Steel Riders MC (MF) (MFM)

JCS Books

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 47,000
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Ride hard. Live free.

Book 1 - Blaze has been a patched member of the Steel Riders for twenty years, and the Sergeant at Arms for nearly half that. Free booze and plenty of women to spare, but what's a grizzly to do when the party is over? Find a mate! Sexy librarian Luna Sylvetro is going to wear his mark and warm his bed. But first he has to put the Desert Dogs MC in their place because everyone knows you never come between a grizzly and his mate.

Book 2 - Crash and Burn, tiger shifter twins, patched into the Steel Riders M.C. when they were twenty. It's been a fun life filled with women and booze, and maybe the occasional joint, but all parties must come to an end eventually. When a woman betrays the club, and the trail leads to the Double Deuces, it's time to exact some revenge. They just never counted on their mate being held captive by the rival club.

Book 3 - Babysitting duty. How could he possibly have been so unlucky? Spark is certain the fates are out to get him when the Pres gives him the news. But when the princess of the Silver Skulls comes waltzing through the door, all flirtatious smiles and a bit of sass, he realizes he's in an entirely different kind of trouble.

*This collection contains the previously published books Blaze, Crash & Burn, and Spark. The content has not changed. This is the first time these titles have been available at Bookstrand.

Steel Riders MC (MF) (MFM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Steel Riders MC (MF) (MFM)

JCS Books

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 47,000
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Excerpt from Blaze (MF)

He reached for another cigarette but paused as he felt a small hand slide up his back and under his cut, the long nails slightly scraping him through his tee. Blaze didn’t know how the female had gotten the drop on him, but it wasn’t like him to be so careless. At the very least, his grizzly should have alerted him to the woman’s presence, especially since one whiff told him it was the one female he wanted to avoid.

“I’m not in the mood, Celia.”

“That wasn’t what you said last week, when you were fucking me against the hallway wall. As I recall, you didn’t say much, but you sure worked me over with that monster cock of yours.” Her hand snaked around his waist and groped him.

Blaze pried her hand away, careful not to hurt her, even though he’d have loved nothing more than to crush every bone in her body at that particular moment. The woman was downright lethal—not in a sexy way—and he knew she was trouble for the club…and him. But she sucked cock like a pro, so his brothers were ignoring his warnings. He’d caught her in the Pres’ office snooping around, but she claimed to have gotten lost on the way to the bathroom. He didn’t buy her bullshit for a moment. She was either working for someone, or looking to score. Either way, she had no business hanging around the Steel Riders, and he’d love nothing more than to boot her out on her ass.

“I fucked you,” he admitted. “Once. It’s never going to happen again.”

Fire lit her eyes for a flash of a second and then she was all syrupy smiles and simpering coos as she rubbed his chest. “You know you don’t mean that. We had a good time. It can happen again, whenever you want. However you want.”

He growled, the sound rumbling from his chest, as he bared his teeth at her. He felt his bear rise up inside of him. “I will never want you, Celia. And if you think I’m going to claim you, you couldn’t be more mistaken. I’d never take a whore like you as my mate.”

Her lips tightened and anger brightened her eyes. “So I’m not good enough for you? Good enough to fuck but not to claim?”

“You’re here to scratch an itch. Nothing more. If you want a white picket fence, you need to look elsewhere. No one in this club is going to be stupid enough to sign on to a life sentence with you.”

Excerpt from Crash & Burn (MFM)

“Just how innocent are you?” Burn asked. “We don’t want to do anything that’s going to scare you.”

“I’ve seen the Black Daggers and Double Deuces having sex in the common room of the clubhouse, and I’ve read romances. But if you’re asking about personal experience, I’ve never even been kissed.” She twisted her hands in front of her. “Is that bad?”

Crash wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her against his hard body. “No, honey. That isn’t bad. It just means we need to take things a little slower than we’d anticipated, but we’ll do whatever we need to for this to be a memorable time for you. We want you to look back on our mating with fond memories, but I have to warn you, I’ve heard it can hurt a woman the first time. To be honest, neither of us has ever been with a virgin before.”

“Will one of you kiss me?” she asked.

Burn grinned. “How about we both kiss you? Since Crash already has his arms around you, he can go first.”

She looked up at Crash expectantly. He caressed her jaw, tilted her head a little, and then his lips brushed against hers. Willow’s eyes slid shut and she leaned into him a little more. She felt his tongue trace her bottom lip and she opened, letting him inside. His tongue swept into her mouth and tangled with her tongue before retreating and then delving inside again. Willow had no idea if she was kissing him back the right way, but he didn’t seem to mind her inexperience. If the bulge pressing against her was anything to go by, he seemed rather excited to be kissing her.

