[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Cowboy Menage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, public exhibition]

Her ten-year class reunion looming, Jessica Troy decides she’s been a virgin long enough. With the recent promotion to her dream job, her only dilemma is whether to choose businessman, Deacon Wilder, or mechanic, Boyd Caldwell, to initiate her into her first sexual liaison.

Deacon and Boyd haven’t spent a considerable amount of time searching for perfect woman to share their unbridled lifestyle, but they both agree she has to be willing to not only watch threesomes perform, she must also enjoy their exhibitionist lifestyle. However, Deacon’s a workaholic and Boyd is admittedly picky where women are concerned. But they both agree that Jessica Troy is the best contender they’ve ever known. And they’re smitten with her.

Unfortunately, Jessica has a debilitating case of stage fright. Will Deacon and Boyd still want her if she’s deathly afraid of doing what they enjoy most?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Elle Saint James is a Siren-exclusive author.

Unbridled and Unridden (MFM)
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What can I say, I love this whole series. Not a bad one in the bunch!
where can I find a club like this? I love these books, and can't wait for the next one. must read!!!
Professional Reviews

4 STARS: "Unbridled and Unridden is so hot it belongs in its own category of hotness! Ms. Saint James takes us for a walk on the wild side with her foray into the world of sexual voyeurism. The fresh look at kink combined with the constant roadblocks the three characters faced make this a winner in my book. Hotel concierge Jessica Troy is tired of being a virgin. With a deadline looming over her head, she's on the hunt for the ideal man for her first time. Gossip on the floor at work has her looking at the frequent clients, Deacon and Boyd, in a new light. Hung like a Brahma bull, with the stamina of a racehorse sound like the right qualifications to her. A little flirtation leads to much more than she bargained for when she finds herself involves with not just Deacon, but Boyd. Best friends Deacon and Boyd have a secret. They're more than best friends; they're partners in a lifestyle. They like to watch threesomes, participate in them in front of others. They've had different women on and off, and for years, but they've never met a woman who captures their attention equally until Jessica. They sense a change in the normally restrained woman that both men find irresistible. Now if they can just get her to accept their lifestyle, they may be able to find their happily ever after." -- SColt, The Romance Reviews

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Story Excerpt


Ryder, Colorado


“I’ve heard he’s hung like a Brahma bull and has the stamina of a champion racehorse,” whispered one impeccably dressed young woman to another as they both approached the concierge desk.

Jessica Troy deliberately focused her gaze blindly on the paper gracing her workstation below, but didn’t truly see a single word. She pretended she hadn’t heard the salacious description of whatever man the two discussed so blatantly. The way they were dressed spoke of money, but apparently not class.

“And his best friend is said to be equally well endowed, with the same staying power in the sack. If I had the nerve, I’d love to find out firsthand if all the talk is true.” She giggled, and Jessica thought she sounded a bit immature.

“So would I. At least once or maybe even twice if the rumors turned out to be true,” the first woman said, and promptly dissolved in laughter. Jessica internally rolled her eyes at the two and their inappropriate conversation. If she knew any sexual gossip about a man, she certainly wouldn’t share it in a public domain where anyone could listen in.

“But your boyfriend and mine would kill the both of us if they ever even heard us say the name Boyd,” whispered the other well-endowed future trophy wife. “He’s got quite the reputation in certain circles.” And then she also giggled.

Jessica perked up at the name Boyd being uttered. Were they talking about Boyd Caldwell? And if so, then the initial Brahma bull reference the two women mentioned had to be regarding Deacon Wilder. Jessica knew firsthand the two men were very good friends. Probably just a coincidence.

Deacon and Boyd came in to the Ryder Hotel frequently to meet business clients in the hotel’s upscale restaurant. She’d heard they played the field, so to speak, but not any personal details about their abilities in the sack. Or perhaps she’d never paid attention because she hadn’t been looking for a man until recently.

The gossip talk ceased as the two women stopped in front of her. “Can you recommend a good Italian restaurant within walking distance of the hotel?” one asked. “These shoes are expensive, but obviously not made for comfort during long walks.”

Jessica plastered a smile on her face. “Absolutely.” She tore the top sheet of a map for the local area off a pad and pointed to a place three blocks down the street. She put an X on the restaurant’s spot with a red marker and handed them the paper.

The two thanked her, moved away from the desk, and stopped. Still within earshot, they resumed their discussion regarding Deacon and Boyd and what those two studs would be like in bed.

Truthfully, even though she was appalled by the women’s outré behavior, Jessica also wanted to know what Deacon and Boyd would be like in bed. Perhaps she’d make an effort to find out one day soon. The two women then discussed briefly how they would select one man over the other, deciding they’d each take a turn with both men and issue report cards at a later date. They then dissolved into a fit of childish giggling.

As if conjured from her own inappropriate thoughts, or possibly the gossipy women, Deacon and Boyd appeared together at the entrance of the hotel. Were they here for these women? Please, no. Then Jessica remembered they claimed to have jealous boyfriends. Good.

Deacon nodded once to Boyd, who nodded back and peeled off toward the bar area. Deacon continued his path toward the concierge desk. The two women lowered their voices to where Jessica almost couldn’t hear them unless she tucked her hair behind one ear and leaned in their direction.

“I told you that was the two of them in the parking lot,” one of the women said.

