Stay With Me (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 46,416
23 Ratings (3.9)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Paranormal Romance, vampires]

After a messy divorce and the death of her mother, author Charlotte Allen is looking for a quiet place to hang her laptop. She finds it on a hundred acres of pristine, Northern Canadian wilderness. Things start to look up when a hunky contractor signs on to build her dream home.

David Hadfield is a big fan of Charlotte’s work, so it’s no trouble at all when the lovely Ms. Allen asks him to put his big hammer to use. David’s also a 250-year-old vampire who’s been looking for a woman to call his own. Forever.

He loves the vampire stories she writes. It makes sense she’d find it easy to love a real bloodsucker…doesn’t it?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Stay With Me  (MF)
23 Ratings (3.9)

Stay With Me (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 46,416
23 Ratings (3.9)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Amazing book. I really loved it.
Professional Reviews

5 NYMPHS: "Stay With Me is a very different type of vampire story, in more ways than one. The author weaves a wonderful love story that gives you a very real life man that happens to be a vampire who actually knew Bram Stocker. I loved this little tidbit as well as a few others thrown in. Parts of this story are quite humorous. Their relationship and the sex between David and Charlotte are sizzling. The relationship they develop could be anyone’s story, as both try to overcome prejudices, insecurities and ex’s. The relationship that Charlotte eventually has with her ex is real life. Things don’t go quite so smoothly with one of David’s “donors”. I thought the author handled the ending very well, though at first you are left wondering if things would, indeed, work out. For those that like vampire stories, this is one to have on the bookshelf to be read again." -- Amazon Nymph, Literary Nymphs Reviews

4 STARS: "Life throws some nasty curves, and sometimes surviving them is all about finding a safe place to lick your wounds. Charlotte Allen is ready to start over. After a messy divorce, followed by the death of her mother, she figures a hundred acres of peace and quiet in the Northern Canadian wilderness is just the place. She can reclaim her independence and finally write her next novel as soon as she finds someone to build her home. She discovers a contractor, David Hadfield, in the quaint town of Barry's Bay. He's got experience, references, and wow is he gorgeous even though she's not going to think of the younger man as anything other than eye candy. That's easier said than done when David makes it all too clear he's interested in her. David Hadfield has been looking for his soul mate for centuries. He's read all of Charlotte's novels and feels like he knows her. When he meets Charlotte, he knows. She's the woman he wants to spend forever with. Now he just has to make her fall in love with him, accept that he's a vampire, and show her how wonderful their life together can be. I don't usually read contemporary novels, but the paranormal aspect of this story drew me in. Who wouldn't fall for a gorgeous vampire that is looking for his one and only especially when he wants real love with a real woman? I don't know about you, but I certainly identify with a middle aged, curvy heroine! And then there's David. When this 250 year-old vampire uses every sexual skill he possesses to claim his true love's heart (oh, what skills he has!), the reader takes note. My heartbeat raced right along with Charlotte's. When it's revealed that our aged vampire serves as a protector of Barry's Bay by dispensing vigilante justice, David is all the more appealing. But no relationship is without its problems. Charlotte and David must each deal with issues from their past (including an ex or two) and overcome insecurities that plague every couple. STAY WITH ME is definitely about the journey. Getting to the destination in a story is important, but the conclusion can make or break the rapport an author creates with a reader. In this instance, Ms. Campbell doesn't disappoint. I turned the last page with a smile and a satisfied sigh." -- Renee, The Romance Reviews

4 CHERRIES: "Gwen Campbell puts the “Sizzle” in “Hot”, with this enchanting paranormal love story! David is a modern day vigilante vampire with a sense of justice. How can one not love that our hot hero is looking to acquire his true life-mate? There is nothing “cold-blooded” about this vamp. As the story begins, my interest was grabbed and held when we immediatley see the darker side of our hero David, revealing to the reader that one of our main characters is not only strong and sexy but indeed a true protector of his territory; and, as a real vampire, why should he not pursue a potential love interest? Especially when she is a fascinating writer who knows all about vampires with her fictional horror best-sellers? Since he's read everything she has ever written, he feels he knows Charlotte intimately already. Charlotte reveals her humanity right off in the story. We see a strong, yet vulnerable woman who feels she has to start over with her life in a place where she can concentrate on her writing career instead of focusing on her past disappointments. Her character comes across as sharp and intuitive, but yet a bit leery and reserved. We see from the beginning that David has his work cut out for him if he plans to seduce and win over Charlotte for the long-haul. David and Charlotte have sizzling chemistry from the very beginning. I found myself completely enthralled in the heated love-scenes and was anxious to turn the page to reveal yet another facet of the characters' budding romance. I was impressed with the descriptive details that made the story come alive in vivid technicolor. I really like that readers can see the humbleness and insecurities of both characters in their quirks and their banter, making them seem touchable and real; however I was mostly impressed with the fluidity of the storyline. Mrs. Campbell's smooth story-telling that seemed to flow effortlessly lured this reader into her fictional reality. I even envisioned myself in the story's scenic location more than once. I found myself reading this book non-stop from start to finish without even realizing that my allotted leisure time had passed by. If you enjoy contemporary vampire erotic-romance stories, then this book is definitely for you. Be prepared to find yourself rooting for the character's “happily ever-after” and falling in love right along with them." -- Dogwood, Whipped Cream Reviews

