The Captive Alphas Collection, Volume 1 (MM)

Captive Alphas

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 52,215
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Alternative, Paranormal, Shape-shifter, Werewolves, MM, HEA]

Jagger, or JX93, is a captive Alpha. He’s one of five shifters given away by their packs to human scientists eager to make them super soldiers, weapons against their own kind. Taught that human emotion is weakness, Jagger has never known love...until his next mission requires him to capture and bring back a mate to breed. Once unleashed in the world, Jagger tastes freedom for the first time—and the touch of a mate.   

Max Rogers is an Omega wolf. From the moment of his birth, he’s been told his purpose is to please and give an Alpha pups. Max might not have been raised in cage, but he’s been a prisoner all his life all the same. When his  father gifts him to a cruel stranger, Max runs. Paths collide and he comes face-to-face with Jagger. Underneath that tough and scarred exterior, Max knows Jagger has a beating heart.

But will Jagger’s programming win or will their love prevail?

Killer is one of five Alpha shifters given away to paranormal-hating humans who want to make them weapons against their own kind. As a sniper, Killer’s objective is to take out targets from a distance. Evan is an Omega wolf who happened to be caught in the crossfire. When Killer begins to fall for his target, he knows pulling out is his best option. Captive Alphas can’t afford to fall in love. Emotions can be used against them, but the pull of the mating bond is too strong to ignore. 

For the first time in his life, Evan feels free. As a breeding wolf, it feels like he’s been a prisoner all his life. When Killer appears, answering his ad for a roommate, Evan is unsure. Killer has secrets and Evan knows he should stay away, but he can’t ignore the call of his wolf. Killer’s the one, but Evan isn’t sure he’s ready for love.

The Captive Alphas Collection, Volume 1 (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Captive Alphas Collection, Volume 1 (MM)

Captive Alphas

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 52,215
0 Ratings (0.0)
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The Alpha growled, and he froze. Never did he anticipate the Alpha getting off him. Golden eyes were trained on him the entire time, though.

What was happening?

Max knew the more powerful wolves had a hard time controlling their animals, a lone Alpha especially. This shifter, however, watched him with a strange kind of disciplined patience. Was this really an Alpha werewolf?

He didn’t know what came over him at that moment, but he reached for his human half and shifted. Max felt foolish, still wearing his backpack and nothing else. He took it off and left it on the ground.

“Um. Hi.”

Oh great. Those were the first words that came to mind? The Alpha edged toward him. Max’s back hit the wood again and finally, the Alpha started to shift. In beast form, this guy was sure as hell impressive enough, but the man that replaced the wolf was beyond stunning.

This unknown Alpha must be at least six feet four, and every inch of him was covered in hard muscle. His mouth watered, gaze moving from those powerful thighs to the enormous monster between the stranger’s legs. It didn’t escape Max how the Alpha’s cock hung thick, upright, and primed for him.

Lust hit him like a sledgehammer. The Omega wolf in him, not long ago fearful of Jon and his buddies, felt the exact opposite toward this stranger. Deciding it was rude to stare, he lifted his gaze. This guy was seriously ripped, not an inch of fat on him, unlike some of the wolves from the pack who took steroids to bulk up. Scars and various old wounds crisscrossed the Alpha’s body, from rake marks to bullet wounds.

Did this guy fight in some kind of war perhaps?

He didn’t know what overcame him. Max wanted to touch and explore. Shit. It was happening. His skin itched for contact. All his. All his wolf wanted to do was offer this domineering Alpha its throat in submission. Would that impressive cock fit in him?

It was mating season and every single year Max spent it locked up in his room, horny and with no one to unleash his sexual frustration on. Something caught his eye. On the Alpha’s left pectoral was scarred flesh healed over. With a shock, he realized it was an old brand, right above the Alpha’s left nipple.

“JX93,” he murmured out loud, wondering what it meant.

His fingers twitched, and he began to trace the brand, but callused and strong fingers closed over his wrist, the grip like iron.

Max gulped, finally looking into that harsh but handsome face. The Alpha’s black hair was shaved short, drawing Max’s attention to the perfect angles of his face. His nose looked broken, but it didn’t distract Max.

