[Ménage Amour: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, Light Consensual BDSM] 

James and Jonathan Keller are identical twins who've always shared everything--clothing, a strawberry allergy, and the family businesses. They're considered to be the area's most eligible bachelors and plan on staying bachelors, too. If there's one thing they don't want it's a pair of women coming between them. "It's just a damn shame," James once mused, "that we couldn't just share a wife, too."

Enter Tabitha Lambert, a no-nonsense agent for the Bureau of Land Management. Transplanted from DC after her divorce, she's sent by her new boss to talk to the owners of the Farenough Ranch about wild horses. James and Jonathan are instantly attracted to the blonde haired blue-eyed beauty. They know the lovely Ms. Lambert could be the woman for them. All they have to do is figure out a way to get her to drop her defenses--and her panties--and throw her lot in with them.

When they discover she has a weakness for gambling, they lure her into making the bet of a lifetime. And they do their best to ensure that everyone comes out a winner--despite one ex-husband, one ambitious casino manager, and an enemy disguised as a friend.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Wanton Wager (MFM)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Oh yes, I loved this book. Was hot and sexy!
I really enjoyed this book, well wriiten story line and hot sex.
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5 HEARTS: "Wanton Wager is a wickedly humorous and delightfully spellbinding treat for any romance fan. Ms. Ashbury knows how to make the pages sizzle with vividly sensuous loving twin style. The erotically thrilling fun and games between Tabitha and her men starts early and quickly turns into an intense, edgy, emotional, and loving relationship. Ms. Ashbury does a superb job of creating appealing characters that are engaging, unpredictable and outrageously funny for the reader by delving deeply into their past, along with their current lives, leaving no secrets unrevealed. The relationship between Tabitha, Jonathan, and James is shown as a balance between three people giving each a sense of home and love. The kaleidoscope of emotions is intense, gritty, and so real the reader will feel the deep emotional pull from these characters. The very early sexual chemistry ignites the flames of desire and the sex is raw and powerful. The plot twists and turns with dangerous thrills, featuring a crooked lawman, an ambitious woman, and one desperate and unbalanced ex-husband to add to this wild adventure. If readers are looking for a sexy escape, look no further than Wanton Wager to satisfy the desire and fan the flames!"  -- Shannon, The Romance Studio

5.5 KISSES: "Wanton Wager was a good book that had lots of hot men and hot sex as well as some twists and turns. I liked that Tabitha was able to tell which man was which, even when others couldn't. I'm sure identical twins get tired of being mistaken for the other twin all the time. And who knew they would have so many barriers to overcome before being able to be together! Luckily, everything worked out. Morgan Ashbury has written an entertaining story that will touch your heart, make you laugh out loud, and wish you had two hot and handsome twin men of your own." -- Laura, Two Lips Reviews

4.5 BLUE RIBBONS: "Wanton Wager is a fun and smoldering romance with a bit of suspense and lots of laughs. Tabitha's a spunky gal who's got a zest for life that shines through this storyline. Jonathon and James are identical twins but their personalities are very different as are their particular sexual needs. What I found particularly endearing about this tale is Tabitha's insecurities. She's so bold and daring and yet there's this vulnerability to her that makes her very believable. It's easy to relate. In addition to an exciting romance, Morgan Ashbury delves into the plight of American wild horses and their conservation in a positive light." -- Chrissy Dionne, Romance Junkies

4 CHERRIES: "Wanton Wager lives up to its name by sharing with us a very hot tale of cowboy hijinks in an unconventional relationship. The chips are piling up and the stakes are high. Tabitha is the heroine. She's smart, she's got a mind of her own and this story shows her coming to the realization that she didn't know herself at all. Even her fantasies were tame and unimaginative, that is until she got to the ranch. Not only did Tabitha blush, but I did as well. It starts off rather fast, as these stories go. If you enjoy a lot of adventurous sex-capades then Wanton Wager is going to be by your bedside table for quite some time. It covers a lot of ground, literally. I have a few reservations on the viability of self-induced pleasure scenes to forward plot and conflict, but I'll admit this author knows her way around descriptions and showing. James and Jonathan are twin brothers and are true heroes in this story. The author does an admirable job of writing a scenario that for some, would find hard to accept. Ms. Ashbury spent considerable and well spent time coaching the reader into believing this would work, that the brothers are really that close and the bond that embraces each could extend to another, if that person was right. It was actually really sweet, when it wasn't being absolutely scorching. The most humorous elements I found are the antagonists the bad guys. They are completely different people who choose the exact same goal for mayhem and chaos yet come at it from three totally different angles and expectations of gain. Truth and justice will eventually prevail but I found the process hilarious and totally made this story worthwhile. Wanton Wager has a lot of erotic moments to satisfy your needs, an interesting trio of badness and humor to help round out a romance that is as decadently sweet as it is unusual. And when I say 'sweet', I mean the love that is shown between them, the connection. For the rest, you are going to need oven mitts." -- Xeranthemum, Whipped Cream Romance Reviews

