The Devil Hills Wolves Collection, Volume 2 (MM)

Devil Hills Wolves

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 57,820
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AVAILABLE: Thursday, December 7th

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Romance, Alternative, Paranormal, Romantic Suspense, Shape-shifter, Werewolves, MM, HEA]

Devil's Property

Half werewolf and half telekinetic, Santino Moreno is called the Devil for a reason. Lethal in a fight and dangerously seductive in bed, no one has ever managed to tame him. Searching for a way to heal his sister, Santino saves Zack, a bobcat shifter healer, and his crew of misfits from paranormal-hating humans and allows them inside the Devil Hills pack lands. Something about Zack calls to Santino’s wolf, and he can’t deny the scorching attraction between them.   

Zack has done all he could to save the remains of his decimated paranormal community. He just lied to the most powerful werewolf pack in the country to save his people, but his deceit unravels the more he spends time with Santino. Zack lost his old home, but can he find his place in the Devil Hills pack and manage to survive his dance with the Devil?

Bitten Hard

Lance is the Beta, the second most powerful werewolf in the Devil Hills wolf pack for a reason. He’s logical and level-headed in intense situations, except when it comes to his mate. His heart tore in half when he thought he lost Joey. When Lance comes face-to-face with his lost lover, all he sees is betrayal and rage.   

Five years ago, Joey took his sister and fled after their old pack was massacred by paranormal-hating humans. His one regret was leaving Lance. Joey’s sole focus was survival, even if that meant lying his way inside the lands where Lance is second only to the Alpha.

Joey knows he has a long way to go to make amends. But will the man who always owed his body and his heart, give him another chance to redeem himself?

The Devil Hills Wolves Collection, Volume 2 (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Devil Hills Wolves Collection, Volume 2 (MM)

Devil Hills Wolves

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 57,820
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Devil's Property


Santino stalked closer to the road, then heard it, the squeal of tires on gravel. He didn’t call his team yet, wanting to get a closer look at the situation. Usually, he’d let Hunter do the scouting. While he trusted the other senior warrior, this mission was too important to him. Between two trees, he finally spotted the open road.

Few vehicles seldom came this way, because any sensible person, human, paranormal, or Esper, knew not to enter the Devil Hills territory if they weren’t expecting a welcome. He finally spotted the white Toyota in the distance, a blue Road Ranger right behind it. Closing in on the two vehicles were two familiar unmarked white vans.

For some reason, the Discipline Squad always favored those. According to Deacon, Zack didn’t have any warriors with him. The two vans lowered their windows and two shooters, both aiming rifles, poked out. Fury swept over him. Zack had submissive shifters and children with him. How dare these fuckers open fire on them?

Santino didn’t hesitate. He threw back his head and let out a loud howl, warning his other team members to follow his lead. Knowing they got his back, Santino studied the scene again. Growing up, he’d been temperamental and reckless, but not anymore.

Seeing those shooters about to open fire on Zack and his party, he used his telekinesis to divert the bullets. Then he ran up ahead.

* * * *

“Shit, Zack. They have snipers,” Adam said, knuckles turning white on the wheel.

“Keep on driving. Damn it, where’s Santino and his team?” Zack demanded furiously, looking through the side mirror, heart in his throat seeing the shooters readying to fire. “Head down!”

He expected glass to shatter as both Adam and he ducked their heads. The car momentarily swerved to the left side of the road. The bullets made a thudding noise, but the glass didn’t shatter. What just happened?

Zack grabbed the wheel and dared raise his head, heart hammering. Were Milo and the others hit? Through the windows, he noticed the Road Ranger remained intact. What the hell just happened?

The snipers raised their guns against them. A monstrous piercing howl emerged from somewhere nearby. One of the human shooters yelled as the gun flew out of his hand, then the second. A bird of prey shrieked from somewhere nearby, echoed by a second.

“They have a telekinetic Esper with them,” he whispered, hands trembling. His cat hovered to the surface of his skin. Strange. Why did his inner animal seem so restless when it should be scared by now?

“Aren’t telekinetics supposed to be nearly extinct?” Adam asked. “Then again, I’m not surprised the most dangerous paranormal community in the country has one.”

One bullet managed to find its way to the Range Rover. His heart nearly stopped.

“Adam, stop the car.”

Adam looked ready to protest at his command but did as he asked. Zack began to open the door, but Adam gripped his arm.

“You’re too valuable, Zack,” Adam whispered, haunted look in his eyes.