It was the eyes that stopped Max cold. They were pitch black, capable of piercing his soul and there was no hint of softness there. He swallowed.

“Let me go,” his voice sounded weak, breathy.

He didn’t think the Alpha could speak until then.

“Your body says otherwise, little Omega.”

Oh Lord. That voice. It was deep and smooth, just like honey. He could imagine the Alpha whispering dirty things into his ear. He couldn’t take his eyes off those lips either and the way they curved to a cruel and killer smile capable of melting his bones.

To prove his point, the Alpha rubbed their bodies together, making Max aware of his own hardening cock. He groaned. He could lose himself in the heat of the moment, to this stranger. That was dangerous, his human side warned him. This stranger was capable of undoing all his hard-earned defenses, and he didn’t even know this guy’s name yet.

At the very least, the Alpha didn’t seem to mean him harm, yet anyway.

They both wanted the same thing.

Was it crazy, the way Max reacted around this man? They hadn’t even gotten to doing anything yet.

A vicious Alpha would see what he wanted and take without asking. This man, however, didn’t simply shove his cock inside Max. He seemed to want something else.

“What’s your name?” Max whispered.


“Like the singer? I’m—”

“Max Rogers,” the Alpha finished.

“Wait. How do you know that?”

Max forgot about what he wanted to say next because Jagger began nosing his way to the side of his neck, sniffing him. The press of Jagger’s lips against the side of his neck sent his pulse racing with need.

What did it matter Jagger knew his name? The Alpha’s dominating presence, his scent, and strength were so addictive, and he wanted more. For some unexplainable reason, Max knew Jagger would never in a million years hurt him. How he came to that conclusion, he had no clue.

The one thing he knew was the fact the wolf in him wanted out.

He began to spear his fingers across the Alpha’s hair, but Jagger gripped his wrists, easily shoving them above his head. The wood dug into his back, but he was turned on.

“Wait,” he interrupted.




Throwing his head back, Max let out a cry and came, shooting his spunk all over Jagger’s fingers and spilling some over Jagger’s stomach. Looking satiated, Max let out a sigh. Finally, the Omega looked at him with bleary eyes.

“We’re far from done, Omega,” Jagger warned. “That ass is mine to wear out. Mine to take.”

“I know. I want to feel you inside me now.”

Jagger put his fingers in front of Max. Not needing instructions, Max licked them dry, reminding him of a cat.

“Demanding Omega. Do you need me to remind you who’s in control here?”

“You,” Max answered. The Omega hesitated. “I’ve never done this before. Will you teach me?”

“Me neither but I’m aware of the mechanics.” His answer seemed to shock the hell out of Max.

“Wait. You’re kidding, right? Are you telling me that to make me feel better?”

“No. I never lie.” Jagger rubbed Max’s belly and stroked Max’s soft dick. It no time, Max’s cock stirred back to life at his touch. “Why would you think that?”

“It’s just…have you looked at yourself in the mirror? You’re like walking man-candy.”

Jagger wasn’t sure exactly what that meant, but it sounded like a compliment. “I’ve lived most of my life in a cage.”

“Prison. Ah, that sort of explains a lot…”

Jagger curiously studied Max. “That doesn’t scare you?”

“What crime did you commit?”

His harsh bark seemed to make Max nervous. “Nothing. I was innocent, so were my brothers.”

Max relaxed. “I see.”

Why this Omega seemed to trust his word instantly, Jagger didn’t know. Fuck. Max didn’t belong to his world, didn’t deserve to be taken captive and back to the facility. Max belonged out here, free to live out his life. Max was sunlight, and Jagger couldn’t bear putting Max in the dark.

A decent bastard wouldn’t be straddling Max. If he had any good bones left in his body, he’d get off Max, make sure the Omega was safe and say their farewells. Jagger was a monster, though, and he couldn’t back off now, not when Max was beneath him, legs spread, cock already growing hard.

His own dick was close to bursting. Jagger would go insane if he didn’t sink his prick into Max’s slick and ready ass.

Besides, he wanted this and so did Max. Jagger didn’t want to live this miserable world without tasting a piece of heaven. One fuck and that was all. When tomorrow arrived, he would escort Max to some safe location. Report to McAllister that he lost track of the Omega.

