The Biker's Forbidden Affair (MF)

Straight to Hell MC

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 38,000
1 Ratings (3.0)

Tank's bigger and badder than most of the bikers at the Straight to Hell MC. He's used to being feared by everyone—then there's Bell. The curvy blonde waitress doesn't move out of his way. For some reason, she sees the best in him, never judging him for his past or present. Her sweet love and innocence become addicting. It's nice not being the monster for once. But she has a tangled past that his prez doesn't like. Tank's faced with an impossible choice—love or his club.

Bell doesn't want to end up with a loser like her deadbeat mother. She wants to make something out of her life, even though it's easier said than done. Tank's a big teddy bear and doesn't even realize it. He's caring and protective and even though she shouldn't fall for a bad boy, it's impossible to keep away from him. The only problem is her boyfriend is keeping her a secret, and secrets are never a good thing. Will he decide to put her first or will their love stay a forbidden affair?

Be Warned: anal sex

The Biker's Forbidden Affair (MF)
1 Ratings (3.0)

The Biker's Forbidden Affair (MF)

Straight to Hell MC

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 38,000
1 Ratings (3.0)
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Cover Art by Jay Aheer

Holding on to Tank’s shoulder, she swung her leg over the side of the bike. At the same time, her heart raced, and she tried to tell herself she was doing the right thing. In the back of her mind, her grandmother was berating her. Telling her she was being naughty, and that if she’d used her brain back in high school, she wouldn’t be in this mess.

She had used her brain in high school. She’d gotten good grades, but affording college, that had been a laugh. Working one job after another, that had been her life long before she was eighteen.

“Hold on to me,” Tank said.

She wrapped her arms around his waist and pressed her face against his back. “Like this?”

“Yes, like that.”

His back seemed to rumble as he spoke, and she closed her eyes, loving the feel of him in her arms. Even his smell was a unique mix of rich cologne and leather.

This was her boyfriend.

She’d never had a boyfriend before, and Tank was quite something. She was absolutely giddy. Even with the diner being busy, she’d been thinking about him constantly. It was hard to keep the news quiet that she was finally dating this big hunk of a guy.

He turned over the engine, and the machine purred to life. She tensed up and he chuckled.

“I’ve got you.”

“Oh, God, this is insane,” she said. “I’ll never get used to it.”

“Trust me.”

“I do.” She snuggled against him, breathing in his scent.

Tank always smelled good.

Bell squeezed her eyes closed as they started to move and tried to convince her racing heart that everything was going to be okay.

“Are you alive back there?” he asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I’m holding on.”

“Bell, open your eyes.”

This made her actually do it. “How did you know?”

“I know you.”

She felt warm inside just hearing that.

Tank took his time. He didn’t rush. He held the bike firmly, and they traveled in a smooth line, heading back to her apartment. Her feet were thanking him.

With each minute that passed and they hadn’t died or injured themselves, she was grateful to him. She had no doubt he could go a lot faster, but she was pleased he’d taken his time with her, considering her feelings.

By the time they arrived at her place, it was late.

Tank held her steady as she climbed off. Her legs did feel a little weak, which he promised was normal. She didn’t think it was normal, but any excuse to have this man touching her, she had no problem with.

They walked hand in hand toward her apartment building. Taking the stairs, they walked toward her door, and Bell tried not to be too embarrassed by the state of her building. This was all she could afford. Knowing Tank had paid for her rent made her a little more aware of what she didn’t have in comparison to him.

At her doorway, she smiled at him, feeling very aware of their proximity.

“Do you want to come in for coffee?” she asked.

“Yeah, I’ll come in for coffee.”

Her heart began to race, heat growing between her legs. She couldn’t keep the happiness out of her voice.


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