. Another awesome "Racy" book from Tara Rose. I just love how everyone from the other books interact with each other. Seeing how hard Jake and Gary had to work on being together with Ava made me love them even more. And how Ava went back to confront her "pretend" Dom from the past was just perfect. Not a lot a huge drama, just telling him like it was and then walking away with her men by her side.
As long as Tara writes her Racy books, I will keeping buying them. I may have to end up buying another Kindle to keep up with them!!!
Wow! These Racy Nights books just keep getting better and better! This one is SUPER HOT!
Professional Reviews

4 STARS: "Great read! Ava Harmony finally finds the courage and strength to admit her relationship with her Dom is abusive and she gets out. When she leaves, she remembers a friend talking lovingly about her hometown--Racy, Indiana--and decides to check it out. Ava is not sure if opening a music shop in a small town with limited school funding for music is a good idea, but she's ready to take a risk and be independent. News of Ava's arrival puts high school track coach Jake Malloy immediately on guard. He knows there is limited money in the school budget and he is worried Ava will try to shift money away from sports and into music programs. Jake's desire to question Ava's motives quickly turns into a desire to dominate her once they meet. When Jake mentions the arrival of a sexy music teacher to Gary Reed, a musician himself, he knows he has to meet her. Jake and Gary both decide they want to get to know Ava better. While Ava is intrigued by and attracted to these two men, she is not sure if she is ready to trust anyone enough to submit to them. Then there is the added complication of Jake and Gary wanting to exact revenge on Ava's ex once she tells them how he treated her. The three of them have a lot to figure out before they can trust each other enough to have a relationship. The best part about this story for me was the abusive relationship between Ava and her ex, Leo. While abuse is a difficult thing to read about, it is something that adds dimension, good or bad, to a character's story. The author does a great job emphasizing the importance of, and difficulty with, recognizing abuse in a BDSM relationship. I enjoyed Ava's character so much because she not only came to terms with her abusive relationship but she confronted it and eventually decided to use it as motivation to help others. Of course she may never have moved past the coming to terms phase if it weren't for Jake and Gary who supported her and showed her what a loving and consensual Dom should look like. Ava's abuse also served as a glue for this triad because Jake and Gary were able to form a connection based on their feelings for Ava and their desire to help her confront her abuser. I really enjoyed all three of these characters and watching them come together and grow as individuals and as a group. I am happy to be able to continue reading about Racy. I hope this series continues." -- Lynn, The Romance Reviews

5 COCKTAILS: "Tara Rose has done it again!! She has written a wonderful book, and I was delighted to be able to read it. “Schooling Their Racy Teacher” is a story about instant chemistry, developing new friendships, and confronting the past. Ava meets Jake, and even though it’s not the ideal situation, there is a spark that neither of them can deny. Enter Gary and MORE instant chemistry. She gets to know both men thanks to her friends, and then the fun starts :-) No more spoilers. I have to tell you that this book has become my favorite Tara Rose story. Sure, I love all her stuff, but this one was different. It’s hard to explain, but this one felt more…gentle. Sure, there was menage BDSM, but it wasn’t for punishment, just pure pleasure. I also have to say that this one is not for the feint of heart. There is a scene that is quite intense, and it’s not for anybody. I didn’t even think it was for ME, but as I read it, I got caught up in it and understood how something like this can be so powerful and sexy. As always, Tara writes a great backstory. There is trauma. There are trust issues. There is love, and there is healing. I absolutely loved this one. The series just keeps getting better and better,and I can’t wait for the next one!" -- Kenna, Cocktails and Books

4.5 STARS: "Another racy story from Racy Indiana, where triad or ménage relationships abound, and each has a myriad of problems before the three settle down into married or unmarried bliss. Ava shows up in Racy to open a music store, attempting to escape an abusive 17-year relationship with a man 25 years her senior. She meets Gary and Jake, two Doms who want to show her the difference between a loving BDSM relationship and abuse. She has never known kind, generous, loving men who will allow her to be herself, growing in wisdom and love. The abuser from her past is mostly a silent character here that we only hear about second hand till almost the end of the book. As with all Rose’s stories, I liked Schooling Their Racy Teacher, but this one is perhaps a bit kinder, more light-hearted, and more tender than most of the others. I liked these folks a lot, and I recommend it more as a love story than a BDSM story." -- Alberta, Manic Readers

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Gary stood, and she gave him a sexy look as well. Lust shone from his eyes. This was getting interesting. “I’d love to see your home, too, Jake.”

