Redemption (MM)

True Blood Mate 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,510
104 Ratings (4.7)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, vampires, light consensual BDSM, sex toys]

Rogan Owens lives a life of secret misery. Three years ago, he lost his mate, who couldn't come out of the closet and acknowledge their bond. He's suffered in silence ever since, taking over as alpha of his mate's clan.

Rogan is overjoyed when he discovers Julian alive. He has so many questions. Where has Julian been? What are the long scars on his body? Most importantly, why is Julian running away from him?

Rogan finally comes to accept that his mate will never want him, only to have Julian decide it's time to come home.

But someone else doesn't want Julian and Rogan reunited, even if it means Julian's death for real this time. Between keeping each other safe and trying to solve the mystery of who wants Julian dead, they barely have time to learn to love each other. Will what they feel for each other make them stronger or be their downfall?

A Siren Erotic Romance


Redemption (MM)
104 Ratings (4.7)

Redemption (MM)

True Blood Mate 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,510
104 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
I wasn't sure how I felt about Julian and Rogan, mainly because they hadn't been referenced in either of the three previous works. I liked both of them, and certainly the pain and suffering they endured being apart was very sad, but I guess I didn't warm up to them as much.
The political machinations were intriguing, although at a certain point they became far too easy to predict which I never care for.
I was very happy to see Julian and Rogan end up together, plus my glimpse of a few guys from other books was nice.
Christy Duke
Professional Reviews

5 RAVENS: "Redemption, by Stormy Glenn, takes a turn to the dark side of werewolf mating with a story of a bond destroyed in the most horrific way possible. This is a tragic story where hope is always present but is it worth the anxiety to reach for the promised HEA? It is impossible not to become emotional as Julian is tortured beyond endurance. His mate Rogan comes upon the scene after Julian is rescued and taken away by a kind human. Rogan assumes from the evidence and testimony of witnesses that his beloved Julian is dead. The violence does not end there. The villains of the book are evil personified and clearly insane. They will stop at nothing to assassinate Julian and subjugate Rogan to their own nefarious desires for power and perceived admiration. Ms. Glenn has written a riveting story of the cruel challenges two mated werewolves must endure to overcome a forced separation. Rogan’s effort to demonstrate by his own hand what Julian has gone through is just heartbreaking. Even the secondary characters are well developed and appealing. I am hopeful that at least two of them will get their own story sooner or later in this series. Several of the characters we’ve met in previous books return briefly and are critical to the outcome of this story. I love the continuing conflict between Alpha Ash and his mate Dary to find a balance between Ash’s need to dominate and Dary’s need to be his own man. It is a delightful, sometimes humorous contradiction to the expected dynamic of an alpha and alpha-mate. There are a few problems with grammar and spelling that one more careful proof reading before publication might have caught but overall this is a well-constructed narrative with great plots and subplots along with characters who will seize your attention and not let go. The True Blood Mate series, of which Redemption is the fourth book, is an exciting variation on the werewolf/vampire mythology. I am looking forward eagerly to more stories in this thread from the imagination of the talented Ms. Glenn." -- Margaret, BlackRaven's Reviews

4 NYMPHS: "I must admit that the blurb for this shape-shifter story intrigued me from its first reading and I wasn’t disappointed. The story begins with a prologue that’s set three years before Chapter 1 and sets up what rips Rogan and Julian apart. It’s not often you see two mates having to work their way back to each other and I appreciated this unexpected creative twist. The author did a very nice job working them into a mutually desired second chance together. Good job, Ms. Glenn. The two villains of this piece, Valentina and her father, Elder Belikov, are well constructed, and easy to hate because of what they do to Rogan and Julian. I look forward to the next release in the series." -- Dragon Nymph, Literary Nymphs Reviews

