Pinch Me (MF)

Suncoast Society 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 133,959
39 Ratings (4.8)
[Siren Sensations: Erotic Consensual BDSM Romantic Suspense, spanking, paddling, cropping, sex toys, HEA]
Laura Spaulding awakes in a hospital following a vicious attack that has stolen her memories of the past. All she has to go on are the strong emotions she instinctively feels for close friends and her fiancé, Rob.
Rob Carlton is more than just Laura’s fiancé—he’s also her Master. But how can he tell her she’s his slave when he has to win her love all over again first? And he feels helpless to protect her from a nameless stalker who’s killed before and won’t stop until he finishes the job with Laura.
As bits and pieces slowly return, Laura struggles to rediscover who she was, and if she even wants to be that same person again. All she knows is there’s something huge missing in her life now, and not just memories of the attack. She also knows it’ll take more than just pinching herself to wake up from her living nightmare and bring a killer to justice.
A Siren Erotic Romance


Tymber Dalton is a Siren-exclusive author.
Pinch Me (MF)
39 Ratings (4.8)

Pinch Me (MF)

Suncoast Society 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 133,959
39 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
I always enjoy anything written by Tymber Dalton, and this one did not disappoint me. Her Suncoast series is my favorite and it was a treat to revisit the characters from the previous books. The story begins with Laura in a coma after surviving a brutal attack in her home, where she certainly would have been killed had her neighbor not interrupted the attack. She wakes up to discover her memory is gone and she doesn't know who she is. She doesn't recognize Rob, her fiancé, or any of their friends. There aren't any big surprises in the book and it's not a stretch to figure out who the bad guy is. What makes this book outstanding is the author's ability to draw you in to the lives and feelings of the characters. I literally shed tears for Rob's pain for Laura's injuries and his loss of the Laura who used to be. I felt the frustrations Laura lived with in trying to remember who she was and who she had been. The best of it all was that in spite of the amnesia, Laura still felt the connection and love between her and Rob and struggles with the "something no one is talking about" missing piece of their lives. Which, of course, is the BDSM lifestyle.

I happen to love the erotica genre, and the lifestyle was an integral part of the story. That said, this book would have been a 5 star story for me, had it been plain vanilla. THAT is what I love about TD books.

Also, I rarely give a five star rating. To me, that means a book will stay with me and be put in that exclusive category of "I'm saving this one to read over and over when I retire" category.

Well done, Tymber. Again, so glad you are much younger than I! I look forward to reading your books well into the future!
2 Lazy Poodles
I just freaking loved this book, which is part of a highly recommended series. Rob and Laura just force their way into your heart. Life has stopped their happily ever after and they have to fight like hell to get it back. I so loved the ending to this book. I also loved catching up with characters from the other books in this series. Tymber has given us another wonderful story to read!!!
JK Maxwell
Professional Reviews

5 STARS: "This story was masterfully written. It is rare that you can pick up a BDSM book and have their be a real story there with in depth characters. In this book Ms. Dalton really makes me feel for the female lead, Laura. Laura is faced with some horrifying things which I won't delve into because I don't want to reveal any spoilers. Needless to say this book made me tear up more than once, but in the end it made me smile. The perfect combination to an emotionally riveting story!" -- CJ, Sensuous Reviews

5 STARS: "Pinch Me is another in the Sun Coast series of BDSM novels. Each one shows off a different aspect of BDSM, with some being just fun, and ranging toward more Master/slave relationships. Dalton knows the lifestyle and points out, in each of her books, a different dynamic for differing couples or triads. There are as many different aspects as there are individuals who love BDSM, and I have been enjoying Dalton’s take on all the personalities she has been profiling. Laura wakes up in hospital with no knowledge of her former life. Amnesia has robbed her of memory, especially the memory she and Rob are about to be married and they and their friends participate in a BDSM lifestyle. Most of the couple’s scenes together are told through Rob’s dreams and memories, which is an interesting way to tell their story. I was especially taken here, with Dalton’s telling of the terror of an amnesiac who knows someone is after her, but with no knowledge of who or why. I’m sure it must be disorienting and off-putting for Laura not to have everyday memories of her friends and family, never mind fending off a stalker and getting over the physical injuries she has suffered at his hand. As with other Sun Coast novels, various characters re-appear here from other books, but each stands alone." -- Alberta, Manic Readers

