[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Cowboy Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, werewolves, bondage, spanking, light whipping, sex toys, HEA]

Heiress Jane Jarrow goes on a wild adventure before she has to settle down. Yet when she detours into Forever, Texas, she winds up following three sexy cowboys back to their ranch. She hides her identity and gets hired as a ranch hand hoping to get up close and personal with them.

Morgan, Skyler, and Jason Dalton know Jane’s the one they’ve waited for. Going along with her ruse, they hire her as a ranch hand. If she can handle the hard work, then maybe she can handle them.

When Jane’s father demands she return home, she refuses even when he vows to disown her. But when he threatens to call in the past-due loan on the Dalton ranch, she’s afraid she’s lost the men she loves along with her future.

Jane and the Dalton brothers must make their choices. Do they save their love? Or do they save their home?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Jane Jamison is a Siren-exclusive author.

Wild Nights (MFMM)
12 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
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4.5 Stars: "Jane Jarrow is the indulged daughter of a very wealthy banker. She is a friend to Libby. Sending Libby on home to Dallas, Jane stayed behind. There is eye candy she'd seen outside the Diner. The Dalton brothers, Morgan, Skyer and Jason are barely scraping by. Even though Jane is there mate, Morgan wants to see her worth. Can she can handle life as a rancher's wife on a true working ranch? He needs to know this before they claim her. When she refuses her father's demand that she return home, he goes after her men, threatening to foreclose on their ranch. How can their love survive the assault that is trying to tear them apart? Will Jane be strong enough to stand up to her father and claim the men she loves? Just like the other books in this series Jane Jamison has written a novel that tugs at our heart and makes us believe that true love can conquer all. It is set in the picturesque town of Forever, TX. This is a fictional town created by Ms. Jamison. It’s called Forever, Texas because it is where love last forever and ever. The residents are warm and welcoming, that is until you mess with one of its own, then they will become a united front to take down the threat. Who wouldn't want to live in such a place? The characters and town are so well developed that you will imagine you can travel there and sit down for a cup of coffee at Milly's and have a nice chat with any of them. Stop on by and visit a bit. Perhaps look around town and see what is so great about it. Maybe think about moving there yourself. They need a Bed and Breakfast and I have always thought I might like to operate one. What do you think? Maybe the Full Moon Inn or maybe the Crescent Moon B&B? This is the eighth book in the series and can be read as a standalone easily enough, but to get the full effect of the storyline and how the characters interact you really need to read the series from the beginning. I will give you a hint about book 9 though. Milly finally finds love of her own that she has always dreamed of. I have looked forward to reading this one most since I first read of Milly in book one. Her diner is a town gathering spot for friendly chats for residents and visitors alike. Please Ms. Jamison, I am quickly approaching the latest book in the series, number twelve, and am hoping you are planning on adding to the mystique and wonder of Forever, Texas. There are so many different paranormal beings to show us. I may be partial to werewolves, but I am more than willing to add a different species if I get to visit some old friends as I make some new ones in Forever, Texas." -- Delanna, Night Owl Reviews

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This is actually happening. I’m sleeping in the barn.

She walked through the barn toward the light inching out from underneath the door of the back room and tried to tell herself that a bed was a bed was a bed. Throw in three hot cowboys and she’d have the adventure she’d wanted.

Opening the door to her cell—no, don’t think of it that way. It’s a perfectly fine room. Tiny and dirty and filled with who knows what—she turned and leaned her back against the doorframe. “Here we are. Back at my home away from home.”

“Yep, here we are.”

She thrust out her chest, ever so slightly. It was a practiced move, one that had never failed. Sure enough, his attention dropped and he swallowed hard.

“Would you like to come in for a nightcap?” She chuckled at the all-too-familiar come-on line. If he wanted to visit her in her hovel, she’d welcome him with open arms.

If nothing else, he can kill any spiders hanging around. I just hope that’s not all he’ll do.

