Passion Storm (MF)

Erotically Yours 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 49,213
3 Ratings (5.0)

[Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Romantic Suspense, BDSM, MF, HEA]

Caroline Webber came home from work to find that her estranged husband and his girlfriend had been murdered in her home.

Dazed, she never expected that meeting homicide detective, Liam Silva, would change her life forever.

The chemistry between them couldn’t be denied.

And he was a Dominant.

Strong. Steady.


He made her feel things she’d never felt before.

Better than her darkest fantasies.

Liam admired Caroline’s courage and strength as she dealt with the horror of the murders in her home, especially when learning that her life was now in danger.

But he had a darker side that some of his cases brought to the surface.

Dealing with one of those cases, he tried to put distance between them.

But he couldn’t stay away.

Caroline yearned for Liam to find peace with her, never expecting to find her own as he took her to an erotic world of sensation.

And the love of a lifetime.

Leah Brooke is a Siren-exclusive author.

Passion Storm (MF)
3 Ratings (5.0)

Passion Storm (MF)

Erotically Yours 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 49,213
3 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Siren Publishing


“What did you smell?”

“Blood. Death. I’m an ER nurse, remember? I’ve smelled it too many times before.”

So have I.

He waited to see if she would continue, not wanting to rush her, especially when her voice took on a distance, as if she was trying to tell what she saw while separating herself from the horror.

Although she looked out at the lush backyard, he suspected that she didn’t see it and was reliving the moments she’d walked into her husband’s room.

“I turned toward it.”

Priding himself on the small insight into her, Liam waited.

“I called him a son of a bitch and started into the room, furious that not only would he come into my house uninvited but would bring a woman with him.”

Liam found it curious that she hadn’t mentioned the front door yet but waited while she continued.

“I walked in and noticed that the shadows on the wall weren’t really shadows. The wall was dark in places from blood. The comforter had dark stains. I saw the bullet wounds.”

“Did you touch them?”

Nodded, she swallowed audibly. “I felt Jack’s carotid. Nothing, and he was too cold. I knew he was dead, and figured she was, but I went around the bed to feel hers, too. I guess I stood there a minute or two, trying to make sense of it.”

Her gaze slid to his. “I still can’t make sense of it. Why was he here? How many times has he done this while I was working? Another thing that’s bothering me is, how the hell did the killer get inside?”

She gulped the rest of her juice. “When I came out here, the door was locked. If the killer followed Jack into the garage, Jack and his girlfriend would never have made it to his bedroom.”

“You didn’t notice that the front door was damaged?”

She whirled on him, her blue eyes wide. “What? No.” Jumping up, she raced inside and through the kitchen and living room with Liam following close behind.

He caught her arm, shocked at the rush to his senses. “Don’t touch it.”

Stopping abruptly, Caroline watched the man applying a fine black powder the door handle and surrounding area in the search for fingerprints. “The door was closed. I would have noticed if it was open.”

Liam inclined his head and reluctantly released her, promising himself he would feel her soft skin against his in the near future. “I’m sure you would have. Let’s go back into the kitchen and sit down. I have a few more questions.”

Just then, Henry came down the stairs with a men’s toiletry bag. “Sir, we found this on the top shelf of the bedroom closet.”

Wearing gloves, he opened the top, which had already been unzipped, and showed Liam the contents.

Liam had a sinking feeling in his stomach as he took in the glittering diamonds.

Glancing at Caroline, he stepped back to allow her to see them. “You ever seen them before?”

She looked into the bag, her eyes going wide. “Jesus! No. Are those real?”

If she had known about them, Liam felt she would have hidden them before calling the police.

Henry raised a brow. “You didn’t see these on the top shelf?”

Caroline crossed her arms over her chest, her eyes flashing. “Have you looked at me, Detective? I’m five feet three in my nursing shoes. I’ve never even seen the top shelf. Excuse me. I need to breathe.”

Liam watched her walk away, wanting nothing more than to hold her until she settled.

With gloved hands, Henry rezipped the bag holding the diamonds and dropped it into the evidence bag held open by the waiting detective. “Jack Webber worked as a manager at a wholesale club. He has a brother who got out of prison three months ago. David Webber.”

“What was he in for?”

Henry raised a brow. “You’re not gonna believe this. He’s a jewel thief.”

Liam grimaced. “Mrs. Webber either knows more than she’s telling us or there’s a chance that she might be in danger.”

“I understand the bedroom was searched. Why weren’t they found during the search?”

“The bag was pressed against the back wall. He would have had to be tall enough to see it. The shelves were otherwise empty.”

Liam sighed. “So unless he was tall enough to see it, he would have seen nothing but empty shelves.”

Henry inclined his head. “Exactly. I don’t know how a man who works as a manager at a wholesale club could get all of those diamonds, unless he somehow stole them.”

