[Siren Publishing: The Stormy Glenn ManLove Collection: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, vampires, shape-shifters, HEA]
“I need you, Ian...” Those words haunt Ian Kline, mostly because he has no idea who whispered them. Ian has been dreaming about him for weeks. Each night the dreams grow stronger, more alluring, and yet Ian can never quite see his lover's face...until someone arrives to challenge Ian for leadership of his coven.
Billy spent the majority of his life as the pet of a coven leader. At night, he entered a fantasy world where his mate kept him safe from the horrors of his daily life. When his master challenges Ian Kline for leadership of his coven, Billy knows his duty and attacks, but it's a death offense to interfere in a challenge and that's exactly what Billy does when he kills the man that had held him prisoner for nearly twenty years
Recognizing that mating bond between them, Ian acts to bind them together and save his mate from execution. Keeping Billy out of trouble quickly becomes a full time job when someone from Billy's past tries to break that bond. With misunderstandings and a new threat around every corner, Ian and Billy have their hands full just trying to hold on to each other. Staying alive might be impossible.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Stormy Glenn is a Siren-exclusive author.
Seeing Is Believing (MM)
45 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Jess Buffet
I really liked Billy, but Ian wasn't as impressive. At least not for me. Billy was so strong and adorable. Ian was just sort of there. Again, just my opinion.
I did like the resolution of the slavery ring.
Christy Duke
Professional Reviews

"Some of the evil that made the lives of previous main characters in this series impossible has survived – and it is up to Billy and Ian to deal with the perpetrators once and for all. And as important as the action needed to bring justice about is, it isn’t all that happens in this exciting installment of ‘True Blood Mate’. There is a personal side to the slave ring and living it through Billy’s eyes, as he is mistreated, that made it a very personal account. Ian wakes up to reality a little late and he makes more than one mistake – which just goes to show that vampire princes can be as human as the next guy. Billy isn’t the first man to be held prisoner and treated worse than dirt, but the length of time during which he has suffered is mind-boggling. All he has had to keep him going is a memory of Ian, a boy he used to play with when he was a young child – before his stepfather destroyed his world and his life. When he sees Ian standing in front of him, threatened by the cruel man he has to call master, something snaps in Billy and he kills the bast*rd. This has all kinds of consequences, but Billy is ready and willing to face them all, now that he knows his mate is safe. Billy’s resilience and strength are inspiring. Ian may think he is ready to succeed his father as leader of their vampire clan, and he is about to complete the ceremony, when someone steps up to challenge him. The man Ian has dreamed about steps up and kills the guy right in front of Ian’s eyes, but all Ian cares about is that he has found his mate and that he needs to figure out how to rescue him from a certain death sentence. Ready to take on the vampire council and anyone else who wants to interfere, Ian makes his way to the council chambers, only to find out not everything is as it seems. But getting Billy back is only the beginning of a harrowing fight for their lives. It’s a good thing Ian is stubborn and protective! If you like stories about vampires whose lives are threatened by their own kind, if you enjoy reading about two men who encounter each other in their dreams before they can bond, and if you want to know how the villains from earlier volumes are finally brought to heel, then you will probably like this novella." -- Serena Yates, Rainbow Book Reviews

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“You’ll be fine.”

“You better hope so or this is going to be the shortest reign in history.” Ian glanced at himself in the bathroom mirror one last time before turning and exiting the bathroom. His father’s second in command was waiting for him.

“Ward.” Ian nodded respectfully at the man. Ward had stood at his father’s side since way before Ian was even a twinkle in his father’s eye. He had learned to respect the man simply for the loyalty he gave to Ian’s father. The lessons he had learned from Ward as he grew up were an added bonus. “Is dad ready?”

This was a momentous occasion for both of them. Andrew Kline was stepping down and Ian was stepping up. The coven would continue to be led by their family, but Andrew would no longer be the one in charge. Ian would be.

“Boy.” Ward snickered as he shook his head. “Your father is so proud right now he’s about to bust something. He’s been waiting for this moment since he learned your mama was carrying you.”

“I kind of always thought he loved being in charge of the coven.”

