Dare to Submit (MFM)

Safeword LLC 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 50,536
18 Ratings (4.5)

[Siren Sensations: Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, public exhibition, spanking, flogging, whipping, sex toys, HEA]

Elena Conti seeks out the help of Safeword LLC, a company that places submissives with their appropriate Dominants. She’s tried to overcome her issues with trust and the overusage of her safeword by herself, but realizes it’s futile. Utilizing Safeword LLC is Elena’s last hope of eradicating her fears, but she hadn’t counted on being placed with the two men whom she’d specifically stayed away from for the past eight months.

Harrison James is known for his expertise using a whip, the one implement that haunts her dreams. Grant Delport uses pleasure as his method of training. Together, do they have what it takes to convince Elena that trust is the ultimate submission?

A Siren Erotic Romance


Peyton Elizabeth is a Siren-exclusive author.

Dare to Submit (MFM)
18 Ratings (4.5)

Dare to Submit (MFM)

Safeword LLC 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 50,536
18 Ratings (4.5)
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Go Elena!
My heart was in my mouth for the majority of this read!
This Book is Amazing !! It can be read as a stand along book. However, it is the second in the Safeword LLC series
Professional Reviews

5 STARS: "Finding a new author who can create a new world and draw you into it is always exciting. One purestdelightawardwho can really capture your attention, draw out your emotions, and make you want more is even better, and that is just what Peyton Elizabeth has done with Dare to Submit. This is the second in a series called Safeword LLC, about an organization that places submissives with Doms who are looking to share a woman. Elena Conti has been going to BDSM clubs for months, but safewords out before any scene becomes too intense. Harrison and Grant, lifelong friends and business partners have requested a submissive from Safeword LLC, but are surprised when Elena is chosen to be their permanent third. They are both attracted to her, but are aware she has secrets. For her part, Elena hopes the men can give her what she needs-without discovering just why she doesn’t want to hit subspace. All three of the protagonists were likeable, the story was suspenseful enough to keep the reader turning the pages, and the sex scenes didn’t just sizzle, they exploded with heat. A most satisfying read by a very promising new author." -- Shadow, Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

5 ANGELS: "After reading Peyton Elizabeth's premier story in this series, The First Order, I was highly motivated to read this second story as well. The author certainly didn't disappoint! Two delicious Doms, again as in the first story, almost polar opposites, seeking their permanent submissive. One intelligent, independent, successful woman who yearns for belongingness and sexual completeness. These dominant friends see in Elena a woman with a mystery, and while they might have some misgivings about taking on the feisty sub that seems to top from the bottom at the club, they inherently know that if they peel back her superficial layers, they just might uncover the pearl of great price. And when has Kennedy, Safeword LLC's mysteriously intuitive owner, ever been wrong?" -- Bella, Fallen Angel Reviews

5 HANDCUFFS: "Dare to Submit, Safeword LLC #2 by Peyton Elizabeth was in one word SULTRY! Ms. Elizabeth delivered a beautifully erotic tale filled with thoughtfulness and care. Safeword LLC is an agency that places submissives with two masters, striving for a loving and safe, consensual environment. In Dare to Submit, Elena sought more, something she was fearful of but knew she desired. She hoped to find the more in the capable placement by Kennedy, owner of Safeword LLC. What she found was erotic splendor and release in the capable hands of Dominants Harrison and Grant. Ms. Elizabeth’s characterization of the two Dom’s left little room for the fact that they could read Elena as if she were an open book and the desire they had to make her their own. All three main characters in Dare to Submit were different in appeal and disposition. Elena was unsure emotionally yet secure in her desires. Harrison was overpowering, charismatic and an emotional rock. And Grant was charming and steadfast. Together, the variety of personalities melded in a sensual partnership that had substance and meaning. Together they took this reader to new heights and stimulated my senses and emotions. Peyton Elizabeth wove the lures of the two Doms and their submissive intricately and delicately. Each one brought an appealing facet to the ménage that illuminated the relationship. The faith and bond was apparent as Harrison and Grant took Elena to subspace and she trusted them to catch her. The sex was totally hot and as I quoted to a friend, ‘you can come just from reading the book’. Each scene, each conversation felt like I was there in the midst of what was occurring. Peyton Elizabeth has a way of transforming the reader into the story and emotionally connecting so there was no doubt you would fall in love with the characters.Dare to Submit is a beautiful story of trust and love. It is the submission of not only Elena submitting to her Dom’s but also the submission of Harrison and Grant allowing them to holdfast on the feelings they have for Elena and create a life worth living. It is a bond that when forged, everything else takes a back seat, for when you submit, life truly begins." -- Evelise Archer, Sexy for Review

