[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, shape-shifters, vampires, M/M, HEA]
Alistair Costanova never thought he’d have a second chance at love—until Sam Hayes blows into town and turns his world upside down. Shock sends him running away from the man wearing the face of his dead lover from several centuries ago, but circumstances and attraction keep drawing them closer.
Sam Hayes is a very complicated man, impulsive and extremely outgoing, but he has some measure of depth to him. He’s a man with several layers and a deeply buried secret only a select few in his family line know about. A born wizard, Sam had no choice but to keep that part of himself separate from his public life among humans, even his best friend, Dorian. Moving to Melrose Town was supposed to be an adventure and a new start for Sam. Nothing had prepared him to be surrounded by a town full of vampires, and a quick adjustment was in order, especially since witches stayed neutral from every other species.
Meeting Alistair sparks his interest, and the aloof man brings out emotions he’d never felt before. For Alistair, staying away from Sam is more work than he thought possible, even if he needed to stay away for the man’s own good. But with the increasing problem of made vampires and these two fighting the emotions they feel for each other, who will succumb first?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Forever My Love (MM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Alistair Costanova, in his early days typically known as Casanova with a capital ‘C’, strode through the brightly lit hallway, his eyes sharp without missing a single detail but his appearance bored and uninterested. Even with the boredom and constant repetitive agenda beating down upon him, he strived to look lively. He’d been given a task by his king, Kevyan Melrose, and he was hoping to be sent on a mission soon or he’d go out of his mind.

Working out could only go so far to ease his thoughts. Getting hyperactive in his current condition would be much more dangerous to everyone around him than anything else. If push came to shove, his mind was made up to take some time off alone where he could sort himself out. Better that than the consequences of him being around people in his present state.

He pulled open the door to the king’s study just as the door was also pushed open from the other side. Two bodies collided, tumbling into each other as they both held on for balance, knocking the wind out of the two at the unexpected incident. Alistair separated the body from his, holding the other person at a relatively safe distance, ensuring they were both on their feet.

“Sorry.” A deep masculine voice said from underneath a face covered in dark auburn hair accentuated with blue stripes.

The man, Alistair noticed, was as tall as him and at six feet two inches, he was not short by any standard. The man used one hand to toss the hair back away from his face, standing to his full height before locking gazes with Alistair. Sweeping his gaze over the other man’s feature, Alistair noticed the man’s nose, which was extremely pointed, was embedded into a face so striking that it would be impossible for the man not to know his own charms.

“Asher?” Alistair’s voice came out hoarse with surprise, his face a frozen mask of shock, disbelief, yet with a small amount of elation.

The man tucked the loosened strands behind one ear and raised a brow at Alistair. “Who?”

“Asher, is that you?”

“I don’t know of an Asher.” Familiar blue eyes crinkled at the side and the man smiled gently, holding his hand out for a handshake. “But I’m Sam.”

Alistair’s confusion shone plain on his face and his gaze moved from Sam’s to the outstretched hand. With shock still overriding his system, it was a little hard for Alistair to stop looking at the hand like some poisonous snake waiting to strike him. After a long moment, Alistair looked up and was ensnared in a face too similar in every inch to be a coincidence.


* * * *


Flashback to 1667


It was a busy market day with peddlers, shop owners and buyers haggling over the prices of goods as sales were being made. Children ran around, and carriages moved through the street. Alistair was examining two trinkets, undecided on what to purchase for his youngest brother’s birthday celebration.

It had always been he and his brother against the world after their parents had been murdered in a plot by this father’s brother to take their family title for himself. Soon after Alistair had learn of who was being his parent’s murder, he had retaliated by slaughtering every single person in his uncle’s family.

He and his brother then became the last of their family line, and he’d done his utmost to protect and act as both a father and brother to his brother, several decades younger than he. Today would mark Yuri’s ninety-fifth year, and he wanted it to be special. Those from prominent families had already been invited, including the royal family.

He was so proud of his brother that not a single day went by that he did not tell this to Yuri. Now, getting him a gift that would be meaningful proved difficult. Shopping was not his forte, but he would also not leave this task to another.

