[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, HEA]
Tucker Gage doesn’t spend all his time at the Silver Bullet or with his pack. In his free time, he volunteers at Village de l’Espoir, also known as Village of Hope in downtown New Orleans. His passion is to protect and rescue animals in need. His path crosses with his mate, Sloan McKenzie, when the man needs a guard dog to protect him from his ex-boyfriend turned stalker. Tucker will do anything for his mate, even if that means hiding who he really is by staying in wolf form.
Sloan McKenzie has locked himself away, avoiding his ex-boyfriend and the outside world. The man won’t leave him alone—he shows up to Sloan’s house almost every night and calls nonstop. With his behavior escalating, Sloan’s brother, Matthew, takes him to, Village de l’Espoir, to get a dog for extra protection.
What will happen when Sloan finds out that Tucker isn’t just his guard dog, but a shifter?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Olivia Black is a Siren-exclusive author.
Sloan's Protector (MM)
22 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Awesome book like all of the others!!!
Professional Reviews

4 HEARTS: "This is the ninth book in the ‘Silver Bullet’ series. I didn’t read any of the previous titles and while it is quite possible I would have enjoyed this book more if I had, I can’t say I was conscious of missing vital prior knowledge. Tucker Gage is a shifter who works as a volunteer in an animal rescue centre. When in wolf form he is able to calm and reassure the dogs they have to retrieve from often abysmal places. Sloan McKenzie is a virtual recluse ever since his former boyfriend turned stalker and started threatening him. To stop his big brother Matthew from worrying about him Sloan agrees to get a dog to protect and guard him. When Sloan arrives at the rescue centre to pick his dog, Tucker happens to be in wolf form. Recognizing his mate immediately and determined to protect him Tucker allows himself to be adopted without revealing he’s a shifter rather than a dog. Sloan feels a connection with his ‘dog’. But will this connection be strong enough when he finds out that not only is Tucker a shifter, he is also his mate? And will Tucker be enough to keep Sloan save from his ex-boyfriend? I liked this book. It was an easy read with likeable characters. But the real attraction for me was the love for animals in this story. I loved the animal rescue centre and the care they took with the animals they saved. And the whole idea of using shifters to reassure the frightened animals made me wish all rescue centres would have shifters at their disposal. I loved Tucker, both as a wolf and as a man. His very strong protective streak was very attractive and I liked that he was allowed his fair share of insecurities. We get a very nice glance at this world where humans and shifters live more or less in harmony and I’m very tempted to go back and read the earlier books just to find out more. The same is true for the ‘Silver Bullet’ pack, I saw enough of them to make me curious about them and their individual stories. One thing is for sure, I’ll be keeping an eye out for future books in this series. I don’t think one outing with this particular pack was enough for me. This is a sweet book. Not very deep and maybe everything comes together a bit too easily, but it was a charming story with characters I adored and it was a pure joy to read. Because there are times when all I want is an uncomplicated and non-taxing hour or two with nice characters and a charming story." -- Helena Stone, Love Romances and More

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Tucker Gage slowly pulled into the parking lot at Village de l’Espoir, also known as Village of Hope. His tires crunched over the gravel lot as he pulled into his designated parking space. Looking around, he smiled at all the people—humans and shifters, walking around the property, working with the different animals. There was a large concrete building that stood out in the center surrounded by fenced grass areas and training yards. This was where he spent all of his free time. Here at this animal shelter, dog training facility, and rescue center, he felt as though he made a real difference.

Shutting off the engine, he climbed out of his truck, pocketed his keys, and shut the door. With each step he took, Tucker listened as the dogs barked and howled with excitement. They welcomed and trusted him. He smiled and nodded to a few people as he made his way toward the center building to collect his work badge and leash. The owner of this large facility, Beau Telfor, was standing outside with his faithful companion Gunner at his side.

“Good morning.” Beau stuck out his hand and Tucker immediately took it. “I’m glad you’re here. We’ve got a rescue.”

“Do you need me in wolf form?” Tucker asked.

He’d gone on plenty of rescues as a wolf. It made it easier on the dogs—most of them having either been abused or abandoned. Fear ruled them and being a wolf helped him communicate on an entirely different level. He’d met Beau by accident years ago. At the time, he’d been a new member of Gideon’s pack. He liked to shift and run alone. It gave him time to think.

On one such occasion, he came across Beau. The man—a human—was trying to rescue a pit bull that had been used in an illegal fighting ring. The poor thing was close to death. The animal crawled away from Beau and into a sewer drain. Tucker stepped in, crawling after the injured animal. That day changed his life and priorities. He coaxed the pit bull out and into Beau’s caring arms. From that moment on, Tucker worked side by side with the volunteers and employees, helping where he could.

“It might be better if you were in wolf form today. We’re heading into Mississippi. I just got a report from the authorities of about a dozen dogs abandoned when their owner went to prison. Nobody was called in to take care of the animals. They’re starving and dehydrated. A few have died from the elements. The vans are being loaded along with kennels.”

Tucker exhaled and shook his head in disgust. He hated the thought of an animal out there suffering at the hands of pure stupidity. Would owners ever learn? Those poor dogs, they weren’t a piece of property to just leave outside alone and shivering. They needed love—every living creature deserved love.

“I’ll shift when we get there.” He nodded.

“Thank you for your help. I know I say that a lot, but I really do appreciate everything,” Beau said.

