Box Set #67: Warriors of the Light, Volume 1 (All 4 books for $3.99)

In Miles’s Awakening, Ben is a member of the Council of Paranormal Beings and the leader of the Warriors of the Light. When he is tasked with hunting down an evil vampire by the name of Malcom, Ben is shocked to discover that the man Malcolm has been stalking is Ben’s mate. Miles was living a normal and quiet life when he is suddenly caught up in a war between good and evil. Both Ben and Malcom desire Miles to be his mate, but time is running out. Can Miles be saved, or will he be forced to mate a Warrior of the Dark?

In Astrid’s Wish, Astrid Reznik is a witch who has finally found a home after centuries of abuse. But while living with the Warriors of the Light, the Council of Paranormal Beings sends a delegate to question Astrid, and the man ends up being his mate. Klaus Marinos’s job is to hunt down dark witches who use their magic for evil. Suspecting Astrid of being no better, Klaus is shocked to discover that not only is Astrid his mate, he is also half fae. Klaus and the Warriors of Light must fight to protect Astrid, or risk the Council being destroyed.  

In Logan’s Rattler, Logan Erickson discovers one day that he is able to listen to other people’s innermost thoughts. However, when he hears the secret, dark desires of his current boyfriend, Logan runs away, abandoning all hope of ever finding true love. Finn Palmer has every reason to hate witches after being turned into a rattlesnake shifter against his will. But when he runs into a stranger in the woods who turns out to be his mate, Finn will do whatever it takes to protect him, even if Logan is a witch.

In Garrett’s Choice, Garrett Carrington was raised to be a fierce alpha, but all the traits instilled in him since birth do nothing to impress his warrior mate. Lachlan Campbell challenges Garrett at every turn, and when Garrett tries to bring him to heel, Lachlan refuses. However, a dangerous evil is plaguing the Carrington pack, and Lachlan is forced to return to Garrett to find the witch responsible. Garrett and Lachlan must put aside their differences to work together and save the pack, but will Garrett choose what’s expected of him, or what he wants most?

A Siren Erotic Romance
AJ Jarrett is a Siren-exclusive author.

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Miles's Awakening (MM) Astrid's Wish  (MM) Logan's Rattler (MM) Garrett's Choice (MM)

Warriors of the Light, Volume 1 (MM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing





The man placed his arm around Miles’s shoulders, and oddly enough, what fear he felt faded away. The sound and touch of this stranger seemed to calm his frazzled nerves. But why?

Miles tried to shake the weird feeling away and focus on the matter at hand. The man wanted to come back to his place as if Miles had a steady stream of unknown visitors to his home all the time. He turned to look at the other man and tensed at the jolt of lust that ran through his body. The calm feeling now mixed with an uncontrollable attraction he couldn’t explain. The man was absolutely gorgeous, and as crazy as it may sound, Miles felt drawn to him as if by an invisible string tying him to the man. The same string must be tied to his dick as well since it started to lengthen and reach toward the handsome stranger.

The man stood at least a foot taller than him, bulky with what Miles assumed was muscle under his leather jacket and tight black jeans. His hair was a deep caramel blond with sun-kissed highlights layered in, causing his tan skin to glow. With all elements combined, it rounded out the package to make for one sexy-as-hell man. 

What struck Miles the most were the piercing blue eyes the man had. They made him think of ice on a frozen lake. There was a coldness there that made him want to wrap a blanket around himself as to not be bitten by the bitter cold that swirled in the blue depths.

Miles gave a sharp shake of his head, trying to clear his thoughts of the sexy man herding him like a sheep to his apartment. “Excuse me, I hate to be rude, but what makes you think I will let you into my apartment?” It was a halfhearted attempt at anger because right now his dick was standing at full salute and he wouldn’t mind getting a little dirty with the man if he could find out for sure he just didn’t escape from a mental hospital.




Ben swallowed around the swollen head one more time before pulling off with a hard suck to the inflamed cock. He licked a path up Miles’s torso, stopping to tease the hard nipples sticking out for him to taste. When he reached Miles’s neck, he breathed in deeply, loving the scent of turned-on man and sweat.

“Let me make you feel good, Miles.” Ben rose up to rest on his elbows to stare down into Miles’s eyes. “Let me make love to you.”

Miles’s hard swallow was audible to his ears. “Will this make us mated?”

