Slayer (MM)

by Pelaam


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 26,586
0 Ratings (0.0)

During the 17th century, the Holy Church trained and employed Slayers to eliminate preternaturals. They were often provided with an intermediary who served as a combination of servant and sparring partner.

Slayer Alessandro and his lover, José, have devoted over two decades to the cause. During that time, Alessandro has learned that most non-humans just want to be left alone to live in peace -- something he dreams of himself.

When a preternatural threat arises close to home, something previously unheard of, Alessandro decides this mission will be his last.

Unfortunately for Alessandro, someone else has the same idea.

Slayer (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Slayer (MM)

by Pelaam


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 26,586
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Jolted from his reverie, Alessandro smiled at the portly friar striding towards him. Brother Osvaldo never seemed to change, always smiling, his green eyes shining with good humour, and always dressed in a drab, grey robe. Unlike many men of the cloth Alessandro knew, Brother Osvaldo wore his dark hair long, pulled back in a ponytail. The friar also possessed a keen intelligence, and they occasionally played backgammon together. On those rare occasions I am home, Alessandro thought wryly.

José even had an arrangement that if someone had need of his particular skills but couldn’t get to his shop, they could let Brother Osvaldo know and the friar would ensure the message was passed on.

Since arriving in their town just six short months ago, Brother Osvaldo had made a good impression on the people of the town. At the time, Alessandro had thought the friar would make a good ally. Alessandro had discussed preternaturals with him, Brother Osvaldo sharing his own knowledge freely. His information had yet to be proven wrong.

“I’m well, Brother Osvaldo, grazie, and you look to be in fine health.”

“I am indeed. I’d heard Bishop Mattia called for you. He’s been able to do little else, and I’m not surprised the townsfolk are afeared. His Excellency’s actions have proven ineffective thus far.”

Alessandro frowned slightly. He’d never heard the bishop so openly criticized, it was too dangerous. Men of power normally reacted to criticism as they would a challenge. Bishop Mattia was no exception and in many ways emulated his uncle, the Duke.

Turning away from the friar, Alessandro smiled indulgently at José as his beloved ran up to stop at Alessandro’s side. A slight frown crossed Brother Osvaldo’s face, but Alessandro had come to the conclusion that the friar knew of the relationship between them and didn’t approve.

“Sorry, Alessandro,” José said. “I chatted a little too long with Signora Marie. Good morning, Brother Osvaldo.”

Is it any wonder he’s so popular with his patients? He gives so freely of his time, and without reservation. Alessandro shook his head. “No harm done, my friend.”

“Good morning, young José. I trust Signora Marie progresses well.”

“Yes, indeed, Brother Osvaldo. Soon the town will be blessed with another child.”

“Good.” Brother Osvaldo nodded and clasped his hands in front of him. “It is indeed good that the town prospers, even if some prosper more readily than others.”

Alessandro hmmmed noncommittally. There was no way he would speak openly about the unfairness of class and wealth, even if he agreed with the speaker. It could be too dangerous; he walked a fine enough line already.

“You are a favoured man, Slayer,” the friar murmured. “But your devotion to the bishop ensures your fortune is tied to his. You may be his weapon, but His Excellency prizes power above all else and there’s nothing he won’t sacrifice to attain it. Even you. Take care, or you could find your service comes to an unceremonious end. People are afraid and their anger grows with that fear. Soon they will lash out, and Mattia is unlikely to be their only target.” Osvaldo suddenly laughed and shook his head. “Now I sound like a politician rather than a man of God. May God be with you both.” With that, Brother Osvaldo walked away, leaving Alessandro slightly confused. The friar had always been friendly until now. The sudden, almost threatening warning was unnerving. But it was obvious Brother Osvaldo was deeply worried about his flock, so perhaps he wasn’t thinking as clearly as usual.

Taking a deep breath, Alessandro let it out in a soft sigh. The friar’s words were true enough. A slayer led a dangerous life, few ever retired. “Let’s go on up the hill, José,” Alessandro murmured. He glanced back at Brother Osvaldo’s retreating back. Or perhaps he’s heard something. “The sooner we speak to the bishop, the sooner we may spend time together.”

“Of course, Alessandro.” José’s smile warmed more than just Alessandro’s heart, it lightened his soul. José patted his belly. “I look forward to a filling meal with you later.”

“I love you, bello,” Alessandro whispered, suddenly needing to say the words.

“And I you, Sandro.” José’s voice was softer still, little more than a puff of air, yet Alessandro heard him as though he had shouted. The vow settled his uneasiness, and he grinned as he and José strode up the hill.

I love him so much. “Then we’d best hurry.”

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