The Dragon's Straight Mate (MM)

The High Garden Dragons 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 25,378
8 Ratings (4.9)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Romance, Alternative, Paranormal, Shape-shifter, Vampires/Werewolves, MM, HEA]

A cruel twist of fate gives wolf shifter Chad Lawson a male mate. The problem? He’s not gay.

Or is he? Growing up with an overbearing alpha father left its mark on Chad. His father considers gays unnatural. Not wanting to lose his connection to his family, he ignores the part of himself that craves male company and affection.

So, when Chad discovers his mate is a man—the stunning Addison MacNair, a powerful dragon shifter—he panics. Allowing his fear to overtake him, Chad lashes out and denies the other part of his soul—destroying his and Addison's hope at love.

But when Chad's father threatens not only Chad but his sister, Chad turns to the only person who can help—Addison. Will Chad be able to mend the pieces of the heart he shattered? Or will the sting of Chad's harsh rejection be too much for Addison to forgive?

The Dragon's Straight Mate (MM)
8 Ratings (4.9)

The Dragon's Straight Mate (MM)

The High Garden Dragons 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 25,378
8 Ratings (4.9)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing



I lay staring at the white ceiling. I couldn't sleep. After my breakdown this morning I just wanted to be alone, but my brothers wouldn't allow that. They wanted to know why I was crying and what was going on with me. The king had left it up to me to share, but I couldn't bring myself to tell my brothers. I wasn't ready and I’d simply told them that.

That had prompted them to hover over me throughout the day. Finally, this evening, I hadn’t been able to take it anymore and announced I was going to bed. I hadn’t realized it was only nine o'clock, which left me lying on my mattress, staring at the ceiling, and thinking about Chad for God knew how long.

A knock on my door brought me out of my thoughts. "Yes?" I called.

The door opened, and in stepped Aaran. "Hey, how are you doing?"

"I'm fine, Aaran. I thought you had a date tonight. How was it?” I asked, attempting to divert him from me and my issues.

He sighed. "I did, but just as we’d just sat down to dinner, Adam got called in on an emergency. So we had to reschedule," he said sadly.

"Don't worry; you'll get your chance to see him. He'll love you."

Aaran looked at me and rolled his eyes. "Of course he'll love me. I'm me, and he's my mate. He has to love me. I just want to be with him now."

I flinched at his words. "Just because he's your mate doesn't mean he'll love you. You'll have to work at it," I said softly.

He looked at me, confused. "What do you mean? Look at the mated couples we know, all head over heels in love."

"They still had to work at it. It took Roarke five months to win Devin," I explained.

"But Devin said he loved Roarke right away. He was just scared. I can deal with that, but mates love each other right away—or pretty darn fast," Aaran said firmly.

I scrunched my eyes, fighting back the tears. I knew the truth. I shook my head. "Take it from me. They don't."

"What do you mean?" he asked quietly.

I looked up at him. His eyes were unusually soft. "I—" I started but was cut off by the sound of tires on the gravel road. I glanced at the clock on my nightstand. It was past midnight. Who was coming here at this hour?

"Someone's here," I said, getting up from the bed. Aaran turned toward the door, and we headed downstairs.

I heard Roarke's voice. "What do you want with my brother?" he asked.

"I need to speak with him," said a voice I thought I'd never hear again. I froze mid-step and my dragon surged to the surface.

Aaran stopped and turned toward me, then grabbed my arm. "Addy, calm down. Control your dragon," he said, his eyes filling with worry.

I couldn't. My mate was in the other room, and that was all my dragon knew. I pushed past Aaran, rushed down the stairs, and burst into the room.

My breath hitched as I saw him. He was even more gorgeous than I’d remembered. His dirty-blond hair was still messy, but that was my mate. His light blue eyes locked onto mine. They were tired, and dark circles shadowed them. No one else in the room mattered.

I came up to him and raised my hand. I needed to touch him. I needed to make sure I wasn't dreaming.

"Chad," I whispered.

He leaned forward into my touch. "Addison, I—"

I didn't let him finish. I leaned down and captured his lips with mine. He gasped in surprise, and I took advantage. For weeks I had desired him, had longed for him, and I thought I'd never see him again. Now he’d come to me. He kissed me back, and I moaned into his mouth.

A clearing throat caused my dragon to growl as I pulled back from the kiss. My dragon hated the interruption. I hated the interruption. I looked into Chad's eyes, and lust filled them.

“Chad, I'm glad your mate is happy to see you, but I think we need to tell everyone what's going on," a shaky voice I didn't recognize said.

I gazed at the one who’d spoken. He looked like an older, more muscular version of Chad.

"Zach's right," Chad said, stepping back a little.

Oh no, he isn’t getting far from me! I wrapped my arm around him and brought him flush with my body. We could talk, but I wasn't going to let him go. I couldn't; my dragon was in control.

"Addy," Chad said softly.