“Lord almighty, look at his sexy swagger and strut,” her friend returned in an awestruck whisper. “I just got a wettie watching him walk into the hotel.”

Jessica pretended to shuffle seemingly very important papers across the concierge desk space. She attempted to look busy instead of starstruck by Deacon’s approach. But he made her heart pound every single time. Usually, she barely made eye contact with him because of his impact on her.

She glanced over at the main check-in desk, which was hopping busy. Likely he’d avoid the front desk and head her way. That would be just fine. A smile shaped her lips in readiness. Although she’d never admitted it out loud, Deacon also made her wet between her thighs every time she saw him. His best friend, Boyd, also intrigued her to no end. Deciding between the two was still a very tough choice. And the more time that passed, the more she wanted to choose one of them for a very important date. If only she possessed the nerve.

Deacon nodded once in the direction of the two women watching, in spellbound interest, as he made his final steps to the concierge desk.

“Ladies,” he said politely.

That seductive voice made another gush of moisture surge into her panties. He then turned to face her. “Hello, Miss Troy.”

He’d been here at least twenty times before, and each time he said her name, her heart flipped over in sincere and lust-filled appreciation. It rolled so well off of his tongue, she looked forward to it each and every time. Today, something suddenly changed. She was tired of waiting for nerve. She wanted to sleep with him.

The visions of losing her virginal status clanged a bell in her head. She squared her shoulders and opted for a much more forward approach today. What did she have to lose by flirting a bit?


Adult Excerpt


Boyd grabbed the lubrication and liberally slathered a goodly sum of it all over his sheathed cock. He then turned and spread a cool bunch of it on, around, and inside of her anus. She bent at the waist, put her hands on Deacon’s thighs, and let Boyd ready her.

She leaned down and sucked Deacon’s cock into her mouth to distract herself from the waiting before he rolled on the condom.

Boyd spread her ass cheeks and centered his lubed cock at the entrance to her anal hole and began pushing slowly forward. “Relax,” he whispered.

It was difficult to relax, but she unclenched her body and did her best to allow this dark invasion. She wanted it. She’d waited all week for the opportunity.

Deacon, head tilted backward, made moaning noises as she sucked his cock. She left her hands on his thighs for support to help Boyd’s progress.

“Jesus, God in heaven, you’re literally a tight little piece of ass, Miss Troy.” Boyd eased his cock inside slowly until the head of his dick got past her ring of muscles.

Darkly pleasurable sensations raced through her veins at the unusual position she now found herself in. Jessica released Deacon’s cock from her mouth. He reached between her legs and slid his fingers across her clit briefly, and then into her pussy once more.

“Kiss me, Miss Troy,” Deacon whispered.

She leveled and pushed her mouth against his lips. He fingered her clit as he devoured her mouth.

Boyd resumed pushing his wide cock into her ass. It felt like a condom-covered fence post was battling its way into her body. But she didn’t want him to stop. The pleasure still outweighed the pain, and with what Deacon was doing, she was continually distracted anyway.

Once Boyd finally stopped moving, as if to give her time to get used to his telephone pole–sized cock being buried in her ass, Jessica trembled in dark, delighted pleasure.

Boyd pulled her upright and whispered in her ear, “Can you feel me, Miss Troy?”

She glanced over one shoulder with a smile in place. “I think I almost feel something. What are you doing again?”

“I love your sense of humor.” He gripped her hips and thrust his cock just a bit deeper. The dark ache of his movement popped her arousal to maximum levels.

“I love what you’re doing to me.”

Deacon slid to the floor in front of her. “I need to eat some pussy.”

He latched his mouth onto her clit and sucked and lapped up her juices.

Boyd slid his hands from her hips to her breasts and tweaked her nipples blissfully. She went from, “Wow, that’s a really big cock in my ass,” to, “Oh, God, I’m about to come,” in about five seconds flat.

Deacon took her to the very edge of climax and then suddenly stopped. Jessica slumped against Boyd when he disengaged.

“Time for me to get my cock inside your tight, virgin-like pussy.” He quickly rolled the condom in place.

Boyd leaned his back against her bedroom wall as if to brace for Deacon’s entrance.

Jessica widened her legs as far as possible, truly feeling Boyd’s cock. Deacon centered his cock at the entrance to her pussy and plunged inside with one long, hard thrust.

She tipped her head back and almost released, so good was the feeling of double penetration. She grabbed Deacon’s arms to ensure he stayed in place.

From behind her, Boyd moved his cock part of the way out of her ass. She sucked in a deep breath of surprise only when he thrust forward again.

“Oh, God,” she murmured, on the barest edge of control.

Deacon pulled out and thrust in, then Boyd pulled out and went back in.

Jessica barely had time to adjust to the intensity of the penetration and how utterly filled she felt before Deacon slid his hand between them and stroked her clit as he pushed his cock in and out, over and over again.

Even though she’d just climaxed a few minutes ago, Jessica allowed the darkly wicked sensations to envelop her. She was about to come again.

The two men continued their alternate penetration until she was almost desperate with the need to release.

Deacon pushed forward. The lust-filled, passionate look on his face spoke of his need to climax as well. But if she’d learned anything since she’d met him, it was that he wouldn’t come until she did.

He stroked her clit harder and harder. She edged closer and closer.

“Look at me,” he whispered.

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