Something Sinful This Way Comes (MMF)

McQueen Was My Valley 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 48,847
10 Ratings (4.6)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, with M/M elements, light consensual BDSM, spanking, sex toys, HEA]

Xandra McQueen has a whole new lease on life after inheriting the Triple Play Lodge in Utah. Rid of an abusive crime lord boyfriend, she revels in her new relationships with the former commando Nathan Horowitz and the gentle game warden Julian “Fresh Air” Longtree. But a stalker upsets her bucolic existence, breaking into her suite to steal photographs. Nathan, running from the nightmare of his most recent African mission, puts his heart and soul into tracking down the blackmailing pervert. But he just lost a beloved partner. He BASE jumps from desert spires to help himself forget. Why does he want to add not one but two more loves to the mix? Xandra knows she has fallen for two damaged, broken spirits in Nathan and Julian. Together, they race to unmask the stalker, piecing together the crimes as well as the mysteries of their ménage.

Note: Each book in the McQueen Was My Valley series is stand-alone and can be read in any order.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Karen Mercury is a Siren-exclusive author.

Something Sinful This Way Comes (MMF)
10 Ratings (4.6)

Something Sinful This Way Comes (MMF)

McQueen Was My Valley 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 48,847
10 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
BRAVO! Ms. Mercury you have me hooked on this outstanding series. What great characters and great storyline. I'm sure to be coming back for more.
Barefoot Okie
I loved this one by Karen Mercury - I especially like her books that involve menage-a-trois - it makes everything more interesting!
Professional Reviews

4.5 STARS: "When Alexandra McQueen inherits the Triple Play Lodge in Utah, she's looking forward to safety and serenity, far away from her drug kingpin ex boyfriend. Naturally, it doesn't take long for trouble to find her. After her suite is broken into, she enlists the help of former commando and BASE jumping adrenaline junkie Nathan Horowitz to help her figure out who the culprit is. Nathan, still mourning the loss of his lover and military partner, isn't looking for any romantic dalliances, but he can't seem to resist the raunchy thoughts that invade his senses at the thought of the bodacious blonde owner. And when he comes across the sweet yet insatiable game warden Julian Longtree while out exploring, all thoughts of abstaining fly out the window. Xandra doesn't get the gay vibe from either man, and her insights are correct when she realizes her attraction to both men is mutual. The three of them enter into a highly erotic ménage relationship, but can they catch the stalker and come to terms with their extreme attraction to one another before it’s too late? I absolutely loved Something Sinful This Way Comes! Nathan, Xandra and Julian have amazing chemistry, and the honest playfulness of both Xandra and Julian was both refreshing and super sexy. Xandra is honest and forthright about her past with the drug lord, honest about her severe attraction to both men and willing to try many different and playful bedroom activities without hesitation. Nathan is damaged but Xandra and Julian simply drive him out of his mind with desire. In fact, the handjob scene in the beginning when Nathan and Julian meet…hello delicious! It’s so hot that the masculine and strong Nathan has a secret submissive streak, one which Julian exploits in the most delightful way (I’ll never look at a police baton the same way again! WoooWEE!). All in all, Something Sinful This Way Comes was a really fun book, both lightly dramatic and lighthearted with a sinful edge that kept me on edge for more. Great job Ms. Mercury!" -- Silla Beaumont, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

4 STARS: "The first installment in the McQueen Was My Valley series has an interesting storyline and is sinfully sexy! The m/m/f connection sizzles right off the pages. Mercury is spot on capturing the characters' emotions; readers will feel their desires and needs. Literature buffs will recognize that the title is a play on words from Shakespeare and Bradbury, which actually fits into the story." -- Jaime A. Geraldi, RT Book Reviews

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Nathan mused, “So it’s not the photo itself the bastard is after. It’s something in the frame.”

“I’ll go see Marcus. But you,” said Doug, pointing at Nathan. “Keep things clean. I don’t want to find your…your bag on her floor again.”

