The Alpha Takes What He Wants (MM)

Rogue Wolfhounds 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,472
19 Ratings (4.3)
[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]
Jason has no last name, just a number. Born and bred in the labs to be a killer, he and his pack have escaped, and have been hiding among the humans for years. Jason also harbors a dangerous secret. He is in love with one of the doctors who used to oversee his care, and after years of careful self-control, he can't hold back anymore.
George Holland helped the pack to escape, and he's been a prisoner of the Wolfhounds ever since, but that's not enough to distract him from his lust for one particular alpha in the pack.
It's sick. George cannot believe himself for having such thoughts, not after what he once put Jason through. But his love and lust are so great that he can hardly resist when Jason takes what he wants, and though George wants it, he believes Jason cares nothing for him, and he doesn't know if his heart can handle that.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.
The Alpha Takes What He Wants (MM)
19 Ratings (4.3)

The Alpha Takes What He Wants (MM)

Rogue Wolfhounds 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,472
19 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
As excited as I was to read the first book that focused on a wolfhound and human mating, I was kind of disappointed with George and Jason's story. I mean, George is the doctor, and with the crazy fevers and sicknesses that are going on with Dean and Joey, I would've expected George to have come to the conclusion that they are going through a mating. Instead, he seems to be as clueless as everyone else.

I liked the characters, although the misunderstandings went on way too long, in my opinion. Overall, it's an okay addition to the series.
Christy Duke
Professional Reviews

"This is the fifth story about the rogue werewolfhounds - werewolf/wolfhound hybrids bred by humans in labs and trained to hunt werewolves and other shifters the humans want to get rid of – and it stars an unusual pairing. None of the previous ones were exactly “usual”, but they were all between werewolfhounds of various types. But Jason, one of the alphas of Max’s pack, and George, the human doctor who helped them escape, are the first interspecies couple in this series. Neither of them expected to be mated to the other, or at all, but it’s been coming for a while… Jason may not expect to be mated to George since mating with humans is thought to be impossible, but he has been in love with the human doctor for years. Even in the labs, Jason could sense that George was as appalled by what was going on as any of the test subjects and after all, George did help plan and execute their escape. Without him, they might all be dead and would not live in comparative luxury. He has been trying to hold back, not sure whether George would be receptive or even interested, and he doesn’t want to force the man into a situation he might not want. But the constant exposure as he protects the doctor against those in the pack who want to kill all humans, weakens Jason’s resistance, and when he finally gives in, the result is explosive. George may have helped the pack to escape, and he likes being their doctor, but he feels like a prisoner. He isn’t allowed to go anywhere on his own, he is always watched, usually by Jason, and he has the smallest room and no free time. He has been in love with Jason for a long time but has no hope of his feelings being returned. After all, he was one of the scientists experimenting on the werewolfhounds, and even though he tried to be humane and help them as much as possible, he still feels bad about the part he played in their suffering. When Jason finally comes on to him, he is over the moon, but can’t believe Jason is seriously interested in a real relationship. Like the other couples in this series, George and Jason face an uphill battle. Humans aren’t supposed to be mated. George thinks he is too old, too ugly and uninteresting, and Jason could do better. Jason feels as if he is taking advantage of George. Many in the pack don’t want to see a human as a mate, making him an equal in a way they are not ready for. The list goes on. But once they understand how deep the mating bond goes already, neither Jason nor George are willing to give up their relationship. And then George gets kidnapped, and I thought they’d never make it. If you like unexpected, maybe even “impossible” mates who find each other despite numerous obstacles, if you want to see two men who are burdened by their pasts figure out how to build a future together, and if you’re looking for a read that is suspenseful, heartwarming, and very hot, then you will probably like this novella." -- Serena Yates, Rainbow Book Reviews

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“You don’t have to babysit me,” George said, sighing. He removed his glasses and wiped his face. “I’m not going anywhere until I’m done with this.”

“Still want to make sure Phoenix doesn’t come and try something.”

“He’s too drugged up to think of more than his own name for the next couple of days,” George said, righting his glasses and returning to his list. He didn’t look at Jason once.

Jason wished the man would. He also wished to know what George’s lips tasted like. He’d been thinking about this for a while, and watching Phoenix go for his throat had just made the urge that much stronger. Jason didn’t want to stay away.

