Iron Cowboy (MF)

Erotically Yours 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 79,780
21 Ratings (4.7)
[Siren Everlasting Classic: Erotic Cowboy Romance, HEA]
Lana Davies’ modelling career ended the moment she was attacked by a stalker. The physical and emotional scars changed her, transforming her into a woman she barely recognized.
Wanting a fresh start, she moves back home to Monterro, New Mexico, where she meets a man of iron who surrounds her with a sense of peace and security she so desperately needs. But the lingering effects of her attack still haunt her and Lana can't let herself fully lean on him until she's gotten her strength back. 
Pleased that Lana seems to grow stronger by the day under his protection, J.W. vows to do his best to make her his and to keep her safe from the man who is still stalking her...
A Siren Erotic Romance
Leah Brooke is a Siren-exclusive author.
Iron Cowboy (MF)
21 Ratings (4.7)

Iron Cowboy (MF)

Erotically Yours 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 79,780
21 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley




Henry Davies gathered his daughter close, running a hand up and down her back as she clung to him. “You were only trying to protect her. I saw her almost fall. She’ll be all right now.”

“Take her to my study so she can calm down.” Lifting his head, he glared at the members of the band, not turning away until they fumbled and started playing again.

Carolyn Davies rushed forward, waving her hands. “Everything’s fine. Go back to the party.” Touching her daughter’s shoulder, she looked up at her husband questioningly.

He nodded back. “She’s fine. She just got a little startled.”

Lifting her head, Lana pushed out of her father’s arms, wiping away a tear. “I’m fine. I’m sorry for causing such a fuss.” Her smile wobbled as she turned to look at J.W. “I’m sorry. You just startled me, and I overreacted. I guess I’m just tired.”

J.W. raised a brow at that, silently letting her know that he wasn’t buying her excuse. “There’s nothing to apologize for.” Stilling as he saw her face in the light for the first time, J.W. fought not to show his reaction.

He felt as if he’d been kicked in the stomach, his entire body tightening with a hunger unlike any he’d ever experienced.

Green-blue, almond-shaped eyes, filled with shock and awareness, widened as her gaze lingered on his chest before lifting to his face.

More brilliant than he’d seen in any photograph, her eyes glistened with unshed tears.

The finest jewels in the world could never have competed with them.

Drowning in them, he forced himself to look away, his gaze drawn to her thick, shiny hair.

Long brown hair, shot with a million blonde and red highlights, fell like a waterfall of silk halfway down her back, making his hands itch to run his finger through it.

She lifted her chin, illuminating her high cheekbones in the hundreds of lights strung above the patio and accentuating her full red lips.

Her bottom lip quivered slightly, and even though he cursed himself for scaring her, he had to admit that it was the most erotic thing he’d ever seen.

Her lipstick irritated him, the irrational need to kiss it from her lips so strong that he fisted his hands at his sides to keep from reaching for her.

She was scared of him, the lingering apprehension in her eyes making him feel like a heel for wanting to throw her over his shoulder and carrying her to his bedroom.

He wanted to strip her out of the yards of material she’d wrapped herself in, lay her on his bed, spread her hair over his pillow, and plunder her mouth with his as he sank into her.

Swallowing heavily, he forced his muscles to relax, understanding now what Daniel had meant when he said that, the first time he’d met Kristen, he felt as if he’d been kicked in the stomach.

“Did I hurt you?” He let his gaze rake over her, searching for any sign of injury and trying his best to convince himself to just walk away.

Her forced smile didn’t fool him at all. “I’m fine, thank you. You just startled me. I didn’t realize you were…there.” Her eyes widened, the dawning realization followed by horror in her eyes telling J.W. that she’d finally realized that he’d been there all along. Looking from him to the fence and back again, she thinned her full lips, her eyes narrowing in anger.

Inordinately pleased at her anger, a far cry from her fear of him, J.W. smiled, an arrogant smile that had her stunning eyes flashing, delighting him tremendously. “I’ve been sitting there for over an hour watching the new foal and trying to get rid of a headache.”

He wanted her. Badly.

