[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Contemporary Paranormal Romance, shape-shifters, werewolves, M/M, HEA]
Dreading his arranged mating to an abusive werewolf, Omega wolf Six decides to sneak out of his pack’s compound for a one-night stand with a sexy stranger. Dante’s different from any other man he’s ever met. Six knows there’s an unexplainable connection between them, but he flees the next day, knowing they can’t be together because of his strict pack.
Alpha werewolf Dante can’t stop thinking about his hook-up with a feisty yet sweet Omega, but Six disappears on him before they can start anything good. When Six arrives in town looking for him, bruised and pregnant with Dante’s kid, Dante knows luck is on his side. This time, Dante isn’t about to take any chances.
Dante knows Six is meant to be his, and he’ll do anything to protect his mate and pup—even start a war with an entire werewolf pack.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Taming His Wild Heart (MM)
9 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
It is with a little wistfulness that I began this fifth and final installment in the ‘Wolves of Emerald Valley’ series. I have enjoyed reading about each man finding his mate and the mates have all been well written characters. Dante is the last and I noticed differences in him during the previous novella so I was looking forward to his own happy ending. I wanted to see all of these wolves, and vampires, safe, happy, healthy, and maybe get some resolution to the problem of the current wolf pack alpha not able to handle his role or his pack.

I didn’t blame Six at all for sneaking out of the compound (told me everything I needed to know about his birth pack) and heading to a bar for a drink and to find someone to lose his virginity to. He certainly didn’t want to give it to Spike, his alpha’s brother, who is to be his mate. Spike is mean and vicious. Six can’t believe his luck when he meets Dante at the bar. Dante is in town tying up some business he had with Randall, alpha of the Ridgeback pack. Six’s pack. Dante is well aware of, and completely disagrees with, the way Randall deals with the omegas in his pack. Dante is ridiculously attracted (as is his wolf) to Six and he gives the omega a night they both can remember.

Two weeks later Dante is miserable missing Six and wondering how he can sneak into the compound when Six shows up. Pregnant and exiled from his pack for having broken his mating contract by having sex outside of their pack and his intended mate, Six is thrilled when Dante welcomes him and his pregnancy. Of course, it’s too easy to think that Spike won’t still hunt Six down for revenge but I’m pretty sure Dante can take that guy.

I really would have liked more backstory on both of these main characters and fewer editing errors. However, Six is very sweet and Dante gladly stepped up to the plate, so I was rooting for them to make it. The drama involving Spike was very anti-climactic and I was a little disappointed with that. All in all, though, book five finished out the series very well, and even though there were things in each novella I wasn’t thrilled with, I’m glad I read this series because I definitely liked the characters.
Christy Duke




“I wanted some air, beer, and a good fuck.”

Saying those words was easy enough, but Six didn’t know what was wrong with him. He was usually more behaved than this. Six was the kind of guy who followed all the rules—but look where being good had led him?

It was worth it, being reckless, though, because the Alpha’s smile widened, and God. Dimples. Shit. Six had a weakness for dimples, and he had a feeling that for the first time the Alpha wore a genuine smile.

“I thought Randall and his enforcers beat all the fight out of their Omegas.”

“You thought wrong.”

“I guess so.” The dark-haired hottie didn’t even bother hiding that he was checking Six out, and the hunger in those blue eyes pinned Six in place. “Do you have a name, mystery Omega?”

“Six Sullivan.”

The Alpha raised his brows. “Six? Really?”

“My parents weren’t creative with names. I was their sixth kid and the only Omega. Maybe they knew they’d eventually have to give me away, so they didn’t bother.” He sounded blasé when he said it, although the truth still hurt. 

A growl trickled out of the Alpha, and he jumped in his seat, suddenly worried, scared he’d gone too far, thinking he could flirt with an Alpha. In his pack, clear boundaries were drawn between the strong and the weak. A pecking order existed for a reason, because Omegas couldn’t survive on their own without the pack looking after them.

Six was beginning to think that was bullshit, that Randall only wanted to keep all of them in line.

“Sorry,” the guy muttered, and changed his tone back to his amused one, as if intent on covering his slip. “I’m Dante. Can I buy you another drink?”