Ben’s eyes shut. The uncertainty he heard in his mate’s voice hurt his heart. He knew he shouldn’t expect Miles to agree to a mating until he knew all the facts, but he wanted Miles to want him the way he wanted Miles.

“No, baby. It won’t.” He rolled off Miles and sat up.

“Hey, Ben, don’t do that.” Miles’s thin fingers wrapped around his biceps, holding him still. “It’s not that I don’t want to be your mate, it’s just I need some time to process everything.” Miles grinned up at him. “Is that okay? Because if it is, I would really like to have sex with you.”

Ben watched as Miles reached between them and stroked his cock. Miles was seducing him with his very presence. Ben stood up beside the bed to shuck his pants. It was flattering to see Miles’s hand still as he got his first view of Ben’s body. He loved the way his mate ate up the sight of him.

“Lube and condoms are in the top drawer right there,” Miles said as he kept his gaze locked on Ben’s dick.

He smiled as he knelt next to the bed to look Miles in the eye. “We don’t need condoms. The immortal vampire thing kind of makes them pointless since I can’t catch human diseases.”

Miles’s lips curled at the corners. “Not that I don’t believe you, but I still haven’t had any proof you’re actually a vampire.”

True, Miles had a point. Praying he didn’t scare his little mate into unconsciousness again, he smiled, lifting his upper lip. He concentrated and let his fangs drop down. The fear he expected never came. Miles raised up to get a better look. Even more impressive was that Miles brought a finger up to touch the pointed tip. The slight touch curled Ben’s toes. The link between his dick and fangs had always been there, even more when it was his mate stroking the sharpened teeth.

“I can’t explain why I’m not freaking out right now, but seeing your teeth is turning me on even more.” Miles’s eyes darted up to his. “Is that normal?”





 “I must ask again, what’s this hard-on you have for finding Asher?” Klaus cocked an eyebrow at Benedict. “If you ask me, it all seems rather odd to be wasting the council’s time on a vampire who has been missing for centuries. Who may very well be dead.”

“He’s not dead!” Benedict shouted as he slammed his hand down on his desk, splintering the wood surface.

Well, now they were getting somewhere. Klaus always had his suspicions where the two men were concerned, and Benedict’s behavior just kept fueling that particular fire. He dropped his feet to the floor and leaned forward on his elbows. “How do you know? Did you gaze into your crystal ball or some shit?” he taunted the man.

Benedict fidgeted with the papers on his desk, avoiding eye contact with Klaus. “I just know, and let’s leave it at that.” He watched the mask of calm collectiveness slam back into place. “Like I stated earlier, I’m sending you to a town called Branson, Missouri. That is where my son has currently taken up residency, and you’re the one going because you’re the only witch I trust around my son.”

“Well jeez, thanks.” He snatched the papers out of Benedict’s outreached hand and thumbed through the report as Benedict carried on.

“It seems my son’s mate has befriended this witch that was being held prisoner with him. The man was held under Malcolm and Lucian’s care for over a hundred years. We will be lucky if he doesn’t go insane. If it turns out that he is damaged, I don’t want him around my son and his mate.”

Klaus glanced up from his papers. “Does this witch have a name?”

Klaus studied the man. He brought up valid points, but there was more to it. The hairs on the back of his neck rose in suspicion. “So let me get this straight, you want me to go and question this guy for information on a witch he may not even know?” He arched an eyebrow.




Astrid continued to stroke Klaus’s cock through his pants. Astrid knew what he wanted, and he was taking control of the situation. Klaus could get used to this side of his angel.

The need to come had Klaus pulling Astrid’s hands up to the sides of his head. He smiled down at his mate as he wiggled beneath him.

“Keep your hands right here.” He tightened his hold on his mate’s small, fragile wrist to emphasize his request. Astrid gave him a jerky nod.

Klaus held his angel’s gaze as he slowly trailed his fingers down Astrid’s clothed body. He would have liked for his mate to be wearing nothing at all. The need to feel soft, smooth skin had Klaus yanking Astrid’s shirt up to his chin. He left the shirt there and went for Astrid’s zipper. The prize lying inside was what he truly wanted at the moment. Klaus wanted to taste Astrid and get drunk on his liquid magic.

He popped the button on Astrid’s pants and peeled back the sides. The head of Astrid’s cock peeked out of the top of his briefs. Klaus reached up and used both hands to pull down the sturdy denim. Astrid raised his hips off the bed to help him.