“Milo and the others are in danger,” he said, flinging his hand away.

“Didn’t you hear that howl? They’re here. The wolves are here.”

Several other howls joined the one he heard earlier. Zack yanked the door open, images of the massacre replaying in his head. So many dead bodies on the ground, his packmates in either human or bobcat form. He’d wondered why the wolves, the dominant animal group in Silver Thunder, didn’t come to their aid. Zack hadn’t known back then that the humans took care of the Alphas first, then the wolves.

Mercifully, once his sneakers touched the asphalt, he didn’t falter. Zack ran for the Road Ranger. A bullet skid dangerously close to his feet. He jerked his head, breathing ragged. The shooter must have reached for another weapon, the gun pointed directly at him.

The shooter fired but something big and furry shoved his legs from under him. Zack fell face-first into the road, only to find the largest muscled werewolf he’d even laid eyes on using his body to shield him.

“Zack!” Adam yelled at him in alarm, about to approach him, but the werewolf’s snarl made him stay put.

Blinding aggressive energy rolled off this werewolf in waves, making him grow still. Zack never felt anything like it, not even from Henry, the Silver Thunder wolf Alpha.

Shapes poured out of the forests left of them. More werewolves. A screech sounded from near the trees, and he turned his head, seeing large red-tailed hawks, about three of them, closely watching them.

Zack knew the Devil Hills wolves had allied themselves closely with a group of hawk shifters and other paranormals, but it was still strange seeing them there. Silver Thunder had numerous groups living in the same land, but they always kept out of each other’s way. These hawk shifters seemed to be working with the werewolves.

Zack took gaze away from the large avian shifters and back to the wolves.

He watched, open-mouthed, as the six werewolves worked like a well-oiled unit. One slender female with tawny gold fur matched the speed of the first white van, sinking one claw into the van’s back tire. Another big male, not as huge as the one with the dark chocolate brown fur protecting him, went for the other van.

His werewolf protector then turned, and every muscle in Zack’s body froze up, seeing those eerie and outwardly silver-eyes. There was no mistaking who this was. Santino. Zack swallowed, but he knew how to deal with big, bad dominant shifters—-although he never quite encountered one who both scared and intrigued him this much.




“What did the Beta say?” he asked in a dangerous tone.

“That everyone who dances with the Devil ends up being burned,” Zack said. “Guess what?”

“I’m not good with guesses. Say what you mean, little cat.”

“I don’t care. Santino, I’ve never felt like this, never wanted anyone so much, that it scares me a little.”

Santino took that as assent, and he wouldn’t ask again. He ran his thumb over Zack’s lower lip now, liking Zack’s tremble. Santino parted Zack’s lips, then zoned in for a kiss. Some assumed he only liked it rough, but it was the combination of seduction and plenty of bite in bed that made his ex-lovers give him that nickname.

He took his time, running his tongue across the seam of Zack’s mouth, muffling Zack’s moan as he slid his hand down the tempting length of Zack’s lean body. Santino gave Zack’s left nipple a squeeze, traced his fingers over Zack’s ribs, which housed a fierce and powerful heart that cared deeply.

Zack parted his lips and Santino slipped his tongue down Zack’s throat. Zack gripped his biceps as Santino finally curled his fingers over Zack’s rising cock. When he pulled his mouth away, Zack panted, pupils dilated.

“God, I didn’t know kisses can be like that,” Zack whispered, groaning when Santino gave Zack’s dick a few tugs and pulls. He swiped away the pre-cum at Zack’s tip and slowly edged Zack toward the bed, where he intended to ravish his little cat.

One gentle push and Zack’s ass landed on the edge of the bed.

“Scoot up,” he ordered, pleased Zack did as he asked.

Fuck, Zack’s creamy skin, still slicked with drying sweat from their run, looked tempting as hell. Seeing Zack’s prick at half-mast made him smile. He climbed into bed, making sure to keep his weight off Zack first, then he took Zack’s mouth again, the kiss all hunger and bite. Zack put his arms around his neck and responded with equal passion.

Santino’s own dick curved upward, the tip leaking pre-cum. Not yet, he told his wolf. He intended to help Zack forget about his grief for one evening, to make tonight all about Zack’s pleasure. Zack certainly deserved that. Santino left more kisses on the side of Zack’s mouth. He nipped and bit his way down Zack’s neck, paying attention to the spot where neck flowed to shoulder.

