An Angel Exposed (MFM)

Safeword LLC 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 51,551
20 Ratings (4.6)

[Siren Sensations: Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, public exhibition, spanking, paddling, caning, flogging, sex toys, HEA]

Amy Bousch has no choice but to seek out the services of Safeword LLC. Faking a two-month vacation through Europe to get away from her controlling and overprotective brothers, Amy hopes that a placement in the hands of the right Dominants will confirm her inner beliefs that she’s a sub whom desires exhibition.

When Chad Westworth and Alec Brewer walk through the doors of Safeword LLC, she comes very close to walking out. They are friends of her brothers, and although she’s done her best to hide her attraction to them over the years, Amy fears their entangled past will get them all in hot water.

Her brothers’ reactions aren’t the only thing that Amy needs to worry about, as Alec’s past rears its ugly head and threatens their future. Once the truth is exposed, Chad and Alec are left wondering if they’ve lost the angel of their dreams.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Peyton Elizabeth is a Siren-exclusive author.

An Angel Exposed (MFM)
20 Ratings (4.6)

An Angel Exposed (MFM)

Safeword LLC 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 51,551
20 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Sloan Winters
An absolutely captivating story, I couldn't put it down! This is an amazing series that keeps you wanting and waiting for more!
AMAZBALLS. yet another brilliant book in this series. After reading each book I think WOW surely the next one cant beat that but it does, this series is just getting Better and better. from the first page of the first book until the last page of this book, I have not wanted real life to interrupt my reading time. I would HIGHLY reccommend this whole series, cant wait till book 4. ( wish I had a time machine to go forward in time to the next books release day.
Professional Reviews

5 ANGELS: "Amaryl "Amy" Bousch is an accountant for her older brothers in a BDSM club, but doesn't dare seek out her own desires in her place of employment. After all, her brothers would have the prospective Dom's head if she even attempted it. So, after speaking with a fellow submissive, she contacts Safeword LLC for assistance, telling her brothers she's taking a European vacation. Alec Brewer and Chad Westworth have wanted Amy in the worst way. When Safeword places the threesome together, Amy almost declines, but because she's desired them as well, she's willing to take a chance. However, ugly pasts and protective siblings all have a way of rearing their collective heads at the worst of times. Will their budding relationship survive the bumps and hurdles along the way? An Angel Exposed is book three in the Safeword LLC series. Author Peyton Elizabeth has hit another story out of the park with An Angel Exposed. Again, the author has written a tale of two male Dominants pairing with a female submissive, which is, apparently, Safeword owner Kennedy's forte. Amy is intelligent and independent, yet with a weakness of not being able to stand up to her uber domineering brothers. The Dominants of the story are both ridiculously sexy. One is business-minded and the other is more artistically inclined, giving the trio a sense of balance and variety. The plot clips along at a brisk pace, providing steamy sex scenes, delicious dominance, and emotional revelations. There's also just enough of an introduction to a subplot at the end of the story to have the reader yearning to read the next tale in this series. Hopefully it'll be available sooner rather than later, because this reader has become a definite fan." -- Bella, Fallen Angel Reviews

5 HANDCUFFS: "WOW! Just when one thinks that Peyton Elizabeth’s Safeword, LLC series can’t get any better, An Angel Exposed came along. Saucy and sensual came to mind and that’s not even the sex. An Angel Exposed placed Amy with best friends, raised together in the foster care system, Alec and Chad. Ms. Elizabeth gave life to the characters. The book may revolve around an exclusive BDSM placement service, but the story was so much more. An Angel Exposed dealt with a realistic facet of life where turmoil and survival intertwined and not necessarily physically but more so emotionally and psychologically. This aspect has made Ms. Elizabeth’s book so appealing. The sex was not the entire story simply because a D/s relationship was involved. The trust was integral. Amy not only had her own urges and feelings to deal with, but also her Dom brothers, who except for working as their accountant discounted any possibility of Amy entering the lifestyle. Ms. Elizabeth’s characterization of Amy was strength of character and resilience. She faced each situation as she blossomed with dignity and stubbornness Chad and Alec were loving and giving Doms, although they each brought a particular creativity to the relationship. Alec’s artistry was essential to the inner workings of the story, allowing for more personal depth. Ms. Elizabeth wove his talent into the story so integrally that is what difficult to separate Alec the Dom from Alec the artist. His masterpiece was a thing of beauty. Chad, strong-willed and ambitious complemented Alec and Amy’s personality with his desire to please both of the people he loved. Peyton Elizabeth’s portrayal of the three characters created a united front that would not have worked in a standard two person relationship. Each main character brought an element of beauty, grace and love that was connected with the insertion of Amy into the men’s lives. The sex was hot and the foreplay even steamier. Have a very tall glass of water when reading An Angel Exposed because you may need to spritz yourself. Sexy, erotic, and xciting!" -- Evelise Archer, Sexy For Review