“God you’re beautiful,” Klaus said as he got his first glimpse of Astrid’s naked body. Astrid had pale skin from head to toe with lightly tanned nipples that hardened from his touch. He worked his way down to the heavy cock resting against Astrid’s stomach. The head peeked out of the foreskin, showcasing a drop of pre-cum at the tip. God how he loved his men uncut.

Not giving Astrid a chance to decide if he wanted Klaus’s mouth on him or not, he leaned forward and swallowed his mate down until his nose met the thatch of golden hair surrounding the base. Astrid grunted and thrust his hips into Klaus’s face as he moved up the length. He rolled down the thin tissue and tongued every ridged contour. He hummed around the head as he brought his other hand up to gently massage Astrid’s balls and pull on the soft orbs lightly. With mouth on cock, one hand jacking the length and one hand fondling his man’s bits, he very quickly pushed Astrid over the edge.





Anger flared its nasty head at his mate’s refusal to believe him. He would die for Logan, but right now he wanted to throttle the very sexy brat. “I would never lie to you. You’re my mate. I would never hurt you. I love you.” Before he could stop himself, he blurted out the words. Seeing the shocked and disbelieving look on his mate’s face, he instantly regretted the omission.

“Excuse me? Are you fucking insane?” Logan shouted. “You love me?” His mate shook his head, sending a clump of hair over his left eye. “You don’t even know me.”

“Logan, if you just let me explain it’ll all make sense. I promise.” Finn took a step toward his mate. He had to tilt his head upward to meet Logan’s eyes.

As Logan stood still before him, Finn took the time to take in his mate’s beauty. Logan stood a few inches taller than his own five foot ten inches. His body was composed of lean, firm muscle like that found on a swimmer’s body. Not bulky but proportionate to his frame and height. His short black hair stood out in contrast to his pale skin. Not even a blemish marred the creamy white skin. The most exotic thing about Logan was his eyes. The blue irises had a milky tinge to them, almost appearing white.

“I’m sorry, but I need to get out of here.” Logan raced out the bedroom door.

“Shit!” Finn grumbled to himself as he gave chase.

The guy was fast. By the time Finn reached the top of the stairs, Logan was already halfway down.

As Logan ran out the front door, Finn caught up to his mate. A car was pulling into the drive, but he didn’t have time to stop and check it out. His priorities lay with his mate.

“Logan, please talk to me.” He stayed close on Logan’s heels. “At least let me give you a ride home.”

That stopped his mate in his tracks. He slowly turned to face Finn. “You’d take me home?” Logan appeared to be skeptical of his offer.

“Of course I would.” The doubt in Logan’s eyes made his chest ache. How could his mate be so untrusting of him?

“Okay, I’ll let you take me home but no sex. Not even a kiss good-bye. You hear me?” Logan pointed a finger at him. Finn nodded his understanding.




Doing as he was told, the man spat on his hole again then sat up. He held Logan’s eyes as he spit in his hand and rubbed it up and down his length. Logan ran his tongue across his lips. He was eager to taste the fine specimen in front of him. Very slowly, the man moved forward. The head of his cock breached the muscle barrier. Logan tensed as the burn morphed into erotic desire like nothing he ever felt before, and he needed more.

Once his dream lover was buried to the hilt, he paused above Logan. Logan tilted his head to the side. He could have sworn he heard a rattling sound. Shaking it off as just a weird part of his dream, he focused back on the hot man on top of him. The man held still as if waiting for a sign. Logan chuckled to himself. He wrapped his legs around the man’s waist and nudged his heels into the man’s lower thighs. He didn’t have to do it twice. The man started to move. After every second inward snap, he’d circle his hips, rubbing the rigid shaft over his prostate, driving Logan insane with need. He started to lift his hips up to meet his lovers. The sound of skin smacking against sweaty skin filled the room.

“This is everything I’ve ever imagined it would be.” The man moaned. “It’s like your body was made just for mine. It recognizes me.”

Logan listened to his dream lover babble but really couldn’t care less what he said just as long as he kept moving. The faster he snapped his hips, the higher Logan went on the cusp of the most fantastic orgasm of his life. Just a little more.

“Please, give it to me. I never want to wake up from this. God, I need you,” Logan couldn’t control his pleading cries. If he didn’t come soon, he felt like he would spontaneously combust.