“The blue one m’lord,” a lilting voice said from being Alistair.

Swinging around to stare at the person who had managed to sneak up upon him, Alistair was ready to pull his dagger out to stab. But the innocent trusting face staring back at him was enough for him to pull his hand away from the head of his dagger.

Piercing blue eyes stared back at him from an oval face so beautiful that Alistair could not help but gasp. With a slender figure dressed in a blue robe, which accentuated the stranger’s eyes, the stranger was striking and gorgeous. Never before had Alistair felt so strong an emotion just by looking at another.

Desire stirred something furious in him, and his eyes roved all over the stranger, taking it all in.

“The trinket.” The stranger prompted, drawing Alistair’s gaze back to his face.

“Oh.” Alistair’s gaze dropped to the object in his hand then back to the stranger. “A gift for my brother. I am not quite sure what to get him. Tis his birthday, you see?”

“Ahh.” The stranger nodded then proceeded to move until he stood beside Alistair then began rooting and perusing through the merchandise. “May I see your collections of daggers?” the stranger asked the shop keeper.

“Yes of course, milord. This way if you please.” The shop keeper, a fat man whose eyes saw only the currency he was sure to get, hastily bid them follow him. “The finest you’ve ever seen, milords. A few imported, mind you, but of great quality.”

The stranger harrumphed then proceeded to weigh each and every dagger he deemed worthy. He tested them, shaking his head several times until he found the one he was satisfied with, then turned to Alistair with a victorious smile.

“What think you of this?” the stranger asked.

Alistair had eyes only for the stranger though, for he’d tracked his every move, watching him with admiration and desire. He merely spared a glance at the intricately designed dagger before nodding. “A good fit if I do say so myself.”

The smile that curved the stranger’s face was blinding and spellbinding at once, enchanting Alistair once more. The shop keeper wrapped their purchase for them and as they exited the shop after payment, Alistair regarded the other man.

“May I know what you are called?”

“Oh, how silly of me, my name is Asher Allerton. And you m’lord?”

Alistair flashed the man a disarming smile. “Please call me Alistair. Alistair Costanova at your service.”




“Stop that!” Sam said, batting Alistair’s hand away from him but to no avail.

“But I’m so horny.” Alistair said, his voice turning into a whine.

Sam growled in annoyance, moving them back towards the bed. “I’m not having sex with you when you’re clearly plastered” Sam said, trying to push Alistair away from him.

His efforts were wasted since, instead of succeeding, all he managed was to push Alistair onto the bed with him falling along until he landed on Alistair’s chest. His rough landing produced an ‘oomph’ from the slightly inebriated man beneath him but did not result in Alistair letting him go.

“I’m sober, I’m sober. Shit I want you so bad.” Alistair protested, kissing every inch of Sam he could get to and running his octopus-y hands around the other man’s body. “Let me have you. I’ll make it so-oo, so good!”

Sam shook his head in consternation. “You’re impossible!”

“Yes!” Alistair said, taking Sam’s word as a yes. He slanted his mouth against Sam’s and took it in a deep kiss. He stabbed his tongue into Sam’s mouth, drawing the other man’s out to play.

Alistair rolled them on the bed until Sam was beneath him, all without breaking the kiss as he began unbuttoning Sam’s shirt. Sam lifted up slightly so that Alistair could pull the material away from his body. When that was off, Alistair began working on Sam’s pants, sitting on Sam’s hips and pushing the pants down Sam’s legs along with the boxer brief the other man was wearing. Sam cycled his legs until the material slid down to his legs then he kicked them off, displaying his naked body for Alistair’s feasting.

Alistair slid in between Sam’s legs and pushed them farther apart with his thighs and hands before coming down on Sam’s leaking cock. He pushed their dicks together, rubbing and dry-humping with Sam naked before him and he still clothed. The frustration of not doing this without anything between them mounted until Alistair finally withdrew from Sam’s lips and yanked his shirt over his head, tossing it behind him.

