[Siren Publishing: The Stormy Glenn ManLove Collection: Alternative Contemporary Romantic Suspense Romance, MM, HEA]

Haus Jackson was mystified by the voice that came out over his comm-unit and directed him to safety time and time again. He had no idea who the man was, but he couldn't fault his intel. Kevin had saved him more times than he could count, but who was he? Kevin Davis had a debt to pay. He owed Haus his life and he was going to make sure that the man had the backup he needed. He might not be able to be there in person, but he had mad computer skills and he planned to use them to keep Haus alive. When someone started to mess with Kevin, he had to wonder if it was due to the top secret intel he was sharing with Haus or if it was something more. Kidnapped and tossed into a trunk, he was terrified no one would be able to save him, not even Haus.


Stormy Glenn is a Siren-exclusive author.

On Target (MM)
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"Are you there?"

Haus Jackson smiled and pulled the toothpick from between his lips before replying to the voice coming through on the comm unit in his ear. "I'm here, Kevin."

"Are you okay?"

Haus glanced around the dusty attic he was hiding in. It wasn't the worst place he had been in his life, but it wasn't the best either.

"I'm alive."

At the moment, that was enough.

"The floor beneath you is vacant and I've disabled the elevator from reaching you."

Haus gave a little chuckle. He had no idea how Kevin Tyler was talking to him or even how he knew to do it. Hell, he didn't even know who Kevin was. He was just a voice on the other end of the line who had appeared one day right out of the blue and directed Haus to a safe spot away from the fire fight he was involved in.

Haus prayed he wasn't working for the bad guys.

He still had no idea how Kevin was even speaking to him. His earpiece was supposed to be a secure link back to home base and Charles Kenneth Pennington III.

Charlie was his former commander in the Marines. When he retired to raise his kids, he agreed to stay on to work a few missions for the government. He ran them all from the bunker beneath his house.

No one else was supposed to be able to access that secure link, but apparently, Kevin hadn't gotten the memo. The first time he'd spoken, Haus had thought he was some kid goofing around and had yelled at him to get off the line. Kevin had ignored him, sending out information that led Haus away from trouble and to a safe spot.

After the mission, Haus had taken the earpiece to Charlie and asked him to look it over. Something had held him back from admitting someone had contacted him on it. That was three months ago, and he still hadn't told anyone.

He didn't know why.

He was kind of getting used to Kevin going along with him on his missions. For some unexplainable reason, Kevin always seemed to know when he was out in the field, when he was home, and when he needed help.

More than once, he had pulled Haus's ass out of the line of fire and given him an escape route away from trouble. He'd supplied information that not even Charlie had been able to get his hands on, and helped Haus complete his missions with minimal damage to life or property.

Haus glanced out at the darkness beyond the small window he sat next to. It was a really small window, one of those old world building attic windows. Small enough that he doubted anything could squeeze through it except a pigeon or a bat. He was hoping neither would fly in to visit, but closing the window wasn't possible. He needed the clean air. The attic space was stuffy.

"You need to be careful up there," Kevin said. "That building was built back around the turn of the last century, nineteen o'four to be exact. Some of those rafter beams have to be rotted right through."

Haus glanced at the rafter beams. While he was technically in the attic of the older building, it was more a collections of rafters. He had found a small alcove created by the window to rest while he waited for time to pass. He couldn't leave his hidden spot until the coast was clear.

"I think I'm safe in my little alcove for now."

"You can rest if you want. I have an inferred readout on the building. I can tell you if anyone is coming."

"How do you have an inferred readout on this building, Kevin?" It wasn't that big of a building considering he was in New York City, but it was at least ten stories tall, not including the attic where Haus was hiding.

"The FBI has an inferred camera aimed at the eighth floor from the building across the street. I'm piggybacking their feed. I was able to increase the range to encompass the entire building."

Haus's eyebrows rose swiftly. "How in the hell did you even know the FBI was watching this building?" Charlie hadn't even known that. Or if he had, he hadn't said anything to Haus.

"Text message."

"Come again?"

"One of the agents texted his girlfriend and told her he'd be late for their date tonight because something was up on his case. I was monitoring all the data coming in and out of the building you're in plus the surrounding ones. Once I figured out what this guy was doing, I tapped into his system."


"You know you can go to jail for doing something like that."

Kevin laughed as if amused by the very idea. "They have to catch me first."


"Haus, it's fine. They won't even know I was there."

Haus wasn't so sure about that, but what did he know? Guns and explosions were his expertise, not computers and technology. "Just make sure you're not caught. It's not worth keeping an eye on me if it's too dangerous."

"Aawww, you sound like you care."

Haus wisely kept his mouth shut. Granted, he had kind of gotten used to having Kevin on the other end of the line over the last three months, but he didn't know the guy. He didn't even know what he looked like.

"Don't breath, Haus," Kevin said. "Someone is climbing the ladder to check the rafters."

Haus hunkered down into the shadows. The trapdoor was below him. If he stayed perfectly still in the shadows of his little alcove, no one from down there would be able to see him. He held his breath when he heard the trapdoor clank as it was opened. The glare from a flashlight moved over the wooden beams, bouncing from one side of the attic to the other.

Damn, Kevin was good.




"Yeah…uh…" Haus glanced away. "We thought it might be better for you to stay here for a few days, just until we can figure out who is out to get you."