“Don’t get me wrong,” Ward said. “Your father has always loved being the leader of our coven. He feels everyone has a duty to care for the coven, but being an alpha doesn’t negate his need to just be a man. He gave up a lot to serve our people. It’s time for him to remember why.”

That actually made sense.

“Don’t let being in charge go to your head, boy,” Ward warned. “Remember that you are just a man.”

Ian was starting to wonder if being in charge was worth it. Between his mother and his father, it was looking kind of dismal. He glanced at Ryan to see what his reaction to Ward’s words was. He chuckled at the man’s wide eyed look.

“Maybe we’ll be lucky and I’ll get challenged before we can take over.”

“Yeah, no.” Ryan shook his head rapidly. “Your karma isn’t that good.”

Ian laughed as he followed Ward out of the guest bedroom. It had been his bedroom once upon a time, but his mother converted it into a guest room when he moved out, insuring he couldn’t move back in. Ian didn’t blame her. Two alphas under the same roof was never a good idea.

Ian hadn’t moved away from home because he wanted his independence. He had moved out because he loved his father and didn’t want to be put in a position where he felt the need to challenge him. That decision had helped keep them both happy.

Andrew was waiting for them when they reached the main floor. Ian watched his father carefully, trying to gauge his mood. He let out a relieved breath when his father smiled at him.

“Are you ready for this, son?”

Hell, no! Ian smiled instead of saying that. “As ready as I’ll ever be I suspect.”

“I’m not sure anyone is every really reader to lead,” Andrew replied as he started to smile. “But we can pretend with the best of them.”

Ten minutes later, Ian could feel the sweat on the palms of his hands as he stood in the ceremonial circle and waited for his father to finish talking. According to tradition, once his father stated his intention to step down, naming Ian as his successor, anyone could challenge him for the right to be alpha of the Silverlight Coven.

He wasn’t thrilled with the idea that he might need to fight anyone who thought they were big and bad, but he knew he was the best vampire for the position. He wouldn’t let anyone else have it. He had been learning to be the next alpha since the time he could walk, most of it at his father’s side, and Andrew Kline had been the best damn alpha their coven had seen in centuries.

Those were some pretty big shoes for Ian to fill, but he knew he was up for it. is father was still alive and would become his advisor. His best friend stood at his side, soon to be his beta. His coven members were expecting him to step up and take over the coven, and they seemed happy about it. All he needed to do was find a mate and he would be set.

“Any that believe they would be a better leader may step forward and challenge Ian for the right to lead the Silverlight Coven.”

Ian tensed when he heard his father say the words that he had both been dreading and anticipating. He eyed those standing around the circle. He could think of no one that truly wanted to be alpha. Everyone seemed to be pretty damn happy with letting Ian’s family lead the coven, which they had been doing for the last two hundred years.

Ian started to relax his muscles, blowing out a relieved breath when no one stepped forward until a commotion at the back of the crowd caught his attention. Ian’s muscles tensed right back up when the crowd parted and a rather formidable man stepped forward, following closely by two other men.

Ian’s eyes were riveted on the beautiful man being led into the torch lit circle by a leash attached to a collar around his throat. He would know those crystal blue eyes anywhere. He had been seeing them in his dreams for weeks.





There was a tingling in the pit of his stomach as he reached out and grabbed Billy's hips, pulling him a bit closer. He looked up into Billy's crystal clear blue eyes as he opened his mouth and wrapped it around the head of the man's cock.

Billy groaned, his body jerking as if he had never felt anything like Ian's lips wrapped around his cock before, but he didn't take his gaze away from Ian's. "More, please."

Ian would have grinned, but he was too busy swallowing the long shaft in his mouth. Tasting the pre-cum leaking out of Billy's cock explode onto his tongue, Ian pulled back and let the man's cock fall from his lips. Billy groaned in protest and thrust forward, his cock butting against Ian's chin.

"Spread your legs apart, baby."

Billy arched an eyebrow as he stared down at Ian, but did as he was asked. Ian almost swallowed his tongue as he watched Billy's ball sac sway, the man's reddened cock bobbing in front of his face. There might not have been a sexier sight ever created.