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“Chad? Please tell me that you still have some semblance of sanity left in your head.”

Chad noticed that Alec’s eyebrow rose with her comment. He had no doubt that Alec was ready to take a seat and flip her over his knee for a good spanking, although that wasn’t his usual forte. Alec was the more passionate of the two, creating scenes and then wanting to capture them on canvas while Chad carried out the act. Her attitude certainly needed some measure of adjustment, and he wondered how she would handle his cane on her ass.

Kennedy, at first, refused to even take them on as clients, saying she wouldn’t accept trickery as a way of placement. They struck a deal that if he and Alec could persuade Amy to submit an application and Kennedy divined she met their particular requirements as their submissive, then she would place Amy in their hands. If Kennedy decided Amy wasn’t an appropriate companion for them, they were to step back and allow her to do her job in Amy’s best interests. Chad hadn’t wanted to take the chance, but Alec had been confident. Now all they needed to do was persuade Amy.

“Josh and Tyler will accept this part of you,” Chad said, trying to reassure her.

“Oh my, God. We are talking about the same two men who’ve warned every Dom in the tri-state area that I’m off limits, right? And you two think they’ll be okay with their friends screwing, no better yet, topping their sister? Or did you forget that small part of the equation?”

“That’s your insecurities talking,” Alec replied, crossing his arms. “You’ve made it this far, Amy. Why not take the chance to let yourself be happy?”

“You two have lost your minds,” Amy declared, throwing her purse back in the chair and placing her hands on her hips. “You know how Josh and Tyler are going to react. You’ll be lucky if they don’t kill you.”

“Then let’s take this apart piece by piece, angel,” Chad said. Alec was right anyway. It was past the point of no return for them. Amy had finally taken a step in their direction, although she hadn’t known it at the time, it was still a step in the right direction. “You let me know if I’m missing anything. One, you took a two months vacation to see if this is what you’ve always truly desired. Two, if it works out, you’ll tell Josh and Tyler that you’re actually a submissive. Three, you’ve been attracted to Alec and me for years but haven’t had the guts to act on it. Four, you were secretly hoping that it would be us coming through this door. So why not sign the contract, angel?”

Amy’s blue eyes dilated, as her hands slowly wrapped their way around her waist. She was feeling vulnerable, and Chad could clearly recognize that. In a way, he had the same feeling of susceptibility when it came to her. The only difference was he was confident they would make this work. He and Alec could give her what she needed most.

“It’s not that simple and you know it,” Amy whispered. “This…this would change everything.”

“Is that not what you want?”

“It’s— I already feel bad enough deceiving them. How do you think they are going to feel when they find out I’ve submitted to the two of you?”

“Isn’t that a part of yourself that you are giving up to us? We’ll make the decision on when to tell them and how. You can leave that burden to your Doms. All you need to fret yourself with is pleasing us.”

The desire that flashed over her features was unmistakable, yet Chad could tell she was still hesitant. Giving in to his most basic need to touch her, he closed the distance between them. When he cupped her face with his palms, Amy rested her hands on his arms. This was the first time that he’d touched her, really touched her, and he took a moment to savor their connection.