Six’s stomach rumbled, much to his embarrassment.

Dante chuckled. “Or maybe some nibbles instead?”

“I want dinner.” He blurted those words out loud without thinking. 

“Good. I know a decent steak place nearby. Come on.” Dante turned without waiting for his reply, as if he knew Six would follow. 

Arrogant Alpha. But Six couldn’t explain the strange magnetism between them. He was drawn to Dante, to the Alpha’s envious confidence, and his audacity to go where no one would dare—to take an Omega from the Ridgeback pack. He trailed after Dante, feeling like he was stuck in some strange, wonderful dream.

Horror stories of what happened to weak shifters taken advantage of by stronger ones lingered in the back of his mind, but his wolf told him Dante was safe, different. Special. No, he couldn’t afford to think of this strange Alpha that way, because—whatever this was—it was temporary, a fluke of some sort, because guys like Dante usually didn’t pick up average nobodies like him. 

Cold air hit his face, and he took a couple of seconds to drink in the sight of the Alpha in front of him. Dante walked up to an old but well-maintained Harley Six assumed belonged to him. Of course a bad-ass Alpha like Dante rode a motorcycle.

Six must have lingered on outside the bar far too long, looking lost, because a shadow fell over him.

“Alone, little Omega? I’ll show you a good time,” a muscled man in a cowboy hat drawled. 

Goosebumps appeared on his arms. His wolf didn’t like this stranger, not like Dante.

His chest constricted. Before he could start hyperventilating, Dante was suddenly right behind him, placing one muscled arm over his shoulders. Dante let out a low, warning growl.

“Fuck off, he’s mine.”

The other shifter heard the threat in his voice and wisely gave up. “I’m not here to start a fight, man. If he’s yours, put a collar on him.”

Then the guy walked away. Dante touched his shoulder, turning him so they looked each other in the eyes. Was that concern on the Alpha’s face, or was Six imagining things?

“You okay?” 

He nodded. “I was just lost in thought awhile there.”

“Rethinking your decision?” Dante flashed a toothy grin. 

“Nope, admiring you with your bike. I’ve never ridden one before,” he said quickly. Six wasn’t about to tell this Alpha about what he’d really thought, terrified Dante would somehow wake up and realize Six wasn’t worth pursuing.

Dante raised an eyebrow. “Oh? Never? First time for everything then.”

Dante held out his hand, callused and huge compared to Six’s slender, smooth one. He took Dante’s hand, letting the Alpha lead him to the Harley. His heart thumped furiously. Blood rushed to his head. 

Never before had he felt so wild, so free. For someone who’d lived in the compound all his life, all his comings and goings monitored, this experience still didn’t feel quite real. Dante’s warm hand confirmed this was reality, though.

Dante let him go to take out a spare helmet from the back of the bike and helped him put it on.

“Thanks,” he whispered. Dante buckled the strap, fingers lingering on his jaw. Even the Alpha’s touch felt electric. 

What was happening to him? 

Dante put on his own helmet and mounted the bike. “Come on, little Omega. Let’s get to that dinner so you can tell me all about yourself.”

“I don’t think you’d find me all that interesting.”

Dante let out a laugh. “Let me be the judge of that.”

“I thought you only wanted to fuck.” Just saying that word made him blush.

Dante studied him. “Oh, little Omega. We’re going to have one hell of a ride tonight.”




“You can’t give your trust away that simply to anyone, little wolf. You don’t know a thing about me.” To prove his point, Dante blanketed his body over Six, but used his arms to keep his weight off the Omega.

“That might be true, but I know you’re good.” Then Six leaned across to kiss him again. Dante tasted Six’s surety, his lust, and that shattered his resolve to stay away. Why resist, when Six felt so good under him? Worse, it felt right.

Dante took over, kissing Six hard, rough enough to draw a bit of blood. Six clawed at him, but using his good hand, he pinned Six’s wrists above his head. “Behave,” he chided. “I want to enjoy you in peace.”

Six hissed at him, just like a cat. Amused, Dante lowered his head again and tasted Six slowly, taking his time. If this moment was all they were getting, then he was going to make sure Six would never forget his first time with a real man.