4 STARS: "Ms. Dalton does it again. Her BDSM-themed books are emotionally wrenching and move me to tears. In PINCH ME, Laura is attacked and nearly beaten to death. When she comes to in the hospital, she is scared and is suffering from amnesia. This is something which must be completely frightening. To not know who you are and what is going on is beyond difficult. What is also hard are the people who are not recognized, specifically loved ones. Rob is Laura's fiancé and he struggles throughout the book as the one she can't remember. This is utterly heartbreaking. Ms. Dalton does an excellent job of infusing this story with emotions filled by being lost, frustration, longing, heartbreak and sorrow. The turmoil Laura experiences as she regains some of her memory back while others remain stubbornly elusive is very well describe. Incorporating the senses of smell and sound to aid Laura in her quest to find herself again is also well done. Laura is an admirable character both before and after her terrifying experience. She's spunky and determined. However, Rob is the one who really won me over. His devotion and love for Laura leaves him with a much battered heart. While she starts to remember others, he is depressingly left behind. This begs questions of how important was Rob to Laura. Rob starts to wonder if maybe their relationship wasn't as wonderful as he believed. Maybe she didn't really love him as much. All of these doubts make for an engaging and complex storyline. The BDSM in this story is light. This is because her kinky friends are trying not to overwhelm her. What I find interesting is if certain items are "touchstones" to help jog her memory, wouldn't her collar be such an item? While I understand the reasons to keep her in the dark, I can't help but wonder what would have happened if she was given her collar right at the beginning. Still, it's interesting to watch how an entire group of friends dance around a taboo topic which is so integral to their life. Discretion is not easy." -- BookAddict, The Romance Reviews

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“I brought some stuff for us to look at. The doctors said maybe it would help.”

Then she pulled her attention from the TV. “Can we talk first?”


“How did we meet?”

He paused, not sure how to handle this hot potato. “Through mutual friends,” he said, their usual answer to someone vanilla who asked that same question.

He thought she might ask him for more details, but then she started asking about other things and the questions came one right after another.

Where she was from? Florida. Where was her family? Her parents were dead, killed in a car accident a little over a year earlier, and he hadn’t been able to contact her brother, Bill, in Montana. What did she do for a living? She owned a dive shop and charter business, and wrote freelance articles for fishing and scuba diving magazines and websites.

Why, who, what, where—it nearly wore him out until he put it into perspective that she was, essentially, hearing these things for the first time.

Laura finally paused and laid back in bed, closing her eyes.

“I also brought you some clothes. Your clothes,” he said. “I thought it might make you a little more comfortable.” He opened the duffle bag for her. She reached in and sorted through them, finally selecting a T-shirt and pair of sweat pants.

When he offered her his arm to help her sit up she hesitated at first, then tentatively let him assist her out of bed. He helped her to the bathroom, standing back while she locked the door behind her. She obviously wasn’t comfortable having him so close.

He wasn’t used to this from her, someone he’d shared his life and bed with for two years.

Someone who, until a few days ago, had called him Sir.

Someone who had trusted him with her life and safety when they played very edgy scenes.

Someone who had never hesitated—before—to turn herself over to him completely and without reservation.

Once again he had to force himself to remember he was a stranger to her.

She took several minutes to change and when she emerged, he helped her back to bed. The Laura he knew was physically there, but the tangible emotional gulf felt miles deep and infinitely wide.

Laura reached for the photo albums. The first were from her childhood. Rob thought maybe the older memories would return faster, based on what the doctors had told him.

He watched while she slowly flipped through the pages, occasionally asking him for a name or place. Some he knew, some he didn’t. Once they got to the albums with pictures of them as a couple, he told her the stories, trying to relive them as best he could for her. He also had a ton of pictures on his phone, but until he could sanitize the photo album and remove the ones of her in bondage, or her proudly sticking her ass out so he could take pictures of her bruises, he’d hold off showing them to her.

They were halfway through one album when she smiled at a picture of them on a fishing boat. Rob held a large amberjack. Laura used two hands to hoist an impressive grouper.

“Do you remember that day?” he asked.

Laura closed her eyes, deep in concentration. “Something about a ledge.”

Rob didn’t give her any information, made her search for it.

“Maybe a…croaker?” She looked at him, her brow furrowed. He nodded.

Her finger traced the picture. “We were scuba diving?”


“I know how to do that?”

He forced the smile. “You’re an instructor.”

“Oh, yeah. You said that, didn’t you. Sorry.”

“No, it’s okay. I know you’re overwhelmed.”

That earned him a sad smile. “That’s an understatement.”

She stared at the photo for a few more minutes without speaking. The obvious intensity of her effort was mind boggling. “Something about a lobster.” After several more minutes, she finally shook her head. “That’s all I remember.”

He tried to hide his disappointment. She’d been so close to getting it. “We were spearfishing in the Gulf. You shot the grouper, and he went under a ledge, making the loud croaking noise they do when they’re wounded or scared. While you were digging it out, I shot that amberjack and had my hands full. You yelled into your regulator and I turned and you had a hold of the grouper, but a large lobster had backed out of the hole and you didn’t have any hands to grab it.”

