[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, shape-shifters, HEA] 
Omega wolf Jimmy Benson has fallen in love with one of the dragon warriors who took him away from an abusive pack, Leon Fraser. He wants to be with him, but he knows about Leon's former mate who died, and he's not sure his love will be welcome.
When Leon is injured in battle, however, Jimmy can no longer keep his feelings to himself. He wants to be close to Leon, to help him recover, and he's thrilled when Leon invites him to his bed. When Jimmy confesses that he mated with the warrior, Leon cannot push aside the feeling that he's betrayed his former lover.
When hunters attack the clan, Leon is faced with the horrifying possibility that he could lose another man he loves if he cannot find Jimmy and save him before the hunters catch him and skin him alive. Even with an injured leg, he will still battle to the death to keep Jimmy alive.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.
A Dragon's Desire (MM)
31 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Part of me is really thinking the author should have stopped with book #11 and ended the series with clan MacLeod. Not that I'm not enjoying clan McTavish, but this is just all too similar, and so far I'm not finding anything really unique. A shame, that, since I think there's a lot more that could be done.

I adored Jimmy, though, and Leon was a tough exterior with a mushy center. They are adorable together and very hot.
Christy Duke




“Templars,” Duncan said.

Jimmy gasped, all kinds of terrifying horror flooding inside of him.

Templars were like hunters. Sort of. They were similar only because the Templars loved hunting dragons, but for the most part, they left animal shifters alone. They saw them as natural, and part of God's flock, whereas in their eyes, the dragons were all the descendants of Satan. The fact that the dragons had rearranged the country, putting up mountains where there used to be none, and killing humans when they first revealed themselves to the human population, only fueled their righteous fire.

Jimmy was stunned that Leon had survived.

Zelda walked around him and toward the bed. She seemed to be checking Leon’s vitals. “Remember that he’s fine. It’s the pain medication that’s making him sleep now. He only just dozed off, but he was saying your name earlier, so we knew he wanted you.”

That made Jimmy feel better when he wasn’t sure it was appropriate to feel good about anything. But then he comforted himself with the other words that Zelda had spoken. Leon was going to be all right. He was basically sleeping now because of the pain medication, and before that he’d asked to see Jimmy.

His heart warmed just thinking about it. The dragon warrior might not yet realize that Jimmy was mated to him, but maybe part of him deep inside was aware that there was something he needed in Jimmy.

“Can I sit with him?”

Zelda nodded. “I’ll bring you a chair. Just try not to touch anything.”

Jimmy nodded as she left, but he already reached down to touch one of Leon’s unbandaged hands. The man’s skin was warm, and he took that to be a good thing.

“How long will it take for him to heal?” Jimmy asked, looking down at the cast on Leon’s leg in particular.

Duncan sighed. “At least a week or more for the flesh wounds. He was shot quite a bit before he could shift into his dragon form, but nothing vital was hit, and Zelda was able to remove any bullets that were lodged inside of him.

Jimmy shivered. He’d never been shot before, but the way Leon looked now, he could imagine how much that had hurt.

“I thought there were no Templars around anymore?” he asked, barely glancing over his shoulder to look at Duncan. Jimmy just didn’t want to take his eyes away from the man in front of him.

“There’s less of them to be sure, ever since what happened with Macleod’s clan, most Templars were either arrested for planning on attacking dragon clans, or they went into hiding. It’s harder to find them now since they don’t exactly advertise who they are anymore. These ones were dressed like hunters. That might’ve been why Leon was taken by surprise.”

Jimmy didn’t like hunters either. Hunters who hunted shifters, at any rate. There were two kinds of hunters. There were the normal people who just liked to go out and shoot a buck or a moose and bring the meat home for the family, and then there were the crazy people, the puritans who were all about human rights being only for humans. They were the ones who wanted to cleanse their country of all the werewolves and werefoxes and basically anything classified as nonhuman. Dragons were usually left alone by those kinds of hunters because it was harder to take them out, and the Templars didn’t like it when the hunters stomped all over their territory.

Of course, that didn’t stop the occasional hunter from wanting a dragon’s head mounted on their wall anyway, but this had been done by Templars.

“How did you know they were Templars if they were dressed like hunters?” Jimmy asked.

Duncan shrugged one shoulder. “You get an ear for how they like to speak when they think they’re doing God’s work, and the huge crosses around their necks gave it away, too.”

Leon shifted in bed, and a small groan escaped his mouth.

Jimmy’s attention was immediately back on his mate, and his heart started to pick up the pace. “Leon? Are you waking up?” he asked. He purposely kept his voice soft, just in case the man had a headache or anything else that meant loud noises would cause him more harm.

God, it hurt so much seeing such a strong man so helpless in bed, but just seeing that he was starting to move around again, that he was starting to get up, to feel better….Jimmy just wanted to see him open his eyes.

He did, and Jimmy smiled wide through the stupid tears that were clouding his vision. He probably made for an odd sight to Duncan, who wasn’t aware of just how deep Jimmy’s feelings ran, but he didn’t care. He only cared about Leon.

“Hey,” Jimmy said softly, and he couldn’t resist, he touched Leon’s cheek. “How’re you feeling? I’m sorry I wasn’t here earlier.”

Leon’s eyes were glazed, and his pupils wide. Yeah, he was drugged up all right, but he was still smiling as he leaned into Jimmy’s hand.

