Lethal Instincts (MM)

Willow Point 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 30,251
11 Ratings (4.8)

[Siren Publishing: The Lynn Hagen ManLove Collection: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Alternative, Paranormal, Werewolves, Vampires, MM, HEA]

Kamden’s life was so messed up. Not only had he allowed his sister and niece to move in with him, now he had to deal with Katie’s ex-boyfriend and Miranda’s father. The guy was a jerk on good days, Satan on his worst. When Kamden had enough and needed to get away, he found himself at Joe’s Diner. But Kamden hadn’t eaten alone. A tall, dark stranger joined him, changing Kamden’s life forever.

As soon as Kamden sat in the booth behind Nixon’s, he knew he’d found his mate. Unfortunately, explaining his world to Kamden hadn’t gone as smoothly as he’d hoped it would. It was bad enough Nixon killed a rogue vampire, and Kamden had witnessed it. When Nixon arrived late to Kamden’s apartment and discovered his mate barely conscious, Nixon wanted blood. On his search for the culprit, Nixon is blown away when he finds a new kind of evil is in town. Now it was up to Nixon to protect the human who had come to mean everything to him.

Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.

Lethal Instincts (MM)
11 Ratings (4.8)

Lethal Instincts (MM)

Willow Point 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 30,251
11 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Emma Nicole

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The smells wafted toward him as a waitress called out for him to sit anywhere he wanted. He scanned the interior, looking at the tables and booths where others were sitting to enjoy their meals.

It just sucked that he was eating alone. He’d never been the type to do things on his own. For the movies, he took Katie and Miranda. For shopping, he took Miranda. Going out to eat, either Katie and the baby or Kyle would join him if he could get away.

Kamden just didn’t like being alone.

That was another one of his downfalls. He put up with his sister because he didn’t want to be alone. How pathetic was that?

Kamden grabbed a booth near the back because the place was packed and that was the only seat available. It took a minute or two before the waitress came by and asked what he wanted to drink. After Kamden gave his order, he stared at the menu, but his mind was on his depressing life.

He needed a change. He needed something other than sister problems. For fuck’s sake, he was twenty-six years old. He should be out there living his life, not taking care of his sister and her baby.

“I’ll have a coffee.”

Kamden took notice of the deep voice behind him. God, now that was sexy. It was so deep that it made Kamden shiver.

That was another thing. Brian thought Kamden being gay was the most tragic thing. The guy was homophobic on a biblical scale, and whenever the two argued, Brian didn’t hesitate to bring up the fact that his daughter was being raised by a queer.

Katie always defended Kamden and told Brian to shut up, but then that led to yet another argument.

“My life truly sucks,” Kamden murmured.

“It’s probably not as bad as you think it is.”

Kamden glanced over his shoulder. He couldn’t get a good look at the guy behind him because they were sitting back to back. “Are you talking to me?”

The stranger rose from his seat, and Kamden sucked in a breath at just how tall and lean, yet muscular he was. When the man faced him, Kamden nearly fainted at how sinfully gorgeous he was.

“Nixon.” The guy stuck out his hand.

Kamden hesitated then shook it. “Kamden.”

Nixon waved at the seat across from him. “Do you mind if I join you?”

“Why?” Kamden was at a loss for why anyone this stunning would approach him, let alone want to have dinner with him. Kamden was always honest with himself, and while he didn’t think he was butt-ugly, he wasn't that good looking either. He was also a bit overweight. Not fat, but what some might call big-boned. So was Katie. She had wide hips and large breasts. The only person who hadn’t inherited their physique was Kyle. He was wide in the shoulders, muscular, and tall.

Unlike Kamden, who was only five feet six inches. Katie was even shorter than him.

Not many guys flirted with Kamden, especially not someone as stunning as Nixon.

“Because I hate eating alone.” Nixon slid into the booth without an invitation. “Unless you have someone joining you.”

“Um…no…sure, sit down.” Kamden couldn’t stop ogling the guy. He couldn’t help it. Nixon was all dark looks and muscles. He wore a white T-shirt that stretched over an impressive upper body, and damn, he even smelled good. His skin was a golden tan, his eyes the color of a midnight sky, and the angles of his face had to have been carved by angels.