Crash pulled back and smiled down at her tenderly before handing her off to Burn. His embrace was just as delicious as Crash’s yet different. He nibbled at the corner of her mouth, teased her lower lip, and finally took control of her mouth, kissing her with an intensity that nearly stole her breath. Burn’s fingers tangled in her hair as he deepened the kiss and Willow couldn’t hold back her whimper. She wanted him, both of them. Her body felt like it was melting from the heat of their kisses and she wanted to experience more.

“I know you’re probably a little shy,” Burn said as he pulled back. “But why don’t you drop the towel, baby? Then crawl onto your stomach on the bed and try to relax. Crash is pretty good at giving massages, or so I’ve heard, and he’ll help you relax. The more relaxed you are, the less it’s going to hurt when we take you.”

She nodded, her face flaming, as she pulled the towel loose and let it fall to the floor. Embarrassment burned through her, but she tried to tell herself that these were her mates, her husbands, and that it was perfectly fine for them to see her naked. She’d just never been naked in front of anyone before. Not even other women. Bathroom visits were the only times the Black Daggers and Double Deuces had allowed her any privacy.

As she settled in the middle of the bed, she watched Crash pulled a bottle of oil off the bedside table. She hadn’t even noticed it sitting there, but now she noticed other things too, like the bottle of KY warming gel. It seemed that they’d thought of everything. As Crash worked the oil into her back and shoulders, she found herself relaxing and becoming more comfortable with her nudity. Even when he kneaded the globes of her ass, she didn’t clench up.

Crash worked his way down her legs, dug his thumbs into the soles of her feet and then worked his way back up her body again. When he asked her to roll over, she did so cautiously, knowing she would be completely on display. She watched for their reactions and they couldn’t hide the heat that entered their eyes at the sight of her body.

Crash cupped her breasts, kneading them softly and lightly playing with her nipples. Moisture gathered between her thighs and she knew her body was preparing itself for their lovemaking. As his hands danced across her skin, her body relaxed even more. By the time he reached her thighs and gently parted her legs, her breathing was labored and she waited impatiently for the next step.

Her gaze was hungry as she watched him undress, then noticed Burn was doing the same. They were beautiful! Their bodies were hard and lean; their cocks were waving proudly. She’d seen more cocks than she’d ever wanted to, but theirs were beautiful, perfect. And completely hers.

Excerpt from Spark (MF)

“Your club must really like you,” she said. “My dad told them to assign their most trusted member to guard me. Not that I think I need guarding, mind you. What’s the worst that’s going to happen to me in a hotel room? I might break a nail. Hardly a matter of national security, but he worries.”

“You’re his only child?”

“Only girl. I have five older brothers. They’re every bit as protective as Daddy. You should have seen me in high school. They chased off every guy that paid attention to me, but I sneaked out behind their backs and dated someone for a while. My oldest brother was furious when he found out I wasn’t a virgin anymore. I told him that’s what he got for listening to private conversations.” She smiled. “I bet you never had to sneak out to see someone.”

“Uh, no. My dad was absent from our lives, and mom was more interested in the bottom of her latest bottle. I pretty much had free rein to do whatever I wanted, which is why I started prospecting when I was fifteen. I was patched in on my eighteenth birthday.”

“I’m guessing that wasn’t too long ago. You don’t look very old.”

“I’m old enough. You look barely out of high school.”

Her cheeks flushed. “I’m twenty,” she mumbled. “An adult.”

“You can’t even drink legally.”

Mina folded her arms over her abundant chest. “And just how old are you, Mr. Bigshot?”

“Twenty-four. And I’ve probably seen and done way more shit than you have.”

Mina huffed. “If you’ve gone somewhere by yourself before tonight, then your life has been more exciting than mine. Daddy treats me like I’m made of spun glass and he’s afraid I’m going to shatter at any moment. My brothers are just as bad if not worse.”

“So why are they leaving you behind?”

“It’s the full-moon run and I’m not mated.” Her cheeks warmed. “I’ll be in heat soon and Daddy didn’t want me running loose with a bunch of horny wolves.”

Spark slammed back against the booth. “Whoa, whoa. Wait a minute. You’re going into heat? And they’ve left you with an unmated male?”

Her eyes widened. “Daddy was promised a mated male or female would watch over me. I mean, I know I flirted a little when we first met, but it wasn’t serious. I thought you were already taken.”

“This is all kinds of fucked up.”

He pulled his phone from his pocket and shot a message off to Blitz, waiting impatiently for a reply. When his phone chimed, it wasn’t with news he wanted to hear. Blaze, Crash, and Burn were not going to be able to babysit, and Blitz claimed to trust Spark completely. Asshole! I don’t trust myself!

“It looks like we’re stuck with each other, princess,” Spark said. “So if you want to call your daddy and pull the plug on this entire thing, now is the time to do it.”

She shook her head. “This is the first freedom I’ve ever had. I’m not going to squander it.”

“Suit yourself. But when this ends badly, just remember you were given an out.”

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