Carnal Hunger (MM)

Devil Hills Wolves 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 22,997
12 Ratings (4.5)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Alternative Contemporary Paranormal Romantic Suspense Romance, MM, shape-shifter, werewolves, HEA] 

Jack and his family have been hunted their entire lives because of his ability to see the future. After his parents sacrificed themselves to save Jack and his brother, Jack flees to the Devil Hills wolf pack for sanctuary. Charming and sexy werewolf Max instantly gets his attention but Jack knows dancing with the lethal enforcer might just end up with Max breaking his heart.

After seeing the other enforcers of the pack mated, Max never thought a mate was for him until he spots the human seer Jack. Jack calls to his inner wolf like no other. Sparks instantly fly but with a war about to break out in the horizon, Max isn’t sure how to divide his time between Jack and his duties to the pack.
Jack thinks tangling with him might only lead to a broken heart but Max is intent on proving that Jack’s the only one for him.
Carnal Hunger (MM)
12 Ratings (4.5)

Carnal Hunger (MM)

Devil Hills Wolves 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 22,997
12 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




The Buick made a telltale rattling noise and stopped on the side of the road. 

The driver stumbled out and the sweetest scent hit him. He took stock of the slender man who looked like he was in his early twenties, with black hair and dark brown eyes, running to the back door, only to pull out another man. This one was injured but had the same features as the first. Brothers or family members, maybe.

His nostrils flared. Copper. Blood. 

Bad move. They shouldn’t have gotten out of the car, because even if they weren’t human, they wouldn’t be able to outrun the wolves. Instinct told him to come out of hiding. His wolf wanted to rip those two other shifters’ throats out, protect the black-haired, brown-eyed man. 

Wait. What?

Sure, Max had acted recklessly in some situations, but this? He had too little information about these two humans. Were they even humans? Not shifters, because if they were, he could identify the animal in them.

If they died, he’d never be able to question them, either, ask what they were doing so close to Devil Hills lands.

One of the rogues picked up speed, crazy yellow gaze on its prey. Kill them, his wolf whispered, and he lunged a little closer to the road, emerging from his hiding place. His pulse raced, his wolf excited at the prospect of violence, of ripping those two rogues apart, but he reeled his animal back. Max was missing a vital information here.

Something flashed under the sun. Metal. Those two rogue werewolves wore some kind of collar around their necks. A chill went down his spine. Their allies had mentioned seeing rogue shifters with those infernal things on their necks. These were rehabilitated shifters, brainwashed by the Squad into becoming their personal hunting dogs.

The two men started limping away from the wolves, but they were too slow. Max opened his jaws and let out a howl loud enough for Dan, who was stationed close by, to hear. He launched himself into motion, streaking past the two men, who let out surprised cries. He collided with the first rogue, closing his teeth on matted fur. Blood spurted, but the rogue didn’t give up easily.

The second closed its teeth on his lower back, but the added weight soon disappeared. Max glimpsed Dan’s light brown fur, relieved as he focused on his target. Claws raked at him, and the rogue kept going for his throat. The human mind behind this rogue shifter might be gone, but it still had the instincts of a killer.

They tumbled on the ground but Max finally sunk his fangs into the other shifter’s throat. With a single jerk, he tore it out. Blood sprayed on his muzzle, but for a second there, he thought he saw some sanity returning to those yellow eyes.

Certain the shifter was dead, he let go, only to see Dan struggling with his kill. Max ripped the rogue off his second, and Dan used that opportunity to end the poor bastard’s life. Someone let out a gasp. The man with the enticing scent that so enraptured his wolf. He spun, narrowed his eyes. 

Any sensible person would get back into their car, but this man stared right at him, boldly met his gaze. Next to him, the injured guy had fainted. 

“Um, hi. Are you guys from the Devil Hills wolf pack? My name’s Jack Summers, this is my brother Glenn. We’re both Espers being hunted down by the Discipline Squad. Please, we need your help,” Jack said, plea in his voice.

Dan and he traded suspicious looks. This wasn’t the first time a fleeing Esper or human fled to their lands, seeking sanctuary. The pack voted who could stay or go, but since the Squad started their attacks on them, they had tightened security measures. 

“My brother needs a healer,” Jack finally blurted.

Max didn’t know why he shifted. Even Dan let out a warning snarl, but he knew his second and Justin, the hawk shifter who came with him, had his back. Hell, Justin probably relayed what he saw to another hawk, and back to Deacon and Mal, the hawk king.

Jack widened his eyes at the sight of him, looked ready to bolt when he came closer, but Jack stood his ground. He didn’t miss the way Jack gave him a once-over, then color spread to his cheeks and neck. Fuck, but that made Jack look cute.

“So, what’s the verdict?” he asked as Jack lifted his face to his.

“You’re actually flirting with me, now of all times?” Jack demanded. “I mean, in another time and place, I don’t mind a hot guy checking me out, but come on.”

Max smiled, so did his curious wolf. Never before had his inner animal taken this much interest in anyone. So, Jack considered him hot? That wouldn’t do well for his ego. Max never had a problem hooking up with other guys.

“I’m assessing if you’re a liar, a threat,” he replied coolly. “I’m Max, by the way.”

“A threat? Dude, you just finished off those two monsters without much effort.”

“Why is the Squad interested in you two?” he asked.

“I don’t know. I mean, we’ve lived under the radar for so long, thought we covered our tracks, but.” Jack paused. “For my family’s abilities, maybe.”

“And what’s that?” If these two Espers had any serious psychic juice, they would have been able to hold off those rogues, but Max also knew Espers with any kind of offensive abilities had been nearly wiped off. 