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“A hundred bucks says she safewords out in five minutes.”

Harrison chewed on an ice chip that had been swimming in his glass, observing the woman that his best friend was referring to. There was no way in hell he’d take that bet. Elena Conti had joined the club around eight months ago and rarely played twice with the same Dom. In all the times that he’d witnessed her in a scene, she’d either fake like she was enjoying it or safeword out when things became too intense. She was ruining her welcome and it was only a matter of time before she left the club.

“I wonder what is going on in that woman’s head?” Harrison asked, swirling around the ginger ale that was left in his tumbler. He watched as Lucas secured her wrists to the St. Andrew’s cross, curious as to why he even bothered. Lucas had to know Elena’s reputation by now, although maybe he was bored since his brother was out of town. “She’s running out of Doms willing to waste their time.”

Harrison glanced around the room, seeing whom else was here this evening. The Point was one of his favorite haunts, as the center area where he and Grant were seated contained several nooks allowing them access to view the room. He loved the smell of spices that were utilized in brewing the tea available to the submissives. The stimulating scent mingled with the aromatic pheromones in the air underneath the dim lighting, making for an intoxicating ambiance. Play stations had been set up along the mahogany-paneled walls and roped off with red velvet rope barriers in order to provide appropriate space while allowing viewers to observe without interfering with individual scenes.

Ryan and Isaac had taken the main play area and were attracting the most attention with their expertise in shibari. Harrison had indicated his interest a few weeks ago, with their promise of teaching him soon. The sub they were working on tonight seemed to be enjoying herself immensely. He noticed a few of the regulars, although quite a few members of the Order were missing from tonight’s activities.

“Lucas likes a challenge,” Grant replied, leaning back against the black leather couch.

“Lucas and Damien are the most senior duo of the Order, age wise that is. You’d think they’d read the mood of the membership and finally find a permanent sub.”

“I don’t think Damien will ever consider taking on another sub in a permanent relationship. Rumor has it that after Maggie died, Lucas was the only person who could help keep his sanity intact.”

“That was what, five years ago?” Harrison asked, holding up his now empty glass and signaling to the sub on bar duty that he’d like to order another one. Her tray was level with and secured to her nipples, supported by a chain around her neck. Placing his empty glass on her tray elicited a slight widening of her eyes. She quickly took his order and moved off toward the bar while balancing her burden. Her master had given her the added pleasure of what appeared to be a rather large butt plug that made a pleasant pulsating noise. Turning back to the scene in front of him, Harrison saw Lucas take out his black suede flogger from his bag and flick his wrist, warming up his muscles. “I can only imagine how rough it was, but that’s a long time to be alone.”

“Let’s face it. Our lifestyle limits us to finding women who would be willing to serve a Dominant male, let alone two masters.”

Harrison noticed that Elena never took her gaze off of the implement in Lucas’s hand. Her brown eyes were a light shade of caramel, matching the highlights in her long, dark-brown hair. Her skin still held a slight Mediterranean sun-kissed hue, although he figured it had more to do with her heritage than it did with the sun, considering it was mid-November. She was wearing a white corset, which seemed to be her preferred piece of clothing at the clubs, which exposed her ample breasts. She also wore matching opaque stockings that if she had been his sub, Elena never would have been permitted to wear. He liked skin, and since she had a smaller frame than he usually enjoyed on his submissives, Harrison would have made sure she could be seen. He was thinking maybe a loose fishnet stocking would do her justice.

