Hunter's Moon (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 29,695
15 Ratings (4.5)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, older hero, light bondage, spanking, sex toys, HEA]

Jeremy Grayson is a lone werewolf, but he is drawn into a world he rejected long ago.

At the age of sixteen, his Alpha and his father discovered he was gay and attempted to “beat the gayness” out of him. He escaped his pack and has never looked back, refusing to even consider living within pack territory again because of the way his own pack betrayed him.

As soon as Rand Hunter, Alpha of White Ridge Pack, meets Jeremy, he knows that the werewolf is his mate. He has to be patient, however. Jeremy is obviously hiding a painful past. He vows to do whatever he must to make Jeremy feel safe within White Ridge Pack.

When Jeremy’s old pack members show up in White Ridge, Rand must do whatever it takes to protect his mate and eliminate any threat to his pack. And he must make Jeremy understand that he belongs to White Ridge Pack and its Alpha…forever.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Hunter's Moon (MM)
15 Ratings (4.5)

Hunter's Moon (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 29,695
15 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
First story I've read from this author and it's probably the last. The story was too hurried with no depth. Everything was just too quick and hurried that the characters just blend in the shadows. No character build-up, no chemistry, and it felt like it was just there. I don't recommend it.



The house itself was a lot bigger than he’d expected. Two stories with a sharply pitched roof, it had to be at least four thousand square feet. It was decorated for Christmas, with an evergreen wreath on the front door and garland draping over the porch railing. Smoke rose from the chimney, giving the whole place a cozy warmth despite its size. He gave a low whistle as he studied the building.

Rich laughed. “Yeah, well, our pack has always been very well off.”

“Did you grow up here?” he asked, buttoning the jacket he’d thrown on as he joined Rich at the back of the SUV to help him get their bags out.

“On pack land here? Yes. In this house? No. My uncle was the Alpha then, so we spent a lot of time here, but my family had a smaller home a couple of miles away.”

“How much land does your pack own?”

“The pack itself owns about fifty acres, but a lot of the other surrounding property is owned by members of our pack as well.”

“Lots of room to run as wolves.”

“Yep. Which is good ’cause there’s a little over one hundred fifty members of our pack.”

“Wow. That’s big.”

Rich nodded. “One of the biggest in the country.”

“And they all live here?”

“Most of them. Some, like me, are away at college or in the military. Some have jobs that force them to travel a lot.”

They had started climbing the steps to the front door when it opened, and a man stepped out to watch them.

“Rand,” Rich cried out and rushed forward to hug his brother. Jeremy followed a bit more slowly. As soon as he reached the top step, he froze. The man’s scent was powerfully seductive. His wolf agreed. Jeremy could feel his canines starting to lengthen and the hair on the backs of his hands became thicker. He had to force his wolf back under control. What’s more, Jeremy realized, he recognized the man, and it was apparent from the look on his face that the other man recognized him as well. He was the man from his dream fantasies. The man who had been haunting him for the past month now stood staring at him with a hungry expression on his face, a low growl coming from his throat.

Rich stopped at the sound and spun, his gaze darting back and forth between his brother and Jeremy. Jeremy tore his gaze away from that piercing steel-gray stare and met Rich’s wide eyes. No one spoke. Gradually Rich’s mouth curved up into a wide grin. “Oh…my…God. I can’t believe it. Mates. You two are mates. Son of a bitch!”

Mates. Of course. That’s why he wanted to walk up to the man standing frozen in the doorway and lick him from head to toe. Rich must be able to feel the tenuous bond that had begun to form between Jeremy and Rand through Rich’s own bond to his Alpha and brother.

Rich stepped forward and patted the other man’s arm. “Rand. Congratulations. I can’t tell you how happy this makes me. You and Jeremy. It’s amazing! I guess I should’ve brought him home sooner, huh?”

At Rich’s words, the other man seemed to come to his senses. With obvious difficulty he returned his brother’s grin, though his gaze stayed glued to Jeremy. “Rich. I’m glad you’re home.”

Rich laughed. “Yeah. I can see how glad you are to see me.”

The man stepped back and finally looked down at his brother, his gaze serious. “Thank you for bringing him to me, Rich. I’ll never be able to thank you enough.”

“It’s my pleasure.”

Jeremy felt Rich reach toward him, grabbing his arm and drawing him closer. His feet dragged, his whole body feeling uncoordinated and leaden, as he was pulled closer to the towering figure with the dark-brown hair and firm jaw.

“Jeremy, I’d like to introduce you to my oldest brother, Rand Hunter. And, Rand, this is Jeremy Grayson. You’ve heard me talk about him.”

Rand’s eyes locked with his again, and everything else faded into the background once more. The other man licked his lips, and Jeremy’s gaze was drawn to that telltale action. He was immediately swept into his favorite dream fantasy again, aching to feel that mouth taking control of his own, to have those powerful arms enclose him in a tight embrace.