The man was always thanking him, as if saving dogs was some sort of hardship. It could be tough emotionally at times, but at the end of the day, Tucker felt good inside.

“You don’t need to thank me. I want to help anyway I can,” Tucker told him honestly.

He smiled and gripped Tucker’s shoulder. It was a friendly gesture, one of gratitude. “Let’s head out.” 

Three large white vans were already loaded and ready to go by the time Tucker and Beau joined the group of volunteers. He shook a few hands before everyone started moving. They didn’t waste time getting on the road. This could very well be a life-or-death situation for the animals and all the people here were dedicated. There was no time for chitchat.

Sitting in the front seat of one of the vans, Tucker stared out the windshield, silently watching the scenery fly by. He’d been on quite a few rescues, each one different. He’d seen animal cruelty at its worst. It broke his heart, but at least he was doing something. He wasn’t sitting back ignoring what went on. If only people like Beau had been around when he was a pup. Maybe someone would’ve rescued him.

Pushing those thoughts away, Tucker took a deep breath. He wouldn’t think about his past. It was over and there was nothing he could do about it now.




Tucker licked his lips, looking his mate up and down. He couldn’t wait to touch and taste his mate. Sloan didn’t give him the opportunity to grab him. Instead, he climbed onto the bed and crawled to the middle of the large king-sized bed. Sloan gripped the headboard, spread his legs wide, and lowered his chest. With his ass high in the air so invitingly, Tucker almost swallowed his tongue.

He followed Sloan and got on the bed. Reaching out one hand, he touched Sloan’s back. He traced the man’s spine down to the top of his ass. Sloan shivered and Tucker leaned forward, kissing the line his fingers had just traced. Tucker rubbed his hands down Sloan’s side and around his hips. Sloan let out quiet little moans as he arched his back and Tucker growled—the noises music to his ears.

Gripping Sloan’s ass cheeks, he palmed the firm globes of muscle. He pulled the cheeks apart and couldn’t hold back the deep moan when he got his first view of Sloan’s hole. Tucker wanted in there, he wanted to slide his hard cock deep into his mate’s ass. Using the pad of his thumb, he rubbed it over Sloan’s inviting hole. He leaned forward and inhaled his mate’s masculine scent. The smell caused his own shaft to leak pre-cum. Licking Sloan’s hole, he massaged the man’s entrance, soaking it with saliva.

“Oh, fuck.” Sloan moved his ass, pushing back into Tucker’s face.

The sounds of his groans and gasps spurred Tucker on. He tightened his grip on his mate’s cheeks to keep him still as he pressed his tongue into his mate. He slid his tongue out before pushing back in. He repeated his actions, mimicking what he planned to do with his cock.

“I–I need your cock in my ass. Please…I want it buried deep. I don’t think I can take any more teasing. I–I’m so close.”

“Where’s the lube, baby?” Tucker asked, gently nipping his mate’s ass cheek.

“It’s in the drawer.” He started to move, but Tucker stopped him.

“I’ll get it.” He kissed Sloan’s hip and slid off the bed. He pulled the top drawer open and grabbed the bottle of lube.

He climbed back on the bed and clicked the lid open, pouring the liquid onto his fingers. Using his slicked up digits, Tucker massaged Sloan’s hole before slowly pushing one finger in. He slowly moved his finger, loosening his mate before adding a second digit. Tucker touched the man’s prostate, massaging the gland, and his mate went wild.

“Oh…ahhh…Tucker…right there.” He pumped his hips and Tucker grinned, adding a third finger.

“Are you ready for my dick?” Tucker pumped his fingers a few more times, scissoring them, until he felt that Sloan was ready.

Using his free hand, Tucker grabbed the bottle of lube and opened it. He drizzled a line down his hard shaft. Pulling his fingers free, he pumped his cock, and quickly lined up his cock with Sloan’s hole. He pressed the head of his cock against his mate’s hole and slowly pushed in. Tucker groaned as he sank into his mate’s hot ass. The pressure was intense and he paused until Sloan’s body accepted his length. He watched Sloan’s opening stretch, swallowing him whole.

“Oh, fuck! Your cock…feels so good. Give it to me.” Sloan looked over his shoulder, moving his hips seductively. “Harder. Faster.”

Tucker rocked forward, then back, before returning to the warmth of his mate once more. He held Sloan tight—one hand on his shoulder and the other on his hip. Starting a slow rhythm, Tucker pumped his hips, adjusting the angle so he could peg his mate’s gland with each thrust. Sloan shuddered beneath him, groaning. He moved his body, trying to match Tucker’s pace. Their skin slapped together, creating an erotic sound that echoed through the room. His balls tightened and Tucker knew he wouldn’t be able to hold off much longer.

“I’m not glass… Fuck me!” Sloan demanded.

Tucker leaned over Sloan’s back, covering his mate’s body with his own. He picked up his pace, fucking his mate hard and fast. Lowering his head, his canines lengthened. He scraped the sharp edges against Sloan’s shoulder. “You wanna be my mate?”

“Yes, yes, yes, yes…” he babbled. 

The acceptance in Sloan’s voice had his wolf roaring to the surface. Tucker fucked his mate hard, driving his dick deep. At the same time, Tucker sank his sharp teeth into the meaty part of Sloan’s shoulder. The intense heat and pressure around his cock made Tucker moan in pleasure.

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