He licked at the spot, knowing that was where he’d put his personal brand, his mate mark. Santino wondered if Deacon, too, had known from first sight that Daryl was born to be his, the way he knew Zack had been made for him. Growing up, he’d been teased and taunted by the other children from the pack that someone like him and Sabine, created from a test tube, couldn’t possibly have a mate. Unnatural monsters.

Fate had led Zack to him for a reason. Patience, he told his wolf, and moved lower. He ran his hands down Zack’s gorgeous body, leaving little bites as his mouth explored, too.  When morning came, he wanted everyone in Devil Hills to know his little healer was off-limits. His.

“God, who knew a warrior like you had the patience to make me feel this good,” Zack murmured.

Santino paused from his task. “Since you can still talk, that means I’m not doing a good job.”

Santino worked Zack’s prick, alternating between fast and slow strokes. Just when Zack was on the verge of coming, he used his other hand to trace Zack’s puckered entrance. Soon, he’d claim Zack’s ass. One pinch to Zack’s tip did the trick. The healer came, groaning, emptying his balls and coating his hand with cum. Feeling satisfied, Santino licked Zack’s need clean off his fingers. Zack’s languid expression turned to surprise.

“Don’t get comfortable yet, little cat. Do you know what’s about to happen next?”

 * * * *

“You’re going to fuck me?” Zack managed to reply. Santino’s deep laugh turned his insides to jelly. God. A few minutes alone and Santino showed him that he could play his body like an instrument.

Every adult male shifter had certain needs, so Zack took care of that by finding a lover from one of the bobcat males in the pack once a month. Sex had been a necessity to him, but he’d never experienced anything like this. Santino stroked his body again, touched him the way a possessive yet skilled lover was only capable of. He purred for this werewolf, who seemed to know his body inside and out, even though they’d just met.

“Right answer,” Santino said, giving his dick a squeeze. The werewolf rolled off him, the motion graceful, more cat than wolf. Santino, he mused, had plenty of feline in him. Santino swore and Zack looked at him, eyes wide.

“What’s wrong?”

“Lube,” Santino grumbled.

Zack blushed, then said, “I have some in my pack, outside pocket.”

Santino raised his eyebrow but nonetheless found his backpack stuffed with his belongings beside the armchair next to the bed.

“I didn’t have time to sort my stuff, so I chucked everything in the bag,” he said, finding the need to explain.

Santino found the lube and returned to sit on the edge of the bed. “Tell me, little cat. How many other men have you been with?” Santino asked in that lethal voice of his.

“You can’t possibly be jealous. I bet you have plenty of lovers,” he blurted.

Santino stroked his rising prick. God, but his touch was maddening, addictive. He moaned as the werewolf lowered his head, lifted one leg, and blew at his prick and asshole. He blushed harder as Santino pressed his face to his prick and balls and used his tongue to trace his cockhead. Zack stilled, heart hammering. Dominant shifter males usually took, seldom paid attention to the needs of their submissive partners, so this took him by surprise.

Zack fisted the comforter as Santino continued exploring him. He’d seen Santino fully erect, and yet the werewolf hadn’t slid his dick into his hole. What control, he thought, no longer able to form coherent thoughts as Santino opened his mouth and began taking his dick down his throat.

Santino bobbed his head up and down, the sight of the muscular and powerful male going down on him amazing. He made protesting choking noises as Santino pulled away just as his climax began to build, leaving him on edge and wanting more.


Bitten Hard


Streaks of blood and fur still covered parts of the ground from the other challenges, telling Joey he didn’t belong here. He reminded himself that while he might not be trained in combat, he protected his sister well enough.

Lance appeared on the other end of the circle, barefoot and only wearing jeans. He sucked in a breath. Lance looked bigger, having gained more muscle than the last time Joey spotted him. Old rake marks and scars marred his upper body. Where the Black Claw pack tattoo used to be on Lance’s left shoulder had been replaced with a new pack tattoo, the grinning wolf of Devil Hills.

Lance wore his dark gold hair short now, as opposed to the shoulder length he favored before. Those brilliant jade irises burned with bright hatred, though, and the intensity in them unsettled Joey. The Beta of the Devil Hills wolf pack carried the scent of aggression with him, along with wood and pine, the same smell as these woods.

Only a fool would want to cross this man, but all Joey could think about was how he wanted to climb Lance like a tree, to reacquaint himself with Lance’s body. For Lance to take his lips, remind him who he belonged to.

“I have to hand it to you, little wolf. You have the guts to show your face in front of me after all these years,” Lance said, words accompanied with a growl.