Liam started back toward the garage, with the intention of finding Caroline again. “And if they belong to someone else, they’re gonna be desperate to get them back.”




More lightning flashed just as Caroline felt Liam’s warm breath against her slit, a sharp clap of thunder startling her as much as the slide of his hot tongue through her slit.


His tongue felt like magic, caressing her with just the right amount of pressure.

He lightly stroked her clit, which was still sensitized from her orgasm, giving it just enough attention before moving to her pussy.

Stabbing his tongue into her, he groaned and licked all around her pussy opening before lightly flicking it over her clit again.

The electricity in the air had nothing to do with the storm outside and everything to do with Liam.

His patience started to make her feel guilty and selfish, pulling her from the fog of sexuality surrounding her.

“Please, Liam. I want to do something for you. You’re doing everything and—”

Lifting his head, he scraped his teeth over her inner thigh before stripping out of his boxer briefs and covering her body with his, pushing her thighs wider. “You’re everything I suspected you’d be. More.”

Mesmerized by the hunger in his eyes, Caroline gripped him tightly, wrapping her legs around him. “Liam. Please!”

Liam poised the head of his cock against her pussy opening, his eyes dark and narrowed. “Patience, baby.”

He nuzzled her neck, increasing her hunger before lifting his head and staring into her eyes. “Do you want this?”

Breathing heavily, Caroline slid her hands down his muscled arms and back up again. “Yes.”

“I need to hear you say it, baby. I can stop if you need me to.”

Caroline smiled and lifted her hips, stunned that she was aroused again. “I want you. Very much. Oh, Liam! I’ve never wanted like this before. Oh! Yes!”

She moaned at the feel of his cock slowly filling her as the storm raged all around them.

His lips moved over her temple, over her ear, and down to her jaw. “So sweet.”

He withdrew slightly, only to surge deeper, his mouth covering hers.

Dizzy from his kiss, Caroline clung to him as he moved inside her, each thrust filling her more and more.

Not only did he make her feel wanted, he made her feel desired and cared for.

It was better than any fantasy.

Lifting his head, he brushed her hair back from her forehead and continued his thrusts. “You feel so good, baby.”

Worried that she appeared clumsy, Caroline ducked her head. “I’m sorry. It’s been a long time.”

Liam shook his head and slid a hand beneath her bottom, lifting her into his thrusts. “Apologize one more time and I’ll turn you over my knee.”

As an independent woman who’d never taken shit from any man, she should have been angered by his threat or at least apprehensive.

But his erotic tone, a combination of steel, teasing, and affection, and the look of possession in his eyes aroused her even more.

He thrust impossibly deeper, the thickness of his cock forcing her pussy to stretch to accommodate it. “You’re perfect. Stunning. Exciting.” He smiled down at her. “You turn me inside out already.”

He slid a hand beneath her head, his lips hovering over hers. “So tight. So wet. This time I want to feel you come while I’m inside you.”

He kissed her as if she was precious to him, but it was the hunger in his kisses, the firmness of his hold that made her feel more desirable than she’d ever felt before.

His thrusts came faster, and she knew he had to be ready to find his own pleasure.

Unable to meet his sharp gaze, she closed her eyes and cried out, gripping him tightly.

Surprised when he slowed his thrusts even more and tilted her face toward his, she slowly opened her eyes, shocked by the anger glittering in his.

“Are you finished with the act?”

Caroline gulped, her face burning. “I’m sorry. I just wanted you to find your own pleasure. You’re so giving. So unselfish. I feel selfish, like I’m taking and not giving anything in return. You were waiting for me to have another orgasm before you did.”

A little relieved that some of the anger left his eyes, Caroline swallowed heavily and forced herself to continue. “I didn’t want you to wait. I don’t have orgasms very often, and when I do, I can’t come again. Please, Liam. You’ve already given me more pleasure than I’ve ever had before. I want you to find yours…if you can with me.”

Illuminated by another flash of lightning, Liam raised a brow, his eyes filled with anticipation. “Very soon, you and I are going to have a serious conversation about this. In the meantime…”

Caroline gasped when he abruptly withdrew and flipped her to her belly. “Liam!”

The sharp slap to her bottom startled her even more, but before she could react, he lifted her to her knees, his breath warm against her ear as he thrust into her again. “Don’t you ever fake anything with me ever again. It’s a lie, and I won’t tolerate lies from you. This thing between us is to good to mess up with lies.”

He held her head back and to the side, his lips against her ear. “You’re gonna come again, baby. I want to feel your sweet pussy quiver all around my cock when you find your pleasure.”

He pressed his lips against her neck and thrust harder.


“This tight little pussy is gonna be mine. You’re gonna be mine.”

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