McAllister might see through the lie and Jagger would no doubt have to pay for the consequences of his actions. It was worth it, though.

“Hey, did I say something wrong?” Max asked, beginning to rise, but Jagger placed a hand on his chest.

“No. Forget it.”

Jagger kissed Max on the mouth, softly and tenderly. That felt good, too. Max’s smile seemed to light up the cave.

“I’m ready,” Max declared.

Jagger lifted Max’s legs over his shoulders and positioned his dick at Max’s entrance.

Knowing rushing this would hurt Max, Jagger entered slow and steady. Fuck, but it was a severe test of his control. Max’s ass muscles clenched around his dick.

“You’re so fucking tight. Breathe,” he told Max.

Max’s chest rose and fell. Jagger pulled Max’s hands above his head, not to hold them down, but to spread his fingers across Max. It worked. Once Jagger passed the tight ring of muscles, the rest went smoothly. Finally, he was balls-deep inside his Omega.

“You’re so big,” Max whispered. “Somehow, it feels so right.”

Jagger knew what Max meant. He could sense their wolves, eager to mate, but Jagger would make sure it never went that far. If he gave Max his mating mark, he would be dragging his sweet Omega down to hell with him.

“I’m going to make you see stars.” Jagger never went back on his promises.

He began to move. Jagger started with slow strokes at first. Sounds of pleasure slipped from Max’s mouth, telling Jagger he was doing something right at least. Max sank his fingers into his shoulders, leaving half-crescent marks, but he didn’t mind.

“Faster, please. I want—” Max seemed to fumble for words.

It didn’t matter. Jagger knew what his Omega wanted. He hammered into Max, faster, going deeper with each thrust. Jagger planned on going to Max’s most intimate places, to make sure Max would always remember their first time together.

Shifting his hips slightly, Jagger pushed into his Omega. Max’s eyes widened, and he gasped. Realizing he hit Max’s sweet spot, he aimed for it repeatedly. Jagger reached for Max’s dick and began to pump up and down.

“Oh God. I’m going to shoot.”




“Please, God. Let Killer be a decent guy,” he muttered.

The doorbell rang, making Evan drop his phone with a curse. He grabbed the phone, tucked it into his pocket, and answered the door. One glimpse of his new tenant nearly made him slam it shut.

For one, the picture didn’t mention how huge Killer was. The dominant wolf practically blocked the entire doorway with his big frame. Evan didn’t know what to look at first. This guy was one good-looking, sexy bastard who could easily break him in half if he wanted. Yet, his wolf didn’t sense Killer as a threat.

The dominant wolf wore a plain black shirt and a black hoodie that didn’t fail to hide the impressive muscles of his chest and arms. For some reason, Killer had a scarf wrapped around his neck, even though it was summer. Killer’s powerful legs were clad in a pair of faded jeans. Was it Evan’s imagination, or was there the beginnings of a boner in Killer’s jeans?

Heat coiled from his belly and went right to his dick. Shit. Killer’s face was handsome, in a rough kind of way, clean shaven. Despite his sun-kissed skin, Evan noticed the old scars that threaded across Killer’s skin. This man had seen his fair share of battles and, Evan guessed, won all of them.

“Um, hi,” Evan blurted out like some nervous teenager.

He silently cursed himself, but a smile lit up Killer’s face. There was something a little off about that smile, as if Killer hid secrets. Then again, who didn’t?

“Killer,” the dominant wolf said, extending his hand.

Evan reached out, unsurprised by the strength there. Killer’s nostrils flared. Evan hesitated. Heat emanated from the other man.

Oh Lord. Evan wasn’t imagining Killer’s hard-on and to his horror, his own dick twitched in his jeans. Evan was alone, with no protector in sight. His heart thumped in his chest.

A guy like Killer could take advantage, but that wasn’t the worst part. Worse was the knowledge Evan wouldn’t fight this stranger.

Unlike most dominant wolves who smelled an unmated Omega in their midst, Killer didn’t squeeze his hand tighter or resort to something inappropriate. Instead, Killer stepped back, as if he waited for an invitation.

