Enemies in Love (MFM)

High-Country Shifters 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 50,143
5 Ratings (3.8)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, shape-shifters, sex toys, HEA]

Henla, of the lion clan, senses someone she loves has been injured. When Jude Trisk asks the tall, sexy blonde for help, she learns the injured wolf-shifter is Kranor Ryn and risks entering enemy territory for her childhood friend. As she and Jude travel toward danger, they bond and their passions bloom.

Delirious Kranor poses a challenge, but Henla’s care not only cures the warrior but ignites a deep love that leads to forbidden sex. While the two men want Henla forever, societal taboo prevents their union, and she retreats home.

Time and time again the men risk their lives to be with her, but to spare her the burden of prejudice by her own clan, they need to let her go. Despondent without her, Kranor and Jude reevaluate their lives. What changes can they make that will enable them to be with her yet keep her safe and happy?

A Siren Erotic Romance


Melody Snow Monroe is a Siren-exclusive author.

Enemies in Love (MFM)
5 Ratings (3.8)

Enemies in Love (MFM)

High-Country Shifters 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 50,143
5 Ratings (3.8)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing



While the Black Fur bar wasn’t crowded, the roar from the small group was enough to halt the conversation of wolf shifters Kranor Ryn and Jude Trisk. Kranor glanced at the huge screen and let out a groan. Some of the locals had made a wolf movie. It was pure blood and gore, with all of the deaths on the side of the lions. Like that was likely to happen? The credits rolled, and the three tables behind them whooped and hollered.

One of the viewers pumped his fist. “Serves that stupid idiot lion right. Who was he to think he could take down five wolves?” The men guffawed.

Another wolf shifter pounded the table. “The best part was when Dakrin shifted back into human form, picked up the machine gun, and killed all ten lions.”

“You got that right!”

Kranor polished off his beer and motioned the bartender for another one. There was no way any human with a gun could get a drop on a lion, let alone ten of them. Carrying a gun was asking to be mauled. The lions would have sensed the man and the gun before the guy had a chance to touch the trigger. Talk about dumb and improbable.

As his mind wandered over the movie’s implications, he couldn’t help but pick up pieces of the obnoxious conversation behind him. The words ripped, cubs, and deserved it all smashed together. Even though he was a wolf, Kranor prided himself on keeping his cool, but after catching too many glimpses of the horrors of the homemade movie, he was fed up. “Stupid barbarians.”

The scrape of a chair sounded behind him. “You say something, Kranor?”

Jude jerked. Don’t let him goad you.

His friend’s warning almost pissed him off as much as that ass’s comment. Maybe it was the fact he’d come to the bar for some downtime and didn’t need anyone’s shit that made him the maddest. He shoved back his chair and faced the jerk.

Jude yanked back his arm.Don’t.

I won’t hurt him. Much.

Two more men from the table stood then immediately shifted, the universal sign that this fight was meant to end in death. Even if he’d wanted to laugh in their faces and walk out, he doubted they’d let him.

“You sure you boys want to do this?” He always wanted to give his opponent one last chance to save face.

All three snarled, and saliva dripped from their fangs. Before the first wolf had a chance to charge, Kranor shifted. Everyone else moved back to give them room. Cheers sounded around the room and people were probably taking bets on the outcome. He shot Jude a death glance, hoping his friend wouldn’t enter the fray.

The challenger sprang forward, but Kranor deftly moved out of the way, not letting the attacker make contact. Before Kranor could regroup, the other two wolves bared their teeth again and charged, digging their fangs into his flank and neck. Pain seared him but only for a moment until the rush of adrenaline pushed down the ache. He twisted his body and shook his head to dislodge those two. They wouldn’t budge. He dipped his head and sank his teeth into one of the wolves’ legs, causing the injured wolf to let out a yelp and stumble backward.

Encouraged by the odds, he lifted his hind legs and shook off the other one. The surprise move worked. That gave Kranor the chance to go on the offensive. Facing the two remaining wolves, he snarled and growled before launching himself through the air. He landed on the first wolf’s back. As the second wolf came to attack, Kranor moved out the way, but not far enough before teeth lodged in his rear. Only when the second wolf opened his mouth to take another bite was Kranor able to escape.

The battle continued with each wolf getting in his share of bites. One fang cut into Kranor’s throat, and while the hole missed his jugular, blood splattered everywhere. He sprang at the other wolf, but his aim was off. His energy was waning, and he wasn’t going to last long. Out of the corner of his eye, Jude charged in.


As expected, his friend’s interference caused two more wolves to join in. Now it was two of them against four others. The odds would have been worse, but one of the original wolves remained on the ground. Kranor’s bite must have broken his leg. The wolf who’d just attacked backed off for a second, probably to get a better angle before charging in. That gave Kranor the chance to go for his jugular. Reining in every ounce of willpower, he leaped, aiming for the wolf’s neck. Bull’s-eye. A geyser of blood shot out. That one would be out of commission for a good long while.

Two more wolves came at him. Using all of his remaining energy, he dodged the first attack, but the other wolf got his sharp claws into his back. Pain sliced through him. Unfortunately for that second wolf, being close exposed the guy’s gut. One bite on Kranor’s part and that wolf was history. Now they were down to two against two. Jude was easily able to take care of the wolf facing him. Both advanced on the last bleeding wolf.