"I know we have to talk, but I can't let you go," I replied matter-of-factly.

"His dragon is in control. Your rejection of him has put Addison and his dragon at odds. What are you doing here? Are you ready to accept a man as your mate?" Krispin asked bluntly. His power filled the room. He was not happy with my mate or what Chad had put me through.




Addy pulled back from the kiss, lust shining in his eyes. "You are mine."

"Yours," I replied and leaned into another kiss. I grabbed at his shirt, wanting skin. I needed to feel his smooth flesh against mine. "Off," I breathed as I pulled back.

Addy stood, whipped off his shirt, and pushed down the sleep pants he'd been wearing. His cock sprang free and slapped his abs. He was stunning: at least nine inches, uncut, with big, heavy balls nestled in a trimmed bush of red hair. It’s never going to fit, I briefly thought.

His cock twitched and bounced, mesmerizing me. I needed to taste. I dropped down to my knees in front of him and reached up tentatively. It bounced again. I looked up to see Addy staring at me. I wrapped my hand around his smooth, stiff prick and jacked it once. Precum filled the tip.

I'd imagined this a million times, and I couldn't wait any longer. I leaned forward and flicked my tongue off his slit, tasting his essence. He was sweet, and I wanted more. I wrapped my mouth over his knob and sucked. I groaned at the flavor that became more defined as uniquely his.

His hand was on my head, silently asking me to take him down. I didn't know if I could, since he was so large, but I'd try. I went down slowly and gagged as his cock hit the back of my throat.

"Ease up a bit. Use your hand to guide you," Addy gently instructed from above.

I did as he told me, and started to get into a rhythm. I wanted to go deeper. I relaxed my neck and flattened my tongue. He slid over my lips, and I felt every ridge. I took him farther down, slipping him into my throat. I pushed on, suppressing my urge to gag until my nose pressed against his groin. Addy's hand held me in place, and he groaned loudly. I felt his cock pulse under my tongue.

Addy gripped my hair and pulled me up, allowing me to get a quick breath before shoving his shaft back down to the root. He began to fuck my face, and I reveled in the sensation of his hard flesh thrusting in and out of my mouth. Saliva dripped from my lips as he continued. He suddenly stiffened and shouted in ecstasy. His cock began to pulse, and warm cum shot down my throat. I swallowed all that I could. I continued to lick his slippery dick.

I met his sated gaze. Cum dripped down my chin; he caught it with his finger and brought it back to my lips. I sucked his finger clean, and he moaned. His cock twitched again, never truly softening.

My dick pulsed in my jeans, reminding me I hadn't come yet. I looked back into his eyes. I needed him. I wanted to take him and claim him. "On the bed!" I said, rising to my feet.

He moved to comply as I swiftly undressed. My cock throbbed as I freed it from the confines of my pants. I moved behind him and lined up my shaft to his hole.

"Wait!" Addy called.

"What's the matter?" I asked.

"Lube, we need lube. And it's been a long time since I bottomed. I need prep," he said.

I growled again at the thought of him being taken by anyone but me. My wolf wanted to assert his dominance.

"Where's your lube?" I asked through clenched teeth.

Addy crawled to the nightstand and handed me a tube. I wasn't sure what to do next. I may have dreamed of having sex with a man, but I’d been too scared to even find out how. My confusion must have shown. Addy took the lube and coated his finger.

"I'll show you."

I watched in rapt attention as he began to probe his tight hole. He slipped his finger in and made a loud sound of pleasure. I wondered how that would feel. I knew I'd have the chance to find out tonight, but right now, he needed to be mine. Addy slipped in another finger and grew louder.

I grabbed some lube and coated my finger. I wanted to try. I placed my finger by his and began to play with his ring, slipping in just the tip. Encouraged by his groans of pleasure, I dropped my finger in. I felt his tight warmth around my finger, and my cock twitched in anticipation.

"More! I'm ready for your cock,” Addy said.

"Are you sure? I don't want to hurt you."

"I'm sure. Stick your dick in me and fuck me."

I pulled my finger free, and he followed. I lathered my rod with lube and lined up again, ready to push into his passage. I slowly pressed forward, passing his guardian muscles and entering his warm heat. The feeling was incredible: like nothing I'd ever experienced. I pushed deeper and deeper until my balls touched his ass. I didn't move. I wanted to savor this moment forever.

"Fuck me!" Addy yelled.

I smiled at his impatience. I pulled back and slammed back in. My balls slapped his ass. I grabbed his hips and fucked him earnestly. Addy's groans and mine melded together, and I felt my orgasm approach. I needed to see his face. I pulled out and flipped him onto his back, swinging his legs into the air. I aimed my cock and sank back into his warm hole.

I stared into his eyes as I fucked him. He tensed beneath me, and for the first time in my life, my knot inflated. Wolves had a knot that would inflate at the base of their cock, locking them in place, but it only ever happened with their fated mate. The feeling was incredible, and the pressure started to build.

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