Kevin frowned, confused about the way Haus was acting. Why was he so nervous? Why wouldn't he make eye contact? "Is something wrong, Haus?"

"You, um, forgot to do up your pants all the way and you're kinda hanging out."

Kevin glanced down then closed his eyes, totally mortified. He opened his eyes and quickly tucked himself back into his pants and pulled them up. He had done away with zippers and buttons on almost all of his pants. Way too complicated. It also made getting around in the bathroom a little easier.

"I apologize, Haus. There is no excuse for—"

Haus held up his hand. "Don't. Please."

Kevin tucked in his lips.

"You have nothing to apologize for, Kevin. If anyone should be apologizing, it should be me for not telling you sooner. I just…wow." Haus's eyes rounded. "It's been a while since I've seen a cock that nice, let alone been near one."

Kevin's jaw dropped as shock rolled through him, but only for a second. He grabbed the waistline of his pants. "Wanna see it again?" Kevin had no problem dropping his pants for this man. Hell, he might even beg for the opportunity.

"Can you…" Haus swallowed tightly. "Are you able to—"

"Luckily, that part of the body works just fine. It's the legs that are crap. If you want to be technical, I'm paralyzed from about mid-thigh down, but I can still feel everything. I just can't get my legs to do what I want them to do."

Kevin knew he'd been lucky considering. His spine injury should have been paralyzed him from the waist down. For some reason his doctor couldn't explain, he wasn't. "Don't ask me why. It's just how things ended up."

"But you can feel everything?" Haus asked as he dropped to his knees.

"Yeah. Everything."

Kevin sucked in a breath when Haus leaned down and rubbed his face against the erection trying to free itself from Kevin's pants. Oh god, he was going to die. "Haus."

Haus grinned at him as he grabbed the waistband of his pants and pulled them down, hooking them under Kevin's balls. Haus's eyes never left Kevin's as he stuck out his tongue and ran it gently up the side to the top then over the small slit, capturing drops of pre-cum. A little bit at a time, Haus began sucking Kevin into his mouth, his tongue swirling around every inch it could reach.

It was unbelievable, all hot and achy. Kevin was going out of his mind.

Haus seemed to know just what to do to bring Kevin to the brink of release, stop, and build him back up again. He licked and sucked, and caressed until Kevin could do nothing more than lay there, whimpering. Kevin clenched handfuls of Haus's hair, his hips rising up to meet each downward plunge of Haus's mouth.

"Haus…gonna…" Kevin cried out as he came. Haus swallowed every drop he had to give. Kevin continued to clench in Haus's hair until the man pulled him off and sat up.

Kevin groaned in protest.

Haus chuckled. "Oh, I'm not done with you yet."

Kevin felt like singing a halleluiah chorus when Haus reached into the nightstand and came back with a bottle of lube before sitting back on his knees.

From the desire he could see burning in Haus's deep hazel eyes, no words were needed. Kevin's cock ached, his need growing with every passing second. He knew if he didn't get Haus's cock in his ass soon, he was going to blow without him.

"Can you stretch out in the middle of the bed?"

Kevin used his hands to scoot himself to the middle of the mattress, then grabbed his legs and swung them around until he was stretched out in the middle of the bed. He leaned back on his arms as he grinned at Haus.

"Now what?"

Haus chuckled as he pulled his shirt over his head and dropped it on the floor. "You might want to get undressed," he said as his hands went to the buttons of his pants.

All Kevin could do was sit there and stare as rippling muscles and tanned skin were revealed to his hungry gaze. Kevin groaned. It was unintelligible sound, but crystal clear in its volume. A deep groan of need, Kevin's need.

An involuntary shiver raced through Kevin's body when the Haus's large hands closed around his waist. Kevin's pants were yanked down his legs and tossed aside. His shirt followed quickly after.

Haus's big hands moved over his chest, settling on his nipples to pluck and pull at them. He seemed to know just how much to tug, to pull, how much pressure to use to bring Kevin to the very edge of bliss.

Kevin found himself doing the one thing he never did. He begged. "Please."

Yeah, he was that damn needy.

"I have to stretch you first, baby." Haus popped the lid and poured a sufficient amount of slick out onto his fingers, and then snapped it closed. He dropped the lube back onto the bed.

Kevin's high pitched grunt filled the room as Haus's fingers pushed into his ass. His body stiffened for a moment and then rippled. His heart thundered against his chest.

Haus started thrusting his fingers into Kevin's tight ass over and over again, until Kevin felt the little ring of muscles stretch and pulse against Haus's fingers.

"Gonna fuck you so good, Kev," Haus whispered as he pulled his fingers free and he scooted up against Kevin's ass cheeks.

Kevin heard something tear and then a moment later a big thick cock was pushed into his ass, the burning so intense that for a moment, Kevin thought he might pass out. He felt like his ass was being speared in two as Haus slowly pushed forward, sinking his huge cock into Kevin's tight hole.

By the time he felt Haus's thighs brush up against his ass Kevin thought he might be able to taste the man's cock in his throat. He tried not to wince when Haus stilled inside of him. His ass was stretched so wide he felt like he might be split in half and he ached.

He needed Haus to move, to fuck him, to do something. He was being impaled on a two by four and the man was just kneeling there, not moving.

It was driving Kevin insane.

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