4 STARS: "Wanton Wager is filled with romance, danger, action, and sexual tension. Morgan Ashbury offers readers an excellent plot with well-developed characters." -- Debra Gaynor, ReviewYourBook

"Ms. Ashbury has been a favorite author of mine since I read her Fairy Godmother Series, but this is a long way from those sweet tales. Wanton Wager is an erotically packed ménage story about a woman who finally gets all she has fantasized about and a bit more in James and Jonathan. Sit back and enjoy Wanton Wager as it is a fast paced erotic tale that won’t disappoint." -- Tanya, Joyfully Reviewed

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Tabitha found it interesting that Jonathan could toss out an outrageous sexual innuendo without batting an eyelash, but blushed when offered sincere thanks for what truly was a generous offer.

The use of Farenough land for a wild horse sanctuary, complete with donated feed and irrigated watering spots should the pastures suffer undue drought, all underwritten by the Kellers, would be an enormous help in the Bureau’s wild horse and burro program.

All the existing holding facilities were in Kansas and Oklahoma. This one, in the west where so many of the horses and burros roamed, though not a holding facility, would provide an additional sanctuary that could be monitored and maintained—and all without taxpayer money.

All that was left to do was to turn the paper work over to the attorneys. Jonathan offered to have one of the casino staff courier them over to Tabitha’s office. Looking from one to the other of the Keller men, Tabitha wondered if they both maybe had an idea that the little game they’d been playing since they’d met the day before was about to come to a turning point.

“Why, thank you. That means’s my work day will be done all that much sooner. Then I can really begin to relax and…play.”

A knock announced the arrival of a young woman, impeccably dressed in business casual. James scooped the file folders off the table and handed them to her. If the woman thought it odd she was being asked to take the files to the BLM office in Carson City, she didn’t show it.

In moments Tabitha was alone once more with the brothers Keller, although the door to the meeting room remained open.

“Playing is highly underrated. So tell me, darlin’…what kind of game did you have in mind?” James’s voice, smooth hot fudge over pure vanilla ice cream heated her blood and melted her joints.

“Have any idea where a girl can get a little private action? I was thinking maybe a few hands of Texas Hold ‘em.” It wasn’t hard to make her voice breathless. She’d felt breathless since meeting the pair.

“Oh, we can arrange a private game, no problem,” Jonathan said in a voice no less smoky than his brother’s.

“We were thinking maybe one game. One hand. With a very personal wager.” James smiled as he offered that.

“But what if I want to play more than just one hand?” Was that her, putting that cock-teasing pout into her voice, licking her lips just to incite these two sexy studs? Was she out of her ever-loving mind?

“Now, darlin’, you have to know there’s more than one way to play...and more than one game in town.” Jonathan pitched his voice low, and Tabitha felt it rumble in her belly.

“What did you have in mind?” They were good, damn good. Tabitha felt the moisture gathering between her thighs and the humming low in her womb as if her inner atoms were busy cleaning house because they knew that company was coming. Thank goodness she was still sitting down. The men wouldn’t know her knees had gone weak.

On the other hand, they were both standing, and it only took one glance to realize they were both already semi-hard, and that their relative positions put their cocks on nearly the same level as her mouth, making that water, too.

Tabitha felt totally aroused and completely reckless. Not a good combination at all.

“If one of us wins, you come home with us today. You become…ours. We’ll pleasure you until you melt; both of us together, and one of us at a time. And we bet you, Tabitha Lambert, that together we’ll be able to meet every one of your needs and fulfill every one of your fantasies. You’ll become…addicted to us. And darlin’, this game would be for keeps.” Such emotion filled James’s voice that Tabitha realized what was happening between them wasn’t entirely a game. These men were serious—or at least believed themselves to be. She swallowed hard and looked from one to the other.

Even though she was well rid of her ex-husband, the failure of her marriage and the dissolution of the relationship had stung. Not playing now, she gave them her honest-to-the bone reaction. “What good would that do me? You’d be putting me into a position where I would have to choose between you. That’s a recipe for heartbreak if ever I heard one.”

“Oh, no, darlin’. You’ve missed the point entirely. We do want you to choose. But we want you to choose us both, not choose between us,” Jonathan explained.

 Oh my God. They were absolutely serious. They were offering her something she’d only admitted a hunger for in her own personal fantasies. Holy hell, this room had become awfully hot, awfully fast.

“Um…and what do I get if I win?”

“Anything you want,” Jonathan replied for the both of them.

“And you expect me to accept this…this wanton wager?”

The men looked at each other, then looked at her. “We can smell your heat, and you’re no coy miss. You’re a woman with one hell of a good brain who knows her mind, and makes her own decisions. And you’re a gambler.” James smiled as he said all that, obviously enjoying the shock she knew she wore. She’d been married to Ed Lambert for over a year, and these two men already knew her better than he ever had.

