The Dragon Lord’s Love (MM)

The High Garden Dragons 8

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,424
7 Ratings (5.0)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Alternative, Fantasy, Paranormal, Romantic Suspense, Shape-shifters, MM, HEA]

A lonely, 4,000-year-old dragon discovers his fated mate… too bad his mate is engaged to a woman.

The endless stream of lovers, dragon lord Matías Tilly parades through his life hasn’t helped him feel less alone. Finding his fated mate should help him escape his loneliness. At least, that’s how it’s supposed to work. Unluckily for Matías, his mate’s happily engaged to be married… to a lovely woman.

Ryan Hall has always sought his father’s approval; every decision in his life stems from him trying to be good enough. The validation he craves never materialized. It has, however, led to an engagement to his best friend. Except… they’re both gay.

When the two meet, Matías must face that his heart is bound to another. Ryan must struggle with the thought that being true to himself might cost him everything. Oh, and Ryan doesn’t know that Matías is a dragon shifter, so that’s going to be a surprise.

The Dragon Lord’s Love (MM)
7 Ratings (5.0)

The Dragon Lord’s Love (MM)

The High Garden Dragons 8

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,424
7 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by oliviaprodesign


I was about to answer when my dragon surged inside me, causing me to freeze. I turned my head toward the entrance and was met by the most beautiful gray eyes I'd ever seen. I was right. Tonight was going to be the best night of my life. Tonight was the night I'd meet my mate.

"My lord," Esteban whispered from beside me.

I didn't want to break my stare. I couldn't turn away. I was petrified he might disappear into thin air. My dragon purred within me. Our mate was perfect. He was at least as tall as Esteban's six-three and had a muscular build. He wore his dark brown hair short in a military cut, buzzed on the sides but longer on the top. He had on a pair of nice jeans and a black button-down shirt that hugged his broad chest and shoulders tight.

My mate smiled at the two women who entered with him, laughing. His smile brightened the entire room, and his laugh was better than any song I'd ever heard. I wondered who the women were to him. They were beautiful, and both had curly brunette hair, slender bodies, and long legs. Who are they? I wondered again. A cold thought rushed through my mind, and my dragon roared.

"Matías!" Esteban said in a hurried voice.

I glanced at my friend, irritated that he was disturbing me. "What?" I hissed.

"Your dragon is showing, my lord," he quietly said and gave a pointed look at my hands.

Pearly white scales covered my hands, which had grown. They had almost wholly transformed into my talons. My eyes widened. It had been an age since I'd lost control of my dragon. I closed my eyes and took several deep breaths.

We need to stay calm. We can't scare him. We don't know who those women are yet. Calm down, please, I pleaded with my dragon.

My dragon rumbled, but I felt him recede to the back of my mind. I opened my eyes and noticed Esteban's concerned expression.

"I'm all right," I said, finding my voice.

"You sure, buddy?" the bartender asked.

I glanced back at her, and her face mirrored Esteban's. "Yes, thank you. Can I get a dirty vodka martini?"

She raised her eyebrow at my order but didn't say anything before looking at Esteban. "I'll have your best scotch, neat," he said regally.

She smirked and stepped away to make our drinks. Esteban turned back to me, but my gaze returned to my mate. He had taken a seat at one of the tables at the far end of the building. The women that he entered with joined him at the table. Esteban touched my shoulder, and I glanced over at him. His expression was still filled with concern.

"It's my Cardia," I whispered.

"What?" Esteban shouted in surprise. I gave a tiny warning growl and glared at Esteban, who bowed his head.

Esteban's outburst caused heads to turn our way, including the steel-gray eyes that had captured my heart. My mate's gaze locked onto mine, and my body shivered at the intensity of them. My mate swallowed and blushed before breaking his stare. My dragon growled in displeasure. He needed to see us—pay attention to us. No one else mattered. We needed to go to him and claim him. That was the only thing that could satisfy us.

"One dirty vodka martini and one scotch neat. That will be twenty dollars," the bartender said.

I turned back and tilted my head to Esteban, who pulled two bills from his wallet as I grabbed my drink.

"Thank you, keep the change," Esteban said.

I looked around the room, and my eyes landed back on my mate. Shouts and cheers pulled my attention. I saw a group of excited men and women by the pool tables. I turned back to my mate and inhaled a deep breath.

I can't just sit here and stare all night. Steeling my spine, I took a swig of my drink and hopped off the stool.

"Sir," Esteban whispered.

I ignored him and waved him off before making my way through the bar. My heart pounded in my chest the closer I got. Smiling, I approached the table. All talking at the table ceased, and three sets of eyes turned toward me, but I could only look at one. My mate's eyes were even more gorgeous up close.

"Good evening," I said.

"Um… hi," one of the women replied while my mate and I continued our staring contest.

"My name is Matías, and I'm new to town. I wondered if I could join you all," I said, hoping I wouldn't get rejected.

"Of course," one of the women said, and my mate jerked his gaze to her. "I'm Sara, this is Beth, and that's Ryan."

Ryan. My mate's name was Ryan. I grinned and pulled out the fourth chair. "It's a pleasure meeting you."

"So, Mattie, by your accent I know you’re not from the states, where are you from?" Sara asked excitedly, and I grinned at her bubbly personality.

"Matías," I heard Ryan correct softly.

Sara’s and Beth's gazes jerked to Ryan, who looked down and took a sip of his beer.

"I've lived all over, but the area I spent the most time in was southern Spain," I replied.

"Oh, I always wanted to go to Spain. I heard it's beautiful. We should go there for our next vacation. You'll have to tell us all about it and the great places to visit, Matías," Beth said, emphasizing my name while staring at Ryan.

