The American Soldier Collection 3: Amazing Grace (MFMM)

The American Soldier Collection 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 85,591
53 Ratings (4.6)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, HEA]

Two years have passed since Grace Thompson left her home and her family in Houston. One of her three brothers, Peter, convinces her to return home for her cousin Jamie's wedding. Reluctantly she gives in. Things seems wonderful and everyone is happy to see her. A few days after her arrival, news spreads that a serial killer is on the loose and government officials believe it is the same individual who killed Clara, Grace's sister, years ago. Grace is thrust into the arms of a special investigator, an ex-marine who is hired out by law enforcement and the government to solve difficult crimes and hunt down the killer.

Sandman Sandstone and his two brothers, Big Jay and Duke, are ex-military and involved in law enforcement and investigation in some way. When they help keep Grace in protective custody, she manages to snag their hearts, which they thought were cold and dead. As they work on exploring a ménage relationship with her, she becomes the high target of the killer that even Sandman and his team can not capture. Will the killer get to Grace, or perhaps force her to come to him as he begins to go after her loved ones, luring her into his trap?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.

The American Soldier Collection 3: Amazing Grace (MFMM)
53 Ratings (4.6)

The American Soldier Collection 3: Amazing Grace (MFMM)

The American Soldier Collection 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 85,591
53 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
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This is one of my favorite series. Great book.
Loved the story line very well written.

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The police car slowly rolled into a vacant air hanger located inside a private airport.

“So far so good. Where’s Sandman?” Grace asked as she got out of the patrol car.

No one had noticed who she was when she left the precinct. She fit in perfectly. She thought she was busted when a reporter bumped into her on the way out the door, but the stuck-up snob hardly acknowledged Grace as she brushed by her without saying sorry. Grace laughed to herself.

“There he is now,” Justin said, and as she turned to look toward the back entrance of the building, there was Sandman. Her heart skipped a beat as she absorbed his attire. Dark blue jeans, cowboy boots, button-down blue shirt and a Stetson on his head. He removed the sunglasses and damn did her libido do a double, no triple take. Oh my God, he’s gorgeous.

She cleared her throat as he eyed her over and then shook Justin’s hand.

“Everything go well?”

“Yes, sir, no one followed us,” Justin replied then smiled before looking at Grace.

She pulled the police cap off her head causing her long brown hair to fall past her shoulders. It wasn’t like she was trying to look sexy but the way Sandman stared at her then gave an intense expression, made her blood pump through her veins. He reached his hand out toward her.

“Come on. Big Jay should be landing any second.”

“Big Jay?” she asked as the sound of the rotors of a helicopter approaching filled the air.

Justin glanced at his watch.

“Right on time.”

“No, he should have been here thirty seconds ago.”

Grace wondered who Big Jay was and why Sandman was so concerned over a lousy thirty seconds. She was about to ask him when a beautiful black helicopter landed on the blacktop right outside of the hanger.

“Come on, sweetheart, your chariot awaits.” She tried protesting as Justin waved good-bye and Sandman dragged her closer to the helicopter. The rotors continued to pump round and round, making that very distinct sound as her hair blew around her face.

“Sandman, I’m not going in that thing. I thought you said a plane.” She protested as they stood by the edge of the helicopter door.

“Honey, this is the plan. It’s safe, I promise. Big Jay is the best.” Sandman stared at her with those intense blue eyes of his and she weakened.

“Oh God, I can’t believe this.”

He lifted her up, placing his large, hand against her waist and hip. She looked at the pilot and holy shit he was just as big and attractive as Sandman. Dressed in some camouflage pants and a tight fitted black T-shirt, the pilot was filled with big muscles. He smiled.

“Get strapped in, sweetheart.”

Before she could reply as she sat down and tried to figure out the seat belt situation, Sandman was moving her hands out of the way and adjusting her position in the seat. His face was inches from hers. He smiled and looked relaxed and excited. He liked this kind of stuff.

“Don’t be scared,” he told her and she nodded her head as he turned toward the pilot.

“Hey, brother. Long time no see. I get why now,” the pilot said and they shook hands before Sandman took his seat beside the pilot and placed the headset on his head.

The pilot looked at Grace and she wondered if the two were really brothers or if it was just a friendly nickname.

“Ready, gorgeous?” the pilot asked.

“As I’ll ever be,” she replied and he chuckled loudly before the helicopter began to lift.

It wasn’t like she had never been in a helicopter before, but she didn’t know these men. She didn’t know this pilot or where they were going or how long it would take. She knew nothing and that was what made her a nervous wreck.

She remembered Sandman’s words. “Trust me.”

God, I sure hope I can.


* * * *


The helicopter trip had only taken about a half hour. They were still in Texas, but nowhere near civilization.

As the helicopter began to land, she noticed the huge log cabin set back in a bit of wooded area. As the helicopter touched down, she noticed the pilot as he began to shut down the helicopter. It appeared that he was staying.

