Forgotten Temptation (MF)

Texas Stallions 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 56,091
3 Ratings (4.0)
[Siren Classic: Erotic Older Hero Cowboy Romance, HEA]
After forty years, retired bull rider, Dustin Burnett discovers that his birth mother’s alive and living in Temptation, Texas. Upon arriving, he spots the woman he loved but was forced to leave behind. Wiser than he was six years ago, he’s determined to make things right and claim her once and for all.
Kacie Sutton has no desire to open her heart to the man that once tore it from her chest. The bitter reminder of Dustin’s betrayal has never been far from her mind. Especially since the last time they made love, he’d gotten her pregnant and she’d been forced to raise their child alone.
Now he’s back, searching for answers about his past and hoping to make amends for his mistakes. Protecting her daughter has always been Kacie’s priority, but keeping her distance from Dustin proves harder than she ever imagined.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Forgotten Temptation (MF)
3 Ratings (4.0)

Forgotten Temptation (MF)

Texas Stallions 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 56,091
3 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
A great book
This was a really good book with a great story line. The part I didn't like was how old the little girl sounded, more like a teenager than a five year old




Rattled to the core, he did his best to shove his wayward emotions aside so he could grab a few items from the market for a picnic with his family. Placing the groceries on the seat beside him, he slid into his truck and headed to their apartment. He hoped Kacie had a cooler or something to store the food in. More so, he hoped she wouldn’t mind that he was showing up at her home rather than meeting them at the swimming hole as planned. Waiting to see them both wasn’t an option, not after the way his encounter with Madeline had gone.

With the bags in his hands, he knocked on the door. This time Kacie opened and smiled when she saw him. That was the look he was hoping to see.

“I thought we could take a picnic with us,” he told her, lifting the bags to indicate that he’d gone shopping for them.

She opened the door to let him in. “That’s a great idea. There’s a cooler in the bottom of the pantry.”

“Great,” he said, placing the bags on the table. “I bought stuff for sandwiches, some chips, fresh fruit and bottles of water.”


He glanced around the room, but didn’t see Jessie. “Is she here?”

Kacie smiled. “You’re early. She’s still sleeping. If she’s not up in a few minutes, I’ll go get her.”

He glanced down at his watch. “Shit, I didn’t realize the time.”

“Did you sleep at all last night?” she asked him, moving to the pantry to get the cooler. “I’ve never been a late-morning sleeper. I tend to get up with the sun.”

“Me, too. I used to sleep late when I was bull riding, but that was because the nights always ran so long.” He shrugged. “Things are different now.”

She placed the cooler on the table. Opening the lid, she began putting the bottles of water inside it. “Do you miss bull riding? I remember how much you loved it.”

“I do miss it, but I think it was time to retire anyway. My body hurts when I move now,” he said with a chuckle, and he heard her giggle, too. Damn, how he loved the sound of her laughter. “Did you catch any of my rides on TV?”

She eyed him hard, shifting her jaw as she read through his question. “Are you trying to see if I stalked you, Dustin Burnett?”

He arched a brow, grinning crookedly. “Maybe.”

“You already know that I looked you up at least once.”

“And?” He wanted to know more than that. He wanted to know if she followed his career over the last six years. He didn’t know why it was so important to him, but knowing that she wanted to see him, maybe even be with him, made him feel good—real good.

She smiled, leaning closer to him, and then dug her hand into the bag beside him. “May I have the stuff for sandwiches?”

He dipped his head low, breathing her in. Damn, she made him hard. He shook away the desires that quickly flooded through him. “Are you avoiding answering me?”

“It’s not avoidance,” she told him, holding his gaze. “It’s suspense.”

“Is that so?”

Her wicked smile was his undoing and before he thought better of it, he had her sitting at the edge of the table while he stood nestled between her spread legs. The skimpy shorts she wore did little to hide how spectacular her body was. Her toned legs climbed high to hips that rounded with perfection and narrowed to a waist he couldn’t wait to drag his tongue across. Her breasts were bigger than he’d remembered—an entire cup size bigger and he couldn’t wait to suck those beautiful nipples into his mouth.

He bucked his hips, pressing his erection against her pussy. She gasped, her fingers kneading the muscles of his back as she held him close. Gazing down at her, he loved how responsive she was to him. She didn’t resist him and clearly wanted him just as much as he wanted her.

He fisted her hair, tugging gently to expose her throat, kissing a trail down the slender column. Then he moved back to her mouth, kissing her hard. He wrapped her in his arms and pulled her against him.

“Damn it, Kacie,” he whispered huskily. “You’re driving me mad.” Again he rubbed his cock over her pussy, hearing her quick intake of air, knowing that if he stuck his fingers in her pants he’d find her wet and ready. “When does Jessie have another sleepover planned?”