“I get it. I need to prove to you that me and my brother aren’t a threat. We might be able to help you.”

“With what?” he asked, cocking his head to one side. His supernatural hearing caught the sound of paws. Back-up, but not just any pack member. Strange possessiveness over this Esper he just met made his wolf aggressive. He didn’t want anyone else to interrupt his conversation with Jack.

Jack let out a breath. “Shit. All my life, I’ve been taught to hide what I am, yet here am I, telling it all to some huge werewolf I just met.”

“I’m not your enemy,” he said flatly.

“Neither are we,” Jack blurted. “We can see the future. If you give us shelter for a few days, maybe we can help you.”




Max closed one hand on the back of Jack’s neck. “You’re my mate, Jack.”

“I thought shifters mated for life.”

“Don’t tell me you can’t feel this undeniable chemistry between us,” he stated.

“I do. I’ve never been this attracted to another man, but it scares me a little.”

“You and me both. For so long, I didn’t think I’d ever find my mate. My wolf and I searched for years, but I resigned myself to believing I’d live the rest of my life alone, resigned to hook-ups. But when I see a good thing right in front of me, I’m not about to let it go.”

Jack bit on his lower lip, the gesture maddening. This might not be the best first step to claiming Jack, but this was all new to Max, too. He’d never had a serious relationship in his entire life, never grew interested in any other man long term, and he finally understood why.

His wolf had been waiting for Jack. Given the chance, he wanted to rut Jack right there, show his mate how good he could make Jack feel, until Jack was begging him for more, for his mate mark. He reeled in his wolf, because one wrong move could ruin everything. Max only had one shot.

“C-can you kiss me again?” Jack asked, blushing. 

“I’ll give you anything you want, baby.” Max leaned in close, pulled Jack into an embrace, and took Jack’s mouth again. Heat and the sweet taste of Jack washed down his throat. He became all too aware of their slick bodies, rubbing against each other, his big one pressed up against Jack’s slender frame. His dick pulsed, thickened between his legs, felt like a damn steel pipe.

Jack parted his lips slightly and he thrust his tongue down Jack’s throat, pleased Jack sucked on it hard. He ran his hands down the sides of Jack’s body, memorizing every inch. Possessiveness flared inside of him. 

“Mine,” he said once he pulled his mouth away.

Jack didn’t correct him, merely moaned when he left a trail of kisses down the side of Jack’s neck. He brushed his teeth against the spot between shoulder and neck, the best place to put his mate mark. Jack was right. Shifters mated for life, but would the Esper react badly if he left his personal brand on his neck?

He reeled in his eager wolf again, decided to distract himself with Jack’s body instead. He curled his hand around Jack’s shaft, which stood at half-mast, and began to stroke. Jack gripped his shoulders, began thrusting his prick into his hand.

“That’s it, baby. I want to see you get yourself off,” he said. Max swiped the pre-cum on Jack’s tip, worked his way from root to balls, giving those a squeeze earned him a whimper from Jack.

“Are you always this crass?” Jack managed to ask.

“Yeah, I am, better get used to it.”

Jack gasped as he pinched Jack’s cockhead. In moments, the Esper came, spurting his jizz all over his fingers, blissful expression on his face.

“God,” Jack murmured. “I haven’t felt this good in ages.”

“Oh? Haven’t been jacked off by any of your lovers recently?” Max fished for information but he didn’t care. Envy surged through him at the thought of another bastard touching what rightfully belonged to him. His mate was his better half, the one who would complete his soul and life force.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve been with anyone. I’m not a virgin, but sex had always been,” Jack hesitated, “disappointing to me.” 

Max smirked, unable to help himself. “I’m about to rock your world.”

He spun Jack by the shoulder, so Jack faced the wall. “Wait.” Max got out of the shower, stripped down and grabbed the lube, which he kept in a drawer under the sink. He returned to position, finding Jack obediently waiting for him.

“Good boy,” he said against Jack’s ear, liking the Esper’s shudder. 

He nipped at Jack’s shoulder, then uncapped the lube. Fuck, but Jack smelled good, and soon enough, he’d scent mark his mate so any other male in Devil Hills would instantly know Jack was taken, his. Jack spread his legs automatically for him and he nudged his engorged tip into Jack’s entrance. Max didn’t push in yet, merely smeared his pre-cum over Jack’s puckered entrance.

“Tell me, do you want this in you?” he asked.

“Hell, yes. Please.”

He chuckled. “So polite. Beg me.”

“Fuck me, Max. Please.”

Shit, that was going to be Max’s new favorite word, and hearing the plea in Jack’s voice only made things so much better. He applied the slick liquid on his fingers and plenty more into Jack’s ass. Max inserted one finger in, added in a second while Jack panted.

“What’s taking so long?” Jack asked, jumped when he gave Jack’s ass a swat.

“Be patient or this will hurt, baby.”

“What if I want it to hurt?” 

Max made twisting motions. “If you crave rough, I’ll give you that, but I can do gentle, too.”

“Where did you come from? Sometimes, I’m not sure if you’re real. You’re just too good to be true.”

“That goes both ways.” Max pulled his hand out, gripped Jack’s hips, and nudged his cockhead into Jack’s tight little ass. He pushed in, groaning when Jack’s inner muscles clamped down on his dick. 

“Breathe,” he instructed. 

The hold loosened, and once he passed through the thick ring of muscles, it was easier. Max didn’t just push in all the way, though, but kept to a steady pace, because hurting Jack was the last thing on his mind and he wasn’t exactly small. Finally, he sheathed himself fully inside his mate, balls resting against Jack’s ass cheeks. It felt like heaven, Jack and his bodies a damn perfect fit.

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