Alistair glanced at the man splayed before him. He raised Sam’s legs then planted them on the bed so that they were bent at the knee. He caressed Sam’s inner thigh and eyed Sam’s hole with hungry eyes, pressing the tip of his finger against the beautiful star entrance.

Crawling back on the bed, Sam pulled away from Alistair, “Shit, fine! But no way are you taking me without some lube.”

Alistair smiled and his face lit up with unabashed excitement as he proceeded to pepper kisses all over the skin he’d exposed. “Lube is in the drawer beside you.”

Shaking his head, Sam stretched out on the bed, ignoring Alistair who was still attached to his skin, sucking and kissing his torso, and reached into the bedside table. He pulled the drawer open and withdrew the bottle of lube from it, then proceeded to pour a generous amount in his hand. Hiding a devilish grin, Sam wiped the cold substance down Alistair’s naked back and the other man jerked away from him, yelling in surprise.

Alistair glared at Sam without saying a word.

“Sorry.” Sam said with a shrug. “Take your pants off, yeah?”

“Fine.” Then a slow grin spread across Alistair’s lips.

“What? What’s that grin for?” Sam asked with a little bit of trepidation and excitement as he began preparing his hole for Alistair.

“I’m going to take it out on your ass.” Alistair said, pulling his pants and boxers down in one go. He kicked the offending material away from his legs then climbed back up on top of Sam. He used his legs to kick Sam’s farther apart and stared at Sam’s finger going in and out of his hungry hole.

“Mine!” Alistair snarled, pulling Sam’s hand away from his hole and pouring the lube into his own hand.

Alistair speared a finger into Sam and the other man groaned as it hit the prostate directly. Alistair rolled his finger inside Sam’s body eliciting a moan from Sam. He pulled his finger out then pushed in with two. He worked Sam’s hole thoroughly until Sam was a thrashing mess beneath him.

Tossing Sam’s legs over his shoulders, Alistair lined up his cock with Sam’s gleaming entrance before pressing the tip of his cock against it.

“Get in me Alistair!” Sam said, his words bitten out from between tightly clenched teeth.

Fisting the blanket beneath him, Sam squeezed his eyes tight as Alistair slid home inside him. Pain and pleasure warred within his body, the pain red-hot as the feeling of being stretched and full overcame him. He held Alistair by the waist against him, silently letting the man know to keep still inside him and not move while he adjusted to the feel of the man.

Soon, the pain retreated and pleasure flooded his body. When he was comfortable, Sam wiggled his ass beneath Alistair and nodded for the man to move. Sam bit down on his bottom lips as Alistair withdrew, leaving only the head of his cock in Sam, before slamming back in.

They both groaned together, moaning each other’s names. Alistair rolled is hips, holding Sam’s raised thighs then positioning himself in an angle that made him go deeper into Sam.

“Oh god, Alistair, fuck me harder,” Sam cried, writhing in pleasure beneath his lover.

Alistair powered into Sam over and over again, the pace faster and faster, driving the both of them to a quick orgasm. With each thrust, Alistair nailed Sam’s prostate and the other man clamped down on Alistair’s cock, milking him dry.

With the crashing pleasure driving the both of them, Sam grabbed a hold of his cock and began stroking it faster and faster. The sex was wild and untamed and fierce as Alistair pounded into Sam relentlessly. The only sound that filled the room was that of skin slapping against skin and the moans and grunts and groans of Sam and Alistair combined. It wasn’t long before Sam was coming all over is stomach and Alistair not far behind him.

“Alistair!” Sam yelled, his veins standing and straining against his forehead and neck as he kept on shooting jets of white milky seed against his stomach.

“Asher!" Alistair yelled, shooting jets of come inside Sam.

Alistair powered into Sam, fucking him through his orgasm until the pleasure was too much to contain. They moaned and rode the high of orgasmic bliss until they had nothing left to give and were completely and totally wiped out.

The moment Alistair pulled out of Sam, they both collapsed against each other, sapped of even the strength to keep their lids open, and it was not long before they were knocked out for the day.

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