Kacie laughed, breaking the kiss. “Having a kid makes things a little different, doesn’t it?”

He cupped her face, pressing his forehead against hers. “It sure does.”

She slowly explored his body, her fingers trailing around his waist and then up over the ridge of muscles on his stomach and chest, then down again. “I don’t know when Jessie will be staying with Madeline again and I’m not sure what to even do about that now.”

He eased back. “Because she’s my mother?”

Shrugging, she told him, “I feel weird about it. You haven’t even spoken with her yet and I feel strange knowing that you’re here and I’m there and she’s abandoned you and—”

“Stop. You don’t have to feel weird. Just be yourself. It’s not like she can read your mind or anything.” He felt his jaw tick as he told her, “Do what you’ve always done. Go to work, have dinners, playdates, whatever you’ve done in the past. Don’t let what you now know about me change your routine.”

She frowned. “How can I not?”

He kissed her tenderly, feeling something spark between them. “Thank you for caring about me, but you don’t have to feel weird or bad for me. I’m a big boy. I can handle the situation.”




Kacie’s body vibrated with little jolts of electricity with each kiss and touch he placed on her. Moisture pooled between her legs and her mind ran wild with what wicked and delightful things he planned to do to her. All the dreams and fantasies she’d had over the years had been nothing compared to the eroticism of his actions with her now.

Naked on the hood of her car, her legs spread around him as he pleasured her body was exactly the kind of lovemaking she’d needed to have with him. Not the vanilla kind, or the lacking love kind, but the one that would leave her breathless and satisfied for days. That was how she was feeling as he glanced up to meet her gaze.

When he grinned up at her, she shivered knowing that he sensed her needs and desires. The palms of his hands massaged her inner thighs and instantly her legs relaxed, spreading wider. She held her head up enough to watch as he placed delicate kisses to the place his hands had touched. Then her breath caught in her throat and her eyes rolled back in her head as his mouth fastened onto her clit, his tongue lapping at her wetness.

Reaching down to hold him, she weaved her fingers into his hair unflinching to the idea that she didn’t want him to stop what he was doing. She held him close, keeping him anchored between her legs. He groaned as he tasted her and her nipples hardened at the animalistic purr in his voice.

He reached up to massage her breast, gently pinching her nipple between his forefinger and thumb. She arched against his touch, hissing at the pleasure he gave her. “I could eat your pussy for hours,” he told her, eyeing her.

A shiver of unquenchable desires flooded her veins and sent a fiery heat to her core. “As much as I like that idea, I’d really like to feel you inside me.”

He dipped his tongue inside her pussy and then replaced it with one finger, then another. She rolled her hips as he sucked her clit and thrust his fingers inside. She was so close to the brink, she couldn’t breathe.

She felt the sensation start at her toes and crawl its way through her body until she shattered into oblivion. Never had an orgasm felt so good or lasted so long. His mouth was devastating her, tasting every drop of her release until she lay boneless before him.

In seconds, he pulled her closer to the edge of the hood. She heard the tearing of paper and knew he was putting on a condom. Then he slid inside her with exquisite care and slowness. Then he took her mouth, kissing her with passions that had her eyes rolling back in her head. The taste of her on his tongue was wicked. Breaking the kiss, she sucked in a sharp breath as he seated himself to the hilt, drawing her legs up over his shoulders.

For a long while, he let her adjust to his cock, feeling the walls of her pussy stretch to accommodate him. Then, he rolled his hips and gently thrust back in. The feel of him filling her body was nothing compared to the liquid heat she saw melting in his gaze as he studied her.

“Harder,” she finally asked, needing him to give her a little more.

And he did, drilling in and out of her with more aggression, more possession. His fingers bit into her waist as she began rolling her hips in unison with his pace. She wanted to feel him as hard and as deep as she could. The need left her breathless and eager for more.

“Harder,” she demanded this time.

With a quick breath, he pulled her from the car, turned her around and bent her back over the hood. She reached out with her hands, her breasts smashed against the metal. He spread her legs just enough to drive back inside her, thrusting like a piston as he took her to the edge.

This was what she wanted from him. No pain or anger, but pure and primal passions shared with the man she loved. Needing to be taken as if no other woman would satisfy him was part of her fantasy. And as he possessed her, she experienced every bit of his longing.

Their bodies coated in sweat, she felt the familiar sensation gathering low in her belly and knew she was about to ride the wildest orgasm of her life. When he reached around and stroked her clit, her world exploded into a sea of euphoria. The pulses of electricity that flooded her system had her pussy tightening around him, gripping him harder.

Her knees gave out, but Dustin held her up against the car, his cock still hard and thrusting fast. The storm of pleasure intensified as he drove deeper, giving her everything she’d always wanted.

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