As the rotors continued, Sandman stood up and helped to undo her seat belt.

“We’re here, Grace.”

He touched her cheek and then lightly gripped her chin.

“You look exhausted. As soon as we get you settled in, you can lie down for a bit, while I go over some things with my brothers.”

“Brothers?” she asked, her voice barely audible, because she felt so weak and Sandman was strikingly handsome. The feel of his fingertips below her chin sent tiny chills through her body. I must be exhausted. He’s just doing his job and protecting me.




“Are you okay, darling?” Big Jay asked while his eyes roamed over her body. She felt her nipples pebble and her pussy clench from their stares. Closing her legs tighter as she knelt on the bed, she began to move to the side and get up. Sandman stopped her.

“Don’t pull away,” he whispered then placed his hand over her waist to the other side of her hip. Slowly she lowered back down to the bed as he pulled her closer to his side. He was leaning over her, her head flat on the pillow, her chest heaving up and down as he stared into her eyes. When he moved his hand to her cheek and caressed the wet tears away, she closed her eyes and felt her body quiver. She had obviously been crying very hard. Even her belly quivered.

“Please, Sandman,” she whispered in a shaky voice, but she didn’t get a response. Not until she opened her eyes right before his lips touched hers.

She absorbed the sensations that attacked her skin, her body, and her soul. His strong hands held her face between them as his tongue explored her mouth. She returned the kisses, turned on, set a flame to the aura of his sex appeal, big muscles and heavy body that now leaned over her smaller frame. She wanted to taste more of him, accept the attraction and desire burning through her bloodstream as she reached up to run fingers through his hair.

He moved his lips off of hers and trailed kisses against the corner of her mouth, her jaw, and then her neck. When he maneuvered his hips between her thighs, she opened for him, instantly feeling the large, hard cock against her needy pussy.

“You taste and feel incredible, Grace. I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing,” he admitted, acknowledging to her that he was feeling just as out of control as she was. Then she felt the bed dip to her right.

Large, thick fingers caressed the hair from her cheeks as she turned from Sandman’s fierce expression toward Duke. Her heart hammered inside of her chest. She knew he and Big Jay were there, too. God, how aroused and excited that made her feel. Was she so desperate for love and attention that she wanted all three men to fuck her?

“Don’t be afraid, angel. We’ve been pussyfooting around this attraction all week. Since the moment you walked into the house I’ve wanted you,” Duke admitted then leaned forward to kiss her cheek before he took her mouth fully.

Simultaneously Sandman caressed her left arm and moved it above her head while Duke explored her mouth. She moaned against his tongue as Sandman sat up and caressed her thighs then her belly, her ribs, until finally cupping her breasts.

She thrust her hips forward and moaned into Duke’s tongue strokes while Sandman squeezed her breasts.

As Duke released her lips, she panted for breath, locked gazes with him, and lost her soul as he smiled. “Oh God, you’re beautiful,” she whispered and he chuckled.

“You’re the beautiful one, darling,” Duke said and Sandman took that moment to pinch her nipple.

“Oh.” She moaned.

“Grace?” She heard Big Jay’s voice and saw him standing by the side of the bed. He placed his weapon down beside his brother’s and stared down at her. He was huge. His upper chest big and bulky, filled with dips like a sculpture.

“We want you, darling. All three of us,” Big Jay said in such a serious tone she was instantly stimulated and a little scared.

These men were large and they represented things she feared. They had power, they were law enforcement, ex-military, resourceful, and so much more. They could truly break her heart into a million pieces that she would never be able to fix.

Sandman caressed her cheek.

“Don’t look so scared. We’re not going to hurt you, darling. This is completely new to us, too.”

“We’ve been on our own, alone for years, Grace. Ain’t no other women been with the three of us together. Ain’t no other woman we’ve ever all wanted together,” Duke added.

“I am scared, but I don’t think I could stop these feelings I have or this need burning inside of me. This is so not typical. Three men and one woman? How can it work? What about jealousy or what if you decide you don’t want me anymore. My heart isn’t normal, it’s broken.” She felt the tear roll down her cheek. Sandman eased his body down hers.

“Shhh, baby, please don’t think that way. Trust us, we’re taking a chance, too,” Duke said then slowly kissed her lips. She reached up and cupped his cheek with her hand. Then with her other hand she reached for Big Jay. When his large hand clasped her much smaller one, she felt the desire and the need for them to make love to her. Then Sandman kissed her bare belly.

“Let us love you, woman, the way you deserve to be loved.”

Her heart soared with desire and excitement. She nodded her head and hoped that she wasn’t making a huge mistake.


* * * *


Sandman smiled then made his way down her belly, taking her skimpy pajama shorts along with him.

As his eyes locked on her pretty bare pussy, his cock stood up at attention staking a claim.

“So soft and nicely trimmed. Just the way I like pussy,” he whispered, allowing his warm breath to collide with her glistening folds.

“Oh God, Sandman,” she said until Big Jay took her mouth and claimed his woman.

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