* * * *


Six could hardly believe his luck. A moment ago, Dante had nearly backed away, but his determination paid off. He thought Alphas like Dante were impatient, would rather get right to the thick of the action. It turned out he was wrong, because Dante seemed to be in no hurry. Dante kissed and nipped, bit and sucked down the line of his body. 

He shuddered at the assault of his senses, how each touch and press of lips felt like little licks of fire on his skin. Prior to this, Six had been educated by the trainers at the compound about what to expect during a mating. Six had also experimented and masturbated on his own, but lessons were nothing compared to the real deal.

Dante took his left nipple into his mouth and gave it a tug with his teeth. Six squirmed, dick thickening, and he was all too aware of Dante’s huge prick, pressing up against his stomach like heated steel. Could such a big dick really fit inside his tiny hole?

Dante paused from his task and asked, “What are you thinking of?”

“About your prick.” He blushed after that.

Dante smirked and palmed his belly, his big and callused hand soothing. “Don’t worry your head off, little Omega. I’ll take good care of you. We’ll go slow, careful.”

Six nodded, liking the notion of that. Dante kissed his way down his body again, leaving him wanting more. When Dante reached his dick, he cried out, eyes wide. Dante met his gaze, blue eyes turning completely yellow. Dante’s wolf peeked at him, all savage want, but he wasn’t scared. He knew the Alpha would guide him, make this experience pleasurable for both of them.

Dante flicked a tongue over his cockhead. Six shuddered, the pressure building inside of him threatening to burst, but Dante gave his balls a squeeze. “Hold it back a little longer for me. Can you do that, pet?”

He nodded. Dante gave his shaft a few licks, tracing the veins, every ridge. Six clawed at the sheets, needing something to hold to. Dante then took his prick between his lips, and live electricity pulsed inside of him. The powerful Alpha bobbing his head up and down was an erotic image, one he’d treasure and remember after their night was over.

Sadness welled inside of him at that thought, but he swiftly put it aside to focus on the gorgeous male in front of him. 

“Dante,” he whispered. 

The Alpha seemed to understand and pulled his mouth away, moving to kiss him on the lips again, so he could taste himself on the Alpha. Then Dante gave his dick a few tugs.

“Come for me, Omega.” An order he couldn’t resist.

With a loud cry, he came, spilling his cum over Dante’s abs. 

He was distinctively aware of Dante lifting his legs over those broad, shoulders curling with inked thorns. Spread like this, he felt exposed, his need sharpened to a fine point. The haze in his mind began to clear. Dante must have known Omegas from his pack were self-lubricating, because the Alpha pushed a finger in him and didn’t seem surprised to find him slick and ready. 

“I’ll widen and stretch you before I fuck you, okay?” Dante’s voice was uncontrolled, but the Alpha added a second finger in and made twisting motions.

“Okay,” he whispered. “Will it hurt?”

“Only for a little bit. After, I’ll make you fly again, though.”

He nodded. “I’m ready.”

Dante chuckled, the sound low and sexy. “Not yet.”

Dante added a third finger, before replacing them with his dick. Six stilled, feeling Dante’s leaking cockhead brushing against his puckered entrance. Dante seemed to have sensed his anxiety and kissed him on the mouth again, calming him. His wolf howled inside of him, ready, eager, so unlike the mind-numbing fear they’d experienced after learning Spike was going to be their mate.

Then Dante pulled his mouth away and pushed in. He gasped. Dante was so big. 

“Breathe in for me, pet. That’s good. Keep doing that.”

He urged his inner muscles to relax, and once Dante thrust past the stubborn ring of muscles, it was easier. Finally, he felt Dante’s balls brushing against his ass and Dante, buried to the hilt in him, stretching him completely.

“Good job, pet.” Dante gripped his waist and began to move, strokes steady, sure, until the initial burn faded away, replaced by something else—sheer ecstasy. 

“That’s so good,” he whispered. 

Dante found a rhythm which both of them liked, going deeper with each steady thrust. Each time, their bodies kissed, something in him shifting, his wolf deciding this wonderful male, this Alpha, was theirs. 

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