4 STARS: "REDEMPTION, book 4 in the True Blood Mates series, redeems this series. This book is my favorite since Heart Song, the first book in the series. It's a story of second chances and forgiveness. Rogan knows that Julian is his mate, but being raised in a family where being gay is wrong, he is reluctant to come out of the closet and let Julian claim him. To try and appease his family he agrees to go on a date with the daughter of a council member. While on that date, Julian is kidnapped and tortured. Julian is dragged from his bed, taken out to the woods and erroneously accused of betraying his pack -- his sentence is torture and then death. To protect his mate, he fights back and escapes but is close to death when he is found by a passing motorist. Not knowing exactly where the danger is coming from, Julian decides to stay "dead" to keep his pack and his mate safe. Attempting to deal with the guilt he has lived with since Julian's death three years ago, Rogan is having a community center built to help troubled gay teens. After coming out to his family, he took over the role of Alpha for Julian's pack but has been dealing with depression and guilt so strong some days he's not sure he wants to continue living. It took Julian a long time to recover from his wounds, both physical and mental. He has taken on a new identity and doesn't plan to return to his pack until a chance meeting with Rogan sends his mate into a depression so deep Julian might not even be able to help him recover. And if he does, there is still the threat of the council's death sentence hanging over the couple. Who doesn't love a story with a second chance? I know that there have been times in my life when I could have used a do-over or even a chance to say that I was sorry. For that reason alone, this book was a win for me. Rogan is one of those characters that just grabs your heart because his fear is so relatable and his need to rectify his mistakes are so understandable. And while I understood Julian's need to protect everyone by staying away, it felt cruel. Ms. Glenn gives you some great villains that you can totally sink your teeth into hating. She once again gives us strong likeable secondary characters and brings back some old friends to give the story continuity. If you are a fan of this series, then you definitely want to add this one to your collection. I am looking forward to see what couple she brings us next, and hope she continues to include past characters in those stories." -- Tyra, The Romance Reviews

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4 CUPS: "Because of his fear Rogan Owens lost the only man he will ever love, and will carry that wound with him for the rest of his life. He can only deaden the pain by making sure that the Gallagher Center opens, and ensures a legacy of hope for all young gay men in need of help. He loves Rogan with his entire heart and that is why Julian Gallagher can never allow himself to see his mate again. He is believed dead, and if that is what it takes to keep Rogan safe, he will remain dead. The violent attack that took Julian away from Rogan three years ago is still a threat today, and Julian has no intention of putting Rogan in harm’s way. He has kept his distance until now, but his carefully laid plans are about to backfire. Rogan never knew for sure exactly what happened to Julian, but to find out that he is alive is the greatest gift he has ever received. Julian and Rogan must fight once again to claim their love, but the evil force that nearly killed Julian three years ago is still as viciously determined to keep them apart. Agony and ecstasy are in full swing for Julian and Rogan with every turn of the page. The horror of losing a mate is seen in every nuance of these men’s actions, and it makes you ache to imagine their suffering. Their hearts have been laid bare by the pain, but when they finally come together it makes their reunion that much sweeter. The loyalty and love they show towards each other is as exhilarating as their passion, and makes this read worth every minute." -- Lototy, Coffee Time Romance Reviews

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Rogan was amazed at how quickly Julian stripped his clothes off, although he doubted they would ever be usable again. They were torn to shreds. When Julian went to reach for him again, Rogan stopped him for a second time.

“Get the lube.”

Julian pulled out the drawer of the desk so fast that it came all of the way out and crashed to the floor. Rogan chuckled as Julian searched around in the drawer and grabbed the lube, holding it out to him.

Rogan grabbed the lube and popped the top. He poured a healthy squirt out on his fingers then pushed it into his ass, getting himself nice and slicked up. Once that was done, he lowered his feet from the chair and poured some more lube out on his fingers.

“We need to get you ready, too.”

Rogan pushed Julian back just enough that he could drop to his knees. He didn’t even pause before enveloping Julian’s cock deep into his mouth. Drops of pre-cum exploded across his tongue as he swiped it over the small slit on the tip.

Julian’s hips bucked, and a loud groan filled the room. Rogan sucked Julian’s length down and swallowed before licking his way back to the tip. He did this several times, swirling his tongue across the tip then under the crown of Julian’s cock.

“I want you good and hard when you fuck me,” Rogan sent to his mate through their bond.

“Pretty… pretty sure I could pound nails right now.”

