Only You (MF)

Red Hook, Texas 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 43,316
4 Ratings (4.5)
[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance, HEA]
Even though Alicia Garcia is wary of dating after a bad break up, she can not deny her attraction to Deputy Tony Smith. They are friends but she wants more. She gathers the courage to be honest but Tony Smith rejects her, breaking her heart.
Deputy Tony Smith wants more than friendship with Alicia Garcia but the problem is he doesn’t think he has anything good to offer her. There's a large age difference and he's a cynical ex-soldier just trying to survive.
When Alicia Garcia gets involved with the wrong people and ends up missing, none of the doubts matter to Tony any longer. It becomes a race against time to find her alive and well. Once he does, he is never letting her go again.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Only You (MF)
4 Ratings (4.5)

Only You (MF)

Red Hook, Texas 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 43,316
4 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing



Alicia Garcia leaned against the long wooden bar waiting for her drink to be made. She was at the local pool hall called Blue Diamond in her hometown of Red Hook, Texas with her friends. She took a moment to observe her closest friends as they stood across the room playing pool. The lights were dim but a bright lamp hung from the ceiling over the pool tables. There were several scattered around the place. Music poured from the speakers along the wall. There were other people, but it wasn’t so crowded you felt like you couldn’t breathe.

Her friend Jasmine Garrett and her fiancé Drake Lopez were kissing in the corner. Her other friend Holly Davis Smith was rolling her eyes at the couple. Holly had a pool stick in her hand. Her husband, Matt Smith, was giving her instructions on which ball to hit. Holly wasn’t very good at the game but she played for fun she told them. Alicia envied the two couples. They had found true love and it showed. She wanted that too. Despite having a few fears about dating she still longed to feel that connection with another human being.

Her eyes landed on Tony Smith, Matt’s older brother. She thought he was an attractive male. Maybe not in the conventional way but in a tough, bad ass way. His brown hair was kept short as if he was still following military regulation. He had been retired for a few years but she could tell he followed a routine because it was comforting to him. A lot of people thought he was carved from stone. She could always tell how he was feeling from his mossy green colored eyes. The man stood six four and was well defined with muscles. Many people took one look at his large size and stayed away. Not her. She chatted up a storm with him the first night they met here months ago. He nodded and grunted but didn’t talk much. She hadn’t minded. She was happy doing all the talking. They had become good friends, even joining a tournament team to play pool. She thought they made an excellent team. Lately she had been seeing him in a different light. She found him compelling and sexy. It took every ounce of her control to not jump into his arms and just kiss him until he gave in and kissed her back. Her body always had an overwhelming response to his nearness. It was difficult to act unaffected.

She wasn’t that experienced when it came to dating. Her first time taking a chance had been a bust. She had gotten burned by trusting the wrong man. She had been consumed with regret, guilt and sorrow for a long time. She had walked around depressed and angry with herself for thinking John Daniels was genuine. She had been fooled so easily by his charm and well - practiced lines. Now those feelings were all gone and she felt free. John had been a huge mistake. That was part of growing up. You learned your lesson and you moved on.

Tony was nothing like John. He wasn’t conceited or a womanizer. He had a mature personality she found very appealing. Alicia trusted Tony to be honest. Maybe she could ask Jasmine and Holly for advice. They had to have a few tricks up their sleeve since they landed their man.

* * * *

“When are you going to finally ask her out?” Tony Smith heard the low words coming from his younger brother but he decided to ignore them. He kept his eyes on Alicia standing by the bar. He wanted to make sure she wasn’t bothered by the many admiring eyes on her. He tried to tell himself he was only looking out for her out of friendship but deep inside he knew he wanted Alicia Garcia. She was slim but she had a generous bust and curvy hips. She had big brown eyes so filled with zest and a wide grin that automatically made you want to return it.

Obviously he wasn’t doing a good job of hiding his feelings. He was friends with her and at first that was enough to satisfy him. He truly liked Alicia. He found her amusing and honest. He enjoyed spending time with her. Slowly as the weeks passed he started noticing how her smile warmed his cold soul. When she laughed his pulse sped up and he felt tingling inside his gut. Her warm brown eyes looked into his as if she saw who he really was. When she leaned her soft, curvy body against him his body reacted favorably. He spent most of his time trying to hide the bulge beneath his pants. He glanced at the way her faded jeans molded her plump ass and made his mouth water. Her black hair landed on her shoulders. Her white silky blouse was tucked into her jeans showing off her trim waist.

“Do you want me to ask Holly to ask Alicia if she likes you too?” He heard the teasing in his brother’s voice. Little brothers were annoying. He turned and growled at Matt. Matt’s green eyes were filed with amusement.

“Don’t you dare say a word.” He warned his brother.




“I can be careful.” She promised as if she just jogged a mile. She could feel the moisture gathering between her legs. She laid on the bed and he hovered above her. She rubbed his bare chest with her hands, careful not to lift her hands to high. She hated having to be careful. She felt wild and excited. She wanted to wrap her arms around him and hold him tight. She didn’t want slow and gentle.

“You are such a sexy man, Tony. No wonder Dee is so obsessed with landing you.”

He shook his head. His green eyes were filled with desire. “You are the only one on my mind, babe.”

He removed her panties. She automatically opened her thighs wide to give him access. His hand touched her pussy and she moaned at how good it felt. She had dreamt and ached for this for so long now. She hoped she wasn’t dreaming.

When he slid his fingers into her soaked passage she sucked in a breath. “God, this is real.”

He chuckled. “I damn well hope so, babe. You feel too good for a dream.”

His thumb went over her clit and she let out a soft sound of pleasure. She closed her eyes as he played with her, making her wetter and wetter. He suckled on her nipple and she let out a breathy gasp. She wiggled around the bed.

“Don’t move. I don’t want you busting your stitches.” He cautioned.

“You make me feel wild and so turned on Tony.” She moaned, opening her eyes and looking into his glossy green eyes.

“I feel the same,” he assured her. “Today we go nice and slow, but when you heal I will take you up on wild and crazy.”

She giggled feeling amazed that she felt so comfortable with him, so open. She had not felt that before. She put her hands on his shoulders and pulled him down for a kiss, making her feel hot inside. She felt his hardness rub against her entrance. When the kiss ended he traveled his lips down to her neck and shoulder blade, and back to her breast. He feasted on her like a starving man and she felt ready to explode.

She reached her hands down and touched his cock. She wished she could stop and just look at his cock, but she felt impatient to have him inside of her. Next time she promised herself. She caressed his long length and she felt his breathing become heavier.

“I need you, Tony. I need you inside of me.” She looked at him. “I have wondered and dreamt for so long, but I need the reality.”

He nodded and opened her legs until they were wide. He put his cock in slowly at first. She was slick and she moaned with excitement when she felt him sliding in. Her vaginal walls tightened and gripped him. She held on to his forearms feeling his muscles contract as he moved in and out of her over and over. Waves of pleasure swept through her body. She wrapped her legs around his hips bringing him in closer. His thrusts rocked the bed and made noises. She was glad they were alone. She couldn’t contain the noises of pleasure she was making. It felt so good and she told him so.

He grunted some and increased his movement, going in and out of her harder and harder. She held on feeling her body rock to his thrusts. She felt like electricity was running through her veins. She closed her eyes as the feeling deepened with each thrust. She held on to his hips as he gripped her ass.

Before she could prevent a loud scream came out as her orgasm hit her hard. She felt dizzy and lightheaded all at once. He thrust a few more times and let out her name in aloud groan.

“Shit, that was nice and easy. I may die if we do wild and crazy.” She said the first words that came to mind without thinking.

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