He found his voice. “I’m Evan. Come on in.”

They settled in the living room. Evan gestured to the couch and took the armchair beside him. Killer sat down and clasped his hands together. Realizing he stared at the twisting scar on Killer’s left arm far too long, he focused on Killer’s face instead. The most amazing pair of blazing forest-green eyes met his, but it struck him a second later what was wrong.

Evan could usually read people easily, but he could see nothing in those green depths.

“Do you have questions for me?” Killer finally asked.

Oh right. Evan should be the one conducting this interview.

“I have your e-mail. It’s very comprehensive, like you’re applying for a job,” Evan joked. Humor always worked, right? Except Killer didn’t smile.

“It’s best to get everything out in the open. I have no secrets to hide. People tend to take one look at me,” Killer said, gesturing to himself, “and assume I’m a threat, a danger. I moved to this town a week ago, but I still can’t find a place.”

Pity moved Evan. He knew how it felt being an outsider. “I get it,” Evan murmured. “When I first moved here, I had no friends, no one to rely on, but partly, it’s because I was taught to rely on others all my life.”

“Taught?” Killer asked with a lift of his brows.

Shit. What was Evan doing, unloading his soul to a complete stranger?

“Are you running from something? Is that why you moved here?” Killer’s question caught him off guard, especially the directness of it. He blinked when Killer let out a curse under his breath. “Sorry, I didn’t mean for that to come out that way. I’m not usually that nosy.”

Evan shook his head, still shocked a dominant wolf would easily admit his mistakes. In his pack, that would have been a sign of weakness. He tried for another joke. “Isn’t that why people move to small towns?”

This time, a thin smile appeared on Killer’s lips. Barely noticeable, but it was there.

“Tell me about yourself,” Evan said, deciding that was a safe enough question.

Killer shrugged. “I was an army brat. My parents shipped me off to military school as soon as they were able. I never left.”

“Until now,” Evan finished.

That explained why Killer was strange, why the dominant wolf didn’t act like most of the assholes Evan grew up with. Killer hadn’t been raised in a pack, but a human environment.

Killer blinked. “I suppose. Being a soldier is all I know. I wanted to find out what it’s like living on the civilian side.”

“That’s all I need to hear.” Wait. Why did Evan say those words? He spent the entire night jotting down questions to ask. His best friend, Cameron, would kill him if he knew Evan let a strange dominant wolf into his home.

Killer blinked. “Really?”

“Absolutely.” ‘No’ was the answer Evan had in mind.

He needed to grill this man, find out if he was a threat. Then Killer grinned, looking as though he just won the lottery, and that eased Evan’s fears a little. There was nothing wrong about that smile. Maybe Killer was a private individual. “Guarded” had been a better word, but Evan knew that smile was meant for him.

“I’ll need a month’s deposit,” Evan said, all businesslike.

Good. He was back in control, except the same warning voice in his head told him this was a bad idea. Evan could still change his mind. Tell Killer he made a mistake. He doubted the huge wolf would be mad, and yet, Evan didn’t want to see the tempting curve of Killer’s lips flip upside down.




“If you’re wise, you wouldn’t let me stand so close. If you knew what I was, you’d start running as fast as your feet could carry you.”

“Too bad I’m a slow learner,” Evan said. He did what he’d be dreaming of doing since he first met Killer. Gripping Killer’s shoulders, he pulled their lips together for a kiss. He gauged Killer’s reaction, wondering what the dominant wolf would do next. Killer was shocked at first but soon gripped the back of Evan’s neck to deepen the kiss.

Fuck, but this man knew how to kiss. Heat sparked from within and went right to Evan’s dick. The reaction wasn’t one sided. Killer pushed him against the car, erection pressing against Evan’s stomach.

Killer speared his mouth open for deeper access, and Evan let his tongue in, sucking down on him. Killer roamed his hands all over Evan’s body, lifting the hem of his shirt, as if eager to explore every inch of him. Evan could sense the hunger in Killer, so long denied.

Killer yanked his mouth away, panting, eyes glowing and the color of gold. Evan knew his own eyes were a reflection of Killer’s.