Rogan gripped the base of Julian’s cock with his lube-covered hand and started slicking the man up. He kept his mouth around the head of Julian’s cock, sucking and licking the tip. He reached past Julian’s cock and grabbed his ball sac, massaging it between his fingers.

“But you’d better hurry,” Julian groaned as he started thrusting himself into Rogan’s mouth. “I’m not sure how much longer I can hold on.”

“Then I guess we should make sure you’re ready.”

Rogan kept his mouth around Julian’s cock as he grabbed the lube again and squirted a bit more out onto his fingers. He tossed the lube onto the desk behind him then reached down between Julian’s legs.

“Spread ’em, babe.”

Rogan felt Julian rest his hands on the desk as he spread his legs. The moment Julian was open to him, Rogan pushed a lubed finger into the man’s ass. He groaned when Julian’s body seemed to suck him right in.

“God, I love your ass.”

“You can have it.”

“I intend to. Just need to get you ready first.”

Julian grunted.

Rogan pressed a second finger into Julian’s ass and started spreading the two of them around. Julian shuddered, but he didn’t move away.

“More, Rogan, need more.”

Rogan obliged Julian, pushing a third finger into the man’s tight ass. Julian was slowly loosening up, but he was still too tight for Rogan to take him without discomfort. He pushed in a fourth finger and started moving them around. Julian cried out and started riding Rogan’s fingers, pushing back against them.

“Hell, yeah, harder, Rogan, fuck me harder.”

Rogan pushed his fingers in as far as they would go then curved them until he felt the walnut-sized sweet spot he was looking for. He gripped Julian’s hip with one hand and dragged his fingers over the pleasure gland with the other.

“Rogan!” Julian screamed.

His body stiffened for a moment then he thrust his cock deep into Rogan’s mouth. Hot cream filled Rogan’s mouth even as the tight circle of muscles in Julian’s ass clamped down on his fingers.

Rogan groaned around Julian’s cock as he swallowed down every last drop the man had to give him. He could feel his own cock throb in response to his mate’s orgasm and knew if he didn’t get himself balls deep inside Julian in the next few seconds, he never would.

Rogan pulled off Julian’s cock and swiftly stood to his feet. He swept his arm over the desk and cleared it, uncaring that everything fell to the floor. Lifting Julian’s spent body in his arms, he lifted the man onto the desk and laid him back against the top.

“I’m going to fuck you so hard you’ll feel me in your ass next week.” Rogan growled as he grabbed Julian’s hips and pulled the man to the edge of the desk. He wrapped his arms around Julian’s thighs and lifted his ass into the air, spreading his thighs apart.

Watching the head of his cock press against Julian’s quivering entrance almost sent Rogan over the top. Each inch of his cock sinking into his mate was a visual aphrodisiac. It was better than a porno.

He wasn’t a small man by any means. He was actually larger in both length and width than almost everyone he knew. The sight of his massive cock spreading Julian’s ass as he impaled him was one of the hottest damn things Rogan had ever seen.

He slowed his thrusts, so he could enjoy it as long as he could. But after a moment, he was to the root, every last one of his ten inches clenched tightly by Julian’s ass.

Of course, pulling out was just as good, but it wasn’t as easy. Julian’s inner muscles seemed to grip him tighter when he pulled out as if they didn’t want to let go of Rogan’s cock. Rogan pulled out until just the tip remained then slowly pushed back in again. He did this several times until he heard Julian whimper.

Looking up, Rogan was shocked to see Julian’s cock standing at full mast again. The man’s cock was so hard and so engorged that he looked like he hadn’t come a few moments ago at all.

“You like that, don’t you?” Rogan said out loud. Hs voice sounded strange in the silent room. He started to pull out slowly again, keeping his eyes on Julian’s face this time. “You like feeling every inch of my cock slide in and out of your ass.”


Rogan kept his arms wrapped around Julian’s thighs and leaned over the man’s torso. Not only did it give him an opportunity to kiss his mate, but it spread Julian open ever further. Rogan groaned when he felt himself sink in just a little bit more when he thrust back in.

“Love having you inside of me,” Julian whispered.

Rogan grinned. “Then you’re going to love this.”

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