Sawtooth 'n' Soul (MM)

Three Bear Night 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 32,729
4 Ratings (4.8)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Adventure Alternative Contemporary Romantic Suspense Romance, MM, shape-shifter, HEA]

T-Rex has been in the closet for the sake of his career.  A drummer for country rock band Three Bear Night, he's tired of hiding who he is and takes a trip to the Sawtooth National Forest for some much-needed R & R.

Jonas, a sexy park ranger and coyote shifter, is out and proud, unimpressed by T's excuses, but knows it's T-Rex's decision.  T-Rex, a grizzly bear shifter, has been pursued by two relentless journalists, who are determined to expose his every secret.  They follow him to his cabin, where he and Jonas, plus his best friends and bandmates, Alvin and Ox, uncover a deadly secret of their own when their manager leaks their location, forcing them to choose between their heart or their pocketbooks.  One secret leads to another, the stakes as high as can be.  T-Rex is prepared to risk all for Jonas, to prove this isn't a casual fling.

Sawtooth 'n' Soul (MM)
4 Ratings (4.8)

Sawtooth 'n' Soul (MM)

Three Bear Night 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 32,729
4 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Jonas Chastain approached the cabin, curious about the inhabitants. He’d been sworn to secrecy, but since he had no idea who was there, he couldn’t very well disclose anything. What the hell was all the fuss about?

Smoke curled lazily from the chimney, and a pleasant baritone sang a popular country song. Hmmm. Okay, so perhaps this wouldn’t be so bad. Eighty pounds of meat delivered to their door was a little much, but if the guy serenaded like that…he’d take it.

Jonas vacated his truck, knocking briskly on the door. He turned to view his surroundings, loving the crisp, clean air as spring edged out the winter chill. The snowmelt was well underway, and new growth sprouted all around. He loved the mountains, so vivid and green right now, and mostly devoid of tourists. He had the place to himself…until now.

Turning as the door opened, he stared into big brown eyes the color of melted chocolate, cursing his rampant dick as it went from zero to fuck me in a second. Damn. Who the fuck was this? Curly brown hair, a shade darker than those bedroom eyes, framed a face that was masculine, whiskered in two-day-old stubble, and showing signs of sleep deprivation in the bleariness that shadowed his face. A spark of awareness entered the man’s eyes, and he flicked a glance over Jonas’s smaller frame, pausing at Jonas’s crotch, then jumped back to meet Jonas’s hazel stare, looking nervous.

“Hi. I have a meat delivery for you. Someone called Kevin said to bring it over.”

The man cleared his throat. “Er, what time is it?” He yawned, stretching his shirtless frame magnificently, allowing Jonas a perv’s eye view of a mountain of muscle rippling, and lickable as an ice-cream sundae. He wanted to trace every tattoo he could see, plus the one edging down below the waistband of the guy’s sweatpants.

“Eight.” He blushed, realizing he’d been fantasizing just a little too long.

“Eight! Fuck me, that’s early.”

Oh yes, let me fuck you, Jonas whined silently. He sniffed the air, catching a whiff of testosterone, musk, and a manly scent that had his libido doing cartwheels.

“Early? I’ve been up since five. Rise and shine,” Jonas added, smirking when studlicious yawned again, gesturing inside.

“Bring it inside would ya?”

Jonas about-faced, opened the tailgate of his truck, and hauled the first sack of meat onto his shoulder, the stud on his heels offering a helping hand with the second. Grunting under the weight, he carried it back up the porch steps and followed the bear of a man through the house into the kitchen.

“Hungry, are you?” Jonas asked, dumping the sack on the large table.

“Big man needs his meat,” the guy drawled, smiling slightly.

Arching a brow, Jonas bit back the obvious reply and went back for the next sack. Prime venison, freshly culled and butchered. He’d also brought a selection of fresh fruit, dairy, bread, and veg, just in case, taking three more trips to deliver the load, waving off studlicious’s offer of assistance.

