Savage Alpha (MM)

Devil Hills Wolves 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 37,650
18 Ratings (4.4)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters-werewolves,HEA] 

Survival is Daryl Rush’s number one priority. On the hunted list of a powerful organization, Daryl and his brother spent their entire lives hiding, until a werewolf pack takes them in. The last thing Daryl needs is romance, but he can’t deny his attraction to the Alpha, Deacon Becker. Savage, lethal, and untouchable, Deacon is called the Demon Alpha for a reason. All Daryl needs is a shove in the right direction, but will he be able to tame the demon and come out unscathed?   

After seeing his entire pack decimated, Deacon became Alpha at a young age. He built his pack from the ground up and would tear down any threat that comes near his home. Mates are a weakness, but the more he denies his wolf, the more his need intensifies. And Deacon wants Daryl for his mate, but will mating a human psychic come at a high price? 
Savage Alpha (MM)
18 Ratings (4.4)

Savage Alpha (MM)

Devil Hills Wolves 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 37,650
18 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
So much better than the first book! Deacon and Daryl are excellent MC’s and getting more glimpses into Santino and Sabine was especially wonderful. Plus, every visit with Sylvia, Sabine’s young daughter, is an absolute joy.

I know the Humans Matter movement isn’t going to stop and they’re certainly still focused on getting Daryl but I think Deacon and his pack are in a better place now, emotionally and mentally. Now I want to read Santino’s story to see if the author can keep this momentum going.
Christy Duke




“Alpha—” he began.

“Deacon. Call me by my name when we’re together,” Deacon interrupted.

“Deacon then.” God, the name sounded odd on his lips, yet strangely intimate. “Can you slow down? I can’t see in the dark.”

Deacon came to a halt and, without warning, tossed Daryl over his shoulder like some kind of caveman. He sucked in a breath, struggled for a bit only for Deacon to whack at his ass.

“Did you just slap me?” he demanded.

“You wouldn’t stay still. Why? Changed your mind?” Even as Deacon asked that question, the Alpha kept moving. Deacon seemed unbothered by the uneven ground or the untamed terrain only shifters or other nature-based paranormal could walk through without stumbling once. The Alpha moved swiftly, with a purpose.

“No, it’s just, I didn’t want to be carried like some sack of potatoes. Not romantic at all,” he grumbled.

Deacon ran that big hand over his ass again, making him groan. He blushed, aware his denim-clad dick brushed against Deacon’s broad shoulder. Shifting only made things worse, made him rock-hard and further aroused.

“I don’t do romance.”

Deacon’s words stung, but Daryl had known what he was getting to.

“Well,” he ventured, “being carried like this might just wilt my prick.”

Deacon let out a deep and sexy sound capable of melting his insides, the sound shocked him because he didn’t think a man like Deacon laughed easily. “Oh, I doubt that, little Esper. You’re so hard for me right now, you’re about to burst, aren’t you?”

Daryl thumped Deacon’s back muscles. “Ow,” he grumbled and gave up.

What was the point? It felt like punching a damn tank. Oh, Daryl knew he could put a stop to this anytime he wanted. Deacon would never hurt him, wouldn’t do anything without his consent. He was safe. Daryl knew the Alpha was the last man who’d hurt him. He was an empath, after all, and underneath Deacon’s lethal, ruthless mask lay the soul of a man who wanted to protect his home and pack.

“We’re almost there,” Deacon said.

Daryl gave up trying to convince Deacon to put him down and enjoyed the change of scenery instead. The trees in these parts of the woods looked much older, taller, and the terrain underfoot turned rocky.

“What are you thinking about?” Deacon asked, curiosity in his voice.

“Jared and the others keep encouraging me to explore these woods, but I’ve always refused because I’ve never been a sporty kind of person. I think they’d look beautiful in the daytime,” he mused out loud.

“I’ll take you on a hike sometime,” Deacon said with a growl to his voice.

He had to blink several times to make sure he heard that right. Deacon sounded dead serious. The Alpha always had plenty of duties and responsibilities, and yet Deacon wanted to spend more time with him?

Daryl would love the idea of just the two of them out in the wilderness. Maybe he could even feign an accident, trip over a rock or something so Deacon could catch him with those strong arms of his. Beg the Alpha for another kiss to make things better and—

What the hell was he thinking?

Deacon didn’t commit. Ever. No use letting his mind wander that far, because Daryl knew it would only hurt him in the end. Dangerous. Deacon was trouble, not because of what he was, but because of what he was capable of doing to him. Once the Alpha hooked his claws into Daryl’s heart, he was done for.

He loved too much, cared too easily. That was what Dave told him before. Guard your heart, his brother always said, because you’re too kind, and kindness can kill. That had been the past, though, when every day he struggled to hide what he was. Here in Devil Hills, he’d been free to make friends, to use his abilities to help others.

“You would? Wait. You’re confusing me. I thought I’m a one-night-stand, and here you are, telling me we’ll go on a trip in the woods?”

Deacon growled in answer.

“Okay, I can’t understand you when you get all growly and stuff,” he said, squeaking when Deacon smacked his ass. He blushed harder, shocked by how aroused he became from that little gesture.

“You have a mouth on you, little Esper.”

“Well, what did you expect? You threw me over your shoulder like some kind of savage woodsman, then told me we’ll go on a pleasant hike someday? You’re confusing me.”

Deacon said nothing for a few moments. Sweat dripped down his back, and Daryl wondered if he said something wrong. Deacon stopped, placed him back on his feet. Daryl took a look around and found they stood in front of a modest and rustic single-floor cabin’s porch.

He gripped Deacon’s arm, searching the Alpha’s black gaze and wondering if he should apologize.