Doug exited, and Xandra noted that Nathan promised Doug nothing.

“So you still think my ex has something to do with this?” Xandra had to lift her face and look up at Nathan. She had no more excuse to keep cuddling his chest, and she was getting blood on him.

“I really do, Xandra. It’s my experience random people don’t just commit the same crime over and over. He hasn’t touched your laptop, so it’s not a document he’s after. Do you have another framed photo?”

“Just one more. Another one of me and my sisters.” She didn’t want to break away from Nathan’s comforting proximity, but she really should stop bleeding on him. “It’s in my bedroom, up high on a shelf.”

“Let me clean the blood off, love.” Xandra was thrilled beyond her wildest expectation that he called her “love.” Did he feel the same buzzing thrum of chemistry flowing between them? “It’s not a deep cut, luckily. It’s stopped bleeding already.”

“Yes, he just pressed the knife too hard. But I’ll look like the bride of Frankenstein.” Xandra headed for the bathroom, glad when Nathan followed. Turning on the sink water, she waited for it to warm up. Nathan took the washcloth from her and held it under the warm water, pressing it to her neck. When he removed it, no fresh blood flowed. “I need to ask you something, Nathan,” she said boldly. “Last night. When you got into my bed.”

The washcloth paused on her neck. She knew he was surprised she’d brought that up, but she forged ahead. “You were saying some funny things. It sounded like you were quoting fishing reports. You talked about tiger muskies in a reservoir. Then you said, ‘Roar is fast-sinking.’”

Nathan chuckled feebly. “Oh. I guess I was just reading too many fishing reports, you’re right.”

“What’s a roar, though?”

Nathan shrugged. He put down the bloody cloth and whipped a fresh towel from a rack. “Just one of those things sleeping people mumble, I guess. Sorry for climbing into your bed. I took a new pill the doctor in Abilene gave me. Sure not taking that again.”

Xandra was disappointed that he felt the need to apologize for something that had been stimulating and comforting for her. “Oh, so the pill was responsible for all of your behavior? I quite liked some of it.”

He pressed the clean towel to her throat, but she detected a hint of sheepishness. “I suppose I should ask you what this horrible, debauched reprobate did to you last night. I’m sorry I don’t recall a thing—not like that’s any excuse. I just had a vague feeling I had done something…untoward.” In the mirror she could see him looking down at her, as though he’d like nothing more than to gather her in his arms and hump her—again—up against the sink. His nostrils flared as though her scent was turning him on.

Xandra backed up a few inches, just to feel the warmth of his torso against her back again. “Untoward maybe. But if I had protested, you would’ve known it.”

He finished patting her neck with the dry towel, but didn’t seem to want to lower it. She could feel his breath against the crown of her head. “I woke up buck naked with you in my arms. Not one memory of what I’d done.”

Xandra was disappointed he had no memories. “See? Who knows. Maybe it was I who was untoward to you. Did that occur to you? I could’ve seduced you.”

“Yes. But I doubt it.”

“Why do you doubt that?”

Nathan sighed. “Because I know myself. I even know my sleepwalking, drugged self. It was me. I take full responsibility for having offended you.” He finally lowered the towel, but it only hovered over her breasts, making them tingle.

“You didn’t offend me, Nathan.” Xandra wanted to turn and face him, but she liked looking at him in the mirror. So she allowed her head to loll back against that well-built chest. With half-closed eyes, she breathed in his scent. It wasn’t an unusual feeling, the grip of his gun pressing into her shoulder blade. Javier had often gone about armed, too. “It was a delightful surprise. A hot, naked man in my bed? It’s been a long time since I’ve enjoyed that.”




With no warning whatsoever, Nathan’s torso was yanked to an upright position, an arm cinched around his neck. He knew it was Julian before Julian snarled into his ear, “That’s right, you lewd and lascivious fucker. Jump the girl when I’ve got my back turned.”