“I’ll have you know, you’re going to be okay. They said you’re going to be okay,” Jimmy said. There was no way he was leaving this room now. Even if Zelda told him that visiting hours were over or whatever, he wasn’t leaving here. Not until Leon could leave with him.

“Cole,” Leon said, slurring the name.

Jimmy didn’t stop smiling, but he couldn’t help his confusion. “Cole?”

“Mmm,” Leon said.

Jimmy didn’t understand, and he looked back at Duncan, assuming Cole was a friend or a relative.

Duncan’s face, however, was incredibly pale, and his eyes were wide. Wide and sad.

“Who’s Cole?” Jimmy asked, trying to stay quiet since it looked as if Leon was about to fall asleep again.

Duncan’s shoulders sagged. “I assumed you would’ve known,” he said. “Cole is Leon’s mate.”




This was totally a porno. Leon had put this on, and they were alone, and now he could feel the warrior’s hand on the back of his neck, his fingers touching and playing around with the small hairs that grew there.

Jimmy swallowed hard. His dick reacted as he watched the two guys on screen kiss and fondle each other, and then they started to get undressed.

“Won’t someone walk in and see this?”

“I locked the door when we came in. No one’s coming in here,” Leon said, and then his mouth moved closer, and closer, until he was softly pressing his lips to the side of Jimmy’s throat, right where he was the most vulnerable, right where it made him shiver with want and lust.

His heart was making that pounding noise again, and aside from the heat of Leon’s body and the touch of the warrior’s hand between Jimmy’s legs, it was pretty much all he could focus on.

“Come here,” Leon said, his voice so damned soft, Jimmy thought he could get lost in it.

He did as he was told, getting out of his seat and standing in front of Leon, between the man’s knees when he opened them, but then he wasn’t too sure what he should’ve been doing next.

Leon put his hands on Jimmy’s hips, but then he frowned. “I didn’t think this through very well. All right, since you can’t watch the screen from this position, I want you to listen to the sounds of their moaning. Pay close attention, all right?”

Jimmy nodded quickly. Now his breathing was picking up about as much as his heartbeat was. He was going to get a blow job out of this, it seemed, and he so wanted that. He wanted Leon’s lips stretched around his cock. He wanted the heat and he wanted that moisture sucking on him.

Leon was quick to undo Jimmy’s belt, and then he yanked down his jeans, once again, not needing to bother with the button and zipper because of how narrow his hips were.

Jimmy sighed when the air touched his cock, and he moaned when Leon curled his hand around the base and then lifted the head so that his tongue could say hello to the slit.

He threw his head back and felt a shiver moving all through his body, from the top of his head, down his spine, and all the way into his legs and toes.

Behind him, he could hear the actors making noises of their own.

“Yeah, that’s it. Oh fuck, yeah. You’re mouth feels really good, baby.”

That was about when Leon wet his lips and put his entire mouth around Jimmy’s dick, sinking down and taking him deep. He deep throated Jimmy for a few seconds before coming back and bobbing his head a little more shallowly. Jimmy didn’t know where else to put his hands except for the back of Leon’s head, letting his fingers thread through the warrior’s black hair, which was shockingly soft.

The actors continued to moan and give each other encouragement.

“Oh yeah, yeah. You like my cock in your mouth, don’t you?”

Jimmy wasn’t saying those things, and he was the one getting a blow job, but somehow those words, along with the moans, sighs, and hisses that came along with them just made his cock pulse even more. His balls tightened, and every time Leon’s lips tightened around his aching dick, it was almost as if he was working to the tune of the men on screen behind them.

Jimmy didn’t need to look behind him to see something hot. Just watching Leon’s mouth move back and forth was enough for him. His entire body was heating up, and he couldn’t stop curling his toes.

Through Leon’s joggers, Jimmy could see how hard his cock was becoming. It was still as huge as ever, and every once in a while Leon would lower one hand and grip his dick, stroking himself lightly before returning his palm to Jimmy’s hip.

That must’ve been getting uncomfortable for him, and Jimmy wanted to help him with that.

He gently pushed back against Leon’s shoulders, stopping him from doing any more, which happened just in time because he was already getting close to the bursting point.

“I want to take care of you now,” Jimmy said, getting onto his knees. He was so eager that he forgot about Leon’s cast, and didn’t remember it until he felt it touching his leg. Damn. He was lucky that he hadn’t sank his knees down on Leon’s foot by accident. He needed to get some control of himself.

Leon didn’t seem to mind. The man moved his hips as he pushed down at the waist of his joggers, exposing his cock for Jimmy to see.

Long and curved, just like the last time, with a vein traveling up the side of it. It was dark in color now because of Leon’s lust, and Jimmy immediately sank to his knees in front of the man, looking up at him one last time. “Now you get to watch the screen and watch me at the same time,” he said.

Leon’s eyes widened just a little, but then his lids fell to half shut when Jimmy let his tongue out to lick up the side of Leon’s dick.

He tasted of salt and clean skin. The heavy smell of his musk was making Jimmy’s inner wolf lose its damned mind, but he had to keep control. He wanted to do this and he wanted it to be good for the warrior. He wanted to show Leon what he could give to him every night if he wanted more than just a friend with benefits.

Jimmy listened to every sound that came out of Leon’s mouth. He looked up as he worked and teased, watching the way Leon struggled to keep his eyes on him, although still glancing at the porno that was on in front of him.

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