He wanted to free his throbbing cock and sink into her.

He wanted to tease her nipples until she begged him for more.

To spread her thighs and use his mouth on her until she screamed his name as she came.

To see the anger in her eyes turn to passion when he took her ass.

Blinking, he took a step back, hoping to break the spell, but it didn’t work.

Knowing that if he’d been alone with her she would have already been naked, he took several steadying breaths in an effort to calm down.

Getting involved with her would be a mistake.

She was his friend’s sister and the daughter of his mother’s best friend.

When something inevitably went wrong, he’d never hear the end of it.

His mother approached, frowning when she saw him. “J.W.! You haven’t even had a shower yet.”

Avoiding her attempt to grip his arm, he nodded toward the Davies, his gaze lingering on Lana’s face. “I’m on my way now. Excuse me.”

J.W. made his way through the crowd and inside, passing the kitchen bustling with waiters and caterers and down the long hall to his bedroom. Closing the door behind him, he thought of Lana and tried to convince himself that he didn’t want her.




Lana held on to him, the only solid thing she could count on, moaning when he eased his cock into her. “Oh, God. Yes, J.W.! Yes!”

His cock, so thick and hot inside her, stretched her and made her feel so full.

There was only room for him.

Each slow slide stroked her inner walls, every bump and ridge caressing her delicate flesh and setting off a maelstrom of sensations.

So hot. So solid.

It felt so incredible to be in his arms, the feel of him inside her adding to the sense of being surrounded with a heat and strength that made the rest of the world disappear. “Please. Oh God, J.W.! It’s so good.”

He slid deep, so deep that it felt as if he was part of her.

“Easy, baby. I don’t want to hurt you.” His groan rippled over her as he started to withdraw.

“No!” Afraid that he would leave her, she dug her heels into his taut butt, lifting herself against him and gripped his biceps. “Don’t you dare stop. I want you to take me like you mean it, damn you! I’m so cold. I need it hotter.”

His entire body tightened and began to shake, his hands fisting in her hair. “Never in my life has my control been tested the way it is with you.” He thrust deep again and again, his teeth tugging at her bottom lip. “Does this feel like I don’t mean it? I’ve got news for you, baby. I’ve never meant it more. Never wanted like this. I’ve never, ever, wanted like this, but taking you hard and fast would hurt you.”

Lifting his head, he stared down at her with eyes glittering with possessiveness. “No matter how much you tease me, baby, I’m not taking you like that.” He slid a hand to her breast, tugging at her nipple, his eyes flaring at her cry of pleasure. “This time. You heal up some, darlin’, and I promise to fuck your brains out.”

Thrilled at the need in his growly voice, Lana squeezed her eyes closed and threw her head back, consumed with passion and heat. Rocking her hips in an effort to get him to move faster, she slapped his arm, her nightmare dimming with every stroke of his cock.

With every brush of his lips. “Real romantic, cowboy.”

J.W. growled, a raw sound filled with need. “Romance goes out the fucking window when I’m inside you.”

“J.W., I need—”

“I know exactly what you need, darlin’. I just hope you trust me enough to give it to you.” With a speed that stunned her, he slid his cock free, easily overcoming her struggles to reach for him. Flipping her over, he brought her to her knees, chuckling softly. “Stop struggling. You’ll get what you get when I give it to you.”

Fisting her hand on the pillow, she pushed back in a desperate attempt to get his cock back inside her. “You’re just plain mean, cowboy. Oh!”

She stilled at the feel of his thumb slipping into her pussy, sucking in a breath when he slid it free again and replaced it with his cock. “Yes!”

Being on her knees with her ass in the air felt sinfully decadent.

His cock seemed to go deeper than before, her position making their lovemaking even more carnal.

Shocked when his thumb pressed against her puckered opening, Lana instinctively tried to pull away. “J.W.?”

“Just relax, baby. I told you I’d give you what you need.”

Lana cried out at the slide of his finger over her clit, and distracted by that and the slow, deep strokes of his cock, she pushed against him, gasping when his thumb pushed into her ass.

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