He smiled, lifting the corners of a mouth that had the audacity to be both sensual and masculine. “I’d better not.”

Disappointment, a rare emotion for her, cut into her stomach and into her pride. What the hell? No man had ever turned her away. Many had wanted the invitation, but only a few had gotten any more than a glass of champagne.

She’d had enough. First, Morgan treated her like some homeless person he’d hand a dollar bill to. Now Skyler, the one she’d thought would be the easiest to win over, had turned her down flat.

She grabbed his collar, her fist clutching the material of his T-shirt, and pulled him close. She crushed her lips to his, then grabbed his hand and brought it to her chest and pushed down on it, forcing him to grope her.

At first, he didn’t move and another wave of hurt hit her. Was he just not that into her? But she’d never known a man that wasn’t hot for her body. Except, of course, men who were…Was that it? Was Skyler gay?

But then he moaned and pushed back, fondling her breast and digging his fingers into her hair. Her smile changed the kiss and she swept her tongue into his mouth. After the first flash of ham and mustard, she found his real flavors. He was musky and yet spicy, like a brand-new type of food.

She whimpered, knowing that men liked her to make that sound, and let go of his shirt to reach behind and cup his ass.

Damn, but he has a great butt. Firm and high and nicely rounded.

He groaned again and skimmed his teeth across her lower lip, then nibbled at the corner of her mouth. “Girl, you’re driving me crazy.”

“Isn’t that the point?” She broke the kiss and pulled his mouth to her neck. “I’m so glad you’re not like your brother Morgan.”

He stiffened, and, taking her arms, pushed her away. “What do you mean by that?”

Damn. I should’ve known not to criticize one brother to the other.

“I didn’t mean anything by it. Come on, Skyler. Take me back into the house and into your bed.”

His eyes seemed to have more amber in them than before. “Tell me what you meant.”

She blew out a breath. “Fine. He’s a little rigid, don’t you think? I mean, he acts like he doesn’t have a heart. Or like he’s not attracted to me.”

She hurried, so he wouldn’t think badly of her. “I’m not trying to be mean or sound like I’m the most beautiful girl in the world, but you’ve got to admit, he wasn’t very nice to me.”

The friendliness she’d seen so often on his face was gone. “He’s a good guy. A strong guy. He gave you a job and a place to sleep. I’d say that’s being pretty nice.”

She closed her eyes then opened them, hoping she’d see less antagonism in them. “It is and I appreciate it, too. I really do. But I’ve got to wonder. Does he like girls?”

Skyler stepped back. “You’re right. He doesn’t like girls.”

“Really? I was only taking a stab at why. I mean, it’s okay if he doesn’t. There’s no judgment here.”

He sure didn’t seem gay. And he didn’t look at me like he was gay. No, there was desire in his eyes. So what am I missing?

“No, you’re not getting it.” He ran a hand through his hair, making the spikes even spikier. “I said he doesn’t like girls. Especially girls who play games. My brothers and I don’t like girls. We like women.”

He’d spun around and was almost to the barn door before she was finally able to find her voice. But by then it was too late.




She sighed as his lips touched her neck, grazing nibbles and soft kisses along the slope of it and over her shoulder. He moaned, then pushed the strap of her tank top down her arm. The move exposed her right breast.

He made a different sound then. One born of lust and frustration. He cupped her breast and bent to take it into his mouth.

The swipe of his tongue over her nipple heightened the strange connection between them. She whimpered, forgetting that she was trying to make him do what she wanted. Instead, all she could think of was to get him in bed. Or on the floor. Or even on the horrid mattress.

His fingers slipped under the cotton shorts and dove between her butt cheeks. He found her dark hole and she gasped. Yet instead of pulling his hand away as she’d done with the few men who had touched her there, she held onto his shoulders and waited for him to do more.

“I love your ass.”

The words weren’t as classy or as flowery as the ones men usually said to her, but they made her pulse quicken. She clenched her butt, capturing his finger between them and giggled. “I’m glad.”