“It’s just been a long day, and I could use the company.” Nixon waved for the waitress. When she came over, he said, “Bring my things to this table. Put everything on one check.” He smiled at Kamden. “My treat.”

What was this guy’s angle? With Kamden’s luck, Nixon would try to sell him something. There was no other reason why anyone this hot would want to have dinner with him.

“Look, I don’t want to buy anything or get into some timeshare with you. I just wanted to have a peaceful dinner. I don’t need you paying for me.”

Nixon relaxed, throwing an arm over the back of the booth. Fuck, he looked delicious enough to lick from head to toe. Nixon was definitely man candy. A guy who could make anyone’s sweet tooth ache. Innately masculine, raw, hypnotic to the senses. Kamden could not believe he was sitting in the diner with a hard-on.

“That’s all I want, too,” Nixon said. “I’m not trying to sell you anything, Kam. I’m just looking for company.”

Kam. The only people who called him that were his siblings. “Again, why me?”

Nixon arched a brow. It was the sexiest thing Kamden had ever seen. “Are you always this suspicious of people?”

“The opposite,” Kamden grumbled. “Fine, we can have dinner together, but I’m paying my own bill.”

Nixon’s laugh was warm, deep, and so freaking hot that Kamden felt his face catch fire. “I already told the waitress I was paying. Do you want me to look like a shmuck?”

Afraid of offending the god—Kamden had no idea why, either—he relented. “Fine, you can pay, but just so you know, I can afford my own meal.”

What Kamden wouldn’t give to have Nixon as a boyfriend. The guy would intimidate the crap out of Brian. How low had his life sunk that that was the first thing to pop into his head?

“I haven’t seen you around before,” Nixon said. “New in town?”

Kamden shook his head. “I’ve lived here my whole life. I just don’t eat out often, and I work insane hours.”

“Where do you work?”

It been forever since anyone had taken an interest in him. Although Nixon had a mysterious air about him, he had really kind eyes. “I’m a radiologic technologist at the clinic. To put it simply, I take x-rays. What about you?”

“Entrepreneur,” Nixon said.

Kamden had no idea what that meant. “Could you elaborate?”

“I own a few businesses.” Nixon smiled at the waitress when she returned. They ordered their meals, but Kamden kept stealing glances at Nixon. This felt like some bizarre dream. A hot guy inviting himself to Kamden’s table for dinner.

Nixon had stubble across his jaw, as if he hadn’t shaved in a few days, strong features, kind eyes, and a killer smile. Kamden’s fingers itched to slide through Nixon’s short, stylish hair.

If this was a dream, Kamden wanted a few more hours before he woke up.




Kamden was still floating along on clouds as they left the restaurant. He couldn’t believe the good time he’d had. Nixon had been engaging, funny, attentive, and so handsome that Kamden still couldn’t believe this was real.

They stopped at Nixon’s expensive car. Kamden started to reach for his handle, but Nixon was there to open his door.

“You’re such a gentleman.” Kamden’s cheeks and ears grew flushed as he smiled. “I had a wonderful evening.”

Nixon caressed his knuckles over Kamden’s cheek. “Who says our evening has to end?”

“Where do you want to go next?” He didn’t want this evening to end, either. Kamden was having too much fun, and he knew Nixon wouldn’t be in this for the long haul. Not after Brian’s performance. Not after Nixon had gotten a glimpse into Kamden’s miserable life.

This was his one night with Nixon, and Kamden wanted to make the most of it.

Nixon moved around the passenger door and brushed his lips over Kamden’s. The intense look in his eyes caused Kamden’s body to quake. His limbs shook slightly as he stared into Nixon’s midnight eyes.

“If you want me to be honest…” Nixon nibbled his way from Kamden’s jaw to his ear, his warm breath skittering over Kamden’s skin. “I’d love to take you home.”

This was the debate Kamden had struggled with in his bedroom. He didn’t want to seem easy, yet he felt drawn to Nixon. Something about this man whispered to Kamden’s soul. As if he’d known Nixon his entire life, as if they were best friends, as if he could trust the man if they became intimate.

Kamden ran his hand over Nixon’s chest. “Will you still respect me in the morning?”

That was probably the stupidest thing Kamden could have said. Was he expecting Nixon to be honest, even if the guy wouldn’t respect him?