Her use of my correct name caused me to smirk. "I'd be happy to tell you the hot spots. Have you ever wanted to see Spain, Ryan?"

Ryan looked up at me, and a faint blush appeared on his cheeks. He was adorable. I desired to run my hands over his muscular shoulders and feel his full lips and soft skin.

"Uh… yeah. I always wanted to travel overseas, but things always got in the way," he replied.

His deep voice shot through my body like a lightning bolt. I wanted to hear more. Another shout of cheers erupted from the pool tables, causing me to break my focus. I glanced back to the trio in time to see Sara and Beth mouthing something to my mate.

"Um… so… um… Matías, do you play pool?" Ryan asked.

"I've played a few times. I'll admit I'm not the best player, but if you're willing to deal with my amateur skills, I'd be up for a game," I replied.

"Of course, he'd be willing to. He's not the best either. Beth is the shark of our group. Beth and I are going to grab another drink. Have fun," Sara answered for him before standing up.

I grinned. I could kiss the woman. She was open and accepting and, most importantly, appeared to be encouraging Ryan to spend time with me.

"Yeah, sounds good," Ryan said, rising from his seat.

I quickly followed suit and waved my hand. "After you, amor—Ryan," I hurried to correct.

I cringed at my slip of the term of endearment. Luckily Ryan didn't appear to mind. He simply smiled and started toward the pool tables. I stood entranced, watching his luscious bubble butt. It was perfectly round, encased snuggly in denim. I was jealous of those jeans. I'd had thought his ass would've been muscular like the rest of him, but no. It was pleasantly plump.

Fate, help me. We can do this, I told my dragon.




"Strip. Let me see your gorgeous body," I said, groping my hardened cock through my pants.

Matías didn't move. He took another deep breath. "There are a few things you—"

I didn't allow him to finish. Feeling an explicable desire, I rushed him and pushed him back. He fell back on the mattress with wide eyes. I crawled over him and stared down.

"We can talk about those things later. I want you, Matais. Do you want me?" I asked.

Matías growled, flipped me to my back, and straddled my waist. I was surprised by his show of strength. He's a dragon, I thought. Matías leaned down and smashed his lips to mine in a fierce kiss before pulling back.

"I'll always want you, amor. You are mine," he declared and pressed his lips to mine again.

 I snarled and rolled him over onto his back. I pressed into his lips and abruptly pulled back. I climbed off the bed and stood.

"Strip, my pixie," I said as I pulled down my pants, releasing my throbbing cock.

"I'm a dragon, not a pixie," he said, smirking.

Matías grabbed the hem of his shirt and pulled it over his head, revealing his toned chest and six-pack abs. He ran his hands over his smooth body and unbuttoned his jeans. Peering up at me through hooded eyes, Matías smirked before slowly unzipping his tight pants.

Desire rushed through my body like a raging inferno and caused me to shudder. I couldn't contain myself. I reached out and grabbed the cuffs of his skinny jeans and yanked them, causing Matías to slide forward.

Matías's eyes bugged out, and his mouth opened in surprise. Undeterred from my mission, I pulled on the pants again, removing them from Matías's milky flesh. In victory, I threw his jeans and stared at my prize. Matías's slender cock bounced at my inspection, and his slit pulsed pre-cum.

Matías moaned as he reached down and stroked his dick once, causing more ooze to weep from his cockhead. He was my wet dream come true. From his tiny body to spikey blond hair to his delicious cock, he was perfect.

"Like what you see?" Matías asked, still stroking his curved dick.

I bit my bottom lip and nodded before grabbing his leg and sliding him toward me. He squeaked in surprise. Grinning at his wide eyes, I flipped him over to his stomach and reached for his ass before spreading his ass cheeks, revealing his petite rosette.

Matías's tiny hole pulsed, and I growled. Leaning down, I feasted on his precious ring. Matías squirmed and yelled in pleasure. I held him firm, and his hole clenched around my probing tongue. I leaned back and spit, covering his asshole in my saliva.

"Fuck! Your ass is perfect," I said, sliding my fingers over the tight muscle.

Matías moaned as I massaged his taint, slipping the tip of my fingers into his chute. My cock throbbed in anticipation, and I stoked my aching shaft. I pulled my hand free and stood up. I needed to lube. It couldn't wait anymore.

Matías cried in protest. "Why'd you stop? What's wrong?"

"Nothing, sweetheart. I just need lube. We're definitely not stopping," I replied.

"Use my pre-cum. It's a natural lubricant and muscle relaxer," Matías said, peering over his shoulder.

My eyes widened in surprise, but I reached down and stroked his swinging dick, coating my fingers with his seed. I marveled at the texture. It was slicker than any lube I'd ever felt, and it tingled over my fingertips.

Matías wiggled his little ass and pulled me back to the task at hand. I spread his cheeks and ran my fingers over his hole. They immediately slipped into his chute as I passed over. He cried out as I alternated finger fucking his ass and stretching his hole, adding more fingers.

Matías moaned and moved in rhythm with my actions. Hearing his sounds and feeling his tight passage nearly pushed me over the edge. I needed inside him. I needed to feel him wrapped around my cock. I swiped his dick once more and coated my shaft was his precum before withdrawing my fingers.

I quickly replaced my fingers with my cock and fully sheathed myself in his tight ass. Matías and I groaned as I slid out, only to slam back in, gradually picking up the pace until I was thrusting in and out of Matías's chute with abandon.

My cock thickened as I felt my climax coming. I didn't want to end like this. I needed to see him—see his eyes. I pulled out, turned him to his back, and spread his legs before sliding in his waiting hole again. I stared down at him, and his eyes appeared to glow.

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