It seemed that Rand shared his thoughts, because the other man’s gaze grew hot with need. Jeremy felt that gaze like a physical touch as it traveled down his body, over his chest and narrow hips, to rest with decided interest on the growing bulge in the front of his jeans. Another low growl came to his ears, and he realized dimly that this one had come from his own throat. He saw Rand take a step forward. Jeremy was torn between the almost overwhelming need to move into the other man’s arms and an equally strong desire to turn and run as fast and as far as he could in the opposite direction.




As Jeremy watched, Rand tugged his own shirt over his head, tossing it carelessly aside. Then his hands went to the button-front fly of his jeans, releasing each button as he walked toward Jeremy, his eyes boring into Jeremy’s with the promise of what was to come. Jeremy backed up until he felt the solidity of a wall behind him.

Then Rand was there, pressing his body close against Jeremy’s. His arms went around Jeremy’s waist, and he felt Rand’s hand pushing down into his pants from behind, burrowing into the tight space. Rand’s fingers parted the cheeks of Jeremy’s ass and rubbed across Jeremy’s anus. “Fuck, I want to take you here. Want to push my cock up inside you and ride you so hard that you won’t be able to walk for a week. I want my cum all over you, my scent inside and out, so that everyone will know who you belong to. I can’t fuck you here because there’s no lube handy, but soon I will have every part of you.”

Jeremy trembled at the possessive tone in Rand’s voice. He reached out to grab Rand’s hips and rubbed his cock against his mate’s thigh as he felt the other man work his finger past the tight sphincter muscle. Jeremy felt the pinch of penetration as another finger moved to join the first. Jeremy’s head fell back against the wall at the pure pleasure of the sensation as Rand began pumping his fingers in and out of his ass. Jeremy moaned.

“Yes. Just like that, babe. Let me hear how much you like this,” Rand murmured in his ear, his teeth closing over the lobe to tug gently. Jeremy could feel his climax approaching, and he pressed his cock tighter and tighter against Rand, dry humping the man until, with a soft cry, he felt the spurts of his release dampening the fabric of his underwear and jeans.

He stood there, leaning on Rand and panting softly, as the other man withdrew his fingers from Jeremy’s ass. “I knew you’d be beautiful when you came. I can’t wait to see it again, only next time your ass will be filled with my cock instead of my fingers.” Rand’s dark promise made him shiver. “Now I want you on your knees, your mouth open and ready for my cock. Just like in my dreams, babe. I’m so hard for you it’s killing me. You know what I want.” His voice whispered the seductive request, and Jeremy could do nothing but respond eagerly.

Jeremy trembled as he sank to the floor, watching as Rand pushed his pants and shorts down, his erection bursting free of its confinement. Jeremy took in his first view of his mate’s long, thick cock with eager anticipation. He licked his lips as he spotted a pearly bead of pre-cum on the tip.

He heard Rand chuckle harshly. “You want it, don’t you? That’s good. Because you’re going to get it. All of it.”


* * * *


Rand watched as Jeremy reached out a hand to clasp around his cock and gave it a tentative stroke. His thumb brushed over the head to scoop up the pre-cum and lift it to his mouth. Rand almost came at the sight of Jeremy’s tongue licking up the milky-white fluid.

Rand’s cock jerked. “That’s it, babe. Taste it. Lick it all off.”

He watched as Jeremy leaned forward, obviously encouraged by Rand’s response, to lick across the head of his cock. “Suck it, babe. For God’s sake. Suck it. I’m dying to feel your mouth around my cock.” Jeremy looked up at him, licking his lips, his eyes wide as he stared at Rand, and Rand knew his own expression must reflect the near-savage need he was feeling. He tried to force a smile of reassurance, and it must have been successful, because Jeremy looked back at his cock, stroking it again with his hand and sending a shard of pleasure up Rand’s spine. Rand arched his hips and wrapped his own hand around the base of his cock, pushing the head forward so that it brushed over Jeremy’s lips. Jeremy leaned forward and parted his lips, and Rand watched the head of his cock slide slowly in.

Rand felt a mixture of excitement, lust, and love as he watched Jeremy take him deeper and deeper, saw his lover’s eyes widen as he fought to accommodate Rand’s length and girth. “Breathe through your nose, babe, that’s it.” He whispered words of encouragement as his hand entangled in Jeremy’s hair, directing him to take even more. He felt the head of his cock brush against the back of Jeremy’s throat and stopped. He paused, reaching for control as he fought the need to fuck that mouth hard. Taking several deep breaths, he pulled back until only the head rested between Jeremy’s lips, and then he stroked slowly forward again.

“Suck it, Jeremy.”

Jeremy’s eyes darkened, and his lips tightened around him as he did as Rand had demanded. His lips were stretched tightly around Rand’s cock as Rand began moving, making sure not to push himself in too deep or move too roughly. But it was hard, damn hard.



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