“Are you listening to me?”

Jason blinked. “Huh?”

George had a soft glare on his face. The sort of thing he reserved whenever something was annoying him.

That seemed to be Jason. He stifled a laugh. “Sorry, my mind was somewhere else.”

George didn’t wipe that glare off his face in the least. Why was he so handsome even when he was angry?

He turned back to his writing. “Well, I said you don’t have to worry about wasting your time here. Nothing’s going to happen to me.”

“I’m supposed to be protecting you,” Jason said.

“I’m not anyone’s responsibility,” George snapped. He rubbed at his eyes beneath his glasses again. “Phoenix is still recovering, and there’s really no one else in the pack that hates me enough to so much as play a prank. Even Dean’s mellowed out ever since Joey came along.”

And Jason was starting to wonder when that idiot would realize that he’d mated with the man at all. Everyone was taking bets on it at this point as to whether or not it was actually true. Jason used to be on the fence, but after Dean came down with a cold and Joey started caring for him, it got to be more and more obvious that Dean enjoyed the attention.

“Yeah, but I shouldn’t just fuck off out of here because things seem calm.”

Actually, considering the casual nature of this pack, that was probably exactly what he should do. If he wanted George to feel a little less like a prisoner, then he should probably let the man get some work done in peace.

He just wanted to be near him. He couldn’t bring his legs to work to take him in the other direction so he could leave George alone.

George was silent, but the scratching sound of his pen on the pad of paper got to be stronger. “Fine,” he said.

That was just a shitty plastic pen that came from a bag from Walmart. Jason was starting to worry that if George put any more pressure on it…

“You’re going to snap that pen and stab yourself,” he said.

“I’m fine. I know how to write a goddamn list!”

The plastic bent just a little more under the strain of what George was doing.

Jason said nothing else. He just watched as George wrote out the list of things he needed, underlining a couple of things with quick, heavy slashes across the page.

Jason hoped it wouldn’t happen, but it did. The blue plastic actually snapped under the force of George’s irritated writing.

It snapped, and he stabbed himself in the hand with the sharp spear of plastic that pushed up into his skin as he pushed his hand down.

He hissed and pulled back. The pen remained stuck in his skin.

Jason immediately rushed forward, even as George pulled out the offending object.

“Are you all right?” Jason asked. He reached for George’s wrist, and he was pleased when the man didn’t pull away from him. He allowed Jason to see the bloody wound.

There was a time in Jason’s life when the very sight of blood from anyone would have sent him and his inner wolfhound into a frenzy. Nowadays, depending on the amount of blood, he didn't notice anything wrong. He had total control.

All the same, he was very aware of the fact that George was slowly trying to pull his wrist away from Jason’s hold. He wasn’t moving quickly or yanking his hand away, probably fearful that it would set Jason off.

He moved as though it was natural, as though he wanted to tend to the wound himself, but it was obvious he was a little on the scared side. The frantic sound of his beating heart said as much. What else could it be?

“It’s fine. Just let me deal with it.”

Jason released George’s wrist, but now that he’d touched the man skin to skin, he knew, he just knew that there would be no more going back after this. There was nothing he could do to make this stop.

His heart… It thumped loud and hard on the inside of his chest. It certainly wasn’t the first time, and it definitely wasn’t the worst it had ever felt, but this time, it was like some invisible string inside Jason’s mind had snapped.

He was going to take what he wanted. He was going to make George his, mate or no mate, and then he would kill Phoenix if the man ever decided to lay a finger on George ever again.

George already had a lot of his supplies on the counter, so it was a simple matter of grabbing for a cotton ball and some alcohol to disinfect his wound, and then wrapping gauze around the puncture wound.

That had to hurt. Jason really hoped what he was about to do wouldn’t hurt the man even more.

“I might need to stitch it later, but two stitches shouldn’t be a prob—mmph!

Jason walked up behind him, turned George’s head to the side, and leaned in for a kiss.




The alpha sure as hell hadn’t finished with him either.

Jason slid it between George’s ass cheeks, back and forth, back and forth. It was as calming as it was erotic. George savored it even as he caught his breath.