Just like that, the delusion he conjured about how their reunion would go disappeared. The Lance he’d known had always been in control. The stranger in front of him looked ready to rip his throat out. So many unsaid words stood between them.

I missed you.

I kept thinking of you all these years.

I wish I had the guts to approach you earlier.

“It’s good to see you, too,” he said, nearly choking on his words.

Lance narrowed his gaze. “You want a piece of me, little wolf? Then a piece you’ll have.”

Then the Beta dropped his pants, and before Joey could admire the massive cock between Lance’s legs, the Beta shifted. He swore and began fumbling for his clothes. The crowd started to make bets against him. Joey hardly heard them. In seconds, Lance’s gold pelted wolf tore from his skin. Joey finally kicked off his shoes and reached for his beast.

Shit. He should have listened to Freida. Of course the years would have changed Lance. He couldn’t see anything of the man he once knew. Rumors said the Beta of the Devil Hills pack was collected, the voice of reason, and yet all he’d seen was white-hot anger from Lance.

Fur covered his chest and shoulders. Bones shifted and organs rearranged themselves. Then it struck Joey that Lance didn’t go after him immediately despite completing the shift first. Relief washed over him, but it was momentary. Once he hit all four paws, Lance went for him, fangs flashing and murder in his eyes.


Joey dodged, or tried to, but for a big bastard, Lance moved incredibly fast. He’d nearly forgotten what a formidable warrior Lance could be. Lance pounced on him, making Joey taste the dirt. They tangled on the ground, but the fight ended as soon as it could start. Lance was bigger, stronger. The Beta landed Joey flat on his back, fangs on his throat.

Shock reverberated through him as Lance scraped his teeth against his fur, drawing blood. A warning, Joey realized. Fur receded and every bone in his body froze as Lance traded forms. Even in human form, the Beta of the Devil Hills pack was lethal.

Joey stared at Lance’s muscular frame, remembering the last time they’d been together, Lance had been incredibly gentle in bed. During that rare intimate moment, Joey had allowed himself to let all his guards down, to give into what his heart was telling him. He’s the one. Ours. That was what his wolf told him the night Lance took him to bed.

The image of the past shattered. Joey chose to leave the Black Claws pack house with Freida, considered returning several times but never had the guts to even do that. By the time he heard Lance was alive and had become the Beta of the Devil Hills pack, he could have found his way to Lance right away. Instead, he waited, too cowardly to act until it was too late.

Lance curled one hand around his throat, squeezing but not choking him, bringing Joey back to harsh reality.

Then the Beta snarled into his face. Looking into Lance’s fully amber eyes, he realized what a fool he’d been. Werewolves changed eye color when intense emotions rode them. To him, Lance had always seemed put together, incapable of losing his temper, but years could change a man. I did this to him.

“Don’t kill him, Lance. Please!”

Joey craned his head, terrified as Freida nearly bolted into the challenge circle, but Ariel pushed at her legs, snarling at her in warning because a dominant wolf in the throes of bloodlust sometimes only saw his opponent.

“You brought your sister here?” Lance asked him, shaking his head, pupils more blue than yellow now. Joey couldn’t stand the judgement in Lance’s eyes, wanted to explain himself. It was no use, though, because Lance didn’t look like he’d listen. “You’re not a warrior, little wolf, only a skilled liar. Get out of my lands.”




He nipped and sucked at Joey’s lower lip, continued leaving a trail down the side of Joey’s jaw, the side of his neck. Lance put his lips against where shoulder flowed to neck, bit hard enough to leave a bruise but not draw blood, not yet. He intended to enjoy his little wolf much longer.

“Tell me,” Lance murmured, tracing Joey’s flat nipple with his tongue, before leaving a small bite on it. Joey moaned. “How many other men have you been with?”

“No one.”

“Don’t lie to me. I won’t get mad.” Releasing Joey’s wrists, he went down on his mate. Lance used his tongue to trace Joey’s veined length, paying attention to Joey’s cockhead. He liked how Joey squirmed above him and pleas slipped from Joey’s lips.

“Please,” Joey uttered.

“Answer the question.”

“It’s true. I swear. Freida and I spent so much time running, there was no time for romance.”

Lance knew Joey told the truth and that made him smile. “Good, because after I fuck you senseless, there won’t be any other man but me.”

“Possessive bastard,” Joey whispered, crying out when Lance opened his mouth and began taking his prick in.

