Jasper’s Sunshine (MM)

The Belle Fort Wolves 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 33,666
9 Ratings (4.4)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Romance, Alternative, Shape-shifter, Paranormal, Romantic Suspense, MM, HEA]

A playboy alpha wolf—A man struggling to survive. Fate pairs them together, but even a destined relationship takes work.

Wolf shifter Jasper Ellis isn’t looking for love. He’s happy slaking his lust with various lovers and wild flings until a routine traffic stop brings him face to face with his fated mate, Eric McCall.

Eric is struggling to stay afloat. He’s sacrificed everything for his family. He doesn’t have time for the sexy stubborn cop that pulled him over. He has more important things to worry about. Only one problem, he can’t get Jasper out of his head. Deciding a walk will help clear his mind, Eric ventures out into the state forest—a decision that changes his life.

Jasper wants to woo his fated mate, but the universe keeps throwing everything at him, past lovers, human hunters, and even a stalker. He’s got his work cut out for him, but he’ll stop at nothing to claim his mate.

Jasper’s Sunshine (MM)
9 Ratings (4.4)

Jasper’s Sunshine (MM)

The Belle Fort Wolves 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 33,666
9 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by OlivaProDesign


I peeked down at the clock. I might make it, I thought as I pressed down on the accelerator.

I looked back to the road. “Shit! Fuck!" I shouted.

I lifted my foot and switched to the brake, finally coming to a stop on the side of the road. Blue and red lights filled my rearview mirror as I put my car in park. I leaned over to open the glove box.

"Driver. Stay seated, upright, and place your hands on the wheel," a loud voice instructed.

It was so loud it caused me to jump back and grasp the wheel. My heart was pounding, and I was trembling. I turned my head when a tapping came from my window.

"Can I open the window?" I asked nervously. The loudspeaker had me shaken.

"Go ahead," the strong voice said.

I reached over, pressed the button, and peered out the window. My heart lurched in my chest. The cop was my wet dream come to life. He had to be about six-two or six-three, and his uniform hugged tight to his muscled body—fitting him like a glove. He had brownish-blond hair, a square jaw, was clean-shaven, and wore mirrored sunglasses. He could frisk me any day, I thought.

"Do you know how fast you were going?" the cop asked, pulling me out of my sexy thoughts.

"I don't. Can I get you my license and registration? I'm running late," I said, looking back at the clock.

He nodded, and I turned back to the glove box and grabbed my information. Looking back, I held the papers out to him. The cop reached out and took them. He began to turn away but suddenly stopped and jerked his head back to look at me. He leaned down into the window and appeared to smell the air.

I looked at him in shock and sniffed the air. I didn't smell anything except for strawberries. Why the hell am I smelling strawberries? Is that his shampoo? What the hell is he trying to smell? Does he smell them too? The cop pulled his glasses off, revealing a pair of striking hazel-gold eyes and stared at me.

"What's your name?" he asked.

I glanced back to the clock nervously. Fuck, Mike is going to kill me. I looked back up at the cop.

"It's on my license. Are you going to give me a ticket? If you are, can you hurry up? I'm really late.”

The cop looked down at my license, then gazed back up at me. "So, Eric McCall, where were you going in such a hurry?"

"What is this? Twenty questions? I'm heading to work, and I'm already running late," I snapped.

 I hoped he'd take the hint, but he seemed to get more comfortable. He crouched down so his face was level with mine.

"My name's Jasper. Where do you work?" he asked softly.

I stared at him as if he had lost his mind. What kind of cop introduces himself like that? I thought.

"Uh, why? Listen, can't you just write the ticket?"

He raised his eyebrow and didn't move. "Come on, Sunshine, where do you work?" he asked again.

"Sunshine, what the hell? Don't call me that!”

"But you're my—a ray of sunshine," he corrected.

I scowled. My sunshine? The cop "Jasper" was off his rocker. Jasper still didn't move to get me a ticket. He simply stared at me.




