The American Soldier Collection 16: Seeking Love in Salvation (MFMMM)

The American Soldier Collection 16

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 50,374
29 Ratings (4.7)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Ménage Romantic Suspense, M/F/M/M/M, HEA] 
Valentina worked in the violent crimes unit for the NYPD. She's content in her work, and is always there for her sister Lois, a single mom. She feels for the victims and understands their fears. It's her calling to help those in need, especially victims of such violent crimes. Everything changes when she becomes the victim, and must save her sister Lois and her nephew from being killed by Lois's ex-boyfriend.
Living in the city, a constant reminder of that fearful day they all nearly died, Valentina and her sister decide to move to Texas and a town called Salvation. Her friend Helena is a cop there and swears it's a safe town with caring people. Initially, Valentina is put off by the idea of having guardians and that all men watch over women. She's un-trusting, tough, and determined to not show fear, or her scars. The best way to do it, is fight off the attraction she feels for her landlords and everything this town of Salvation represents.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.
The American Soldier Collection 16: Seeking Love in Salvation (MFMMM)
29 Ratings (4.7)

The American Soldier Collection 16: Seeking Love in Salvation (MFMMM)

The American Soldier Collection 16

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 50,374
29 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
A very enjoyable and touching storyline.
Dixie know just how to write a story that grabs hold of her readers and doesn't let them go until the end. I loved this story of how Valentina came back into herself with the love of her 4 men. Now I hope we get her sister, Lois's story!

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She gave him a nod and reached her hand out. He towered over her by at least a few inches. She was average height, about five feet four. He was big, thick all over with muscles and a nice tan to boot. His dark brown eyes bore into hers and then he gave her boys a quick sweep with his eyes and she felt them. Man did he pack a punch.

“I appreciate you meeting us out here like this. I thought we would have arrived late tonight but I made good time.”

He glanced at the car and saw Lois.

“Are just the two of you interested in the place?” he asked and then looked her over again.


He nodded and then looked at her strangely as he pulled out a key.

“Does she want to come check it out too?” he asked.

“No, she’s leaving it up to me,” she told him and he raised one of his eyebrows up at her funny-like and she didn’t know why. Then he gave her a nod and started showing her the place. It was absolutely stunning outside and as he unlocked the door she was shocked at how beautiful it was inside.

“There are three bedrooms, but I guess you’ll only need one. There’s a laundry room off the kitchen and plenty of wood for the fire outside but once that is depleted you’ll need to get your own delivered if you like the place.” He rambled on so quickly about everything her head was spinning. He was not a patient man and his abruptness put her on edge.

“So it’s eight hundred a month and that includes utilities?” she asked him.

“Gas and electric only,” he said and looked her over like he was analyzing her body. She walked away from him to look at the size of the rooms and when she turned around he was standing in the doorway watching her.


* * * *


Ridge couldn’t believe it. Two women, maybe lovers, were going to be renting their cottage right next door. The woman was super hot too, and didn’t look like the masculine type but by her comment about the other woman letting her decide on the cottage had to mean something.

He stared at her ass. It was incredibly perfect and stuck out just so in a sexy way. She made those blue jeans look painted on and made to follow the curves of her body. She wore a slim-fitting hoodie with a rounded collar shirt, both in black, but it was her gorgeous blonde hair with streaks of light highlights against those blue eyes that made him stare and now get caught doing so. He heard a door open and then little feet running.

“Aunt Val, Aunt Val!” the boy called out and she stepped past Ridge as a little blond kid with tears streaming down his cheeks ran toward them. At the sight of Ridge the kid stopped short and then covered his face with his hands and fell to his knees. He didn’t know why the kid looked so scared and then Valentina squeezed by him and got to the little boy quickly. She lifted him up into her arms and held him close. “I got you, honey. You’re fine. I didn’t go far and I’m not in any danger,” she said to the kid. It struck him as totally strange but then he focused on the one thought—the kid called her aunt.

Valentina turned around holding the boy and she smiled. So did Ridge, as he looked her over again. He had it all wrong.

He felt his chest tighten and his cock instantly harden.

“Sorry about that. It’s been a long haul out here and we’re all a little high strung. So when is the place available for us to move in?” she asked.

He heard the door creak open and there stood a woman who looked almost identical to Valentina, but her hair was a darker blonde. She looked a little pale and kind of sickly. His chest tightened again. God, he hoped the woman wasn’t dying or something. The poor kid. Shit, what the fuck was he thinking?

“It’s move-in ready. We just need to call the cable and utility companies.”

“Great. Are you our landlord? So if anything comes up it’s you I call or contact?” she asked him.

“It’s me and my three brothers. We live right next door in the ranch.” She swallowed hard and saw her eyes look him over.

“The ranch on this side or that side?” she asked.

“We live on this one to the right of the front door, but our cousins, there are four of them, they live there.”

“Oh,” she said and then glanced at the other woman he assumed was her sister. Her sister shook her head no and stared at him like he was some sort of criminal. It was disconcerting, but every ounce of his instincts kicked in. These women were on guard for a reason.

“Can you give us a minute to look around and discuss it please?” Valentina asked him.