"Ms. Campbell has another winner with Stay With Me. The heroine’s imperfect and I adored her for that. Finally, a female lead who isn’t model-thin, is middle aged, and is bigger on bottom than she is on top. I identified with Charlotte and liked it. The hero is a vampire and the buildup to that reveal was well paced without tossing Charlotte into too-stupid-to-live territory. Ah but David’s not your average vampire. He’s a self-confessed vigilante, protecting the lovely town of Barry’s Bay from bad guys like drunk drivers and pedophiles. The idea of a vigilante vampire, with a history in the community spanning over a century, blew me away. Talk about your Alpha hero! The premise was original, handled beautifully and I absolutely loved it. There’s some vamp on vamp violence and the fight scene was great. The ending had me in tears, and I didn’t want the story to end. Stay With Me has definitely earned a spot on my keeper shelf." -- Eve, Reviews at Ebook Addict

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Charlotte groaned when he parted her folds and pushed inside. He felt a little cool, but that only made her more aware of every inch of him. Wow. Bigger was better. Warming up quickly, he sunk in a little and withdrew, just like he’d done with his finger, making her feel each exquisite tug and stretch. Taking his weight on his elbows, David flicked his hair back and stared down between them to watch his cock move in her.

“Hold me, baby. Please. With your arms, your legs. I want to sink so deep into you, you’ll never let me go.”

He trembled and grinned when she wrapped her legs around his hips and dug her fingers into his back.

“That’s it. So warm, soft.” He grunted, then grinned some more as he sunk back into her, going a little deeper with every stroke. “Oh, you’re in trouble now, baby.”


“Oh yeah.” The firm globes of his ass hardened beneath her calves just before he drove forward again. “You think I’d live without this? Without feeling your loving wrapped around me? You think I chased after you hard before this? Woman, you’ve just guaranteed this vamp will be hounding this sweet tail for eternity.”

When she opened her mouth to remind him she had no intentions of becoming undead, he cut her off by fitting his mouth to hers and sinking his tongue in deep.

She tasted herself on his mouth, smelled her musk on him. Her pussy spasmed when she remembered how good it had felt.

David’s big body twitched. So did his cock, causing her nails to dig into his back in response. He hissed before resuming his slow, teasing pistoning. His tongue moved over hers, touched her palate, coaxed her lips into widening so she could kiss him back just as hard. When his teeth scraped her lower lip, she felt a moment of fear, but it vanished when he simply nibbled, tugged, and licked the spot after he was done.

“Biting as foreplay is underrated. In my opinion,” he whispered against her lips, then grinned and nibbled again. He drew his teeth over her throat, and his canines felt small, normal. He nipped the base of her neck where it met her shoulder and licked away the sting. “But I’ve got a bit of an oral fixation,” he added, eyed her breasts lecherously, and started suckling them, one then the other. His hips moved faster, drove his cock in deeper, fucked her harder.

“Lucky me,” she gasped and tightened her grip when he tensed and began a slow, deliberate thrust. Inch by hard inch, he filled her, stretched her until his belly compressed hers and his hips gave her bottom a firm, intimate shove. When his ass contracted and his pelvis rocked against hers, Charlotte sighed and dropped her head back. She felt full. The thick base of David’s cock was delicious, and when he rotated his hips, ground against her, he felt too big. That had never happened to her before, and she liked it. A lot.

Trembling, she tried not to whine when he began to withdraw.

“Plenty more where that came from, Charlotte,” he promised, and his voice was thick with male pride. “Sometime soon we’ll go all night.” Slowing when the head of his cock stretched out the mouth of her sheath, he lingered, pumped her with shallow, digging thrusts, then drove into her again. “But not tonight. I want you too much now. Need you,” he groaned and arched his back to grind against her when he was buried in her. After that, he kept up a steady, hard rhythm, filling her over and over. The lips of her pussy swelled, held him, slid back and forth as he moved, tugged on her clit with each thrust.

Sweat formed on his back, his chest, and he slid against her breasts smoothly, seducing them with delicious friction. She didn’t know if he needed to sweat or if it was a form of residual muscle memory. On top of that, he started breathing faster, and his body got warmer until he was hot and hard everywhere. Clinging to his heat, Charlotte moaned when he drove into her particularly hard, withdrew with aching slowness, then drove into her again.

Her thighs started to shake, and she started to sweat, too. Holding him tight, needing him deep, her hips tipped up to his. Thrust, arch, grind. He filled her, over and over, taking her hard, giving her what her body craved. Muscles inside her flexed, making her pussy contract. Groaning, David shook his head and drove in as far as he could.

“Yeah. Fuck,” he hissed, yanked his hips back, then filled her again.

He hissed again when she bore down on him deliberately, rhythmically. Her body took over after that. A fist of sensation grabbed her, twisted, held on tight. Ratcheting up notch after notch, her pleasure mounted until it was a hot, living thing in her belly, her breasts. Arching, driving her pussy into him as hard as she could, Charlotte gasped and trembled as waves of ecstasy poured through her. Bending her, consuming her until she was gasping for air, crying out nonsense words, and squeezing her eyes shut against the bright white light behind them.

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