“You mean like Elena? It’s obvious she has a hard time serving one master, let alone two.”




“Turn and face Master Grant.” Elena did as Harrison instructed. Grant’s hazel eyes were warm and tender, just the way she’d come to think of him. Her body had gotten used to coming so often in a day, she prayed that he would never stop. She heard rustling behind her and felt her heart speed up at what the sound implicated. Harrison was shedding his clothes. Were they going to make love to her tonight? The tearing of a condom wrapper answered her question. “We thought we would try out Grant’s theory this evening.”

Elena took a deep breath, not breaking eye contact with Grant. They were finally going to consummate the contract. Her pussy was still wet from her previous session with Grant and it astounded her when she felt a small drip start to run down the inside of her leg. Her nipples protruded, needing the weight of the nipple clamps she’d grown accustomed to.

“In order to see how well you have been doing in your training, we’ve decided on something that you might not agree with, but will have no choice but to accept if you wish to achieve orgasm this evening.” Elena felt Harrison’s hands close firmly around her waist. He brought her a step backward, in between his legs, and slowly pulled down so that she was forced to bend her knees. She felt his cock at her entrance and could have cried that she hadn’t gotten to see it, feel it, or taste it. Not having her hands to guide her, Harrison eased up on his grip, allowing her weight to pull her down over his cock. She couldn’t suppress the moan that escaped her lips as he gently and gradually filled her pussy. Her sheath stretched as his cock filled her and when she didn’t think she could take anymore, Harrison removed his hands altogether, causing her to accept the rest of his massive cock. “Tonight will only be about pleasure.”

Elena’s eyes flew to Grant’s. What? Her heart started racing as her excitement turned to apprehension. Grant knew that she couldn’t come without the additional stimulus of clamps, or something, or anything! He’d shared that with Harrison, right? The promising evening had just turned to one of sexual frustration. She would never come the way Harrison wanted her to. She bit her lip as his cock shifted inside of her. He felt so good.

Elena had only had her eyes closed for a second so was startled to see Grant standing in front of her with what looked like a feather duster. It had a long black handle with a puff of red feathers on the end. He smiled tenderly and placed the soft material in between her breasts.

“Your heat alone could make me come within seconds,” Harrison whispered, his mouth just below her collar. His breath was hot and moist against her skin, creating a reaction that travelled down her spine. His hands were now caressing her sides as Grant continued to brush the feathers across her front. “Feel what we are doing to you, blossom. Feel the strokes across your nipples. Feel my cock deep inside your pussy. Do you feel yourself clamping down on me, trying to keep me inside of you?”

“Yes, Master.” Elena wasn’t sure how she got those words out. Her body was coming alive in the most torturous fashion. Harrison lowered one hand to where her clit now jutted out, begging to be touched. She hissed when his fingers made contact, but the stroke was barely felt. She knew better than to tilt her hips forward, so Elena stayed where she was and endured their touch. But that didn’t mean she couldn’t ask for more. “Master, please. Touch me harder.”

“And why would we do that? You should appreciate any touch that we deign to give you. Grant?”

“Feel how your body is responding to us, my sweet Elena. Close your eyes as I caress the feathers on the underside of your arms. Do you feel the light sensation?” Elena closed her eyes, loving the feelings they were invoking, yet frustrated that they weren’t doing more. Harrison lifted her hips and gently started thrusting his cock in and out of her, while continually stroking her clit with a light touch. She felt herself slowly climb that precipice and knew the sweet torture wouldn’t go away this evening. They knew this would happen to her, yet still chose to make love to her this way. It was cruel. “Let your body become one with the pleasure.”

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