I yanked open the door and sped through the house until I burst through my bedroom door. I walked to my king-sized bed before gently laying Eric down. He peered up at me and had a small smile. I leaned down and captured that smile with my lips.

He moaned into my kiss, and my cock stiffened further. It had never really gone down from earlier. I broke the kiss and walked to my nightstand.

"Usually, it's easier on your hands and knees for your first time, but because I want to see your face and your hurt ankle, we'll stay like this," I said, reaching in the night table and pulling out my lube.

Eric nodded and bit his lip. I could feel his nervousness in the air, and I crawled beside him, pulling him into my arms.

"We'll go as slow as we need, and if at any time you want to stop—"

"No, I want this. I want to feel you, Jasper. I-I want you, please," Eric said, cutting me off.

"Okay," I replied.

I kissed his neck again and moved slowly down his slender frame. He arched up into my caress, and I brought my hand around his hardening cock. I slid down his slim, toned body, leaving a trail of kisses until I reached his full balls.

He gasped as I sucked one ball in my mouth then the other while bringing my hand lower and separating his cheeks. I licked his balls once more then moved to my prize.

I leaned forward and tasted his tiny rosette. The ring muscles were tensing and blocking my tongue from entry. I proceeded to eat his ass, savoring the flavor. He writhed and wiggled above me, and I held him in place, feasting on his tight hole.

My tongue finally broke through the strong ring, and I moaned in victory. While I continued my assault, I reached around for the lube. Eventually, I grabbed it and covered my fingers with the slippery liquid. I pulled my face back only to be replaced by my slick finger. Eric cried out as my finger breached his snug chute.

"Oh my God. That feels… wow," Eric said incoherently, and I chucked.

I smiled because I knew it was about to get better. I moved my finger in and out until I stopped and curled the tip, touching his small bundle of nerves. His reaction was immediate. His cock spewed precum, and he yelled.

"Holy fucking hell! Crap on a cracker! What the hell was that? I almost came," he said, breathing heavily and looking at me with wide eyes.

I laughed. "That, my dear Sunshine, was your prostate. Imagine my cock rubbing over that with each thrust that I make.”

Eric's eyes dilated, and he whispered, "You're going to kill me."

I laughed again and rubbed his prostate again. He wiggled again and arched his back. He was beautiful in his bliss, and I longed to fill him. I added another finger, stanching him as I did.

His tight ring tried to stop the entry, but I took my time, doing my diligence to rub his prostate while I widened his hole. After a few minutes, I had four fingers in him, and Eric was going mad with pleasure.

It was time. I quickly withdrew my fingers and slathered my throbbing cock with lube before gently sliding into his constricting hole. I fell deeper inside his channel, and he shouted not in pleasure but pain—I froze.

"Easy, it’s okay," I cooed. "Breathe and push out, I know it sounds weird to push, but it will help, trust me."

Eric nodded and did as I instructed. The vise grip he had on my cock slowly loosened, and I sank lower in his passage. He moaned at the intrusion, and I loved the feel of his snug, warm body. I pushed on until I was fully sheathed and paused. I looked down into his eyes and smiled.

He smiled back and leaned up to kiss me. I wouldn't deny him. I met him halfway and pressed my mouth to his. I carefully pulled out, and he groaned into my kiss.

I pushed forward, then out again, gradually building up a rhythm until I was thrusting in and out of him with ease. He cried out as I changed angles, and I fucked him faster and harder. My climax continued to build, and for the first time in my life, my knot started to expand.

I knew I should pull out and stop, but I couldn't. My wolf took control, and I was in no state to fight him off. I tried to tell him Eric wasn't ready, but my wolf had one thing on his mind, and that was to claim what was his.

I gazed down at Eric's face as my thrusts became erratic. His expression was that of pure bliss, moaning and screaming in ecstasy. My vision had turned monochrome once more, and my teeth had lengthened. The claiming was happening.

I tried to stop myself one last time and bit my cheek, but my wolf snarled within me. My knot expanded further, and Eric's eyes widened. I couldn't hold back and lunged, biting the soft crook of his neck.

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