Ian grinned as he wiped the tips of his fingers over the head of Billy's cock, scooping up several drops of pre-cum. He knew Billy got an idea of what he was up to when the man's needy groan filled the room. Ian just reached between Billy's legs to spread the natural lube over the man's tight entrance.

Ian repeated the gesture several times, licking along the heavily veined sides of Billy's cock between swiping away the pre-cum. Each time he brushed his fingers over Billy's hole, he pressed in just a bit more until he could effortlessly slide one finger in.  

Billy started moving with him, the man going up on his tip toes then pushing back down. Ian wasn't sure Billy actually knew he was impaling himself, but he wasn't about to mention it. Ian just kept sucking on the man's cock, distracting him until he could get all four fingers into Billy's ass.

Ian finally leaned back in his chair and grabbed Billy's cock in his hand. He stroked the thick shaft hard and fast, wanting more of the natural lubricant. Billy's hips tightened, snapping forward and then pushing back to impale himself on Ian's fingers.

"Ian, please."

"Okay, baby, I've got you." Ian wrapped his arms around Billy's thighs as he stood. He smiled at Billy's small yelp as he carried him over to the bed before dropping him down onto the mattress. He raced to his pants and grabbed the tube of lube he had in his pocket. Billy hadn't even stopped bouncing before Ian was back with a tube of lube.

Ian quickly squirted some lube out on his fingers and then rubbed them over his cock. He squeezed a few more drops onto his fingers. .

Ian thought his body might combust as he spread the lube between Billy's butt cheeks, sliding his fingers into the man's tight hole until Billy began to press back against his hand. "Are you ready, baby?"

"Yeah," Billy panted heavily. "Yeah."

Ian knelt on the edge of the bed and then scooted up beside Billy before rolling over onto his back. He grabbed his cock in his hand, giving it a few slow strokes. "It's all up to you now, pretty."

Billy looked confused for a moment then a wide grin crossed his lips. He straddled Ian's waist, one hand placed squarely in the middle of Ian's chest. Ian held his cock in place as Billy slowly lowered himself down.

"Take as much time as you need to, Billy." Ian gritted his teeth at the words, but he would never do anything to hurt Billy. He wanted it hard and fast and he wanted it now. The waiting was killing him, but the way Billy bit his lip as the head of Ian's cock pushed past the first ring of muscles was well worth the wait.

Billy moved slowly, taking inch after inch of Ian's length until he finally sat down all of the way in Ian's lap. Billy froze, his head dropping back on his shoulder. "Damn, Ian, that’s… that’s just…" Billy groaned.

Ian grinned when Billy looked back at him. "Tell me when I can move, baby."

Billy nodded and Ian moved. He slowly lifted Billy up then let gravity take over. Billy's moans turned from low to loud as he sank back down onto Ian's cock. It was blissful, arousing, and that was just the sounds the man made.

The feeling of Billy's tight hole taking him in just about sent Ian over the edge the very first time he sank down. By the third time, Ian forgot that he was trying to go slow and started thrusting up into Billy every time the man lifted himself up.

"Please, Ian, let me…" Billy's words trailed off but his eyes found their target on Ian's neck. Ian knew what the man wanted and he willingly gave it, tilting his head to one side.

Ian cried out, his hands bunching on Billy's hips as blinding pain exploded in his neck. The moment Billy started to suck, the pain disappeared to be replaced by a pleasure so intense, Ian knew he had only felt it one other time in his life…the first time Billy took blood from him.

"I love you, Billy," Ian whispered simply because he couldn't keep the words locked behind his teeth a moment longer.

The soft jerk of Billy's body and the tightening of his hands was the only indication Billy had heard him. Ian prayed it wasn't too soon. He didn't want to scare his mate off, but this moment was too precious for anything but complete honesty.

Ian almost groaned when Billy extracted his fangs. He could quickly become addicted to being bitten by his mate.

Billy's eyes were flooded with tears as he leaned up far enough to stare back down at Ian. "I love you, Ian."

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