Billionaire Beast (MFM)

Billionaire Bikers MC 2

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 36,720
8 Ratings (4.4)

Richard “The Beast” Bruce can’t get his super-efficient PA off his mind, but he doesn’t believe in crossing the line with an employee.

Temperance is intrigued by her boss, by his business success and his life as a biker, trying to save victims of human trafficking. Working together late one night, the fire between them burns brighter than ever before, but once it is over, Temperance runs—straight to her best friend, Jay, who is love with her, too.

Neither Jay nor Richard will give up, so they decide to share Temperance, who has feelings for the pair of them. There’s no way sharing two men would ever be simple, but both Richard and Jay are determined to show her how good it can be.

But what will happen when of the MC’s enemies tries to destroy them, just as Richard, Temperance, and Jay start to work out? Can Richard save everyone, and have the two people he has come to care about? Or will he lose it all?

Be Warned: menage sex (MFM), double penetration, anal sex, sex toys, rimming

Billionaire Beast (MFM)
8 Ratings (4.4)

Billionaire Beast (MFM)

Billionaire Bikers MC 2

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 36,720
8 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Jay Aheer
I was delighted to see the second book in the series. It was excellent, great storyline and endearing characters. Looking forward to the next one, I can't wait!!

“What the hell?” she asked.

“I have the right to accept or decline. I decline.”

“You can’t do that.”

“I believe I can, and I just did.” Richard stared down at the bits of white paper on the floor. His cleaner could deal with the mess.

“Ugh, why are you doing this? We messed up.”

“We’re willing to share you,” Richard said.

“That is messed up, and no.”

Her lips said no, and yet her pointed nipples told another story.

Stepping away from his desk, he moved toward her. She didn’t back away, nor did she put her hands up to stop him.

“You don’t want it? Two men, totally devoted to you.”

She snorted, and it was the first unladylike sound he’d ever heard out of her mouth. He wanted to hear her scream, and beg for his cock. Richard craved the woman that was beneath him last night. “Please, this is a competition between the two of you, and has nothing to do with me.”

“I beg to differ,” Jay said. “I think we’ve come to a pretty good understanding. It’s something you might want to consider.”

They both moved toward her. Jay touched her first, gripping her hip, and Richard grabbed her ass. He grabbed the cord, drawing down the blind to keep them in privacy. Gripping her ass, he cupped her cheek, tilting her head to look at him.

“Tell me your pussy isn’t wet right now at the thought of being between us.”

“This is wrong.”

“Says who?” Jay asked.

Richard nibbled on her neck, sliding his tongue over her pulse. His cock thickened in his pants, and he wanted her naked. Seeing the pleasure on her face, Richard wanted Jay to be fucking her just so he could watch and enjoy the show. He loved watching the club women come apart, and knowing he was the reason for it, or at least one of his brothers. There wasn’t much about Jay that he didn’t know, but Jay clearly cared about Temperance, which was all that mattered to him.

“No, we shouldn’t be doing this,” she said.

Richard stroked her pussy, pressing the skirt deep between her thighs. The skirt she wore was slightly loose allowing him to touch her.

“You’re so beautiful, Tempe,” he said, kissing her neck.

“This is completely crazy.” She let out a moan, and this time, Jay took possession of her lips. Richard gazed down at her shirt, seeing her tight nipples peeking out. Leaning down, he took one of her nipples into his mouth, sucking on her hard.

“Oh, God,” she said, moaning.

He used his teeth to bite down on her nipple.

“Don’t make a sound,” Jay said.

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