And then Jason’s fingers were pushing up and under his navy button-down shirt. The man pushed George’s shirt up as he exposed his stomach and chest. George was embarrassed by it. He hated his body. It was nothing like the hard, muscular perfection that Jason had.

George didn’t get much exercise doing what he did, so he was skinny and without much form. Definitely a stark contrast to the younger alpha standing behind him. He was glad that he was turned away from Jason so that the man couldn’t get a proper look at him. If he did, the alpha might be disgusted, and decide that he was better off looking for someone else to fuck in a bar in town

But then Jason’s fingers found his nipples, and the man tweaked them violently hard, and all thoughts of his own flaws and insecurities flew right out of George’s mind.

The pain pulsed against the pleasure. George cried out and pushed his back against Jason’s chest, trying to get away from that touch.

But it worked to calm his body down. He was no longer five seconds away from an orgasm, and then the pinching and tweaking of his nipples turned gentle, and the pleasure of that sent delicious shock waves back down to his cock, reawakening its interest.

George felt like he was being consumed. Devoured. He felt like there were warm arms and skin surrounding him from all sides, and it was making it hard to breathe, but he didn’t want to leave any of it. He wanted to stay cocooned in this warmth.

Something hard and blunt pressed against his hole, and as it pushed inside, George sucked in a deep breath.

Oh God, this was it. Jason was actually doing it. George could feel every inch of him as he pushed inside, farther, deeper, until he was completely inside, touching everywhere, and there was nowhere else for him to go but to pull back and push forward again.

George clenched his teeth tight enough to crack them, but he couldn’t seem to make himself relax.

It fucking hurt, but the pleasure was still there, just on the very edge, and he tried focusing on that.

“Relax, you’re gripping me too tight,” Jason said.

George wouldn’t be able to say anything without sounding like he was dying, so he just nodded and focused.

It hurt just as much to not try to push Jason out of him, but when the forward and back glide of the man’s cock got to be easier, Jason was able to pick up his speed. The head of his prick touched George’s prostate again and again.

It was enough to cause his pleasure to overshadow any pain that was there, and George slowly found himself pushing back against the man, wanting that feeling to get stronger, to increase. Too good. It felt so good that he almost didn’t have words for it.

His skin smacked against Jason’s pelvis, another sound that would’ve been embarrassing to listen to on its own, but George found that he didn’t care. This felt too good. The pleasure increased more and more, the heat inside of him ballooning to the point that he wouldn’t care if the roof itself fell down on him, all he cared about was pushing back against the man’s surging cock, and staying on his feet so that he could get more of that amazing sensation.

George’s arms gave out on him. He fell down onto the counter, pressing his cheek against the cool top. He tried to reach out for something, anything that he could grab on to, but there was nothing there for him. He was stuck just barely holding on, feeling like he was about to slide down at any moment. The only thing that kept him where he was, was the ironclad grip that Jason kept on his hips.

Now that he thought about it, it kind of hurt, but the pleasure was so much better.

Because of George’s previous orgasm, it was taking him slightly longer to come, but he could still feel it there. The peak of his pleasure was just at the edge of his mind, warming up his insides, making that spot just behind his belly swell and heat up.

George’s sweaty palms stayed flat on the counter, still barely holding on. He was never going to get over this. He never wanted it to end.

A rush of warmth surged inside of him after Jason let out a hard, guttural groan.

George’s eyes widened when he realized what it was, and then Jason was milking himself inside of his body, pushing out every drop of himself.

Somehow, the knowledge that Jason had just come inside of him sent George over that last hurdle he’d needed to clear before he could come.

He shot warm seed all over the white doors of his cupboards, and his hand scrambled down to his cock. He gripped it tight and stroked, using his own cum  as lubricant. He needed to stroke every drop out of himself. He needed to feel good, and he needed to… He needed…

He had no idea what he needed, but then he collapsed again when it was over.

George panted for breath, closing his eyes, unable to open them back up again.

That was…really good. Holy God, he couldn’t believe that just happened, and his body was still warm and throbbing with what he’d just done. It felt like… It felt like he’d just had the best sex of his life.

Probably because it was the first time in nearly a decade since he’d had sex, and how pathetic was that?

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