“Once we do this, I won’t stop. I can’t,” Killer whispered. “You’re fucking too tempting, too sexy to resist.”

Damn if those words didn’t make his cock any harder. No one ever took the time to flirt with Evan, to make him feel so good.

“I don’t want to stop.” It was the truth.

Alarm bells should have rung in his head, warned Evan he just put himself on a collision course when he should be more careful. After all, he’d seen Killer go up against Wyatt and his wolves as if they were nothing. Killer cut through three dominant shifters as if they were prey. That should have frightened Evan, but this moment was simply too right.

“Good.” Killer slanted his mouth and kissed Evan again, all teeth and tongue, but Evan didn’t care. The moment Killer’s mouth descended on his, his insides turned to jelly. He was lost in the dominance of this man.

Killer moved his mouth lower, to the side of Evan’s neck. The dominant wolf latched his mouth onto his racing pulse, and Evan was too far gone to care that Killer could end his life there and then or do something else, something more dangerous. It was reckless, wanting Killer to put a mating mark on him.

Mating marks were forever. “Until death do them part” serious.

Thank God, Killer moved on. The sound of his shirt tearing filled the air. Evan gasped when Killer planted more kisses down his throat, his collarbones. Killer took his right nipple into his mouth and sucked hard. Feeling the slight edge of teeth, Evan gripped Killer’s hair but didn’t stop the dominant wolf. He wanted to see Killer’s mark on him. Killer undid Evan’s pants and slid his hand past Evan’s underwear to reach his cock.

Evan gasped. Killer’s fingers curled around his cock felt amazing, especially when Killer began to move them up and down.

Killer bit down on his nipple. Pleasure and pain combined, leaving Evan a writhing mess. At this rate, he would shoot.

“Don’t,” Killer said, as if he knew Evan was close. “No coming until my say-so.”

“Demanding,” Evan murmured.

Killer grinned. “Be good and you’ll be rewarded.”

To test his resolve, Killer pumped his dick faster. Evan let out a frustrated breath but held his orgasm back.

“Good boy.”

Killer’s compliment went right to his head. Then Killer kneeled and Evan’s mind practically blanked out. Was this really happening? Dominant wolves usually did the taking part, and yet Killer was between his legs, eying his cock as though it was a challenge.

“W-wait, what are you doing?” Evan nearly came when Killer yanked his jeans and boxers down, exposing his thickening cock.

“Rewarding you,” Killer replied.

“Shit.” The dominant looked so drop-dead gorgeous, staring up at him intently. Killer stuck out his tongue and licked away the pre-cum gathered on his tip. Moaning, Evan slipped his fingers into Killer’s short hair. He caught a flash of metal peering from Killer’s scarf but decided it wasn’t important. Killer’s mouth on his dick felt too good.

“You like that, Omega?” Killer tongued his slit and played with the sensitive spot under his cockhead.

Evan’s back dug against the glass and metal. He could only reply to Killer with a whimper. Chuckling, Killer dragged his tongue from crown to base. His balls, Killer didn’t neglect, either. Killer sucked and nipped at them.

“Jesus,” Evan whispered when Killer finally opened his mouth to take Evan’s prick in. He watched his cock disappear inside Killer’s mouth with awe. Even on his knees, Killer looked as though he wielded all the power, especially given he held Evan’s dick captive.

Throwing his head back, Evan shut his eyes and gave in to his primal instincts. Killer applied careful suction, his mouth hot and wet against his shaft.

“Killer, I can’t hold back any longer,” he uttered, eyes fluttering open, only to feel Killer pull away. He groaned, but Killer was back on his feet. Killer closed his hand on Evan’s leaking cock again.

“Come all over my fingers, Evan. Do it now.”

At Killer’s order, Evan’s mind splintered from the pressure. He unloaded strings of his cum, coating Killer’s hand. God, it was so erotic somehow, Killer giving him a blow job. He sagged into Killer’s waiting arms, languid. Killer nipped at his ear and fondled his softening prick.

“Get in,” Killer said against his ear.

Eager to feel Killer inside him, he nodded. Killer opened the door and he asked with a smile, “How do you want me?”

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