Deacon only fisted his shirt and slammed his lips over his. Jolts of electricity went down his chest and right to his dick, and he moaned when Deacon released his mouth only to cup his prick and give it a squeeze. Daryl nearly blew his load right there and then but somehow managed to hold back, not wanting to come across like a teenager lacking control.

“Enough talk,” Deacon told him.

Rendered speechless, he nodded. Screw confusion. Daryl knew what he wanted from the start, even if it meant risking his heart for an Alpha who closed his own heart off a long time ago.





“I should warn you, this is, um. My first time. With a man.” Daryl seemed nervous, and he had a hard time processing the Esper’s words. Daryl went on, “I’m a virgin. I mean, I’ve dated some guys, but I always hold back. I never know when they might find out I’m an Esper, and they might rat me out to the Discipline Squad.”

Deacon didn’t need to be able to read emotion. It pissed him off Daryl had to live most of his life in fear and hiding his abilities. To an Esper, using his powers was as natural as shifting. Deacon couldn’t imagine hiding his wolf to escape detection.

He gathered the shaking Esper into his arms and hugged him tight. Daryl relaxed against him, leaning his back against his chest. Fuck. Daryl’s scent was so enticing, but he reeled in his wolf, his arousal.

“You’re here now, safe, and I’m glad you told me that.”

“Y-you are?” Daryl twisted in his arms and looked up at him. At that moment, Daryl looked young, innocent, and trusting. “I mean, you’re not disappointed?”

“Why would I be? It’s the exact opposite. I’m fucking elated I’ll be your first.” And your last, Deacon didn’t add, because the last thing he wanted was to scare Daryl away.

“Okay. Good. Can you kiss me again?”

“Whatever you want, little Esper.” Deacon claimed Daryl’s mouth, this time taking Daryl slow and tender. When he pulled away, Daryl touched his kiss-swollen lips with what looked like wonder on his face. “Let’s get these clothes off you.”

Deacon leashed in his inner wolf, who kept pushing him to take Daryl rough and hard. Make the Esper his. He needed to be careful, needed to take into consideration this was Daryl’s first time. He kissed Daryl again and edged him toward the bed, until the back of Daryl’s legs hit the footboard. Deacon pulled his mouth away, liking the dazed expression on Daryl’s face. He touched the hem of Daryl’s shirt, and the Esper lifted his hands to speed up the process.

A rumble tore out of his throat at the sight of Daryl’s smooth, lean body. Fuck. He could barely keep his libido in check as he worked on Daryl’s jeans next, hesitating when Daryl put his hands over his.

Blushing, Daryl said, “I want to see you undressed, too. Please?”

Oh, Deacon decided he liked hearing those words from Daryl’s lips. He tugged off his shirt with impatience, didn’t miss the look of appreciation Daryl gave him. Most of his ex-lovers were usually intimidated by him. Some complained he was too rough, but Daryl looked nothing but excited.

Deacon growled in approval as Daryl took off his jeans, then his boxers. The sight of Daryl’s thickened erection made him grin. Deacon got rid of his bottoms, only for Daryl’s mouth to drop open.

If Daryl was intimated, he certainly didn’t show it. Instead, Daryl said, “My, Mister Alpha, what a big dick you have.”


* * * *


For the second time that evening, Deacon let out another sexy, deep laugh, which only made Daryl further aroused. Daryl had seen dick pics on the internet, but Deacon could certainly give all those models a run for their money. The Alpha was massive, and he wondered if Deacon could fit all that inside his tiny hole.

As if sensing his nervousness, Deacon approached him, eliminating the distance between them, and tipped his chin. “Shh. Don’t worry, little Esper. The last thing I’ll do is hurt you. I’ll guide you. If you’re in any discomfort or pain, tell me. I’ll slow down, understand?”

Comforted by those words, he nodded. Daryl shouldn’t be surprised by Deacon’s level of control, the unexpected tenderness. The Alpha dealt fairly with both the stronger and weaker members of his pack, after all.

“Crawl into the bed. Lie on your back,” Deacon instructed.

He obeyed, only to see Deacon disappear into a door that led to the bathroom. The Alpha returned with towels and lube. In understanding, he lifted his legs so Deacon could put the towels underneath him. Then Deacon joined him in bed, sliding on top of him but keeping arms on either side of his head, probably to keep his weight off him.

Daryl took that opportunity to admire the hard, firm lines of Deacon’s massive body. He felt tiny compared to Deacon. Once again, the knowledge the Alpha would never hurt him filled him with relief.

“Talk to me. What’s going on in that head of yours?” Deacon asked.

“Thinking about how big you are.”

Deacon chuckled. “That a compliment?”


Deacon lowered his mouth to his, but instead of lingering on his lips, the Alpha placed more kisses down the side of his neck, seemingly fascinated by the spot between shoulder and neck. With a little snarl, Deacon moved lower, showering his chest with more little kisses and playful nips. Needing something to hold onto, he sunk his fingers into the thick silk of Deacon’s hair. The Alpha didn’t seem to mind, merely closed his mouth over one nipple and sucked.

He groaned, especially when Deacon curled his big fingers over his needy shaft and began to stoke him, back and forth, fast and slow. Then Deacon gave his tip a pinch, at the same time biting down on his nipple. His balls tightened against his body and he climaxed, crying out as he spilled his load all over Deacon’s fingers.

His mind hazed over, and it felt too good to be embarrassed he came so soon. Deacon lifted his cum-covered hand and put it to his lips. Knowing what to do instinctively, he sucked at Deacon’s fingers.

Deacon snarled, approval on his face. “Good job, but don’t get all comfy. We’re just beginning.”

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