“Er, thanks,” the man said, almost shyly.

Nodding, Jonas back-pedaled, worried he may pounce if he didn’t clear out. “No problem. I’m based at the main lodge today, so if you have any problems, let me know. See ya.”

Trotting out, he wiped his brow, glancing in the mirror as he drove off, noting tall, dark, and sexy was watching him leave from the porch.

Fuck me, indeed.


* * * *


“Trouble?” Alvin asked, wandering through, chest bare, scratching his neck.

“Breakfast,” T said, making himself useful by fixing a fresh pot of coffee. “The ranger, Jonas, brought us enough to feed an army.” He couldn’t get the cute guy out of his mind. Jonas. The name on the guy’s badge sort of rolled off the tongue.

“Or three hungry bears.”

They high-fived, grinning, and spread out the groceries, packing them away quickly.

“Great idea coming here, bro,” Alvin said, his dark eyes serious. “We all needed the break, even if we didn’t know it.”

“Yeah. The music machine’s been getting to me lately,” T admitted. “All the questions. Reporters camped day and night, wanting to know everything about me. It’s getting old.”

“Alice again?”

“Alice,” T agreed. “She’s got a hard-on for gossip, especially since I told her I wasn’t interested in a fling. Why doesn’t she just accept no for an answer? I told her. I won’t date a reporter.”

Alvin arched a brow, pouring juice for them both. “Alice is obsessive, T. No isn’t in her vocabulary. She needs a reality check.”

“She needs to get laid,” Ox grunted, entering the kitchen and swiping Alvin’s juice, smirking at Alvin’s grumpy growl. “Down, bear.”

“Whatever, douche. Why don’t you get your own juice?”

Ox chuckled, patting Alvin’s head. “Where’s the fun in that?”

Alvin rolled his eyes and poured himself another glass. “Whatever. Are you cooking breakfast?”

Ox hugged him. “I’m all yours, sweet pea. Full works, anyone?”

Alvin exchanged a grin with T-Rex. “Always, Chuckles. Extra sausage and over-easy on the eggs.”

“Gotcha.” Ox ambled to the fridge, setting out ingredients, then slammed about finding pots and pans.

“So, about Alice. What do we do? She’s freelance, so we can’t complain about her.”

“At least we’ve bought ourselves a couple of days’ respite,” Ox said. “Before Kevin ‘leaks’ our whereabouts to the media.”

T-Rex glowered. “He wouldn’t do that. I specifically told him not to.”

Ox laughed loudly. “Kevin never does what we tell him. On his own fucking planet, that one. What is it? Two years since he began managing us. Why do you think we get papped everywhere? Before Luke died, we had time to ourselves. Dinner, a game of golf, or band time in the studio. Luke made sure we got decompression time. Now…? Might as well put out a front-page ad ourselves to the media. If Kevin knows, they know.”




Jonas’s brain clouded with lust. Damn, but he wanted this man.

“Not here,” he whispered, taking T’s hand in his and jerking him to his feet.

Leading his lover to the bedroom, after making sure all the doors were locked and blinds lowered, he shoved T-Rex onto the bed, following him down. He laughed, since T had brought the damned laptop with him, and removed it from the big lug’s grasp, shoving it under the bed for later.

“Are you ready for second base?” he murmured, stripping off his T-shirt.

T licked his lips, looking so damned sexy that Jonas nearly came right there. Ripped jeans adorned his legs, his feet encased in scuffed brown boots. Up top was a faded blue T-shirt, skin-tight, delineating his perfect pecs.

“I need you,” T murmured, his crotch thickening as Jonas watched.

Jonas kicked out of his pants and slippers, leaving him in only his boxers. Locking eyes with T, he shucked them, too, pleased at T’s admiration.

“Boots,” he ordered, smiling at T’s eye-roll.

“Nag, nag, nag.” Still, T-Rex did as he was told, the boots clumping heavily to the carpet.