“Was that good?”

He laughed. “Well, it would have been if we could have got it. Lobsters aren’t common this far north in the Gulf. It was lobster season, and we had lobster stamps on our fishing licenses. But he got away, baby girl.”

She flinched and looked at him with a suspicious glare.

“What’s wrong?”

“Baby girl?”

That was one of his pet names for her, had been for years. She was his “baby girl,” even though they didn’t do age play. In front of vanillas, she’d teasingly call him Fireman instead of Sir. Or Hose Jockey, depending on her mood and whether she was trying to get him into bed. She had a hellacious sense of humor.

But alone, she always called him Sir.

“That doesn’t bring anything back?” he softly asked, hoping his voice didn’t break. He tried to remember Singh’s warning, that he had to stay strong for her.

“Not really.” She wrinkled her nose again. “You really called me that? I liked it?”

“Yeah.” He hoped he could choke out the statement without crying. “If you don’t feel comfortable with that now, I won’t.”

She slowly nodded. “Thanks.” She returned her attention to the album.

He felt another piece of his tattered soul ripped from him. But if she didn’t want him calling her that now, he wouldn’t.

No matter how much it hurt.




As he climbed into his Explorer, Rob spotted a duffel bag on the floor behind the passenger seat. He dragged it into the seat and unzipped it.

Royal blue rope.

He fingered it. He didn’t have to unpack the rope to know that under it lay several carabiners, other clips, a ball gag, and a blindfold.

Angrily, he zipped it up and tossed it into the backseat before starting the engine. His mind drifted as he drove. Two? No, three weeks earlier. He’d packed that bag for a small private party at Tony and Shayla’s.

Seth and Leah, Loren and Ross, and Tilly and her men had also been there. Rob was scheduled to work that Saturday and wouldn’t be at dinner or the club, so they’d set it up for him.

Because they were friends and loved him and Laura both.

Laura still went out to Sigalo’s on Saturday night with the rest of the gang, and then spent a little time socializing later at the club.

But that night, in Tony’s private playroom, Rob had tied Laura in a chest harness before binding her, helpless, to a bench.

Her soft cries still rang in his ears as he’d inserted a vibrator into her pussy before using another piece of rope to secure it in place.

And turned it on, forbidding her from coming under threat of five cane strokes, part of the sadistic fun knowing she wouldn’t be able to hold back and that she was more than willing to sacrifice five strokes for the orgasms.

How she’d moaned when he stepped in front of her and unzipped his jeans, her eager mouth wide and willing while a fine sheen of sweat coated her skin.

How he’d grabbed her head firmly. “Have you come yet?”

She shook her head, mouth still wide open and ready.

Sadistic glee filled him. This was a routine they’d gone through countless times before, one she loved despite the resulting cane strokes.

Loved him taking charge and owning her, loved knowing he would follow through.

How she moaned, the sound vibrating through his cock, deep into his balls, as he fucked her mouth and her warm lips and tongue stroked him.

How she moaned again, harder, louder, with a mix of dismay and gleeful anticipation when he reached down and twisted her nipples.

How she moaned even more deeply when that finished her off and the orgasm washed over her, arching her against her restraints as she sucked him harder.

“There’s your five, baby girl,” he’d told her, loving how she moaned again, sucking him harder, more deeply, writhing against the ropes as she fucked her hips against the air and the bench as the vibrator hummed inside her.

It only made him want to fuck her more and harder, but instead, he withdrew before she could make him come. She whined in disappointment, but he wouldn’t be denied. He carefully tucked his protesting cock back into his jeans and walked around behind her.

First, he prepared a butt plug and, even as the vibrator continued humming inside her, he slowly and carefully inserted it, making her cry out as another series of orgasms washed through her.

And then…

Then, the Hitachi.

How he held it pressed firmly against her clit, still turned off, as with his other hand he brushed the cane against her ass.

“Time to pay up, baby girl. Ask me for it.”

She struggled to speak through the effects of the vibrator and butt plug on her brain. “Please give me my five, Sir!”

“Good girl.” He clicked on the Hitachi, on high, and took the first swing across her ass with the cane.

She screamed, in pleasure and pain, as she came again.

He drew it out, knowing how she loved it, the short-circuiting of her brain as he combined each painful cane stroke with the overwhelming pleasure of the Hitachi.

When she’d taken all five strokes, he turned off the Hitachi and set it and the cane down before returning to her head.

She still shivered, the other vibrator inside her not letting her completely stop orgasming.

He unzipped his jeans again and she opened without prompting.

“Such a good girl.”

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