Jake snorted. “You’ve seen it.”

“Not all of it. Come on. Give us the real tour. Show us the places you don’t usually show the peasants.”

If it hadn’t been for the tone of his voice, Ava would have wondered whether Gary was trying to bait Jake, but his words were filled with humor and lightheartedness.

“Let’s go.” Jake grabbed her hand, and his touch sent a thrill up and down her spine. This was much better than discussing Leo.

He’d already shown them the first floor, so now he led them back into the main hallway and up the sweeping staircase, adorned with wrought iron spindles. Ava usually preferred cherry wood and dark colors, but the combination of wrought iron, light oak, and taupe had caught her eye as soon as she’d entered the home. It was soothing and homey, which she found surprising. She’d expected Jake’s home to look and feel formidable, like he did.

He’d carried the theme upstairs, where the hallway floor was covered in hardwood at the edges. Carpeting covered the rest, and she was fascinated with the intricate leaf pattern. “This is beautiful. Is it symbolic for anything special? The pattern, I mean.”

“My love of trees.”

She heard Gary snort softly behind her and glanced over her shoulder. “Is he kidding me?”

“No, he’s not kidding you. He loves the woods.”

“I told Gary he shouldn’t discount the usefulness of that god-awful carpeting in his condo just yet. He could make that work.”

“If I was decorating a mobile home in the Reagan era, maybe.”

Ava laughed at the image Gary’s quip conjured up, and Jake gave her hand a squeeze. She wasn’t sure what it was about her response that produced his reaction, but she didn’t mind it. He opened a set of double doors at the end, let go of her hand, and stood aside to allow her and Gary to enter first.

“The inner sanctum,” said Gary, under his breath. “I never thought I’d see it.”

“How long have you wanted to?” she asked.

Gary laughed. “Jake guards his privacy like it’s Fort Knox. Ask around. Only a few have been granted access to his majesty’s bedchamber.”

“He’s exaggerating,” said Jake, crossing the room to turn on various lamps.

“No I’m not,” said Gary in a stage whisper, winking at Ava.

She stood in the center of the room and twirled in a slow circle, trying to take it all in. The same leaf pattern decorated the carpeting in here, and colors from that pattern had been pulled subtly into the drapes, comforter, and even the upholstery on the sofas and chairs. The wood in here was also light oak, and wrought iron graced everything from the bed posters to the ornamental carvings on the furniture. It wasn’t how she’d pictured Jake’s home, but now that she was here, she realized that it fit him perfectly.

“What do you think?” he asked, the pride evident in his voice.

“It’s stunning.” Now that her eyes had adjusted to the low lighting, she let her gaze sweep once more around the room, slower this time, and stopped when she spotted the spanking bench tucked discreetly into an alcove near the bed. Next to it was a large X with attachments on all four points. It was then she noticed the attachments under the flat canopy on the bed and on each of the four posters as well. This wasn’t a room merely used for sleeping. It was Jake’s private dungeon. No wonder he guarded it. Imagine if his students found out about this.

He moved closer to her, and for reasons Ava couldn’t understand, the smell of his cologne was more seductive in this room. Had he placed something on the light bulbs? Did he have oils on the furniture or fabrics? Did it matter? Clearly the ambiance in the room had been designed for one thing, and she was falling under its spell.

“What would you like to see now?” he asked softly.

Ava faced him, unable to look away from those intelligent, intense gray eyes. What did she want to see? Him. Naked. And Gary, too. She wanted to see them flog her and paddle her. She wanted to see them put their hands and mouths all over her body.

This was crazy. What the hell had these two done to her tonight? “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you,” she whispered, knowing it was a silly thing to say. They weren’t stupid or blind. They knew how turned-on she was right now.

Gary moved in front of her, and when he smiled at her and cupped her face gently, she stared into his blue eyes and didn’t try to stop the soft moan this time. She wanted this. She didn’t know why, and she didn’t want to analyze it. She only wanted to go for it.

“Tell us anyway,” he said.

There it was. All she had to do was say it, and this would really happen. It was the boldest, most impulsive thing she’d ever entertained, and because of that she also knew it was right. She trusted these two. Kari would never have let her go near them if they were creeps. She knew that. She’d told them about Leo, and they wanted to exact revenge for her. No one had ever cared that much about her feelings or emotions.

“I want you both to top me.” She took a deep breath. It went deeper than that, and this wasn’t the time to hold anything back. “Not just play. I want to make love with both of you as well.”