“Your back wasn’t turned, douche bag,” Nathan retorted, mostly pissed that he’d been yanked away from his ministrations to Xandra’s pussy. Down below him, she writhed, clearly missing the stimulation of his hand, too. He just hoped he’d been allowed to mostly complete the task. She had already twitched and jumped far longer than any woman he’d ever made come. Maybe that Javier asshat had not administered to her carnal needs on top of everything else he’d done. But the vibrator Nathan had seen in her nightstand could have somewhat made up for that…

Nathan didn’t protest too much when Julian jerked his hands around to the back of his neck. He’d had this done to him many times, and he’d handcuffed others many more times. But only a few times in the spirit of play.

He felt the cold steel of the cuffs as Julian snapped them shut. These were not Xandra’s fluffy leopard skin cuffs, that was for sure. These were Julian’s government-issued set that he usually kept in a duty belt holster. Nathan was surprised at a pang of jealousy as he wondered, Has Julian used these on other playmates of his?

Julian slid one hand down the buttons of Nathan’s jeans, grabbing a handful of his stiff dick. “You knew I was sleeping, you rat bastard. You had to go and claim the beautiful Xandra for yourself.”

Nathan made no move to resist. He only jiggled his ass against Julian’s crotch as the ranger kneeled behind him on the couch. Julian dry-humped him like a dog while his other hand unbuttoned Nathan’s jeans. Through the brown cotton fabric of Julian’s pants Nathan could easily feel the shape of his long dick as he rubbed it into Nathan’s ass crack. “If you were awake, you’d know she submitted easily to me.” Nathan looked down at Xandra, pleased and aroused even further to find her all alert, like an adorable chipmunk, watching the antics of the two men.

She had said she didn’t want to come between him and the Navajo bastard. Now it appeared more likely that she wanted to watch him and the Indian warden. Going at it. Hard.

She even massaged her own tit as Nathan helplessly watched, her eyes shimmering as though hit with a handful of stars. Not only was she not repulsed by viewing two men touching—she was fired up.

Now her eyes eagerly took in the sight of Nathan’s well-hung cock as Julian freed it. Julian shoved his jeans down around his knees as he impatiently clutched his prick in his fist. “Xandra,” Julian said in an authoritative tone, his chin resting on Nathan’s naked shoulder. His free hand ran up Nathan’s abdomen as he kneeled there helplessly, admiring the ridged muscles that encased his ribs. “You like what you see? This delicious horse cock is hard, throbbing, eager to come for you.”

“Oh, yes,” Xandra agreed. She slid a hand up Nathan’s thigh to fondle his balls. He hissed in air, her touch light but paining him in his sensitivity. “He’s got a beautiful horse cock. He’s beautiful, Julian. He’s just rippling with muscles and…” She giggled. “Semen.”

Julian, apparently liking this depiction of his lover, refused to let go his grip on Nathan’s dick. “I think this callous stud needs to be taught a lesson or two.”

Xandra’s other hand tickled Nathan’s cockhead until he felt a dribble of jism seep from the slit. Like a kid at a candy factory, she smeared the drip around until he twitched and gasped. It was heavenly to be helpless like this with two people he trusted. In anticipation of the punishment to come, every square inch of his skin had become so sensitive that Julian’s breath against his shoulder had him about to shoot.

“Sinfully delicious,” Xandra purred warmly. She scooted up against the couch arm until her shining eyes were at eye level with Nathan’s drooling prick. Her bare, bouncing tits only elongated Nathan’s penis, and he felt another drip of seed slide from the tip. “What punishment do you have in mind…Sergeant Longtree?”

Reaching around the back of Xandra’s head, Julian urged her mouth toward his prick. “Suck him, dear. But not too well. Don’t let him come, though I can tell he’s dying to.”

Xandra sank the cock down her throat so eagerly Julian had to grab a handful of her hair and pull her back. Nathan whimpered and a shudder cascaded down his inner thighs. How did Julian know this would be the ideal torture for such a selfish asshole as Nathan was?


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