“Sure thing,” he said and gave her a nod as he passed the other woman the woman lowered her eyes and looked away then took a few steps clearly out of his path. Strange. Really strange.




Jace didn’t know what it was about Valentina, but he felt flirty, encouraged, and excited. As he kissed her deeply and pulled her closer she didn’t resist. Instead, it seemed like she wanted to reciprocate the kisses and with little effort he pulled her onto him as he laid down underneath her and explored her mouth. He couldn’t resist moving his hand along her ass and squeezing her to him. She straddled his hips and kissed him right back. She had a great ass and a superb body he couldn’t wait for the opportunity to explore.

As he maneuvered his hand under her shirt she tensed up and pulled from his lips. He held her firmly. “Don’t pull away. I want more,” he admitted to her and pulled her back down to kiss her again. He then moved her onto her side so he could explore her body more. She held onto him as he caressed up under her shirt, along her ribs, and then to her breast. She moaned into his mouth then she tightened up and he knew Beck joined him.

“You smell so good. I love the scent of your hair,” Beck whispered to her and then he began to caress her hip and then Beck’s arm touched Jace’s arm for a moment before Beck maneuvered his hands lower. Jace wondered what Valentina would do as his brother moved his hand down her pants.


* * * *


Valentina was on fire. She couldn’t believe how tuned on and aroused she felt. She wanted to feel their hands everywhere and she opened up to them and let them touch her breasts, kiss her deeply, and then Beck had his fingers against her pussy.

She pulled from Jace’s lips. “Beck,” she whispered.

“Just exploring what is going to be ours real soon, Valentina. God, you’re wet and warm.” He told her and eased his fingers deeper into her cunt. She went to grip his wrist but Jace pressed her arms up above her head.

“Hold them up there and let us make you feel good.”

She needed that. His command, an order to let go and have him control what was happening. She wanted that so much. During the walk over she anticipated kissing them, each of them, and wondered what it would feel like to have their hands on her breasts, their fingers stroking her pussy and hell, the taste of their cocks as she explored them too. She felt wild and well, just downright horny and it shocked her, yet prepared her. Or so she thought. Now with Jace and Beck exploring her body freely, with Sparrow and Ridge watching, all she could do was absorb it all and pray she wasn’t making a huge mistake.

Jace lifted her shirt and she did as he told her, kept her arms above her head as she tilted her pelvis forward. Beck’s fingers felt long and thick as he stroked her pussy and made those tingling sensations filter through her body. It had been so long since a man touched her, never mind made love to her. She tightened up and gulped.

“Nice and slow. Just exploring, and enjoying this sexy body under the stars,” Beck whispered next to her ear. Then she felt Jace’s lips against her scar on her belly near her ribs and then up over her breast where his tongue lapped at her nipple beneath the bra she wore.

She rocked her hips as Beck stroked her cunt with two fingers and suckled against her neck. She was on fire and felt about ready to come with her hands above her head and both men feasting on her. Then she saw Sparrow and Ridge.

“I want to taste that sweet pussy of yours, sugar. I bet it’s delicious,” Ridge said to her, looking serious and aroused. He gripped her wrists with one of his hands. She moaned and came from his words and all their combined tactics. Just like that.

“Oh God,” she exclaimed and then she felt her pants being lowered down and Jace’s mouth licking and sucking down her body as Beck removed his fingers Jace’s tongue replaced them.

Jace pressed her thighs apart. One thigh hit Beck’s body. Even the sensation of his jean-covered thigh stimulated her senses. On the other side, the feel of hay tickled her skin and made her move her thighs wide as she enjoyed the stimulation.

“Oh, Jace.” She gasped, but Ridge held her wrists with one hand and then loomed over her from above. She tilted her head upward, making her breasts push forward as Beck licked and explored them despite the material that stood in the way. She locked gazes with Ridge above her. The feel of his hand holding her wrists snuggly combined with the intense expression on his face right before he kissed her made her come some more.

Jace was relentless with his tongue and teeth. He nipped her clit then circled his tongue round and round her pussy lips before plunging back into her pussy. Then he pressed a finger to her cunt making more cream flow and he moaned and suckled some more. She felt her pussy spasm and then he released her pussy so Beck could taste her next. It was outrageous as they took turns and worked together to stimulate her body and make her feel weak and wonderful.

“My God you’re so beautiful when you’re coming, Val. Fuck yeah,” Beck said and lowered his mouth to her pussy. He pumped his fingers continuously then alternated fingers and tongue. She felt him swirl his tongue around her clit and tug then release it. Sparrow took his place next.

“This is more than I expected tonight. We’ll always take care of you Valentina. Always,” he told her and stroked her pussy. Ridge released her lips, trailing his mouth along her breast now too. He kept hold of her wrists, adding to the whole activity. He seemed so fierce and wild.

Beck moved to the side and Sparrow took his place. He pumped his fingers as his expression grew darker, more determined, and she gasped when he pressed his fingers to her pussy as he used his thumb to stimulate her anus. She lifted up and then he lowered his mouth to her cunt and feasted on her.

She was wet and feeling so wild and so good she didn’t care what she must look like. So when Sparrow moved out of the way and Ridge took his place, one look in his eyes and she knew she was in for it.

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