Jonas crawled up onto the bed, splaying T’s thighs and running his hands up each leg, skimming his lover’s crotch, then returned to massage his feet. “I just love a good foot rub, don’t you?” he teased.

T’s groan was guttural, and he moved restlessly on the bed. Jonas wanted to go slow, but his impatience to get to the juicy stuff pushed him. Moving up a little, he unhooked T’s belt, then unbuttoned his fly.

“Oh god,” T moaned, arching his back when Jonas fished for his cock, grasping the thick rod firmly, and began massaging it from root to tip, happy his lover went commando.

“A cock rub is good, too,” Jonas said, dipping his head to lick the fat tip of T’s dick, already weeping with excitement. “Hmmm. Tasty.”

T’s moans increased in volume when Jonas lapped enthusiastically, scooping up the oozing pre-cum, then exploring the thick length before taking the spongy head between his lips. Mouthing the juicy meat, he hummed softly, swirling his tongue along the slit, then bobbed up and down slowly.

His own cock was already slapping his belly, his ass clenching in anticipation. He wanted this beauty inside him. He didn’t care about anything but trying to forget the last awful days. T-Rex was someone he was interested in getting to know better. From the cock up.

Taking T deeper, he relaxed his windpipe, deep throating skillfully, and continued the massage with the back of his throat. T was babbling now, clutching the coverlet, legs splayed wide, and one hand clutching the back of Jonas’s head.

Jonas reached for the lube under his pillow, guiding T’s spare hand to it, and heard a hoarse chuckle.


Lifting off, Jonas smiled, saliva dribbling down his chin. “Now you’re getting the idea.” He sprawled over his lover, kissing him hungrily. “Now let’s get better acquainted, baby.”

Playing coach again, he helped T lube up, then guided his hands around where he wanted them. “You need to prepare me,” he whispered against his lips. “Easy does it. It’s been a while.”

Hesitantly, T-Rex tapped Jonas’s rosebud, his lube-slicked finger butterfly soft. Jonas moaned, nipping T’s lower lip, and felt his lover explore him more confidently. His ass muscles tensed as a thick finger pushed gently, breaching him carefully.

“That’s right, Thomas. Exactly right.” Their tongues met, swirling together in a playful game of tag while T pushed his finger in deeper. Moving back against the intruder, Jonas ground his engorged dick against T’s flat belly. “So good, baby.”

The kiss deepened again, their moans blending together. T added a second finger, stretching Jonas until he was writhing against the exquisite pleasure, wanting more.

“Ready?” he asked, wanting T’s fat dick inside him.

He hitched up, locking gazes with T. “More lube?”

T smeared more on his cock, breathing heavily. Jonas lifted higher, positioned himself over T’s huge dick, then lowered carefully. T helped, spreading his cheeks and nudging his cock into place. Closing his eyes, Jonas arched his back, then sank down, spearing himself.

Oh god, but it felt fantastic. The burn. The pinch of resistant muscles. The quiver of anticipation in his belly increased as he watched T’s face contort with sheer bliss, every muscle tensed as Jonas sank deeper, bouncing a little, grinning as T’s moans turned to curses.

“I’m gonna come too soon,” T warned, gripping Jonas’s hips and kneading his ass.

“Not yet, stud.” Jonas held his breath as he was spread wide, the pinch taking his breath away. “Christ, you’re big.”

T chuckled. “I’m in proportion.”

Jonas laughed, too, bottoming out. “Bragging rights?”

“Can we stop talking? My brain’s scrambled right now.”

Jonas bounced again, then began a slow dance, fucking himself on T’s dick in a way that had them both gasping. “Sooo fucking good.”

Gaining speed, he yelped when T flipped them, hooked Jonas’s leg up over his shoulder, then took over. “Is this how it’s done?” he growled, fucking Jonas with a gusto that blew Jonas’s mind. Their gazes met, Jonas’s hazy with lust. “I googled,” T quipped hoarsely, which had Jonas groaning and laughing simultaneously. Fucker!

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