A flash of light later, the hurt animal shifted back into human form. His face and neck were highly lacerated. Even without the wounds, it would only take about three seconds to kill the human, but that wasn’t Kranor’s style. He wasn’t like the others. He didn’t kill for sport.

As soon as he and Jude shifted back, Kranor’s vision blurred. He looked down and saw that blood covered most of his body. Large gashes marred much of his skin. Dread slowed him even further, and he grabbed on to the table to keep from falling.

Jude disappeared from his vision but seconds later returned with several cloths. “Hold these over the wounds.”

Kranor looked up and tried to smile. “I only have two hands.” It would take ten people to press coverings over his injuries.

“I need to get you to a hospital.”




Kranor advanced. “String her up.”

“What are—”

“Do not speak.” Kranor loomed over her. Had there been more light in the room, she might have been able to tell his intention better.

We love you. Don’t forget it.

She shook her head at the thoughts that just appeared in her mind. It was so incredible, not only the words, but the fact they could calm her with their love.


“Oh, sugar, you are in for it now. Never disobey Kranor. We will have to punish you.”

That was not fair. She didn’t deserve to be punished. Wait a minute. She remembered the wonderful spanking she’d received up on the mountain. “Okay.”

Jude stepped in front of her and shook his head. “If we are ever going to be able to please you, I’m afraid you can’t speak until we ask you to. Do you understand?”

He dragged a knuckle down her cheek. Instead of stopping, he continued his travels over her chin, neck, throat, and stopped an inch from her nipple. She inhaled, pressing her tits out farther, hoping he’d caress her hardened peaks.

She loved how he played the kind one to Kranor’s dominant persona, but sometimes he was an even bigger tease. She nodded again. Since she’d silently promised, she was surprised when Kranor drew a cloth across her mouth. While the gag was soft and truly didn’t inhibit her from more or less talking, garbled though it might have been, it would serve as a reminder not to speak. When he tied the knot and tugged, she never expected her belly to tighten and electric shocks to ripple through her pussy. In a million years, she wouldn’t have guessed being gagged and controlled would turn her on. Then again, she never would have imagined ending up with such virile men who knew how to excite her to near insanity.

“Don’t move,” Kranor said. “I want to look at you.”

She was thankful he did more than look. He lightly pinched each of her nipples. The first touch set her skin on fire. Jude slid behind her and lifted her hair with one hand while he lowered her panties with the other. His gentle kisses were like having sunlight pour over her body and cool liquid quench her thirst on a hot day. His hand cupped her rear and then lightly tapped her ass. His touch spoke of a promise to conquer.

Kranor must have told Jude to move out of the way because he latched onto her waist and moved her backward. Metal clicked, and each lifted an arm and gently tied a rope around her wrist. Her arms still dangled by her side, confusing her as to the purpose of tying her up in the first place. When both men dropped to their knees in apparent supplication more rolling spasms tightened her vaginal walls. Kranor dragged a hand down her leg then kissed her thigh.

“You are so beautiful.”

Thank you.

Jude was on her other side. He looked up and smiled as if the transmitted message had been received.

Soon her ankles were tied with a different rope and attached to the wooden contraption. Both took every opportunity to touch a part of her body and kiss her at will. Their loving made her heart grow larger. She tried to conjure up what they had in store, but she couldn’t, which only added to the excitement.

Making love to Kranor and Jude at the same time would bond them together, and she wanted that.

The men pulled the rope around her ankles tight, forcing her to spread her legs wide and expose her pussy. The thought of one of their hard cocks impaling her caused her honey to drip, and she mumbled something.

Both men jumped up. Kranor grabbed a handful of her hair hanging below the gag and tugged her head back. While he had a tight hold, his gentleness was apparent.

“Jude, I think she’s asking for a spanking.”

By now her eyes had adjusted to the dark room and she could see how his eyes sparkled. Their playfulness was one of the many things she loved about both of them.

Since she had a lot of give in the rope she leaned over and held on to the rope for support. Aha! That’s why they’d given her slack.

Both men laughed. Kranor rubbed her ass, hopefully getting her prepared for the heat.

“Not yet. Jude has a surprise for you that will help bring you to climax sooner.”

Like I need help? Her pussy was dripping already.

Jude stepped over to the dresser. A few items sat on top, but he blocked most of them from her view. Paper ripped. His elbows jutted back as if he were tearing open a package. Jude turned around and beamed. In his hand was something that looked like an ancient torture device.

She inhaled and nearly choked. In a flash, Kranor removed the gag. She swallowed. “What is that?”

She knew there was nothing to be worried about. Her men would only have her do something that she’d enjoy. She also knew that by asking the question instead of accepting the toy, they’d dole out more punishment.

Let the games begin. Please.

“We know how much you love to have us suck on your nipples.”

The thought of their mouths on her hard little nubs puckered them even more, which then sent electric currents straight to her core. “I’m not sure what you mean.”

Clearly they could see she was goading them on, but if it would get them to touch her faster, she’d lie.

Jude approached and Kranor placed his hands on her hips as if he needed to hold her down or something. One end of the device had a clamp on it and the other end had weights. When Jude opened the clawlike clamp, pure lust sizzled through her veins. Not that she’d intentionally ask for pain, but she knew that with the ache came so much pleasure than even thinking about getting spanked turned her on.

Kranor lifted her shoulders so that she stood straight. “Don’t move or we might not give you our cocks.”


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