Lance bobbed his head up and down several times. He reached for Joey’s balls, applying slight pressure to them. Knowing Joey was on the verge of coming, he pulled his mouth away. Lance’s own shaft curved upwards, and he’d go insane if he didn’t bury himself inside Joey’s sweet ass soon. Patience, he told his wolf. Joey was finally within their grasp, but he wanted both of them to enjoy this moment.

“Why did you do that?” Joey demanded, looking flustered.

“Beg me and maybe I’ll be nice to you, little wolf,” Lance said.

* * * *

“W-what?” Joey blurted, barely able to string a coherent thought, especially with Lance looking at his dick like candy.

God, but he’d imagined Lance going down on him, rewarding him in his fantasies, but never actually thought to experience it in reality. Dominant shifters usually took and seldom gave, but Lance had been a generous lover, he remembered.

Beg me, Lance had told him.

Blushing, Joey murmured, “Please.”

“What exactly are you begging me for, little wolf?”

“Your dick in me.” Joey knew he probably looked like a human tomato by now, but he wanted nothing more than to feel Lance buried balls deep inside him, reminding him who he belonged to.

“Good answer, but I changed my mind. I don’t want to take you here, out in the open. I want you in my den, my bed.”

Joey’s heart raced at those words. A dominant shifter’s personal space was their private sanctuary, and by inviting him to his home, Lance was telling Joey he wasn’t just a stranger. Lance shifted back to wolf. In a daze, Joey did the same. He couldn’t recall much of the run, but he did remember sensing other Devil Hills wolves. They were never in his line of sight, but he knew they were there.

Then he remembered the Devil Hills pack chose that clearing for a reason, because they refused to allow outsiders into the heart of their territory. Yet Lance was risking plenty, the wrath of his Alpha and pack, by bringing Joey here. He followed Lance past a few trees. The ground under his paws turned even, a rough dirt road, he realized, following the trail which led to a modest-looking single floor cabin.

His wolf was a mess of emotions inside of him. Somehow, looking at Lance’s cabin resonated deep within him. Joey didn’t realize he hadn’t moved from his spot in front of the porch until Lance called out to him.

“Aren’t you coming in, little wolf?” Lance asked, leaning by the doorway.

Joey shifted forms and took a few seconds to stare at Lance, completely naked and gorgeous, his tanned muscles gleaming slightly with sweat. Lance had a warrior’s body, riddled with old scars and rake marks. Joey wanted nothing better than to run his hands down that tempting hard flesh. God. It was natural he’d have doubts. How could a man like Lance want a nobody like him?

“What’s wrong?” Lance asked, eliminating the distance between them.

“Still wondering what you’re doing with someone like me,” he said, because while they were in the water, Joey made a silent promise to himself to always be truthful with his mate.

“Clearly, you don’t see what I do.” Lance gripped his arm, tugged him close for another scorching kiss which left his dick happy.

“What’s that?” he whispered, allowing Lance to pull him inside.

“My fucking amazing and brave mate.”

“What? I’m not brave.”

“You are. You’ve protected your sister all your life, but you can stop running and worrying. I’ll always watch your back, and I’ll rip out the throat of any fucker who comes near you or Freida,” Lance said with a growl.

“I’ve ran before. I’m not proud of my actions but I know this time I’m here to stay,” Joey whispered. “You’re home, Lance.”

They didn’t make it past the living room, because Lance claimed his mouth again, running his big and callused hands down Joey’s slender body. He moaned when Lance gave his ass a squeeze.

“Mine,” Lance said, voice harsh, pupils a circle of gold.

The hunger in the Beta’s eyes erased all of Joey’s doubts.

“Yours,” he whispered, still not completely believing this was happening, but he wanted to feel Lance inside him now. “Fuck me.”

“Hands and knees,” Lance ordered, helping him to position. “Wait here.”

The Beta disappeared inside a door and returned with lube in hand. Joey lowered himself to the hardwood floor, chest pressed against the woods as he thrust his ass in offering to his mate. Lance chuckled, the sound deep and sexy.

“Fuck, Joey. Look at you. So perfect and all mine.” Lance ran his hand down his back, his ass. The Beta nudged his legs wider, and he was glad Lance couldn’t see his face. Like this, Lance had a perfect view of his exposed balls and tormented dick.

Lance uncapped the lube moments later, drizzled a generous amount inside his hole, and slid one slick finger inside him. He moaned as Lance added a second, then a third, widening him for access.

“Please,” he repeated. “I want you.”

“Soon, baby. I’ll ride you so hard, you’ll only be able to think about me the next day.”

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