“Come on, darlin’. Take a chance,” James finished.

A shiver coursed down her spine. It wouldn’t be the first time she’d done something totally impulsive. But it sure as hell would be the most interesting. And hell, when it came right down to it, either way the cards fell, how could she possibly lose? She was an unattached adult woman with a growing itch and time on her hands.

She answered them both, but directed her words to the one she sensed was in control. “All right, Ace. Cut the cards.”


Two erect cocks sprang free of confinement, and Tabitha knew she was about to experience heaven.

James knelt on the bed to her right. Because he was the first to get closer, her gaze focused on him, on the sheer beauty of his body. His chest and arms exuded strength and virility, the dark hair that dusted his pecs and trailed down his abdomen to nestle his sex gleaming even in the low light. His cock stood erect and bounced with his movements and his response to being the subject of her adoring scrutiny.

“No second thoughts?” he asked as he moved closer, as he grasped his penis in a way that said he would feed it to her if she wanted it.

“None. James, please.”

But he didn’t do the expected, didn’t deliver that hard part of himself for her oral pleasure. Instead, he stretched out beside her. Jonathan came down on her left, but her attention was captured by James. Stroking his hand through her hair, he turned her head so that she faced him and then settled his mouth on hers.

Subtly different, this kiss epitomized carnal pleasure. Slow, deep, his tongue explored, tasted, dominated, and she felt seduced. Hot, delicious and wet, his mouth fed her the potion of arousal, taking her higher, farther, than she’d ever been before. When he eased, when he weaned his lips from her, another hand gently guided her head to the left, and Jonathan was there to woo and entice.

Tabitha lost herself in the sheer pleasure, in the mind-numbing eroticism of their mouths on hers. Only kisses she thought when words would form in her sex-drugged brain. Only kisses and she was already on the verge of a climax. They kept taking turns, taking her higher.

Just when she thought she was going to come apart at the seams, they laid hands on her. Breasts and arms, belly and thighs, masculine hands stroked and petted, pinched and cupped. Unable to control herself, she writhed under their ministrations. Deep masculine chuckles teased but she didn’t care. She would have rushed them, rushed this, but they had set the pace and thank God for it. They lavished her with attention, and taught her without words that she could take more than she believed she could, that she could soar higher than she’d thought possible. Her skin shivered, her nipples puckered, and the dampness from her sex nearly became a rain.

“Now, darlin’,” James cooed as he plunged two fingers deep into her pussy.

“Oh, God!” Tabitha screamed as the orgasm exploded over her, bowed her off the bed, as the electric jolts cascaded from her clit to her fingers and toes. Wave upon wave of bliss consumed her, ravaged her.

Her lips had abandoned Jonathan’s when she’d begun to come, but he had continued using his mouth on her, licking his way from her neck to her breast. Now he sucked her nipple into his mouth, using his teeth to nip and his tongue to soothe, and her orgasm only settled down a little. And then it began to build again.

“Your pussy squeezed my fingers so hard, Tabby-cat. Will you squeeze my cock the same way?”

“Oh God, I…I can’t,” she felt the arousal climb, knew she was going to come again. She honestly didn’t think she had anything left, that she could bear another dose of such extreme pleasure. Shivering, shaking, she reached for the climax even as she wondered if she would survive another. Sound and movement penetrated dimly, the tear of plastic, jostling motion and the sound of a slick slide.

Jonathan released her nipple and eased away just as James came down over her, settling between her legs.

“Yes you can. Let me come inside you, Tabitha. Take my cock into your hot little pussy.”

Had she believed she couldn’t take any more? The moment she felt his latex-covered cock against her wet, sensitive folds, she burned to have him deep, deep inside her.

“Yes. Yes. Fuck me, James. Now, fuck me now!”


She wrapped her arms and legs around him as he pushed into her. His cock felt bigger than what she’d been used to and she reveled in the sensation of being filled completely.

“God, woman, you feel so damn good around me. So hot.”

He had sunk into her completely and for a long moment seemed content to just stay put. Tabitha surged her hips, so close to another orgasm she thought she might die if he didn’t move.

“More. Damn it, James, fuck me!”

“Soft and slow? Or hard and fast? How do you want me to fuck you, darlin’?”

“Hard. Fast. Deep. Yes. Yes.” Reality became only this moment, only this man filling her, fucking her, so that the all she wanted in the whole world was to come and come and come. He gave her what she’d demanded, hard and fast and deep. The bed shook with the force of his thrusts. When he pushed his chest away from her, her arms slid to the surface of the bed. When he lifted her legs and spread them wider, when he placed one foot on the floor to brace himself so he could change his angle, she felt him hit deeper and harder.

A stroke on her hair had her turning her head. There, Jonathan knelt, his cock just inches from her mouth. Hungry, she opened wide, and when he slid his hand under her head and lifted her just that little bit, she closed her lips around his penis, eagerly sucking him in.

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