Nixon slid his hand down Kamden’s arm then took his hand, entwining their fingers. “I’ll respect you until the end of time.”

Wow. The guy was a freaking poet. Kamden was left speechless as Nixon lowered his head and took Kamden’s lips in a blazing kiss that made his toes curl. Nixon’s lips were as soft as silk, his touch gentle and exploring. Not once in his life had Kamden ever been kissed like this, and he wanted it to never end.

Nixon’s masculine scent invaded every sense Kamden possessed. He felt drugged by it, as if in a trance. Desire flared inside of him, and in that moment, he knew he would go home with Nixon.

That was all he wanted. One night with a god. One night to forget his life, to forget his responsibilities. A night all to himself, just for him.

Nixon pulled away. “Is that a yes?”

Kamden bit his lip and nodded. “That’s a yes.”

Nixon’s eyes grew even darker as he smiled. He helped Kamden into his seat then drove them out of town to the homes scattered along the back roads.

Kamden shouldn’t have been shocked to see the kind of house Nixon lived in. Not when the guy was driving an expensive car. But the house wasn’t ostentatious. It was a beautiful country home with wicker chairs, a flag hanging above, and a well-kept lawn.

Nixon walked him inside and led Kamden up the stairs, giving Kamden no time to explore. Not that he wanted to. Kamden was more interested in the man in front of him than in what he owned.

As soon as they entered the room, Nixon slid his hands around Kamden’s waist and kicked the door closed. His lips were hot and welcoming as he kissed his way down Kamden’s throat.

Kamden’s body shuddered, and he groaned, using his own hands to map out the terrain of Nixon’s chest and impressive biceps. More than ever Kamden was convinced this was a dream. Why would someone like Nixon want an overweight, plain guy like him?

Whatever the reason, Kamden was going to bathe in Nixon’s attention. It wouldn’t last. There was no way it would.

As Nixon undid the buttons of Kamden’s shirt, Kamden held his breath, eager to get to the man’s body, too. He’d never slept with anyone who was this well built, and Kamden wanted to worship every inch of him.

Nixon’s body was solid beneath the palms of his hands. Kamden sucked in a breath, tweaking Nixon’s nipples beneath the fabric of his silk shirt.

Nixon hissed, mouthing Kamden’s neck, licking at his jaw, and nibbling his way up to his ear. “You make me want to devour you, pup.”

It was an odd endearment, but Kamden ignored it. He was too busy getting lost in everything Nixon was doing to him.

“Devour me,” Kamden groaned as Nixon finally got the last button free and Kamden’s shirt fell to the floor.

Nixon worked his lips over Kamden’s throat, as if the man was hungry for him. It was a feeling Kamden had never experienced before and loved being the center of this god’s attention. He was dizzy with want and desire.

Nixon walked them backward, his hands on Kamden’s pants, trying to work to unfasten them as Kamden touched every part of the guy’s chest and stomach. Hard, rippling muscles flexed, turning Kamden on even more.

Kamden’s last boyfriend was his own height and even a little more overweight than Kamden was. They’d gotten along fine, but Mike had had too many hang-ups that Kamden couldn’t deal with.

Like having sex in the dark. Like eating with his mouth open so everyone could hear him chew. There were a lot of little things that had added up.

At dinner tonight, Nixon had eaten like a gentleman. He’d even insisted that Kamden share a dessert with him. And the lights were still on as Nixon spread him out over the comforter, peeling Kamden’s pants and underwear down his legs. Now Kamden was naked, while Nixon was still fully dressed.

There was someone erotic about that. Something that had Kamden shivering.

“You’re so damn perfect.” Nixon lowered to his knees, and to Kamden’s shock, the man took Kamden’s cock down this throat. Kamden’s hands instinctively ran through Nixon’s short hair, moaning at the pleasure sweeping through him.

Kamden had honestly thought that Nixon would take him back to his apartment after dinner. Of course, he’d wanted to have sex with the guy but had doubted it would happen.

Never in his life had Kamden been so glad to be wrong. He’d never before experienced anything like this. He’d had oral sex before, but nothing close to this intense, this mind-blowing. Nixon knew how to use his tongue, licking and lapping at Kamden’s cock, making him wild with need.

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