“You’re too…familiar,” Amy said, closing her eyes and breathing deeply. “You’re my brothers’ friends. I–I don’t think—”

“You’re not going to deny yourself right now. Keep your eyes closed,” Chad whispered softly, “and try to visualize the picture we’re painting for you. You’re standing naked before us. Your hands are clasped behind your head, thrusting your pert breasts forward, begging for the slightest touch. Your feet are spread apart, giving either of us access to your hot, wet core. Your clit is engorged and throbbing in time with your heartbeat. We’ve given you one instruction and that is not to move. Alec is standing in front of us, a canvas set up on an easel to capture the marks that I’m about to leave on your flawless skin from the crop in my hand. I raise it and bring it down on the perfect globe that is your right breast. You moan as the heat from the sting travels through your upper body. Do you obey me and stand still for more?”

“Yes, Master,” Amy whispered, swaying toward him, caught up in the vision he was creating.




“If you keep daydreaming and thinking of something other than your Doms’ approval, Alec will keep thinking of ways to shut your thoughts off.” Chad leaned down and tapped one ankle. She lifted her foot as he slid one strap up her calf. He did the same to the other side. Amy figured they could try every trick in the book to shut her rampant thoughts off, but it wasn’t going to work. At this point, it was all she could do to hide her uncertainty. This wasn’t going the way she expected. “As I was saying, along with your attire next Friday evening, Alec will make sure you’re adorned with his paint for the club scene afterward. We’ll be going to The Point.”

Amy really was trying to listen to Chad, as well as curb her disappointment at not experiencing a flogging of some sort, but his hands nearing her body was distracting. He fastened the straps around her legs, making sure it fit snug against her inner thighs. When his finger ran inside her folds, Amy stopped breathing. It had happened so suddenly, without any warning, that the jolt of stimulation produced a creamy reaction in the very core of her pussy. He couldn’t have missed how dripping wet she was.

“Legs farther apart.” Was it just her imagination or had Chad’s voice deepened? Her heartbeat was pounding against her eardrums. He’d told her to do something, hadn’t he? Yes, yes, he did. Amy shifted her feet, parting her legs farther and in the process, giving him even more access. He used two fingers to smear her juices over her engorged clit before parting her folds wide and settling the vibrator directly on the sensitive nub. “Where should your hands be?”

Damn it! Chad was still talking when all she wanted to do was feel. How Amy managed to lift her hands up and link them behind her neck, she didn’t know. But when Chad placed his fingers onto her nipples and rolled the hardened pebbles, Amy let out a moan. How could she feel like this with only his fingers on her body?

“Now be a good girl and let Alec capture this moment.”

The second Chad released his hold on her nipples, Amy felt the vibrator start to move. It was a low setting, but at this point it didn’t matter. She felt herself begin to climb that first wave, yet knew she would need something more. She watched as Chad stepped away, clearing the view for Alec. His green eyes deepened as they took in the sight of her, which only seemed to fuel her desire. He seemed to like what he saw.

“Do you feel the heat of the light?” Chad’s voice dripped over her skin like honey, as the heat warmed every exposed inch of her skin. Amy closed her eyes, soaking in the sensations. “You must remember not to move.”

Amy hadn’t realized her hips had been gyrating in a familiar rhythm, but how did they expect her to stay still? She opened her heavy lids, seeing Alec standing in front of her, his eyes glued to her pussy. What exactly did he see? She wanted him to see her displayed for him. She needed to show herself to both of them.

“Answer me, angel. Do you feel the heat? Is it warming your body?”

“Yes, Master,” Amy whispered, standing there and subjecting herself to their decision not to allow her to move. It seemed as if the vibrations were taking over her body. She bit her lip to keep from crying out.

“More,” Alec demanded.

“Ah, Sir Alec wants you to feel more.” More. She wanted more. She did. The vibrations became stronger. “Is your heart racing?”

Amy tried to follow his questioning. She really did. But all she wanted to do was feel.

“Angel, is your heart racing?”

“Yes, Master,” Amy said, almost desperately. She wanted him to be quiet.

“Feel everything—each breath you breathe, each beat of your heart, the grip of your fingers, the stance of your legs. You’re standing there, taking pleasure given by us.”

The vibrations felt deeper. Amy felt every description he gave as if it were imbedded within her. She had no idea how long she stood there, but nothing had ever felt so right to her. Her body was like a sponge soaking up water that it had been deprived of for years. Everything around her had faded into nothing. The only thing that existed was the pleasure they were bestowing on her and the need for their approval. She didn’t move and just accepted. It was euphoric.

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