When she emerged, the room was dark except for a single candle on the sideboard across the room, but she had no time to adjust her eyes to the light. One of them grabbed her from behind and put a hand over her mouth. If she hadn’t recognized the soap and shampoo scent, she’d have been terrified. It felt so real.

“Don’t make a sound until I tell you to, and I won’t hurt you.” Jake was wrong about having no talents. He was a damn good actor. “Do you understand?”

She nodded, only to yelp when he delivered a stinging blow to each ass cheek with his open palm. “You are to address me as ‘Sir.’ You will only speak when I tell you to, and you will only answer the questions I ask. Now…do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir,” she whispered. Her pulse raced and every nerve ending was on fire. Never in her wildest imagination had she pictured being so turned-on by something like this. Her pussy was already soaked and she could barely hold back her moans.

Jake ran a hand down the front of her shirt and pants, roughly grabbing her boobs and then her crotch. Ava struggled and whimpered, because she assumed that doing so was part of what they wanted for the game, and she hoped she was right.

“Don’t bother trying to get away. No matter what you say, or how much you beg, I won’t let you go until I’ve had my fill. And my friend here is going to have some fun with you, too. And then when we’re both done with you, we’ll fuck you again, just because we can.”

Jake slapped her breasts, one after the other, through the shirt, and Ava moaned loudly. It hurt, but it was so fucking arousing that she nearly came.

Gary moved into her line of vision, grinning like an evil madman, and it was all she could do to keep breathing. Where had these two been hiding this? He held up leather bondage cuffs. “You’re a sweet little piece of ass and we’ve had our eyes on you for a while. I’m going to drill every hole you have, and then I’m going to come on your face to mark you as mine.”

He cut his gaze toward Jake. “Turn her around.”

Jake whirled her to face the wall while Ava shivered at the tone Gary had used. He didn’t even sound the same. This was so exciting that she wondered how she’d get through it without passing out from sheer pleasure. Nothing would ever be the same after this, and she hoped they kept up this intensity. She craved it. She wanted them to use her up until there was nothing left.

Her arms were pulled behind her back and then Gary fastened the cuffs around her wrists while Jake held her around the torso so tightly she couldn’t have moved even if she’d wanted to.

“Please don’t hurt me.” She tried to inject fear into her voice but she was so turned-on, she wasn’t sure it came out that way.

“We’re not going to hurt you,” said Gary, his voice sexy but with an edge she’d never heard before. It sent more shivers up and down her spine. “As long as you do exactly what we say, that is. And call me ‘Sir’ as well. Understood?”

He clipped the cuffs together as she whispered, “Yes, Sir,” and then she was turned to face them again.

Gary grabbed her breasts and rolled her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. “Now her ankles.”

Jake squatted in front of her and fitted cuffs around her ankles, then put what looked like a spreader bar between them. The light was still too low for her to make out details, but it felt like one.

“Please…don’t do that. Don’t tie me up like this. I’ll be good. I’ll do what you want.” She hoped they knew that she was only playing along. The words weren’t real, but the emotions they evoked were. The sudden adrenaline rush made her dizzy, but it was mixed with intense arousal, and Ava couldn’t get enough of it.

“Too late, gorgeous. You shouldn’t have wandered in here tonight. You were warned to stay away. You were told we’re dangerous.”

Ava shivered as they turned her around and lifted her off her feet to move her up against the wall. She was immobile and completely at their mercy, but she couldn’t think of one place she’d rather be tonight.

When one of them pushed up against her and rubbed his erection across her ass, Ava whimpered and moaned. The more she did it, the more he rubbed. She wasn’t sure which man it was, and that only added to the excitement. The more she struggled and protested, the more he teased her. When he reached under the shirt and grabbed her breasts, her cries became louder and she tried to free her hands, which of course was impossible.

He licked her neck as he teased her nipples into taut peaks, and it became difficult to pretend she didn’t enjoy it. It was pure heaven. She was turned to the side to face Gary, and then Jake let go of her breasts and pushed her sweat pants down over her hips. They pooled at her knees, rendering her even more unable to move.


Gary laughed as he took her breasts in his hands. “Are you kidding? Why do you think we brought you here? We’re going to fuck you silly, beautiful. We’re going to suck your tits, and eat your pussy, and you’re going to swallow our dicks. And then we’re going to shove our cocks into your pussy and your ass until you beg us to stop.”

“No…” She was so excited she couldn’t even think.

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