“Do you like to get spanked?”

She pulled back to see if he was serious. Yet she wasn’t offended. Anything he wanted to say and do was fine by her. “I’m not sure. Is that what you like to do?”

“Yeah, it is.”

She gasped as he spun her around, then yanked the back of her shorts down to expose her rump. He grabbed her ass, then pushed her forward until she had to flatten her hands against the wall. The whack of his hand on her bottom startled her, but just as she was about to complain, the sharp pain slid over her flesh and into her pussy.

He took hold of her hair and yanked her head back. “So? What’s the verdict? Do you like getting spanked?”

He leaned forward to kiss her and she stuck out her tongue for him to suck on. He squeezed her ass, digging his fingers into her flesh. “Answer me.”

Surprising herself, she spoke the truth. “Yes. I do.”

He nuzzled his face against her neck. “Do you want me to spank you again?”


“Good.” Leaning back, he pulled on her hair, shooting stabs of pain into her head. The sound and feel of his palm against her butt cheek a second time brought a rush of her juices. She could feel the warmth sliding down her leg.


He did as she asked, pulling away a little more so that he could spank her harder.

“I can see my handprint on your ass. It’s so pretty and pink.” He bent over her again. “Is your pussy pretty and pink, too?”

“You tell me.”

“Oh, I plan on it.” Letting go of her hair, he commanded her to stay where she was. A second later, she jumped as he bit into her ass. A slap to the other butt cheek added to the pleasurable pain.

Kneading her butt, he slid his tongue over the place where he’d hit her, then along her crack before dragging it over the other cheek. He bit her again and added a spank for good measure.

She moaned as he stood, took her hair again, and yanked her head back. “Tell me you want me to fuck you.”

“I want you to fuck me. Please, fuck me.”

Putting his chest against her back, he reached around and slipped a finger under the shorts to find her pussy folds. His other hand squeezed her breast as he bit down on her shoulder.

“One of these days, I’m going to give you a bite you won’t ever forget.”

She laid back her head and whimpered. “Skyler, please. I need you.”

Grabbing her shoulders, he spun her around, bent his head to flick his tongue over her nipple then pulled the other strap down. Making a sound that was half-animal and half-man, he took her tit in his teeth and gave her a fresh kind of pain. She arched, not caring that he hadn’t responded.

Her body ached to have his on top of hers. Ached to have his cock inside her. She gripped him harder, then glided her hand down to cover the bulge in his jeans.

“You’re driving me crazy, woman.”

Woman. That word had meant nothing until now. His touch made her want to be more of a woman.

He grabbed the hem of her shirt and yanked it up and over her head. Her breasts bounced with the flick of the material and goose bumps formed along her skin.

“You’re the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen.”

She laughed, tossing her hair the way girls did when they flirted. “Stop talking. I need your mouth elsewhere.” Taking him by the head, she pulled, urging him to go to his knees.

He played with her nipples again, running his tongue from one to the other. Then he kept on going, taking her shorts along with her until they puddled around her ankles.

She was naked, standing in the back room of a barn, with a man she barely knew. And it was the most exciting thing she’d ever done.

He paused over her strip of blonde hair and drew in a long breath. “You smell better than all the flowers in the world put together.”

She tunneled her fingers through his hair. “Stop. Talking.”

He grinned up at her then grabbed her ass and pulled her crotch toward him. One sweep of his tongue along the flesh of her mons sent shock waves rolling into her, and, with his help, she managed to stay on her feet.

He pushed her pussy lips apart and found her clit. She was already hot and wet, but the first press of his tongue against her swollen nub was too much for her to bear. Gripping his hair, she cried out, her body shaking with a rolling cascade of desire. He drank from her, savoring her juices, then adding a finger to her butt hole. He attacked her from both sides, adding a finger to her pussy.

She gazed down, her attention on the man between her legs, and felt her pussy tighten around his finger. But it was his cock she wanted.


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