The man shifted to his knees and stared down at him. “You want it?” Logan nodded. “Then tell me to claim you. To make you mine forever. Tell me what I need to hear. Say you want this bonding.”

Logan held the man’s gaze, unsure exactly what he was asking for. This was a dream after all. He’d give the man just about anything as long as Logan got to come at the end. “Yes. You can have whatever you want, just don’t stop.”





 “Questioning Garrett’s pack hasn’t gotten us anywhere. Either they don’t know anything or they’re just not talking. Take your pick. But now there is talk about the pack wanting to appoint a new alpha. It’s all hearsay, but you never know. I’ve met a few of the Carrington Pack members, and they all seem to just adore Garrett. So this could just be the council getting their panties in a twist.”

“Ben, how does all this involve me?” Lachlan didn’t understand how his choosing to leave Garrett had any effect on the council and the possibility of Garrett losing his rank as alpha. Garrett was a fit and athletic guy. He’d win against any challenger who would choose to fight the man. “Garrett’s a fierce and strong alpha. He wouldn’t lose a fight for his leadership.” Lachlan shrugged like what he said made perfect sense and that anyone would have to agree.

“I’d like to agree with that assessment, but we can’t chance it. With the possibility of witches being involved with this wolf pack, we can’t allow them to let another wolf challenge Garrett for alpha. This could be the witch’s plan all along. There’re too many unknowns for us to just put Garrett at risk of losing leadership of his pack.”

“Once again how does this involve me?” Lachlan was getting snappy, but he wanted the straight truth.

“It boils down to this.” Ben pointed his finger across the desk at Lachlan. “You need to move back in with your mate and show a united front. There are talks that some of the wolves in his pack aren’t happy that the alpha’s mate has chosen to live away from him. They think if Garrett can’t control you, then he can’t keep control of the pack.”

A bitter taste clung to Lachlan’s tongue. There was that word again, control. What was with these wolves and the need to control everything and everyone in their path? He didn’t want to let down the council, but Lachlan felt as if he was selling his soul if he agreed to this arrangement. He understood the circumstances if a corrupt wolf took over the pack, but did Lachlan have to sacrifice himself to prevent that from happening?




Again the wording sounded a bit off. Technically he didn’t belong to anyone, but he wanted his heart to belong to Garrett. He blamed the intensity of the situation for Garrett’s poor choice in wording.

“Then you better fuck me now. I don’t want to wait any longer.” Lachlan could hear the pleading in his voice, but he didn’t care. As long as it got him what he wanted, fuck his pride. He grabbed the sides of Garrett’s face and let his sharp nails come out to lightly graze across his mate’s flesh. “Claim me.”

Garrett let out a low growl and captured Lachlan’s lips in a searing kiss. He forced Lachlan’s hands back over his head. He eased a hand between them and used his fingers to swipe up the pre-cum leaking from the head of Lachlan’s cock. The fingers then went lower to play across Lachlan’s rippled entrance. Lachlan felt his hole flutter at the contact. He edged his hips forward trying to get the teasing fingers in deeper.

Garrett smiled mischievously down at him. “Are you impatient, my love?”

“Fuck yeah.” Lachlan didn’t have any pretty words for his lover. He was beyond that at the moment. Lachlan needed a solid, hot, and thick cock inside him stat.

Garrett pushed up on one arm to hover over Lachlan. He then used his free hand to rub his damp tip over Lachlan’s heated hole. Lachlan roared his frustration, sending some birds in a nearby tree to flight. Garrett smiled down at him and pushed forward in one forceful thrust.

“Holy shit!” Lachlan hadn’t bottomed in a long while, and the burn was intense. He sucked in mouthful after mouthful of air. His ass tightened around the large pole shoved up nice and deep. He just needed a second to adjust.

His mate didn’t move or rush him. Garrett lowered his body to cover him, and the slight shift caused Lachlan to jerk beneath his mate.

“Shh, breathe, Lachlan.” Garrett dropped soft, gentle kisses to Lachlan’s jawline and cheeks. “Accept me into your body.”

Lachlan tried to do as Garrett asked, but without lube his channel wanted to protest the dry claiming. He closed his eyes and wiggled slightly to accommodate the large dick in his body. After a few swirls of his hips, the pain ebbed a bit. The pinch of pain added to the fire coursing through Lachlan’s cock to settle in his balls. He wanted more.

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